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Erie Insurance - "Caveat Emptor"
Posted by Rjohn24 on 05/21/2009
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I've been a customer of Erie insurance for over 6 years. Never filed a claim ever until last week. Our neighborhood was hit by a hail storm last year and most of the houses in our area had hail damage to the roofs. Every house on my cul-de-sac including my next door neighbor had their roofs replaced. But, the Erie insurance adjuster did not think there was sufficient hail damage. I got a third party roof inspector to look at the roof and he claims hail damage. To add to it, they closed the claim before we cold get a second opinion. I am still continuing to pursue this claim.

My experience this far has been that the Erie insurance adjuster is always too busy since he is covering a wide area. Beyond that, their attitude from the start reeks of arrogance. They content that other insurance companies are too easy with the claims. Erie being a very small company does not have the network to attend to the claims. They clearly under price everybody in the market, but people often miss the point that they are very difficult to deal with when the need arises.

This was a good wake up call and I am definitely switching both my auto and home.
To anybody considering Erie insurance.."Caveat Emptor" - Let the buyer beware.

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Posted by rudybjr on 2009-05-21:
Typical insurance company....
Posted by madasH on 2010-10-26:
Don't feel bad. We were with Erie 25 years separately and the last 14 years since we've been married. They did us a low-down dirty deal. They've not heard the last-they have to explain this one to the insurance bureau! I just reported them this morning!
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Posted by Insurance agent on 03/28/2011
NORTH CAROLINA -- I have worked as an insurance agent for over 7 years and have seen a lot of shady dealings. I have never encounterd such a horrible claims service as I have with Erie. I called their claims supervisor and spoke with Kristie regarding a claim that was filed over 3 MONTHS AGO for my insurance customer. Kristie told me that their insured was being uncooperative therefore they could not go further with the claim and would not be able to repair my customers vehicle. At which she than stated that my insured should file the claim under his insurance or if he doesn't have the coverage he could file a lawsuit!!! I was appalled by her attitude and Erie's lack of cooperation. I will be filing a formal complaint with the BBB in our state. I will never ever recommend ERIE to anyone ever and I will do my best to insure that everyone knows how bad their service is. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is so true their rates may be low but they are the worst company when it comes to paying out claims.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-03-28:
I am with State Farm and was rear-ended by a 16-year-old girl with Erie insurance. It took me four days to get a hold of anyone at Erie and I was told that the girl/her parents would not answer the phone or return calls and that there was little they could do until she/they did. I had to pay my deductible and get my insurance to fix my car and pay my medical bills. I eventually got all my money back, but it took two years and a lawsuit.

My suggestion, if you are ever in an accident and the other driver has Erie, call three people: the 911 operator, your agent and a lawyer.

OP is right on target with this one.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2011-03-28:
I don't think the BBB is going to do much for you. I would contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance. http://www.ncdoi.com
Surely, being an insurance agent for over 7 years, this cannot be the first time this situation has occurred.
Posted by saj80 on 2011-03-28:
As an agent, you should know that your first piece of advice is to turn the claim into your client's carrier and let them fight for repair/reimbursement. I am very surprised this wasn't done, and now your client is in a very bad predicament.
Posted by fedupwitherieinsurance on 2011-04-07:
Erie is the worst for paying claims. They will lie to keep from paying claims
Posted by charley on 2011-08-11:
I have had two bad experiences with Erie claims denial. I too am an licensed insurance agency and I threw them out of my office when I was being offerred a contract.
Posted by charley on 2013-08-28:
I wrote the first policies in Illinois when erie opened up in the state. It was for the manager for Erie that settled in my town. When the field rep came into my office as I was about to entertain one of the first contracts in the State I had to throw her out of the office due to her attitude. Since then I have had 4 situations with Erie, all of them unsatisfactory to down right wrong.
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Erie refuse to pay claims
Posted by Fedupwitherieinsurance on 04/07/2011
CHARLOTTE, NC -- Erie is the worst. I am located in North Carolina and have wind and hail damage to my home. I have had four different companies to report to Erie that I have the damage. I even had a roofing engineering company come out and say wind and hail damage. Erie adjuster sent AAA roof technologies out and they claim that it is not wind damage but stress and the hail damage is mechanical markings. I contacted the insurance commissioner office about the report thet Erie is doing. I got a reinspection and Erie sent the same AAA technology company and the same guy back out. They even called the roof engineer that I had hired. I had called another roofing company to come out only to find that Erie had tried to be slick by getting my roofing engineer out to try and get hime to say different. I knew Erie had something in their bag of lies so I went on the roof with them. I heard both my roofing engineer and the roofing company tell the adjuster and AAA roof technology that I have wind damage yet Erie insurance and AAA tried their bes to say that it was strss not wind damage. Finally at the end we all came down and I told the adjuster that I felt what Erie was doing to people was not right and that they needed to be investigated for unfair practices on claims and making false reports to deny the claims. I even told the adjuster that if it was his roof that he would get it fixed but wants to deny other people. I even told him that Erie wants the money but do not want to pay claims. DO NOT GET ERIE INSURANCE and if you have them DROP them FAST. I am going back to the insurance commissioner office as well as contact a lawyer. Erie is causeing me too much undue stress over this.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-04-07:
What kind of roofing material do you have? Do you have a picture that shows the damage?

Is the roof so bad that it leaks, or is it cosmetic only?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-07:
My HO insurance company denied my claim for roof storm damage also OP. Makes you wonder sometimes what we're really paying for.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2011-04-09:
We had a huge hail storm that came through Charlotte about two years ago. That is the storm that all of the roofing companies are using to get the insurance companies to pay claims on. Keep fighting them as about 90 percent of the houses in Charlotte have the damage and that's what you paid Erie to protect you against
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Would Be Better Off With No Insurance Than With Erie
Posted by Jeniferrider on 01/14/2013
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- It has been almost 3 years since the famous east coast Blizzard of 2010 damaged our metal roof. Erie is still in delay/deny mode and has refused to settle our claim. After sending a check for partial payment directly to a contractor instead of sending the payment to us, and then that contractor refusing to do the work and later being arrested for fraud (other cases, not even ours) we had to file a claim with the Insurance Commission, and only after the Insurance Commission ORDERED Erie to send us this amount (as they should have initially) did they send us this PARTIAL payment. The damage to the roof was more extensive than they will admit despite 3 visits to our home, and now they are telling us that the damage to our house is our own fault for not "mitigating" and protecting our house from further damage, despite the fact that we had to spend $20K out of our own pocket to install a temporary shingle roof in order to keep our entire house from being destroyed. We had paid premiums to Erie for 16 years for metal roof replacement coverage, our best estimate to replace the metal roof was $30K. Ins. Comm. ordered them to pay $11K and they think they are done?!?! We've had many other out of pocket expenses due to damage that occurred as a direct result of their delay/deny tactics. WE WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF WITH NO INSURANCE AT ALL, but legally that is not an option. Whatever you do, DON'T PURCHASE INSURANCE FROM ERIE.

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Posted by ok4now on 2013-01-15:
Typical insurance tactic..delay, give excuses, delay some more then deny. Obviously after three years they have no intention of paying you. Get a good aggressive lawyer and make these toads pay up!!
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-16:
I had a wonderful experience with my insurance company a year ago when they replaced my roof. They went way above and beyond, so I don't think you can blame the insurance industry as a whole.

The mitigation of damages is important aspect of law and, rightfully in my opinion, states that a person cannot fail to do something in an effort to rectify a problem, thus allowing more damage to occur and then expect full liability on the other party.

In this case, your roof was damaged and needed to be replaced. You could have had the work done and even taken out a loan to pay for the roof then, if the courts found the insurance liable for the costs of the roof, they would generally also reimburse you for said interest. On the other hand, if you left the roof unrepaired, allowing the weather to virtually destroy a large percentage of your home, the courts could say that the roof was their responsibility, but because you did nothing to stop the impact the weather would have on the home, the insurance company would have no liability as to the damages to the rest of your home.
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Posted by Big ron 63 on 11/09/2010
I had hail damage to my home and I contacted my insurance company and
a representative showed and walked around and said I could not find any damage.
i had holes in my siding and pits in roof and around windows. said only wind damage. Do not TRUST them. Will not communicate with you at all.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-10:
Check with your state's insurance commission and see about getting arbitration in the matter.
Posted by Al on 2013-11-03:
Refuses to pay total damage for Hail and Wind storm

Stay away from them
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No Compensation for This Vet After Car Wreck
Posted by Anon704 on 07/30/2013
CANTON -- I've been dealing with Ms [snip] High at Erie Insurance for a year and a half, waiting on a check for medical. At this point I'm getting my lawyer involved. The wreck was at fault and they are responsible for paying for the 5k in ER bills from the wreck.

I asked for 10k so I could simply seek chiropractic help and am now getting the runaround. I would advise seeking a different insurance company for any of your needs. Progressive helped me get my money for the car, but according to Ohio law they can't help me more with the medical claim. So what do you have to do to get money from Erie Insurance when they owe you money? CALL A LAWYER!!!!!!
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-30:
If Erie Insurance is the company covering someone else you were in an accident with, then of course they aren't going to cooperate with you. To them you are the enemy.

You claim that they are responsible and that you've been waiting for a check? This would mean that the investigation had already taken place and they were found liable. Also, throwing in another $5K will definitely not help your attempt to collect anything from them.

The title claims you are a vet, whether veterinarian or veteran has absolutely nothing to do with this complaint as it can happen to people from any other job description.
Posted by saj80 on 2013-07-30:
Can't tell 100% from your post, but it sounds as if Erie is the other driver's insurance carrier. If so, then your carrier should be assisting you, and if not, then hiring a lawyer is your next step. Unless you are an attorney, you should not negotiate with another insurance company.
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Support of fraudulent claim
Posted by Richelle.r.hartley on 05/30/2012
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- My claim with Erie Insurance has gone on for 3 months; first denying that their client is responsible when they failed to contact my witness. I had to call them and remind them that there was a witness. Then once they spoke to my witness, only agreed to pay 1/2 of the damage because that witness knew who I was. Their client has had numerous vehicular accidents and has home/business through them, so they refuse to pay the whole claim and will only agree to 1/2. Their client has no witness to state it wasn't her fault and she is lying about not being at fault. Unfortunately, since this was the mother of a fellow soccer player, I didn't call the police and without a police report I have no alternative but to end up paying 1/2 of this claim myself since their client refuses to tell the truth despite her own daughter admitting she has had numerous accidents in many vehicles. Erie has been delinquent in handling and settling this claim and to date, I am still calling to get status on this claim. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with an insurance company. If I could report them to the Better Business Bureau I would because they know their client is committing fraud and they claim that I can't prove it so they are not liable for that either.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-30:
Why isn't your insurance company doing the hard work for you?
Posted by Bill on 2012-05-30:
That's why it's important to always have a police report.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-05-30:
You cannot blame the insurance company because you failed to get a police report. You are fortunate they are willing to pay anything. If Mother Teresa ran into my car I would file a police report.

Posted by clutzycook on 2012-05-30:
Yep, I'm with the other posters, I don't care who the person is, I'm calling the cops and I'm getting a report. It's nothing personal, it's just business.

Trmn8r, when I was rear-ended 5 years ago, my insurance agent encouraged me to handle it myself. Being the ignorant 24 year old that I was, I did. Fortunately, the other guy's insurance company didn't give me any issues and when they determined my car was a total loss, I had a check from them within a week. Same thing when my husband got into an accident the year before (except we didn't know to call the insurance company at all back then), and that was a situation that could have gone south a lot easier (the guy actually backed into my husband's front end trying to switch lanes on the street). If the same thing (God forbid) were to happen to me now, I think I would probably try to take care of it myself, but if they started to give me static, I might turn to my insurance company. At this point, I would advise the OP to do just that.
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RUN from this Company!
Posted by Ninja8132151 on 09/26/2011
We switched ALL our insurance coverage to Erie so we could consolidate, auto, home & 2 Landlord policies with one insurer so we could also get an umbrella liability policy. I had been insured with State Farm for 36 years without an accident - just a couple of glass claims for cracked windshields. The Erie policies saved us lots of money over our previous policies.

In May 2011, I was accused of hitting another driver. It didn't happen, my car doesn't have as much as a scratch. I hired my own attorney to defend me against the false claim despite telling Erie that it never happened because the other driver wanted my insurance information. Insurance scams are common & the accused driver was a 23 year old with numerous "accidents" and the car looked like it had been through a riot according to my attorney who sent an investigator to photo the vehicle. I am over 50 years old with a perfect driving record & have NEVER had an accident or ticket.

I disputed the claim, Erie told me not to worry about it - that was what vehicle insurance was for & in the end, they paid out nothing to me or the other driver. Last week, I received a notice of cancellation for my auto policy!!!! I wrote a letter refreshing their memory of the events & told them that they did not pay a dime for this incident, so I was seriously questioning why they were cancelling the policy. Today I got their response they have determined because of this incident that I am "a higher risk driver than they want to do business with" according to some Administrative Assistant to the President.

I have news for them - I have full glass coverage & they will pay for my new windshield that is cracked. I am pulling all our homeowners & will NEVER do business with Erie again!

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Insurance claim causes cancellation
Posted by Hankphill2 on 08/12/2011
Last year (2010) I was working in my yard and my dog was with me. Apparently she decided to take a hike a couple of doors down and got into a spat with my neighbors dog. This incident couldn't taken more than 5 min. because I did't even know she was out of the yard. Next thing I know I've got a civil suit. I had two face to face meeting with local agent who said my policy would represent me in the civil action. What they didn't say was it is Erie's policy to make you get rid of your dog when you file a claim. A month later I get a notice to dump the dog or get cancelled. OK I get the point they don't want to have to cover another incident. Hay the poor old dog is 12yrs. old and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. But this time they got to fighting and her dog goes to the vet. To releave the problem short of giving the dog a one way ticket to the gas chamber I installed a underground fence. I offered to give erie a letter holding them harmless for any future occurrences. No dice. My complaint is they should have told me about the dog policy before my claim so I could have taken another avenue. 4.7 million dog bite incidents a year you would think they have sence enough to inform their insured of their "dog bite policy.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-08-12:
Did you look over your policy to see if it's actually there in writing, you would have to get rid of your dog if they represented you or are they verbally telling you this?

Your review is a good reminder to make sure you READ everything in your insurance policy, before agreeing to it.

Posted by drugdoc121 on 2011-08-12:
Thanks for the review. I also have an electric fence in my yard. My heart goes out to you. My dog doesn't have a mean bone in his body either but if this happened to me, I would have done the same thing you did. I can get another insurance carrier, but your pet is like family.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-12:
What a ridiculous policy! I'm sorry but Erie insurance does not have the right to tell you to get rid of your dog! And if still they want to cancel you insurance after you have taken extra precaution to prevent something like this from happening again, then they deserve to lose more than just you as a customer! I've owned dogs & cats my entire life. Sometimes s*** happens. You do your best to keep your animals under control, to keep them safe and prevent them from harming humans but once in a while, life happens, they get out and get hit by a car, they bite the mailman, unless its a pitbull or other breed known for deadly attacks, I say big freakin deal!. Personally, had your dog attacked my dog, I wouldn't of sued you. I'd ask you to pay for any vet bills incurred and if you refused, then I'd take you court but come on...dogs are dogs! My friend just had a similar incident where his Jack Russell went after a Golden Retriever and we all know who won. But no one is suing anyone, the JR has a few small bites but he's fine! I will say that your dog probably should of been chained up again but regardless, you have made a reasonable effort to keep your dog from getting out of your yard and if I had a policy with Erie, I would cancel it in a heartbeat because they are being absolutely ridiculous!
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2011-08-12:
They really don't want you to get rid of your dog, they want to get rid of you and it worked! I am sure that is what usually happens in these cases. Who is actually going to give up their furbaby? Same thing happens when you get one too many tickets or you have a significant accident. They keep you but raise your rate so high, you go elsewhere. It's all about risk and you've shown them that you have one.

Thumbs down on that electric fence though. It hurts and it keeps your dog in but doesn't keep other dogs out. Think about how many times she's going to get shocked while learning that perimeter :(
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2011-08-12:
Vinnie- my dog learned really quickly because they hear a high pitched beep when they come within a certain pre-defined distance to the fence. Also, there are visual flags that you put up to visually define the perimeter until your dog becomes used to the boundaries. Is it perfect, nope. But, the only time my boy has gotten through is when his adrenaline carried him as he was trying to catch a deer! Then he sat patiently at the border, waiting for us to bring him back across.
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2011-08-12:
I know, I know. I'm a real weenie when it comes to hurting them. I went in the bathroom and cried when mine got his shots. I hate it :(
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2011-08-12:
Vinnie- I understand but it's a safety issue that protects them as well. My dog is no yard dog and he is very loved. He sleeps on our bed for goodness sakes! And part of that love is doing whatever you can to keep them safe.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-08-12:
great review! this is common to many insurance policies. some even go as far as to state what dogs and weights are not covered, and can get your policy cancelled.

very helpful review!
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-08-13:
I am not familiar with Erie Insurance but with the homeowner's policies I've heard of Fido is covered for the first bite and any expenses involved. After that, you are on your own with Fido because there will be an exclusion for any incident involving him no matter what precaution you've taken.
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2011-08-13:
And be warned, there is a central database for claims so when you go to get new insurance, they will be able to see the incident. Your claims follow you around for several years.
Posted by mazz88 on 2011-10-31:
Hold it. Am I missing something. You had no restraints set up and your dog goes and beats up another dog and you are mad at your insurance company. How about your neighbors and the other dog that your lack of supervision has caused harm to? There is a difference between an accident and neglect. Which in your cases is clear neglect. That letter to hold them harmless means nothing. By law they would be on the hook. Now your asking them to trust you when the neighbor most likely tried to get you to pay and you said no and let your insurance company get involved and pay. You can switch companies, but you will run into the same thing with other companies as well.
Posted by hankphill2 on 2011-12-02:
mazz88 Thank you for your comments you have some valid points. The thing you are missing is that I wanted to pay her but she would have none of it. She insisted on civil court. Two other neighbors have had problems with her about their dogs. She shot at Fido before it even go near her doggie& repeatly hit it in the head with the butt of a rifle. In a perfect world dogs wouldn't roam & owners would watch them every second. But alass.
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Doesn't pay when client found at fault
Posted by JoanBivens on 06/10/2010
WARRENDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had an accident on 10/19/2009 where their client hit me in my car in my driveway. They find me at fault so their client gets a new car and whatever other benefits she received. I have full tort so I should have an opportunity to sue the company for my losses. I went to court today and an arbitrator found in my favor. What do I get for not causing the accident? 3000. But their client keeps the new car. My car was paid off and valued at 8600 plus 656 rental car and 325 for towing. One of the insurance companies should be responsible for my losses. I also have medical bills over the limit of 5000 from my policy but yet it would have been paid if she was at fault. Their client didn't have an insurance increase even though she was at fault. Can't get that back either. There is a problem with insurance companies. Then I get 3000 and they want to appeal which just delays everything more which is what they tried to do with continuances.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-06-10:
Still makes no sense to me
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-06-10:
well... here's the main question...

did the new car the other person got come out of your insurance or his own?

and yes, i know 3000 isn't enough to replace a car.
since you have proof from the courts that it was his fault and not yours have you considered fighting the insurance?

perhaps your insurance company can go after his?
Posted by bcd on 2010-06-10:
Were you backing out of your driveway at the time of the accident?
Posted by goduke on 2010-06-10:
I wonder what the police report says....
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-10:
Why does this sound familiar?
Posted by purple_crayon on 2010-06-10:
Isnt pennsylvania a state with some sort of no fault for insurance? Im curious how she hit your car in the driveway..
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-06-10:
I think something that you are not understanding is what full tort insurance means. It refers to bodily injury and in PA you can have full tort or limited tort. It has nothing to do with the vehicle only bodily injury. http://www.edgarsnyder.com/car-accident/resources/auto-insurance/tort.html
Also, I would love to know the details of this accident. Typically, if you are backing up, you are liable. I think that may come into play in this case. Are you sure the arbitrator found you 100% not liable?
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