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Addison, TX 75001
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- This company is the only ones who handle inmate phone calls. They have a monopoly going on. There isn't another company that does. Now granted my son is in jail and is doing his time but we pay for our loved ones phone calls and all there personal things why should we be paying so much to talk to them.

All they are doing is lining their pockets, with our money. Why is that. Its unfair to all involved.

The Fleecing Of The American People
By -

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- To those who are interested, who may have encountered problems with Evercom and other phone companies; the persons to contact in authority is: Common Carrier Bureau - FCC - 2025 South M Street, NW Room 6202 Washington, DC 20554 Phone #202-632-7553.

It amazes me at how foolish some people can be, the selfish attitude that some have toward their fellow man is pitiful. we are such a strong country with so many good people, but we always wait for tragedy to pull together. we know things are not right but we will find the petty little picture to look at rather than the big picture. That is why we have no jobs in America now; because people who do say "long as I have a job, not my concern they must have done something wrong. People are losing their homes not because of something they have done wrong, they may have lost their job but again you have people out their saying they must have done something wrong to lose it. None of that matters, what does matter is it should never have gotten to this, because each of us should put ourselves in the place of another, and feel their situation. We should have spoke out and said no, we are not sending our jobs to other countries, no we are not putting people out of their homes, we the people should have said this a long time ago.

It always seems so much easier to just think of oneself, well for all those who think that way, you are wrong; we are all connected together, there is a cord that binds us all together as one, it is human life. It is not a joking or laughing matter, there are many good law abiding people out there who are hurting because they can't talk to their loved ones, and they do have a right to talk to them, and they have a right to not be overcharged or their pocketbooks fleeced because they choose to. Some of the comments I received were without compassion, I am not in that situation anymore, I do know how to write; but I have a right to choose and be treated fairly when it comes to business. Again those persons out their who have encountered this problem, the address and phone number is available. without voice you cannot be heard, with a voice you can be heard, contact these people.

Regardless of what any one says, it is your right. It is not me or you the people. It is WE THE PEOPLE.

Consumer ripoff
By -

ST PAUL, MINNESOTA -- I am one of those people who have a loved one that makes bad choices and sometimes these choices land her in jail. Sometime back I had to speak to a rep from Evercom to open an account so my daughter could call me. I was told that I could put my money in an account and it could stay there until a time it was needed. I called in Feb of this year to check on my balance and was told it was 42 dollars. Nothing was said about any policy changes but when my daughter needed to call me this month(Oct.) she got cut off . When I called to find out why I was told there had been a policy change and if the account had not had any action in 180 days the money disappeared. Can this be real? the money just disappeared. Where does it go? Into whose account does it go. Can this business practice be legal? How does it happen that a company gets more than 90% of the contracts for correctional institutions and gets away with this if not illegal it is unethical business practice? Can you imagine putting up with this from any one else? I was told that this was the same as a prepaid phone card. If that is true and I don't have any experience to draw from, at least this information is given to you up front.

If a phone company did this at least we would have another phone company to take our business to. Anybody have any suggestions for me as to how else I can make sure my daughter can call me if she gets in jail again? Also if anybody is thinking of class action I want in. Also, to the customer service employee who said he messes with people who he thinks are rude, what do you call your behavior?

I Hate You!!!
By -

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA -- Evercom is the only damn company that provides calling cards/billing services to inmates and their families. And the way they get around this is by naming their companies all differently Securan, Evercom and whatever else funny thing is their phone number is the same and I talk to the same person! Which they have the most friendliest people working for them. NOT! They tell you things like 'well ma'am if you don't like the prices then you don't have to talk to the inmate!' And yes I quote on that! I thought there were laws in this country against monopolies.... anyway for $10.00 my fiance can call me 1 times for 15 minutes!!! wow thanks Evercom ! I don't know how they can sleep at night knowing how they RAPE everyone that uses their services.

God knows everything else on commisary is sooo cheap like 3.00 toothbrushes and 20.00 headphones you can get at Wal-mart for 5.00. I am just outright appalled.

this will help you
By -

CANADA, ALABAMA -- OK I work for cbs/securus. I know all of the complaints that every one has about our company so here is somethings that will help you:
1)this is the biggest problem at are end. if you are calling in screaming and yelling and not letting us help you, you will get nothing out of the call. you call in and are calm things go much quicker. trust me.
2)when we ask for your info just give it to us. really, we aren't going to take your info and use it for any reason other the SECURITY INFO.
3)we have a very long lists of company polices. we give what we can. so if something is missed just ask for the website (correctionalbillingservices.com or evercom.net)there everything and anything about is explained.
4)as much as everyone wants to be billed through the phone company, not everyone can. even though the idea is nice but out of the two options it's not all that great. but if you want less hassle and not have to call all the time, go on the prepay option. as long as there is money on your account your line is clear, plain and simple. no calling your phone company all the time, the phone company can't block your line and it goes on and on.
5)this is the most important thing to know: we have merged with another company called t-netix. if you were with them or now just receiving calls from them for the first time, the wait periods and systems are completely different. so don't flip out when you have to go to another number or tell you that you needs a special account. just say thanks and call back in three days.
6)BE NICE TO THE REP! I can't tell you people how often someone calls in and just after we open the call people will rip us a new one. if your line is block just tell us it's blocked and we'll HELP you. don't give us crap or a life story. get to the point of the matter and 9 out of 10 times we can fix it. if not we'll send something off to get it fix. I can understand that you maybe pissed or some major life thing happened and you need to talk to them. we can't do everything thing and please, PLEASE don't think that telling us that a)a family member has pasted away, b)you or someone in the family has cancer or some other major health problem or c)you are having the child of the inmate that we will open the line.screaming at us won't make us change or minds. but think about this if we take anywhere from 12-20 calls per hour (yes it is that many) and 7 out of 10 calls are people screaming, we get under a lot of stress. just say thank you, it does make are day.
really in closing I want to say that we are human just like you. no matter what you say to us we understand. as much as we would like to let all of our customers get the calls sometimes we can't, and we say you should do something do it. we aren't the bad guys believe it or not. we just want to help you BUT you have to let us help you.
please just remember that, thanks

Inability to receive collect calls
By -

BROWNWOOD, TEXAS -- My son is in the Brownwood, Texas detention center. He has been trying for three days now to call us collect here in South Carolina. I have called the Evercom customer service center at phone number 1 800 947 0899 three times, once each on 21, 22, and 23 April 2004. Each time they have assured me that my line was clear to receive calls.

My son bought a calling card and tried to call me with it, it still wouldn't go through with it either. I am trying to give your company some business, but it seems Evercom doesn't want my business or else just doesn't care.

A couple of years ago, I had Evercom place a block on my line. They are very good about blocking calls. I wish they would learn how to remove the blocks.

If you care and want to help me, remove the block or call me to let me know if I can help you in any way. The phone number that has the block on it is 1-864-845-0427. It is operational all the time. I am requesting a service from Evercom, please help me. Thanks, Ernie Rice

Correctional Billing Services
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I am appalled at the process that are charged to talk to an inmate at the jail and they are the only only ones available which is a bunch of bunk. Then on top of that they charge a service charge in addition to the call. It's like a force to use for connection to talk to an inmate.

Inmate Collect Calls
By -

Evercom is not just high-priced, but they overbill and then take months to refund the charges. I believe the world should know that they are both amoral and unethical in their business practices. This is public information available easily (below). Let them know what you think.

Richard Falcone, Chief Executive Officer
Securus Technologies
14651 Dallas Parkway 6th floor
Dallas, TX 75254
phone 972-277-0300
email corporate@securustech.com

Let them know what you think of their unethical practices.

A Scam
By -

CHILLICOTHE, OHIO -- I like to know why they have 100.00 Of my money floating around there company that I have paid and not able to use. Then I get the runaround from them saying it will take 24 to 48 hours to investigate this money was put on the account on 7/13/07 and has been taken out of my checking account. There sorry advice and inconsideration needs to be addressed because my advice is they don't give a sh*t and I would like to punch all of them in there face and I wouldn't be sorry. This comment is not meant for jesus and the supervisor that helped him on 7/14/07 around 10:30 a.M.

Company Taking Advantage
By -

NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS -- I know that companies are in the business to make money. Also, at times people do make mistakes in their lives. Don't tell me you make never gotten a traffic ticket or a traffic violation. Things happen. Times do get rough and penalties can't get paid. It's either feed your family or pay a ticket. Hmm, tough choice to make. This company doesn't care that we have to keep in contact with the person who is in jail. Sometime we need their advice on what to do. Paying $58 dollars to have get an open account just because they do not have service with Time Warner Cable. I thought saving money with a company was for the people. Only to find out that another company is just around the corner that have you "assume position" to let you have it! This company is a joke. I just hope one of your family members becomes incarcerated and you have to pay outrageous fees, just to keep in contact. Let's see how it feels with the shoe on the other foot!!!

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