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Express Credit Auto
9014 S.E. 29th
Midwest City, OK 73150
855-339-3350 (ph)
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They Think They Own You
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- In September 2013, I had a car repossessed due to bad choices on my part. Knowing full and well I couldn't finance another car through a reputable source, I went to ECA and purchased a 2007 Toyota Yaris for $9,996.00. My payment was $300.00 a month ($149.00/biweekly), and I was told that the reason the car was so high in price was due to the warranty.

After having my car for less than 30 days, the blower in the AC/heat went out. The warranty department fixed it for free, but dealing with the warranty department was a huge pain. You have to drop off your vehicle and be without a car for at least a day, which is terrible if you only have one car in the family. I had belt problems that always squealed when the weather was cool or moist, and I took it to ECA Warranty three separate times to have it fixed. I also had a mechanism in the fuel system leave me stranded on the side of the road once, and had to pay the $100.00 deductible to have it fixed through their warranty.

They put a GPS tracker in the vehicle, along with a kill switch. I was dedicated to never being behind on my car payments, so they were always withdrawn the same day I got paid so the money would always be there. One day, I stepped out of work to go to lunch and my car was dead. Originally I thought it was the battery, but I called ECA anyway to see if it had been shut off on their end. When I talked to her, I asked if, for some reason, my last payment hadn't gone through (even though it showed up on my bank statement) and she said, "Yeah, but we just had a glitch so it shut down your car."

I asked why I hadn't been notified earlier about the glitch, and she said, "Well, you know now." So basically, even though I'd made every payment and never been at all late, my car was deactivated. I called back later and asked to speak to the manager, and I was rebuffed and told that I had no reason to complain because my car was back on.

I talked to my bank and they agreed to refinance my auto loan at a much lower rate (I went from 23% to 8.49, which is wonderful for someone with a discharged Ch. 7). I called and asked for a payout, which was faxed to me. I was sick that week, so I never made it to the bank and another car payment went through. The next week, I called again requesting an updated 10 day payout. He started to verbally tell me the payout, and when I asked for a written payout, he rudely refused. I said, "I have a payout that was faxed to me two weeks ago, I don't understand why I can't get an updated payout," and he said, "Whoever sent you that shouldn't have, I can't send you another one."

I asked how I was supposed to give my bank the information when they needed it in written form, and he said, "Uh, you just use the old one?" in a very condescending manner. I told him the old one was no longer accurate in terms of my balance, and he said that wasn't his problem. So I got frustrated and hung up. He called me back shortly and told me that even though it wasn't his problem, he would email me my payout "just this once". Finally, I got the stupid thing in writing.

Today, I called their finance office to see about dropping off the check for the full amount. They told me to drop it off at the branch from which I bought the car. My loan manager at my bank then did so at 11:30 a.m. I called ECA at 1:00 p.m. to make sure the check had been received, and was told that the check was supposed to be dropped off at their headquarters, which is across town.

No one told me this information before that phone call. I have a car payment scheduled to be auto withdrawn this Saturday, and I was told it would take 3 days to cancel the auto withdrawal feature. I asked them if I would receive a refund for the $149.00, since that payment would technically be an overpayment once the bank's check is processed, and she said, "Maybe."

Overall, I knew what I was getting into when buying a car from them. They Target a very shady demographic of people that are bad with money, so it makes sense to overcharge so they aren't losing money. That being said, I had a naive thought that they would treat me with respect because I pay my bill on time, I keep insurance on my car, and I give them no issues. Never have I been late on a payment, never have I let my insurance lapse, and never have I done anything to warrant being treated with a lack of respect.

Despite all of this, I still got to experience having my car deactivated due to a "glitch". Imagine trying your hardest to pay all your bills on time and be a perfect consumer and being punished by your car not turning on. I was at work, my car wouldn't start, and I was horrified people would think it was because I was irresponsible. There is no reason for ECA to have such terrible customer service. There is no reason why people that are following the rules should be made to feel so small and humiliated.

If you are in the terrible position of buying a car from them, hear me now: finance with them, then try your hardest to get the loan refinanced somewhere else. They will treat you like crap once they realize you won't be giving them that 18-23% anymore, but you will be free.

Do Not Buy Here
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- First off, I did not have to go to a buy here, but I liked the truck.

Day after I bought the truck, I went to the warranty shop for repairs. I was treated as if I did not matter. Eight hours there for 2 hours of work, ended up going back 3 more times for total of 24 hrs lost time over 3 weeks before those issues were fixed. I still have a problem, but now they ran the clock out for the time I could get it fixed for free. I'll have to pay a $100.00 unless it's not covered then the cost will be on me.

Next, I provided a declaration or full coverage insurance when I bought the vehicle. Now given I did not catch, or understand that I had to have $500 or less deductible or they would slap me with a CPP insurance policy at $100 a month. They could not be bothered to make a simple phone call to a new customer when they receive the insurance declaration to inform me of the mistake to help the customer avoid extra cost, and even though I had full coverage, the waited till my first payment was due and had all ready put it on, for me to find out when making 1st payment.

I tried talking to both their insurance department, sales department, with the same smug attitude, treated like trash. The correct action was to call me during the first week so I could have it fixed and avoid the $100. But what I have gotten is, I can't help you, if you don't pay we will disable your vehicle!

But you can believe they had no issue picking up the phone to threaten me, insisting I pay!!!!

And they waited till closing time on a Friday to call, so I would be unable to go in to talk to someone, I was told I could speak to someone Saturday so after a sleepless night I did go in, just to be told there was no one to speak to, so lied to again.

So to avoid my vehicle being disabled I paid.

Now, 1 they are charging twice the value for the vehicles, 2 taking advantage of folks that have weaker credit and charging long shark interest so getting double there too.

I have not had 1 full day of being able to enjoy my vehicle, since day 2 of buying it its been down hill.
As I told my salesman your company sure knows how to wipe the smile and happy feeling right out of the customer!!!!

I would not recommend this company to anyone.
As soon as you sign the contract, you become dirt to them and everyone I have had contact with out side of my salesman, has a very poor and rude and unhelpful attitude.
They all should have to take classes to learn how to treat, help and retain customers.

I have thought long and hard about this and have decided, the sooner I separate my self from this company, the better I will be.

I have no doubt I can go else where and get another vehicle and they can have theirs back, given they only understand money, maybe if it happens enough, and enough stop dealing with them, maybe the owners will wake up and do something. I'm sure they are losing a lot of return business for these reasons.

Mislead by Sales
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Rating: 1/51

OKC, OKLAHOMA -- When going through purchase process I was told it was a certain price per month and later it turnout it was actually more because it was bi-weekly payments. I was also told if I had issues paying payments they would work with me.. They do not. They are rude. When I knew I could not afford to keep the car.. I was only 4 days behind on payments, I told them to come get it because my health was bad I was missing work. They told me that a voluntary repo would result in a 1099 being filed against my taxes. Nowhere in the contract it says this. Never buy a car from them. They mislead you totally.

Nightmare customer service
By -

When you are in a tough situation and no one else will sell you a car you go to places like this and they are so kind and understating of your situation. The sales people are the ONLY people trained to be nice with this company! I have purchased two automobiles from this company. I have been loyal and never made a payment late. I have told friends about how easy it was to get a car. My husband was put on military orders and his pay was messed up and we needed them to work with us to let us make our payment 13 days late.

We were very respectful and polite when we explained the situation to the representative and we were literally told "I don't know if I am going to do anything about that." My husband mentioned that we have been great customers for 5 years, bought two cars, never been late, recommend them to others and she said "I don't car" (No I did not spell that wrong, that is how she said it!). She told us we cannot talk to the women she said has the authority to help us.

When we called back a few different numbers and were finally connected to the woman who we were told could approve our request she was twice as rude and disgusting to us. She did not talk professionally to us. She did not use a respectful tone. She actually told my husband at one point he needs to get his priorities straight and stop being lazy. He starts Medical school in August. I think he has his priorities straight. When we called the Vice President of the company to get an explanation to why we have been treated this way we could hear the lady we just talked to cussing about us in the background.

This place could not be more unprofessional. They do not care about their customers complaints. They will not change. If you buy from there just make your payments on time every month! Do not think you deserve any respect. And I didn't mention at all the problems with the automobiles performance. We were lucky enough to have my car hydro-locked and get a whole new engine. I am not kidding.

It really was a blessing because the cars they sell break down right after you buy them and if we didn't have this new engine we would be having so many more problems like we did with our first car. Hope this review helps you make a decision about wether to buy from them or not.

Express Credit Auto of Oklahoma City Scam
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Purchased a car here, was very easy to get qualified for. When time came to complete the paperwork I left their office feeling like I had just made a huge mistake. Express Credit Auto's Retail pricing for vehicles are marked up at least 100%. For instance, you pay $18999 for a car that's only worth $9K. Their excuse is, you're high risk, so you need to pay more. So High Risk means that Americans who have financial difficulties should be made to feel worse or pay more, never really understood that reasoning.

But because you are paying more for the car, keep in mind, if you're involved in an accident, your insurance company is only going to pay the $9K. And when you tag the car, you're going to pay the sales tax on the $18999 instead of $9K. So you finance the vehicle for 3 years, they will still charge you 21% interest on the loan, so in reality you've paid almost $30K for a car that's not worth $9K. Why not just sell the car for 9K and charge 300% interest so we can feel better about our purchase and actually know that you intend to screw the very customers who keep you in business.

In addition, the cars have GPS Trackers, you don't make the payment they turn the car off. If you drive off the lot and the axis breaks or the frame is cracked, you're out of luck. Which brings me to my main gripe, after being told the car had been put through testing, the cig lighters don't work (need for phone charger), the glue that was holding the ceiling up came undone and started sagging, brakes and windshield wipers are bad and need replacing, and 2 weeks after purchasing a very expensive vehicle, it breaks down. It's sitting in their maintenance department undergoing testing, has been there all week. No offer for a rental or loaner car and no idea what is wrong with it.

My advise, save your money, pay cash for something until your situation improves then fight the battles with traditional financing and stay away from these type of rip-offs.

Express Credit Auto - Making a living on peoples bad credit.
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I'm going to tell you right now... DO NOT BUY FROM EXPRESS CREDIT AUTO!!!! I don't know how the people that run that place sleep at night. They aren't even human. They prey on people with bad credit and give you a crappy vehicle that barely runs. The mileage on half their vehicles have been changed (cluster replaced). It's a sad place. They get these junk auction cars that look nice on the outside but aren't mechanically sound.

They then, get their down payment, get a few high car payments from you and hope that you stop being able to afford the car. They then, take the car back and sell it to someone else while they garnish your wages for a god awfully high amount. These people need to be shut down. I don't know how this is legal.

All I have to say is if you are being served papers because of a vehicle you had from them WITHIN 30 days you need to battle it! You have every right... they count on you not knowing this. In my case I had an old 98 explorer that didn't even run. They are now trying to garnish my wages for 8 thousand dollars.... I'm fighting it. Make sure to get the VIN info and find out who owns it and how much they are paying for it. Catch them in a lie. They prey on people with bad credit that probably aren't the smartest people in the world and they count on you just sitting back thinking there is nothing you can do when there is!

Do Not Buy From Express Credit Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I made a payment on my truck for three years. I changed my insurance company and believe my old insurance notified Express Credit. When I went in to make my payment, the cashier told me I owe and additional $47.00 because my insurance lapsed. I told her my insurance has not lapsed and I have insurance. She gave me a card and told me to have my insurance fax my insurance declaration to the information on the card. I did that and my insurance company faxed them the information. I was told if I had insurance coverage from the date in question, I will not have to pay the additional $47.00. So, why was my truck turned off by these mobsters after I provided proof? Why did I have to pay the $47.00?

Worst Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

SW OKC, OKLAHOMA -- First of all I have decent credit I just figured id check it out after seeing the commercial on TV. I got approved for 13999. I picked out a 2010 Pontiac g6. It had 124, 000 miles on it and they wanted 14000 for the piece. Then they tried to humiliate me behind my back saying I don't have any money and I'm just trying to basically rent the car from them. So I whipped out $2000 cash and told them I make more money then they do and never assume someone has no money because the way they dress and their age.

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Rating: 1/51

OKC, OKLAHOMA -- If anyone got a 1099-c for taxes that counts as extra income they also include the interest on that, ask for a copy of the bill of sale. I think this company are rip offs. Tell me about it please. I believe enough people has this problem. We all can go to a lawyer and get a class action lawsuit against them.

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