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Hidden Oil Company Practices
By -

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- My son purchased $20.00 dollars worth of fuel at the pump with his visa card. No problem right. Thousands of consumers do it every hour of every day. Later he uses his card at another shop and is told the funds are not available and his charge was rejected (visa debit card ). He called visa to find out what was up because he knew there was more than enough funds to cover his charges. Believe it or not he was told by the agent that when you pay at the pump the oil company immediately takes the amount of the purchase and then puts a hold on another $75.00 of his funds making it inaccessible to him for five days.

When asked why this was the visa agent told him he had no clue but knew it was a standard practice of all oil companies for pay at the pump services. His advice was never pay at the pump. GO INSIDE TO THE CASHIER!!!

Excessive Charge At Exxon!
By -

MORGATOWN, WEST VIRGINIA -- I pumped gas at an Exxon in Morgantown, WV on 11/09/07 for $42. I got home and received a call that I needed to verify purchases made on my MasterCard debit account. In reviewing my account, I found an extra $76 taken from my account by this Exxon station, leaving me with only $16 on my account. It is now 11/11/07 and I still do not have this excessive charge re-applied to my account. The reason for this is most likely due to the high prices of gas and drive-offs at the pump. There was no notice of this additional, temporary credit charge being made on my account at the pump.

I've effectively paid $118 for $42 in gas from Exxon. Holding my money for days before returning it to me, re-crediting my account. In the mean time, I am left with $16 on my account while I wait for this to be refunded. I have one handicapped child, one handicapped infant and my handicapped wife at home. I needed to get prescriptions for myself today and cannot go and pick them up due to the lack of funds on my account through no fault of my. Except for bad judgment of purchasing gas from Exxon.

They got their money for the fuel paid instantly, where the hell is my deposit money or whatever they want to call it.
How can a billion-dollar industry company devise a protection method for themselves at the total cost of the consumer like this? How can they possibly justify this? I WILL NEVER VISIT AN EXXON FILLING STATION EVER AGAIN AND URGE YOU TO DO THE SAME!

Mobile Gas Station Over Charging
By -

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Pissed off. Just left Los Angeles, went over grapevine pass and was heading to Bakersfield. Mobil gas station there was charging $3.79 for regular gas. Normal price everywhere at the time is $2.98. Yet, had no choice and had to fill tank...

This is a Mobil gas station and I complained to the station operator and others were complaining also..... Hence, I will never use Mobil gas in my vehicles ever again. Someone especially Mobil oil should have a say in prices, not 80 cents higher than any one else. Yes, could have filled up min. 5 gallons to get to another station down the line, but with kids, had to fill up. Just very upset and hence, again, no longer will use Mobil products and went home and sold my 300 shares of Mobil stock as a show of principle. Thanks... just wanted to vent.

These God Awful Gas Prices
By -

You people have got to stop these gas prices from being so high. I understand ** needed a new car to go with the shoes she had on for the day. However I would just like to be able to buy new shoes, or put food on the table without having to go into debt or on welfare to feed my children. If gas prices continue on this course that's what's going to happen to all of us working class people. You are punishing us for someone else wanting to take a vacation. Shoot I'm just trying to get back and forth to work, AND CAN NOT AFFORD THAT.

Price of Gasoline
By -

USA, NEW YORK -- There are quite a few extraordinary and knowledgeable posters on this site so I pose the question, who is actually to blame for the current rise in the price of gasoline? The easy marks are the oil companies (i.e. Exxon Mobil's latest quarterly profit of $8.3 Billion). But there are so many other variables involved: deleting MTBE (state and federal government regulations) and substituting it with ethanol (and the further cost to refineries regarding the manufacturing of ethanol)... OPEC and the instability of oil-producing nations? **? Our burdensome dependence on oil? SUV's? The war in Iraq?

Personally, I believe the oil companies should be re-investing their staggering profits on 2 things: Building new refineries and research regarding fuel alternatives. I doubt that will happen, though. OK, so what are your thoughts?

By -

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY -- My husband, a US Army Reserves Soldier was told that he "kills innocents" when he went into this stations "convenience store" for milk. I will no longer be going to this station, nor will anyone I know!! You can bash the war, bash the government, bash the military, but for God's sake leave the soldiers alone.. They are just doing their jobs.

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