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Mobile Gas Station Over Charging
By -

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Pissed off. Just left Los Angeles, went over grapevine pass and was heading to Bakersfield. Mobil gas station there was charging $3.79 for regular gas. Normal price everywhere at the time is $2.98. Yet, had no choice and had to fill tank...

This is a Mobil gas station and I complained to the station operator and others were complaining also..... Hence, I will never use Mobil gas in my vehicles ever again. Someone especially Mobil oil should have a say in prices, not 80 cents higher than any one else. Yes, could have filled up min. 5 gallons to get to another station down the line, but with kids, had to fill up. Just very upset and hence, again, no longer will use Mobil products and went home and sold my 300 shares of Mobil stock as a show of principle. Thanks... just wanted to vent.

No Customer Service
By -

ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On Saturday, Dec. 3, I went to my local Exxon gas station to fill up my car. When I put my card in the pump, it gave me a message saying "Please see cashier." I went inside and the clerk said that there was a problem, but to go ahead and fill up that the pump probably wasn't reading the card. So I filled up (over $26 worth) and went inside to pay. My card was rejected. I know that the card was good, as the bill had just been paid two weeks earlier by my mother who had come for a vacation and paid the bill for me and mailed the bill from my house.

After being embarrassed by the clerk who announced that the card "wasn't good" in front of the whole line of people, I had to pay cash. Luckily, I had $30 in my wallet. As soon as I got in the car, I called the 800 number on the back of the card, where I got a computer telling me that the last payment of $257 dollars had been received on Nov.20 and my available Exxon credit was over $1000 dollars. After going through the voice prompts, I finally got someone in a call center in (where else!) India, who gave me a set speech about how the card was not valid, although the expiration date is 04/07.

He then asked me what the card looked like. Well... it turns out that I have an old card and back in April of this year, Exxon mailed out new cards with the tiger in one corner and the Exxon Mobil logo on the other corner. HOWEVER, there had been a major computer glitch and thousands of people have not gotten their new cards, so all the old cards were deactivated as of Dec. 1. I was told that new cards would be issued within 7-10 business days, so I asked how was I supposed to buy gas in the meantime. I got another pat answer of "we will be sending out cards in 7-10 days and then you can buy gas."

I told him that was not good enough, and then he told me that if I called the 800 number every time I wanted to buy gas, they could authorize my current card to be valid. So I asked to speak to a manager, whereupon I got another Indian man named ** (yeah, all Indians are named **) who gave me the exact same speech and told me about the computer error (yeah, yeah, I heard it already...) and that in 7-10 business days they would send new cards.

I explained that I was very embarrassed in the gas station and would not accept 7-10 days, I wanted a new card sent overnight, or if they could authorize per time use on my card, to just authorize 14 extra days on my card. Nope... that was not doable. I am going to call back tomorrow and tell them that I will be cancelling my Exxon card and see what that gets me. I hope that anyone who has an Exxon card will check to see if it is valid before they use it, or else they might be surprised when they can't use it to pay for their overpriced gasoline!

By -

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY -- My husband, a US Army Reserves Soldier was told that he "kills innocents" when he went into this stations "convenience store" for milk. I will no longer be going to this station, nor will anyone I know!! You can bash the war, bash the government, bash the military, but for God's sake leave the soldiers alone.. They are just doing their jobs.

Gas Pump Pre-Pay Discrimination

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- On Monday, June 11, 2001 at about 10:45 p.m., my girlfriend and I pulled up to pump 13 at your gas station to fill her tank as we always do (at your gas station). We selected gas and payment type and the clerk informed us over the intercom that we would have to pre-pay. We didn't think too much of this as it was night time. While my girlfriend was inside paying for gas, and as I waited outside for the pump to turn on, I noticed that an older man (probably in his mid 50's) pulled to a pump in the back, but wasn't forced to pre-pay. He was in no way impaired or disabled and also was paying with cash.

This irritated me enough, but when my girlfriend told me what one of the clerks said to another clerk inside (probably in training), I was outraged. When the older man pulled up to the pump, the one clerk said to the other, 'You don't have to make the old man pre-pay.' What have we inferred from this? Well, it seems that your Exxon chain doesn't value our patronage and the fact that we spend over a hundred dollars a month at your store. This must also mean that you don't care to have the patronage of the over 40,000 college students living in Gainesville. I will do my best to further your effort.

As of now, my girlfriend and I will use a different gas station and we will inform all of our friends of how you choose to treat young customers. If I deem it necessary, I'll also write letters to student newspapers and to 'The Gainesville Sun,' whereas a 3rd year journalism student I have contacts and can insure publication. If your business was looking for group to discriminate against in Gainesville, college students may have not been quite the best choice. You'd be surprised what a couple of college kids could accomplish. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

These God Awful Gas Prices
By -

You people have got to stop these gas prices from being so high. I understand ** needed a new car to go with the shoes she had on for the day. However I would just like to be able to buy new shoes, or put food on the table without having to go into debt or on welfare to feed my children. If gas prices continue on this course that's what's going to happen to all of us working class people. You are punishing us for someone else wanting to take a vacation. Shoot I'm just trying to get back and forth to work, AND CAN NOT AFFORD THAT.

Price of Gasoline
By -

USA, NEW YORK -- There are quite a few extraordinary and knowledgeable posters on this site so I pose the question, who is actually to blame for the current rise in the price of gasoline? The easy marks are the oil companies (i.e. Exxon Mobil's latest quarterly profit of $8.3 Billion). But there are so many other variables involved: deleting MTBE (state and federal government regulations) and substituting it with ethanol (and the further cost to refineries regarding the manufacturing of ethanol)... OPEC and the instability of oil-producing nations? **? Our burdensome dependence on oil? SUV's? The war in Iraq?

Personally, I believe the oil companies should be re-investing their staggering profits on 2 things: Building new refineries and research regarding fuel alternatives. I doubt that will happen, though. OK, so what are your thoughts?

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