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Team Members REFUSING to honor company's advertisements? Poor Management
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Rating: 1/51

ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY -- This is a complaint against the Family Dollar Store: #6826. A current coupon circular (with "1/29 Page 1 In-store HSP AB#745 C" printed on the bottom right hand corner) that is valid from Jan. 29 - Feb. 5th 2012 lists the following coupon: "Lay's Chips 10-10.5 oz $1.88 EACH with coupon LIMIT 2. Value of coupon cannot be greater than the value of item purchased. Selection varies by store. Limit TWO items per coupon visit."

I attempted to use this coupon as I purchased TWO bags of Lay's Potato Chips, currently sold at $3.50 a piece, on Tuesday evening, January 31st 2012. The cashier -named **- only scanned the coupon once, and the computer deducted $1.88 from my purchase. I told ** that the coupon was good for TWO bags at $1.88 EACH, but he did not understand what I meant, as he told me that the discount was only good for ONE bag. I repeated myself and showed him the coupon again for clarity; ** did not understand, so he called upon the night manager ** for assistance.

After ** and I both explained what the issue was, ** insisted that the coupon was only good for ONE bag. I asked ** to read the coupon, so he would understand exactly what was printed. ** then told me that ** was correct, because "they" had to go by what the 'computer' said.

I told ** that as a company employee -especially as a manager- he has to abide by Family Dollar's advertisement, which states "$1.88 EACH with coupon, LIMIT 2", and I suggested that he override the computer (as surely he has done before, being a "manager" and all) and deduct the coupon cost once more. ** kept insisting that I was wrong, when clearly I was not.

I have a feeling that ** did not fully comprehend what the coupon stated, because he brushed me off as if I was trying to pull a fast one over he and **. I asked ** to do the math in his head, and he walked away (to tend to other customers), and told me that I would have to come back tomorrow morning to speak to the day manager.

Now, the price is so minute that it is really not worth having a fit over, but I am concerned about the principle of this matter. I did not like the way that ** brushed me off, as if I could not read and comprehend English (the coupon was also printed in Spanish). I was offended that he would suggest that I come back "tomorrow morning", to have the matter settled by a different manager; I knew that he could solve the problem for me at that moment, but he chose not to. At this point I am laughing.

I explain that I am not stupid, and I am not trying to cause problems over $3.24 in discounts, but I am surprised that they will ignore a store's printed coupon because of a simple computer error that could be OVERRIDDEN. I used to work in retail, and I was a manager once upon a time.

I told ** that all they had to do was to stop and 'think'; I suggested that we all should use our brains, do the math in our heads, see what we come up with, THEN figure out how to honor the COMPANY'S PRINTED coupons, by way of an override. ** said he could not perform an override, that only a manager could, but remember, ** would not do this for me. Then something miraculous happened; ** decided to pick up another store circular and scan the coupon from it! So ** finally "thought" about this "problem" and gave me my rightful discount... something that the night manager ** refused to do.

I would like an address for Family Dollar's Customer Service Department, because I would like to forward my complaint. I would like for someone in management to see what Family Dollar advertised, and I would especially like to know why Family Dollar's employees are choosing NOT to honor the company's printed advertisements, which are CLEARLY stated in both English AND Espanol. Or, if I am incorrect, someone could point it out for me. But IF I AM correct, which I believe that I am, I would suggest that someone - a REAL manager perhaps - retrain the employees on their basic math skills, and how to honor company printed coupons.

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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- In April or May of 2013, the Family Dollar in Louisville, KY on Poplar Level Road near Indian Trail, refused to wait on someone because he was white. The white customer objected to their favoring black customers over white customers by letting blacks go first and making whites wait in line longer. After he objected to their racism, a male employee called him a "cracker" and told him to leave and never come back again. Also, the female black manager told him that "we don't want your kind in this store." Of course, this means she doesn't want whites in their store.

The white customer, who was a victim of their racism, complained to the manager and the district manager and it didn't do any good. The District Manager told him to stay out of that store. The white customer wrote a letter to the corporate office of Family Dollar complaining about discrimination against whites by their black employees, but they never responded.

We had spent a lot of money in that Family Dollar every month, like $300.00 a month since October 2011. If Family Dollar will not take action against this store in Louisville, KY, then we want out money back -- about $7,000.00. Any American who believes in equal protection of the law for ALL Americans, I say, boycott Family Dollar. We will boycott Family Dollar and tell our family and friends to do the same.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

KAPLAN, LOUISIANA -- I purchased an AT&T calling card on August 28, 2012 at the Family Dollar Store in Kaplan and the debit machine was down. At the time the store clerk did not know that the machine was down and it took money from my account. The pin number would not show on the receipt and the cashier tried to get my refund. To make a long story short the cashier was directed to different people to call to no avail in returning my money.

Finally the cashier gave me a number to call. She stated that I would get my money within forty-eight hours. It was a week after and I did not hear anything. I went to the bank to make sure the money was not put back on my card and it wasn't. I went back to Family Dollar and I was still given all kind of grief about not knowing what to do or what to tell me. Finally the cashier called at her manager and he wanted me to get a bank statement.

I go back to the bank and get the statement. I returned to the store and the cashier was so rude to me because she had to take an extra step in me trying to receive my money. I am not trying to get anyone in trouble but I think she should not have that type of attitude in the work force.

Another thing when asked for a complaint form or the number to make a complaint, the cashier said the manager said "look on the other side of the wall. They have it there." With me being in the workforce and someone would ask for help I would have assisted them in any way possible. I find that the cashier has a poor customer service. Thanks for having a website so that I could voice my concerns because that is the only way I would've been heard.

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DECATUR,ILLINOIS, ILLINOIS -- I'm real sad for my daughter that worked for this company for over a year and would have been for a while. She was an asst. Manager for this company. She made a complaint last february that there was a gas smell in the store that a employee and customers was complaining of so she told the dm. About it she got real sick for a week and a half and they were trying to fire her. This girl never called off and she worked open to close for two months.

Well when she came back the manager that filled in from another store got sick soon after, well the store got a new store manager and she was called out to the store on her day off by another employee because of a gas smell. She alerted the manager and he called maintenance, well they said the furnace was broken and that he will fix it, came back and he said he could make it work, she signed of the work order and didn't think nothing of it, the next couple of months the employees are getting sick vomiting, burning eyes, hard to concentrate, forgetfulness, and her heart was racing and she had a bad headache, they were even counting the deposits wrong.

She looked so sick and when she came home all she wanted to do is sleep but everyone was when they started comparing, the next month's headaches started stronger. She went to the doctor and thought, "what is wrong with me? I don't really get headaches. What's going on?" and she was always sick like she had a cold, now by this time this is her third time seeing the doctor he thought she was sick had a cold and was stressed at work, the store hired more employees a new store manager and cashiers. They were complaining of the gas smell and they too was getting sick. She told the manager she alerted maintenance again, they said nothing was wrong.

Well now everyone is taking pills for their headache and she had to cover a register so a cashier could vomit, she was called out again to go back to the store on her day off because of the smell, she called her manager and she called the dm. He said "call maintenance" so they came back out and said the light blew out. She said she's smelling the gas right now. He said he don't smell it and she said her eyes were like on fire and he head felt so heavy and foggy and he left, my daughter was called out the next day about the smell from the manager and she told her that she wanted to turn in her keys because she needed to see what was wrong with her.

She said she called the dm and he said call maintenance back out, so when she went in they were their again and said we need a new unit but they are rejecting it because they are building a new store so she said "well what's that smell?" He said he fixed it, and she said "I cannot believe that you cannot smell it, my daughter got up everyday with a migraine and with a burning sensation on her left side of her head and face. Her eyes are sensitive to light."

Four days later she gets a call by her manager and said she had to come in and open because she was being rushed in to the hospital. So she went in and opened. Everyone just haven't been feeling right. I called corp. about this smell well they were closed so my daughter called the fire dept. They came and told her to close the store down and the gas company came in and turned off the gas. This store didn't not have any smoke detectors or CO detectors. There was a level of CO. The furnace and a water heater shooting out gas. They had five multi. gas leaks.

They were told that they couldn't reopen till it was fix, my daughter went to the hospital. And there was CO in the blood. The next day they made her employees work with no gas. It was freezing no heat. They wanted the employees to get sweatshirts and gloves to stay warm, this company is that greedy, this company knew my daughter was a great employee. They gave her two raises. Everyone loved her, she thought it was wrong to work them like that so she called the fire dept. again and they told her that was inhumane then they were supposed to vent the store out, my daughter was trying a med. that the doctor put her on three different types for her head.

It was making her so sick, she tried going back to work, and she felt that in her condition that she couldn't run the stores assets. She was counting change wrong, forgetting the safe combo, and felt like her brain was not functioning right.

Workmans Comp called. Took her interview and accepted her claim of an injury then when she saw her specialist and he wanted test done and to put her on a different migraine medicine they just denied her after paying one medicine and four doctor visits. My daughter put everything and trusted this company and the maintenance. She's only thirty and she was fine before all this. She didn't see her doctor two years prior to that crap when she first got sick. I want to know why you did this to her after all she did for your company and more, no apology no nothing, everyone that worked their needs once they all got sick.

Rude Cashiers.
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a two can air freshener linen scent. And to my amazement I sprayed it and it smelled like roach spray. I complained to one of the cashiers at the location at 3401 w. Chicago ave. In Chicago. Store location, #07511. 9:34 a. m. 11-1-3013. I complained that the product that I purchased smelled like roach spray, she told me that I couldn't return the product so just use it. Had a very bad attitude.

The store phone number is 1-773-638-2296. Didn't get her name. She had no name tag to identify herself. She needs to have someone talk to her about her people skills. My name is Mr. **, I would like it if I can get the results of this matter. I live **. It's convenient for me, hate to have to go elsewhere to get the items that I have right at home. Thank you, sincerely.

Manager Very Rude to Customers and to Her Employees
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Rating: 2/51

CLAYTON, NEW MEXICO -- I'm complaining about the manager at Family Dollar. She is very rude to her employees and she treats them like they were dumb, especially to the young ones. She also doesn't say anything to the customers as they walk in. I do know that she needs to keep her appearance nice but she doesn't. I know there are a few more customers that feels the same way I do. She acts like she got out on the wrong side of the bed. You need to be nicer to customers, people in town are talking about her bottom teeth, she has none that is the first thing people look at. But, anyway if I don't see a change in that store, I will write another one until she is gone and replaced.

Discrimination/Harassment R/t Price Changing
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Rating: 1/51

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS -- I was paying for my merchandise when I was told by the salesperson "I can't sell you this at that price." She was referring to Ladies 2 Pack Microplush Shorts. The item had a sales price of $3.00. My response was why not it's on the sales rack and you're supposed to honor the price. Her response "this isn't Wal-mart and people change prices all the time. We just got this merchandise 2 weeks."

I asked her to show me where sleepwear was located. The other salesclerk and I were unable to find any more in the store. To make a long story short she refused to sell me the item at $3. I ask to speak to management she was out of the office. Displeased customer. I would have put everything back but I had to work and didn't have time to go to another store.

Poor Eave/Hangover Over Front Door
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Rating: 5/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I visited the Family Dollar Store (#32) at 7302 Scott St., Houston, TX 77021 (713) 741-4046 on toady, 8/25/2012 around 1:50 pm in the afternoon. When I went into the store it was not raining, although it looked as though it would at any minute. When I was coming out of the store, it was raining fiercely and water had begun to run under the door and was coming inside the building. The overhang truly needs to be repaired because the water is running directly down on the glass from the outside and running under the front door into the building. I was very careful because I did not want to slip and fall.

The building is not old so I was wondering why would Family Dollar approve a building with such poor maintenance. There is also a gap in the front door where the two doors are supposed to meet. You can visibly see that whomever is in charge has a chain that secures the doors and uses a lock for the chain. In summary, the overhang on the building needs to be repaired because there is definitely a hazard when it rains. Customers' safety is in jeopardy.

Cashier calling my daughter spoiled due to being only child.
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PORTAGE, INDIANA -- Hello everyone! I love these little bargain stores, but when you get rude, ignorant, uncalled for remarks about your kids you don't want to return to this specific store! As I was checking out this rude big woman with red hair decided to ask if my daughter was my only child. I replied yes! Thinking she would have been more kinder in her words, she looked at me and said she must be spoiled. I was startled and turned to my husband and said I don't know why everyone thinks my daughter is spoiled!

My daughter who is the stepdaughter to my husband, her. Sperm donor don't support her, I lost my job and really landed in somewhat of a poverty state! But thanks Family Dollar I will never ever give this particular store my own business again. The manager even has an attitude problem as well. I will take this in my hands as harassment, and will continue to write to corporate about my unpleasant, disturbing situation. Beware everyone if you like to be put in a bad mood or be harassed with kids don't go here! Shop at Family Dollar elsewhere...

Very Rude Employee
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PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA -- I went to the one on greenwood drive. I was going to purchase a woman's cosmetic bag. The sign had 40 percent off. When I got to the register it rung up full price, I told the cashier about the price so she got her manager and said it was regular price. When I told him they had several more on the shelf he told his cashier he moved the other products. Never did he address me, he just rolled his eyes and refused to sell it to me for that price.

I started to fuss but I just walked out. I was devastated at his reaction and hope no one else have to deal with this. It was very bad customer service especially for me who goes there almost everyday. I think I need an apology from him and still my discount.

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