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The worst possible customer service by manager
By -

OAKDALE, LOUISIANA -- The finally straw for me, I no longer shop at your store. I am amazed that Family Dollar can place a manager in a store that would be more suited in a barnyard. The store manager at the Oakdale, LA store is an angry, mean, rude and mannerless. We have had many, many managers but this rude/crude woman is the bottom of the barrel.

I used to go in at least once a week and spend $150 to $200 a week making my mother's purchase and mine. I will no longer step foot in the store because of the manager's rude behavior. She acts like it is an inconvenience and you are bothering her, if you ask a question or need her to check you out at the register. Please, people do you really want to keep this store open or not. The woman is an angry ape for another town with a serious chip on her shoulder. I have never seen such a horrible example of customer service. The whole town talks about her rude behavior and chose to no longer do business with your company.

People enter and exit the store without making a purchase, after she tells them off. She will bite your head off for no reason other she is so lazy she doesn't want you to bother her. She talks badly about customers in front of them to the other employee or persons in the store. She talks badly about them under her breathe as they are trying to check out at her register. With a is so rude that customer leave the store without People, please you can do a lot better for Oakdale than this angry, customer hater woman you have stuck us with this time.

Why can the rudest Family Dollar manager you have employed work in her own and give us a break from her. I am no longer shop in your Oakdale store. I expect good customer service where I spend my money, or at least not to be mistreated by an employee. I now shop at great store with the most incredible customer and it is clean. Sick and tired of your store manager.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

KAPLAN, LOUISIANA -- I purchased an AT&T calling card on August 28, 2012 at the Family Dollar Store in Kaplan and the debit machine was down. At the time the store clerk did not know that the machine was down and it took money from my account. The pin number would not show on the receipt and the cashier tried to get my refund. To make a long story short the cashier was directed to different people to call to no avail in returning my money.

Finally the cashier gave me a number to call. She stated that I would get my money within forty-eight hours. It was a week after and I did not hear anything. I went to the bank to make sure the money was not put back on my card and it wasn't. I went back to Family Dollar and I was still given all kind of grief about not knowing what to do or what to tell me. Finally the cashier called at her manager and he wanted me to get a bank statement.

I go back to the bank and get the statement. I returned to the store and the cashier was so rude to me because she had to take an extra step in me trying to receive my money. I am not trying to get anyone in trouble but I think she should not have that type of attitude in the work force.

Another thing when asked for a complaint form or the number to make a complaint, the cashier said the manager said "Look on the other side of the wall. They have it there." With me being in the workforce and someone would ask for help I would have assisted them in any way possible. I find that the cashier has a poor customer service. Thanks for having a website so that I could voice my concerns because that is the only way I would've been heard.

Racial Profiling
By -

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I recently went to a Family Dollar in Kansas City, MO. I can recall that the day was on a Monday or Tuesday, Oct the 31st or Nov. the 1st. This particular store is located at Troost and Linwood. I remember it being between 11:30 A.M. and 2:00 p.m., from the time of the incident and to the time I filed a complaint with a Family Dollar complaint department. I used a toll free number.

I entered the store and took a shopping cart. I could have not been in the store more than 10 to 15 minutes. I had around 10 items in my cart. While I was shopping for some more food items, a manager of the store, came up behind me and told me, that I needed to leave my shoulder bag (which was actually on my back), up front. There were four things wrong with that statement.

  1. I was in that same Family Dollar store, within the last two weeks. I wasn't asked to remove that same particular bag.
  2. I was already in the store shopping. So he randomly profiled me.
  3. There is no sign posted, stating that customers must leave their bags up front.
  4. He told me that the cashier would ask the customers to remove their bags. The female cashier, did not ask me then or the last time I was there.

I told him, legally a sign must be posted. You can't randomly pick people out. He said, due to the area, they must do it. I had mentioned to him that I do not have to take off my bag in the Sunfresh grocery store or the Dollar Tree store in the Westport area. He told me that they do not have crime in that area like this area. If that was so, there wouldn't be any police in that area. Basically, he insulted me. Sunfresh store has store security with weapons. And this is around the clock. Before I left the store, I returned all of the food items that I had in my cart. I refused to shop there.

After that incident, I filed a complaint with Family Dollar's complaint department. A lady that I spoke with, mentioned that it would not take more than 72 hours to respond. I left my online voicemail number with her. It is a 24/7 voicemail system. I checked it today... Sunday, November the 6th. There was no message. So I'm writing to this agency. I feel like I was ignored. In fact, the woman that took the complaint, had mentioned that the General Manager would not ignore me.

A 'Wee-Wee' little Problem
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I had been avoiding Family Dollar stores because that the stores always seemed to have boxes everywhere... At times, I would just leave... Well, I needed some tissue paper; and there was the Family Dollar. After shopping for about five minutes, my eight year old realized that he had to 'ease nature', and could not hold it. So he's doing the 'pee-pee' dance as I inquire about using the facilities.

Well, I was told that my son could not use the washroom, and that there was no way for anyone to get to the facilities, due to the overload of boxes in the back.... Now, mind you, there's not another washroom for at least a block; and when you got to go you got to go! So we run outside behind this filthy dumpster, and I assist my little one in how to take care of his business.

When we come back in the store, before touching my cart, and resuming shopping, I see a bottle of hand sanitizer at the second register. I squirt once for me and my son. As he's rubbing his hands together, the manager yells out, "A MAAM... ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!" I was so embarrassed. She was so loud that all eyes turned to me and my son. I politely asked how much did it cost, and when she replied $1.85 I walked away....

First of all, if we had access to the washroom facilities my child and I would not have had to go outside to the dumpsters. Secondly, my only other options would have been to let him wet his pants in the store... or try to make it to the K.F.C. a block away (you have to make a purchase there to use the facilities). I know times are tough, and the world is crazy, but for the life of me, I do not understand how a place can want your business, take your money, and deny you one of the most basic needs that there is.... So from now on, I'm shopping at Wal-mart. I know what some may say about the store, but at least they allow you to use the washroom!

Poor Eave/Hangover Over Front Door
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I visited the Family Dollar Store (#32) at 7302 Scott St., Houston, TX 77021 (713) 741-4046 on today, 8/25/2012 around 1:50 pm in the afternoon. When I went into the store it was not raining, although it looked as though it would at any minute. When I was coming out of the store, it was raining fiercely and water had begun to run under the door and was coming inside the building. The overhang truly needs to be repaired because the water is running directly down on the glass from the outside and running under the front door into the building. I was very careful because I did not want to slip and fall.

The building is not old so I was wondering why would Family Dollar approve a building with such poor maintenance. There is also a gap in the front door where the two doors are supposed to meet. You can visibly see that whomever is in charge has a chain that secures the doors and uses a lock for the chain. In summary, the overhang on the building needs to be repaired because there is definitely a hazard when it rains. Customers' safety is in jeopardy.

Very Rude Employee
By -

PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA -- I went to the one on Greenwood Drive. I was going to purchase a woman's cosmetic bag. The sign had 40 percent off. When I got to the register it rung up full price, I told the cashier about the price so she got her manager and said it was regular price. When I told him they had several more on the shelf he told his cashier he moved the other products. Never did he address me, he just rolled his eyes and refused to sell it to me for that price.

I started to fuss but I just walked out. I was devastated at his reaction and hope no one else have to deal with this. It was very bad customer service especially for me who goes there almost everyday. I think I need an apology from him and still my discount.

Customer Service
By -

I just went into store 6427 with my elderly mother to return a couple shirts and get a mirror that was only 3 ft from the register and the ignorant you know what tried to make her get in the back of the line. He grabbed the mirror out of my hand and was one of the rudest people I have encountered in my life. I shop in this store all the time but after today I will never walk into one of those stores again. I will also bad mouth them to anyone and everyone. FAMILY DOLLAR SUCKS AND HAS THE POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Employee Performance During An Emergency
By -

FAYETTEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Several weeks ago, while I was shopping in Family Dollar in Fayetteville, tn., One of the patrons had a seizure and fell to the floor. The only person with her was a toddler. The employee on duty took charge and handled the situation with extreme competence. She had another employee take the toddler away from the area and then called an ambulance for the patron.

While awaiting the ambulance she made the lady safe and comfortable. She made quick, efficient decisions and handled the emergency with good leadership skills. I was very much impressed by this employee's performance during an emergent situation.

By -

SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I shop at Family Dollar almost every day. Recently I accidentally grabbed an older checkbook that had 2 five in front of the check number on the bottom of the check which is a system they no longer use. It took about 5 days to realize the problem and I and the bank corrected it. Since then Family Dollar will no longer accept my checks saying I am a security risk.

The two other places I had a problem with have no problem with my checks now just Family Dollar. This was an honest error and Family Dollar will lose a lot. I am a foster mom so I don't carry a lot of cash or it gets stolen so I can't change my lifestyle. I used to spend a lot of money in that store and I can't believe this problem cannot be corrected. If not I will just take my business elsewhere. Thank you.

Rude manager
By -

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- Family Dollar on Branchview has the rudest manager I have ever been in contact with!! You can't ask a question without her biting your head off. She's verbally abusive to the customers... I've had people tell me they stopped shopping in that store because of her!! I shop there a lot because the store is close to my house, but I will go to Dollar General which is 6 miles away just to avoid Donna at store number 251!! If you want to keep your customers happy you should replace her with someone that's able to provide good customer service! If you don't like being around people you should stay at home!!

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