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Beyond Expectations
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Rating: 5/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have used this firm for two separate claims and recommend them to family and friends who have been injured. There is always someone available to answer my questions, even when I called after work late at night. This firm cares about their clients and will deliver results. They obtained a settlement for me much higher than I ever thought was possible.

Law Firm Treats Clients As Less Than Human
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I contacted this law firm because they were recruiting participants for a class action products liability drug claim. They treated me fine until after I signed the retainer agreement. Then any questions that were important to me, such as questions about the privacy of my health documents, were treated with disdain. They treated me with complete disregard.

Despite the cancer I went through, I will honestly say that I was treated worse by this firm than any doctor, pharmacist, or drug manufacturer. They never treated me like a paycheck that didn't deserve to have questions answered. Needless to say, I asked them to remove me from their class action and withdrew my claim. I am currently being represented by a firm that treats its clients as they should be treated. Feel free to retain this firm, but only if you believe you are less than human, because that's how they will treat you.


HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I'm sending this letter to inform you that because of the incompetent behavior of your Houston office it cost me my claim. My case was literally not worked on. I sought out the help of your firm after being involved in an accident on Feb. 2, 2001. When I met with Oscar who I believe is an intake specialist, he lead me to believe that my case would be handle with the best of care. That was not the case!!

First of all he inform me that the doctor that would be treating me would provide transportation to and forth, the doctor did not. I literally would have to leave my job and drive across town to pick my children up from school. I would call the office several times a week so that I could meet with the lawyer who would be handling my case. I never met him. I spoke only twice with a Stephen **.

After we were release from the doctor, I called the office to see if they had started to work my case and basically they had not. I had to call the hospital so that they would send over my kids and I records and I had to track down the paramedic to send the bill and I had to get the police report. This is what I had to do in order to get my case work on, because the firm simply would not do it.

Finally an offer was put together - $82,000 for myself, 18,000 for my daughter (Dana Hall) and 15,000 for my son (Maurice Hall). I was informed by the firm that protocol was that they would submit the offer to the adjuster give him 3 wks. to respond. This never happen. No one work on my case. I called and called.

I then found out that PIP checks were sent for my kids and myself, the firm never told me of the money. I found out because the insurance company accidentally called me. The firm finally gave me my share of the check after I persisted and I did not receive the check for my children until 2 months later.

At this time Stephen was no longer with the firm, I only found out because I kept calling to speak with him and finally Betty **, my case worker at the time, who by the way is no longer with the firm told me, that Stephen ** was no longer with the firm. She also told me that an offer was made for my son and that my daughter and I will receive one soon. This is the last I heard of any kind of offer. No one literally was working on my case.

Finally Sean ** was hired on and I called him the week of Nov. 19, 2001 because I heard nothing from the firm. He stated that he saw that an offer was made and notice that the adjuster had not responded and he said he wrote on the file 'why not'. That's when he decided to work on my file. Then he called me on 28th of Nov. left a message. I tried to reach him for 4 days, finally I did, and he told me that the insurance company was not paying anything and that he was dismissing my case based on property damage.

I called the Dallas office because I wanted this confirm by someone else and they told me that Sean could do that. I question Sean ** about my medicals, the original offer and he told me that he do know about what happen before he came, he only can tell my what was happening now. This is who was representing me!! Someone who know nothing about my case. There is absolutely no reason for me receiving nothing from this case if it was handle properly. Your firm literally did not work on my case!!! This is unacceptable!!!

When I hired your firm, I trusted that you all was competent. Not only did I do a lot of things I hired you all to do, but my greatest fear was realized, because of you all not being attentive to my case, I receive nothing. Myself and my kids were injured there is no getting around it and the very people I hired to bring me justice has brought injustice to me instead.

I know you all do not know me, but the sun will stop shining before I allow myself to be treated like this. My kids and I do not deserve this. I tried to be as honest as possible, not abusing the system when it came to my injuries. And to add insult to injury, I request my files from you all since I was told my both Sean ** and your Dallas office that you all dismiss my case. You all had the nerve to tell me that your copy machine broke and I could not get them until Dec. 4. There are many, many other instances in which the behavior of your Houston office stands in to question. Today is a very sad day for my family and I at your expense.

I want something done about this. You all are the lawyers. You all are committed to bringing justice. You tell me what should be done. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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