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Credit Services
Posted by Old Bill on 04/12/2009
Last week I received a letter notify me that FIA services was raising my interest rate from 7 to 14 percent. When I called they told me that my credit ratings were reviewed and found lacking. I checked the credit rating of the three scores the lowest was 725. Since I had the money to pay off a decent size charge, I did pay it off. Upon that occurring FIA Card services slashed my credit limit to $900 dollars. This seems to be an act of retaliation for my complaints and large pay off. When I called them I found that the operators are ignorant about anything that credit review section does. This isolates the credit review section from being approached via telephone. When I made several calls I found out that some of operators will tell you they do not have information when other operators actually did have the information requested. None of them could tell me the actual reason behind my supposed drop in my credit score.

In addition, I have not had this problem before and have had the card for over eighteen years.

The result is that I am paying off the card and will not use it again. If a large number of people would do this then FIA will not receive their life blood which in the interest and not the principle. There are other credit cards that will gladly help you pay off FIA credit card services and they may do it for less interest than you are presently paying

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Fraudulent - Scam Artists Who Know They Can Destroy Your Credit For No Reason
Posted by TellingTheTruth on 03/14/2009
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- This company is participating in a terrible and unjust practice. They follow accounts with high credit limits, but low balances. Therefore little pay off for them. In order to reduce their overall risk they claim to mail your credit card bill. But first they claim they sent you it electronically. Both cases were not true.

If you have a renewing old account such as AAA or something of that nature, and you simply forget the bill would be on that card You are in big trouble because now they've caught you in a death trap.

A. They will tell you they sent it electronically. (Totally not true. Second person said they did not have me set up for electronic payment.). B. They will tell you they mailed it. (Another Lie). I work from my home and gather my mail as soon as it is delivered. I can see the mail truck just as it gets to the box.

My credit has been spotless for 35 years. With the banking industry as unscrupulous as it is now, they are doing anything to eliminate potential losses. I called to complain I did not receive my and why the negative mark on an otherwise spotless credit history. Their comments were offensive, made me feel like a loser, and quickly reduced a 10 year excellent credit history with them when they were MBNA into a negative history, and reduced my credit limit from a hard earned $47,000 to $10,000 in a blink of an eye. By the way, the late payment that was overlooked as I NEVER received the bill was for $30.00. So for 3 months they tacked on $39.00 expense fees to a bill I didn't know existed. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CREDIT COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I had absolutely perfect credit before they decided to destroy it. You know why they didn't mail the bill, because it gives them the excuse to reduce their credit risk, and nail you to the floor.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-03-15:
if you have revolving credit, you should know when the bills are due, without a paper bill.
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No Help For Long Time Customers
Posted by Tika520 on 02/23/2009
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I have been a card member since 1999 with these people. I have never missed a payment. I have only been late on one payment. I just got laid off and asked for my payments to be reduced until I find a job and I got every single reason why it couldn't. These crack heads are getting their money either way. I didn't say I would stop paying my bill, I just didn't want to fall behind. NO HELP, NOT FOR LONG TERM NOT MISSED A PAYMENT CUSTOMERS!

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Posted by saj80 on 2009-02-23:
Kudos to you for being proactive in trying to get this resolved. Unfortunately, credit card banks are more interested in getting taxpayer money then assisting those same taxpayers, many like yourself who are trying to be responsible with their finances.
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Deceptive Practices
Posted by M00se on 02/23/2009
NEW JERSEY -- FIA card services just recently raised the interest rates on credit cards by including a note at the bottom of a monthly statement that gave the cardholder an opportunity to opt out of getting the interest rate increased by 14% under the condition that the account will no longer be active.

When I called them to address the rise in interest rates they de facto stated that their underwriting guidelines were superseded by a note at the end of a monthly statement. My question to them was if the basis of credit worthiness is going to change so greatly wouldn't it have been more ethical to inform their customers more than once and possibly send out an additional notice either separate or enclosed in the statement to ensure that they were effectively communicating the change in underwriting policy. They had no answer.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one to whom this has happened. The practice was deceptive and unethical. I consider FIA to be exceedingly unscrupulous. I urge anyone who reads this note to contact their local representative to bring this to their attention. The worse part is that FIA is the arms length servicer for most of the larger banks in the country, who just happened to be bailed out by our tax dollars. The collusion is ridiculous. FIA has to be held accountable. If you've seen a drastic increase in your rates call and complain to everyone who will listen.

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Unfair Credit Practices
Posted by MsSaint on 02/19/2009
Please do no business with this company. They hike rates at no warning and, delay responses, tell you one thing and do another. I am in a situation with them for several months and they will not document anything except what they make up after telling you something else. Amazingly awful customer service.

Please do file a complaint against them @ ftc. Gov.
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Unfair Practices
Posted by Mr red Senior on 02/18/2009
BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- My credit score is over 700. I make card payments online either on or before the due date. However, even at 8AM my payments to FIA aren't 'accepted' until 24 hours later. Something about " not being enough time for them to process the payment" . ?!?!?! It's not a problem for any other card service. So twice they marked my payments as being late - which they weren't - and then used that as an excuse to raise my interest rate to a usurious one.

I have since closed the account and will tell everyone I know NOT to use them.
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Bad Service
Posted by Ciciwarr on 12/13/2008
I have had a credit card with FIA card services for 3 yrs. I have never been late on a payment. I was 2 days late on a payment this months only because I thought I scheduled the payment, I double checked and found I did not. I realized
my mistake and Immediately rescheduled the payment. I called them and asked if they could waive the late fee because I had never been late and they refused.

Most other company will do this I am looking to transfer my balance of of that card. Not Happy.
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Awful product
Posted by Seanjohnson on 10/11/2008
GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I've been reading the reviews on FIA Card Services and I have to say that I agree with all. Their service is terrible. They jump to ratchet the prices as quickly as possible and they have little regard for the customer whatsoever.

I used the card for travel and general business. They continued to change rates and reduce the grace periods. I canceled and, because the payoff amount given was greater than actually owed, I will have to call in for a refund.

It is amazing that on Credit Balances, they will not provide any interest and yet on debit balances, the rates are as high as 29%.

Also, they will continue to reference their agreements that are sent almost quarterly, it seems. Reading those is impossible and, because the former agreement is probably not available, it is impossible to tell what is being changed anyway. One just knows that it is a change in their favor.

With declining markets, one would be wise to be very cautious.

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Scam - They Say I Own $23,000
Posted by Eugie on 09/23/2008
I received a letter from FIA Card Services saying that a owe $23,000 mean while I never heard of them of opened an account with this company which aka Bank of America. Their customer service is horrible. I've been just given the run around. And I'm concerned because they have all my info including social security number.

Has anyone else been through the same thing?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-23:
They are part of BofA. "On October 20, 2006, Bank of America, National Association (USA) ("BANA(USA)"), a subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation, merged with and into FIA. Coinciding with the merger of BANA(USA) with and into FIA, BA Credit Card Funding, LLC ("Funding"), a recently-formed Delaware limited liability company and an affiliate of FIA, succeeded FIA as the depositor of the BA Master Credit Card Trust II ("Master Trust II") and the BA Credit Card Trust ("BACCT"), effective on October 20, 2006 (the "Substitution Date")."
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-23:
Check your credit reports, you may be a victim of identity fraud?
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Credit Card Nightmare
Posted by Gtichman on 07/16/2008
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- For 3 years I was a happy customer of an MBNA WorldPoints cash rebate credit card. On January 14, 2008 I received a notification from the credit card service company, FIA Card Services, that information from my FIA Card Services account had been compromised. I was advised that my credit card account would be closed and a new account # would be issued. I was also advised to keep watch for unauthorized charges.

That was the start of my problems. First, was the inconvenience of redoing all the charges automatically billed to the old number. Then, I noticed unauthorized charges coming through. I immediately notified FIA Card Services of the situation and was finally transferred after a number of different reps to "billing disputes." The representative there, after hearing my situation, treated me so rudely, that I called right back and closed the account.
In order to dispute the fraudulent charges, I had to fill out three separate forms and mailed them certified mail. Two of the charges were credited to my account, but I didn't hear about the third. Each time I called, I was assured that "I see we are still investigating the charge". Suddenly, on April 17, 2008 I received a letter saying the third disputed charge was going to be closed because I hadn't responded to some letter.

Infuriated, I called "Billing Disputes" and told them I hadn't received any correspondence other than the one telling me the dispute was being closed. Over the next few months, each time I called, I was told "Another letter is in the mail". This appears to be a stalling tactic, because when I called on July 1, I was told "the dispute has been closed, but I will reopen it and send you a new letter". When the letter never showed up, I called back again and got another rep, who after hearing the story, with all the documentation of the times I called, said that he was sorry, but couldn't do anything about the charge, and that it had been closed since April 17.

I would love to have entered an email address for FIA Services, but they don't give one on their website. Laughably, their cutting edge technology allows them to fax information.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2008-07-16:
I find it interesting they knew your account was compromised before you did. I wonder how exactly and if they informed you of where the breach of your personal information originated.
Posted by calliope on 2008-07-20:
The problem with disputes (even if they know there was a breach of information) is that they are required to be made in writing. So, you call up and open a dispute, and they send you an affadavit, so they can get it in writing.

Then they have to request information from the merchant (such as a signature slip) and give the merchant 30 days to respond to their request. Then when finally received by the merchant, this information is forwarded to the customer. The customer then reviews this information, and, in order to keep the dispute open, replies saying that the signature isn't theirs and they are still disputing the charge.

So, unfortunately, disputes are a lengthy process and often require multiple correspondances. It does seem that perhaps they lost some correspondance, or perhaps some was lost in the mail. You should still be able to put the purchase back into dispute, as frustrating as that may be.
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