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No Truth and Honor in Their Business Dealings
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Rating: 1/51

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- I gave them a 1 but wanted to give them a big fat 0. Unfortunately, this site requires something in the rating. I closed on my new home on 17 OCT. 2016. The seller purchased a home warranty from First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation (FAHW) to transfer to me at closing. After moving into the home that day, I noticed the master bathroom toilet leaking so I turned off the water cutoff for that toilet.

On Sunday, 23 OCT. 2016, I went to check about the leak with the toilet tank. I turned on the valve and the CPVC line snapped behind the wall at the toilet. I looked inside the house for the house cutoff and went under the crawlspace to find it. In the dark, I lightly touched the line at a second expansion tank and that water line snapped also. I had to turn the water off at the street.

The bathroom upstairs and carpeting in the bedroom got wet as well as the ceiling downstairs, light fixtures, and fan downstairs in the foyer area. I called the FAHW to file a claim due to the brochure I was given at closing because it clearly states on the front bottom of the cover that "COVERAGE OF UNKNOWN CONDITIONS which can include rust, corrosion, sediment, and problems due to lack of maintenance" as well as "Plumbing System includes polybutylene piping" but was told then I could not file a claim since payment hadn't been received from my closing attorney.

My agent contacted my closing attorney and their office contacted FAHW, and only then was I able to get online to file a claim. The site info said that "Coverages Ordered, Eagle Premier + Sellers Coverage -- Your contract includes coverage for the following items: Seller/Buyer Plumbing System." A plumber was sent from FAHW and the plumber assessed and submitted to them photos as well as info about the state of the CPVC and water damage.

My claim was denied 25 OCT. 2016 because it was stated by FAHW that this was not usual wear and tear, and that I broke the water line, and therefore it wouldn't be covered in my contract. I told them that the two pieces of information I had says that it is covered. Then I was told that the service contract that they had (which I couldn't get access to due to the "awaiting funds" situation) says that in a certain section that it wouldn't be covered. I felt that this company had misrepresented themselves in what they say they cover and has used information to deny my claim that I am not privy to have.

I filed a complaint with the NCDOJ on 01 NOV. 2016. Dawn ** (800.992.3400, Ext. **) at FAHW contacted me via their website and by phone 02 NOV. 2016. She informed me that they had reopened the claim and wanted the following information from me:

"First American, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016 at 9:13 AM. Good morning: You will need to fax in a written report from a licensed contractor that states that this is normal wear and tear, and/or proof that this PVC piping is defective. Then it will be reviewed by my supervisor before a decision is made. You can fax that information to 800-700-4457 and reference your claim number **. Thank you for choosing First American. Have a good day."

I received the information they wanted 07 NOV. 2016 from a licensed contractor. It said: "We recently visited the address to handle misc. plumbing issues for the owner. Two of the issues we addressed were cracked CPVC fittings, both caused leaks, one in the wall on the 2nd floor and the other in the crawlspace. The leaks were from the normal wear and tear of CPVC and its nature to become brittle over time. This is very common of CPVC, so much that we have a waiver that we require our customers to sign before we will work on a plumbing system containing the material. CPVC is not deemed a defective material, but has a history of causing issues where it has been plumbed."

On 16 NOV. 2016, I happened to see on FAHW's site that my claim was denied again. I talked with Alexandria ** (800.992.3400, Ext. **) and she told me so many conflicting reasons as to why my claim was denied again. Not only does FAHW give misinformation, but found every loophole they could to keep from honoring their warranty and fixing my plumbing system issue in my newly acquired home. I feel that this is a flagrant abuse of truth in advertising and that every homeowner should be aware of FAHW's "scamtastic" ways as well as with other home warranty companies out there.

Over 20 Days and Counting for Repairs
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Rating: 1/51

GILROY, CALIFORNIA -- On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being exceptional service, I rate First American Home Warranty NEGATIVE 10. These guys are a joke. Washing Machine and Fridge went down. It's been over 21 days (3 weeks) and appliances are still not working. Called and email claims specialist and still very far from satisfied. Payments collected on time monthly, service takes almost a month. If this is not resolved by the end of next week, I'm going to walk away from this company and tell everyone I know not to do business with them. I'm sorry but I pay my bills on time and expect service in a timely manner. This is ridiculous. AAARRRGGG!!!

First American Puts Families At Risk
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I am VERY dissatisfied with this company. When my electric range stopped working, First American sent an electrician out to take a look. The electrician was unable to fix the problem without ordering a part. Because LG no longer makes my range and the parts are no longer available from the manufacturer, First American is bullying me into ordering a part for my range off of eBay!!! I personally looked the part up on eBay, and it does not appear to be in good condition. This part could be from a junkyard, a pawnshop, or perhaps some high schooler's technical school project, and they want to install it in my home??? This puts me and my family at RISK.

I asked First American if they would help to cover this cost when my house catches on fire, and they responded that they are only responsible for parts covered by the contract. First American clearly does not care about the safety of me or my family and only wishes to take the cheapest route for themselves.

I have been working my way up the chain of supervisors and have yet to receive a resolution. First American is only willing to cover the cost of parts and service: $268.95, which is less than half of what it will cost for me to replace the range. To me, the only safe and acceptable option is to replace the entire range. I refuse to allow First American to place potentially faulty and dangerous equipment in my home. I, and my family, will not be using this company in the future.

Rude, Incompetent, Crappy Service
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Rating: 1/51

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- Crap. Absolute crap. You are better off putting your money in a bank account every month and using it for repairs, less headache and better service. Also, you do not have to deal with rude sociopaths. And they make it hard for you to cancel. Nothing on their website and the phones ring up to 90 minutes before someone answers. Here is a tip. They will ask you to cancel in writing by sending an email to the First American cancellation email address: Check your contract so you will not pay extra or cancellation fees. Get rid of the crap in your life. Say goodbye to First American Home Buyers Insurance. Use the cancellation email. Good Luck!

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Don't waste your time with these guys. Every claim I've filed in the past 2 years has taken nearly a month to get resolved (even air conditioning, refrigerator, etc.) so that alone is enough of a reason to stay away from them. Who wants to go a month without AC in the summer, or a month without a refrigerator. Their customer service is a joke - they honestly seem to hate their customers. If you call them for an update you'll be on hold for at least 45 minutes. Very often they hang up on you once you do reach someone and then of course they don't call back so you have to call again and wait another 45 minutes.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Eventually, they get it repaired but the hours I spend on each and every claim trying to force them to live up to our agreement just aren't worth it to me anymore. I'll go find a different company.

By -

Sunday, June 30th, my AC stopped blowing out cold air. We called the First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation to file a claim and have the AC fixed. No one returned our call. The following day, we called and got confirmation that Glatfelter & Sons would come out and service our AC on Wednesday July 2nd. A technician came out and put in so much Freon in our unit that his bottle froze up. We had to provide a bucket of hot water. Later that day, I came home from work and the AC unit was making a god-awful noise like metal on metal. I had to shut the AC off, call the home warranty company to get someone out to figure out what happened.

I called the AC technician too who did not return my calls. The warranty company assured me they would find someone immediately and they would call me back. Surprisingly enough, they did not. Thursday, July 3rd, I called the warranty company several times as did my husband to find out the status of the claim and to find out when a technician would be dispatched to resolve the issue. I have severe allergies and take prescription medication Xyzal, Nasonex and Arbuterol. With the windows open for 5 days, the grass pollen also being high, I have to take Benadryl on top of that medication (50 mg) every six hours making me zombie like an unable to function.

I made this a medical claim with the warranty company who assured me that they would get emergency dispatch to find us a contractor. Friday, July 4th, the second contractor came out and looked at our unit. He was extremely knowledgeable and competent. We told him what the first technician did and he was stumped. In all of his experience and his boss's experience (30+ years), he has NEVER heard of anyone using that much Freon on an AC unit. He told us the guy had blown the compressor and the condenser and evaporator coil would need to be replaced.

He called the warranty company who was only going to pay him for 3 hours of his time even though he had been at our house with travel time 4 hours. He lives in Lebanon and we are located an hour and a half away in Hanover. So, he left. Later that day, after much arguing, I was talking with ** (a supervisor with First American), who went back and said that they decided to approve the second technician after all. She had originally said that they were going to hire a third company to come out and give an estimate to fix our unit... which makes no sense when the competent technician was already there and could have got the process of repair started.

The hold up with the warranty company then became the paperwork. They needed to have the quote in writing to break down the cost of the job. Every day, for five days, the contractor faxed and called in the price. The warranty company kept claiming they did not have the information. Wednesday, July 9th - Spoke to ** (another supervisor) assured me that she would personally call the contractor and get the information, get the job approved and have our AC fixed. She assured me that a third technician would not have to be hired that they were going with the second company.

Thursday, July 10th - Spoke to ** (another supervisor) at the warranty company. They rejected the second company's bid and were going with a third technician. The third company would call us by EOB Thursday. ** would also call us back and let us know the status. Again, no one returned our call. We called again and spoke to a claims representative on the main number. All the supervisor extensions we have gone straight to voice mail. This person told us that a contractor (All Done Mechanical) was hired to be our third technician and would contact us by EOB.

** called and left a message that she was personally taking care of this claim and would have an answer and a technician for us... even though we were told by someone else that a third contractor was already hired. Friday, July 11th - We are currently on hold with a third supervisor on this one call (it's been 2 hours of arguing). They do not have a third company hired. They are going to go with the second company and want to call us back. We are refusing to get off the phone until we have an appointment to get the AC fixed. Now they are back on the phone saying they are trying to get a third company and are not going with the second one. FREAKING RIDICULOUS!!!

Sunday, July 13th - We still do not have an appointment set for a third technician to come out. We'€™ve spoken to **. We've left messages repeatedly with all of them including **. ** said she would call in 30 minutes, it'€™s almost an hour. We had to stay at a hotel for two days because my allergies were killing me. Tonight we are back home and it's 95 degrees outside right now. I have 4 pages of all the calls logged just by myself. They do not include all the calls my husband has made for the last 14 days.

I am frustrated and confused as to how they are allowed to operate as a business. Their first technician destroyed our AC unit. The second one could have fixed it. They didn't like the price of the second one so they want to go with a third one but now are going back to the second one allegedly. The bottom line is that they said we can call our own contractor and get reimbursed by the warranty company. We are not going to do that, because I am pretty confident they will refuse to pay us.

The Heat Is Off
By -

VALLEY VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA -- The Heat is Off. 12-19-08 ** called First American, who sent a Technician from Kravetz Co. that afternoon. Technician said that he had to order a part which should arrive the first of next week and be installed on Tuesday (Dec. 23). 12-22-08 ** called Kravetz to ensure that part had arrived, left message. No return call. 12-23-08 ** called First American, spoke to ** after a 45 minute wait on hold. She was very nice and said she would look into it and call back. Gave her extension so we would not have to wait if we had to call her. 12-24 through 12-29-08 No call back from **. Left numerous messages.

12-29-08 ** called First American again. Waited 45 minutes on hold. Talked to **. She said she would talk to her supervisor and call back before the end of the day. She did not. 12-30-08 Left messages for **. No return calls. Called Kravetz Co. who said that First American was responsible for getting the needed part.

1-2-09 Called First American again. After another 45 minute wait, talked to **. Still trying to find the part. Spoke to her supervisor ** who said the part was ordered but wouldn't be installed until the 5th or 6th because the Kravetz technician was on vacation. Asked if another technician from another company could be found, he said that that was against policy and could take him hours to arrange. I replied that I thought that was First Americans job; to provide service and he said that he would get back to me. He gave me his extension, at my request, but with two digits reversed. Never heard back from him.

1-5-09 Called First American again. Another 45 minute wait. Talked to ** who said the part hadn't been ordered because "they didn't know the brand of the heater". I told him that it was a Lennox heater. He promised to call back, but never did. ** was able to find an a e-mail address for ** in media/public relations. He e-mailed a brief history of our experience to date and expressed our dissatisfaction. Later, ** called ** again who said the matter was now "in the hands of upper management" and gave us the number for **.

1-6-09 ** phoned ** at First American, who said that our case had come to the attention of the company president and that Ted would let me know what was happening. He called back and said that he was checking with First American purchasing but was also going to contact Kravetz Co. to see if they could get the part. He did not seem to know that they had already said that they could not. He promised to call back, but did not. We called him back at 4:00 P.M. but were only able to leave a message. 1-7-09 10:00 A.M. Left message for ** to call with an update.

2:45 P.M. After no return call, we called ** who said the part had been found back East and would be shipped priority (3-5 business days). We said that this was not acceptable and asked why part could not be shipped overnight. He said he would check with purchasing and call back. He did not. 1-8-09 1:10 P.M. Left message for ** requesting call back on part status. No response.

1-12-08 8:15 A.M. Talked to **. He said that part should be at Kravetz Co. and that he would check with them. If they don't have the part he will check with his purchasing guy, who has a tracking number for the part. If Kravetz does have the part he will try to schedule the install today. Said he would call back and let us know. 10:30 A.M. Returned from an appointment. No call or message from **. Called Kravetz Co. They do not have the part yet and had no call from First American about it. 1-13-09 2:07 P.M. Left message on ** voice mail requesting phone call or e-mail about status of part needed to get heater fixed. No response as of 6:00 P.M.

1-14-09 10:13 A.M. Left another message on ** voice mail requesting status of part. Left our phone number and e-mail address. 2:00 P.M. Still no response from **. Left another voice mail.

Won't Even Fix A Simple Pipe Leak!
By -

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- In our opinion: A very normal, simple pipe started a small leak, so we do the prudent thing and call FAHW. They set up a plumber appointment who did not arrive. We called and were told that plumber does not service our area (an issue we raised with FAHW at the beginning when we saw the plumber's "foreign" area code but FAHW assured us the plumber would be here and that they had "a satellite office serving our area". That was one day wasted with FAHW. (Is your time worth something to you?)

Second day, second plumber... came, saw pipe leak, had no problem with the job and started in to work... he removed the pipe, said he would be leaving to get (small) replacement parts after he telephoned FAHW from his truck -- and then they "denied the claim," why? The plumber would not wait for us to reach FAHW, saying that "the insurance company acts like the Mafia: they collect your money and refuse to fix your pipe leaks..." He indicated he'd had issues with FAHW before. We call FAHW they say, after much fumbling, that the claim was denied because "pipe or nut holding it together was found by plumber to be starting to loosen."

Comment: of course it was, that is why it started to leak (it does not take a rocket scientist OR a professional plumber to figure this out!)... Second day wasted with FAHW. Another call to FAHW and they agree that the denial made no sense... they sent a third plumber (third day) with the advisory that he would be prepared to fix the pipe. He arrives, inspects, indicates no problem fixing it after he buys the small parts to fit, sets up appointment to do the job later in the day. Time for appointment arrives and passes, we get call from third plumbing company that FAHW "denied the claim" again. Third day wasted with FAHW over a very simple two hundred buck (or less) job.

Call again to FAHW... nice lady says claim denied because "pipe was found to have been removed on arrival" by third plumber. Of course it was removed, that was where the second plumber left it after he Vamoosed (he really should have replaced it but he was upset having been sent on a non-paying call by FAHW and he left in a fast hurry). Result of three wasted days: a small leak which actually disabled nothing is now made worse: it is now a removed pipe, rendering the drain unusable.

And all we keep getting from FAHW is nice ladies on the phone attempting to make sense of garbled, illogical notes (that they even admit make no sense)... and more delays and wasted days... So, a very ordinary and very leak repair job indeed a remarkably simple and straightforward little plumbing problem that happens all the time ... and three days of the customer's time wasted by FAHW (plus the time of their contract plumbers also appears to have been wasted by FAHW, at least they surely were not happy with FAHW!)

We do NOT want to try to repair even this simple thing ourselves, we have been paying FAHW for the services of professionally-trained, real plumbers all along to have the work done right each time... and now... This, after customer paid for this insurance for nearly 10 years. We are very, very disappointed with First American Home Warranty and will definitely NOT be using them in future on any property we may own. Sincerely yours for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and some other, better home warranty firm)...

Terrible Service
By -

I am writing this review to warn others away from Alliance/First American Home Warranty. If you are buying home or getting a home warranty, DO NOT use this company. I have had many issues arise with my new home, and this company will do anything it can to find a way out of paying for repairs/replacement.

We recently found out that our toilet was leaking under the floor. After calling the home warranty company, they did not have a local plumber so they schedule one from over an hour away. This company could not come for two weeks, so they sent another plumber after a week. When the plumber arrived, he informed us that he could fix the seal and reset the toilet, but if there was floor damage they would not replace it. We paid a $55 service charge for that info- no work was done. After pulling the tile we tried to get a the warranty company to send the plumber back to fix the floor and toilet flange.

5 times we were told that they were sending someone and that they would call us back, and never once did it happen. After several weeks of calling I finally got a manager (I had to sit on hold for 32 minutes) and they told me that they were denying the claim because the original plumber was now saying that the floor caused the damage. In reality, the floor was damaged (minimally) because of the leak - the plumbers explanation was impossible. The toilet seal simply failed, and should have been covered. Finally, after being without a master bathroom toilet for almost 2 months, I had my own local plumber come do the work.

When they went to reset the toilet, the discovered that the original toilet did not fit perfectly and that we needed a different toilet. All in all we ended up paying over $700 for everything, and this warranty company will not give us a single penny. They have now changed their tune and are saying it was an "improper installation" and is not covered. Its funny how they don't claim that the floor caused it like they said before??

Recently, the handle on our over-the-range microwave broke. We cannot open or use our microwave without prying it open with a butter knife. Each time we do this it damages the frame. When we called, Alliance assured us that it would be covered because it was built-in and couldn't be used without the handle. When the serviceman called the claim in, they denied it saying that they don't cover handles. We are now stuck with a broken microwave and had to pay the $55 service fee for nothing...again. When we called to protest both the non-coverage and the service fee issue, they did not care.

We have also had our dishwasher fail. They did reimburse us for the dishwasher, but not the damage to the hardwood floor. Our floor is now warped form the water that leaked, but these warranties do not cover "secondary damage". My suggestion to anyone thinking of buying a home warranty is DON'T BOTHER! Unless the seller is paying the money, save yours because these warranties and these companies are a FRAUD. There is very little that they cover, and their policies are so full of loopholes that they will even try to find a way out of things that are supposed to be covered. Not only that, but they clearly to not care about customer service.

I wrote a very professional letter to the company to express my displeasure with the customer service and warranty coverage that I was receiving, but it was clear by their response that the letter had no effect. They merely responded by reiterating the denial of the claims without apologizing or providing any restitution for the horrendous customer service.

First American Home Warranty Nightmare
By -

First American Home warranty has failed to honor their claims and seems to only work with unreasonable, or incompetent contractors. I have had an open service claim for my stove since late last year, and it is now mid August. Initially the contractor (L & S) refused to schedule service outside my work schedule (7 am - 2 pm). They said I would have to be home between 8 and 5 and would not be more specific or flexible in any way. The warranty itself, as well as the customer service recording when you are on hold, says "Service is available 24 hrs. a day 365 days a year. This is a false claim.

When I decided to cancel my policy, I was contacted by a representative who apologized and assured me the matter would be resolved. On July 1st, another technician was dispatched, from the same company, who now mysteriously was able to schedule until 9 pm. The technician came out, the service fee was paid, and I was told a part had to be ordered. I also had discussed with him another issue which I suspected would not be covered and he was going to find out and let me know how much it would be to fix. When they called to let me know the part was in, I requested the same technician and was assured he would be the one sent out.

Instead, another guy showed up. The new technician, looked over the unit briefly and then went outside. I did not realize that he just left and never even said a word to me. The stove was not fixed and no one ever called me from the contractor or First American. Several weeks later, I put in a new request for service on my air conditioner, and an inquiry on the existing service request for the stove with all of the details of what transpired. I received an email reply that I could not respond to, and it had nothing to do with the stove.

It said that a complete diagnosis for my "air conditioner" had been requested, that the contractor said they were unable to locate parts and that if they couldn't get the parts, a replacement would be covered. It seems no one knows what is going on, as when I made another telephone inquiry to customer service, I was told that notations were not made to my account about the matter and I will be called back. Nice.

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