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First Choice Power Is Terrible
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Twice they have had "human error" on my bill and charged random $100 fees. They had notes on my account that I should not have incurred these fees yet say I should still pay them or my service will be disconnected. I HATE this power company! They are rude in customer service and seem to be out to get your money... Do NOT use them!

Won't Provide What They Promised

FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS -- When the representative of this company came to us about switching to them when the Texas deregulation took place this year, they promised me that I would stay on balanced billing right from the start. I asked him twice and he promised us this would happen.

I am on a fixed income and travel a lot, in and out of the country this is why this was so important for me. I would hate to be out of country and have my family lose the electricity because I didn't get the bill. So I have online banking and scheduled amounts so no matter where I am these sort of bills get paid, but if not on balanced billing my monthly bills would vary, which for me is impossible. This company now refuses to do this until after I am with them a year - impossible for me. I will be out of the country again in a few months.

The only thing that saved me was that Reliant Energy of Houston agreed to reestablish my account with balanced billing, gratefully, and saved me a whole lot of grief. I hate salesmen, why can't they just tell you the truth?
Needless to say, I was glad to now not be a customer of First Choice Power. They are far more like our Last or No choice company Texas buyers of electricity. Beware of this company.

Bogus Contract That You Never Know About
By -

I was very surprised to find that I was under a contract with First Choice Power. It seems that this energy provider can send out a notice that gives you some rate plans for power used. This document that is sent you is not a bill but rather a notice to inform you that you have some choices for your power plan. If you discard this notice and do not respond, you are put under contract for a plan that commits you for 2 yrs to First Choice Power. Please do not think it is impossible to be put under a contract that you never signed or acknowledged in any way.

What First Choice is saying is that if you do not respond you are under their contract for two years and you will be charged $200.00 if you choose to change power companies during your contract time. Wow is this America or what. I had many conversations with First Choice about my contract that I never signed up for and they are now committed to ruining my credit if this fee is not paid. I asked the rep from First Choice to pick up her used car she had purchased from me and she did not know what I was talking about.

So I informed her that I had sent her notice that if she didn't respond to the notice she had gotten in the mail to purchase or not purchase my car that she was under contract to purchase my car. Of course she did not know what I was talking about and of course I told her that this is just how ridiculous it was for First Choice to hold me under such a contract. Imagine if all you had to do to commit someone to contract was to send it in the mail and if you didn't respond you were bound to a contract of any kind.

Anyway this is my story and I hope anyone reading this will check with their power company to see if they are under a term contract that will cost you in the end if you try to switch power companies

First Choice Power Turned Me Off for $52!!
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I'm in my 3rd month with this company and I hate it! Because of a job loss, I had to sell my house and move into a small duplex. I chose First Choice Power because they claimed to be cheaper. Well, my first bill (estimated) was $226! YIKES! My 2000 sq foot house was NEVER that high! Then my second bill came in and showed I had a credit of $135, obviously a refund for over-estimating my first bill and showed my second bill to be only $89. The next came in and it was $202! I couldn't believe a small duplex could have that high of an electric bill all the time and this wasn't the summer season. Its from fall.

Because I was a little tight this week, I paid $155. 3 days later, they turned me off while I was home! FOR $52! So I called them to pay the past due and then find out my new bill is $313!!! After paying my $52, they told me that they can't guarantee that it would be turned on tonight and that it can take 24-72 hours to reconnect!!! Tonight is going down to 30 degrees. I am at my parents' house because of all this. This company had Nazi policies. And then to top it off, they are going to charge me a $280 reconnect fee!! So my new bill, which will probably be over $200, will also have a $280 fee on there. Lovely.

Fortunately, I have one of those things where I have a choice of companies and instead of paying this last $300 bill coming up, I am having a new company's service. Screw First Choice Power.

Bills Are Sky-High
By -

We switched to First Choice when we moved, hoping it would be better than our old company, but it was worse! Our bill jumped $350 in one month, and when I called to ask why, first, they said "Oh, that was part of your last month`s bill," so I paid the bill only to be cut off, without notice, one week later! They claimed I owed them another $222.97, and that was for a deposit that I paid previously! I had no choice but to pay it if I wanted power restored. I'm moving next month, out of their service area... I`ve had enough!

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