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First Franklin Loan Services
P. O. Box 880, 135 E. Tugalo Street
Toccoa, GA 30577
706-886-7571 (ph)
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Poor Customer Service - No Help with Adjustable Loan!
By -

FLORIDA -- We ended up somehow getting into an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) and then have been DOWNRIGHT rude in their lack of help. They said they are not refinancing anymore and they just send you to a pre-foreclosure hotline where you have to pay a huge fee and provide a million documents just for them to review your loan to see if they will help. They most likely turn you down and take your money.

They have been so rude and with PRIME/interest rates down -- they are raising my payment again. They DO NOT care if we can make them or not and most likely we are going to have to foreclose on our home. These people are heartless... DO NOT USE THEM AS YOUR BANK!!!

Resolution Team and They Really Don't Care to Help When You Have a Unexpected Life Event
By -

CLOVERDALE, INDIANA -- We have used all our saving and 401k to stay up on our payment. My husband was in the hospital 3 times in 6 months and off work a total of 4 months in one year and no help from this company and the worst he has been in the hospital again this year and off work 30 day (this is a staph infection). They just keep finding way to turn a deaf ear or want more documentation. I have sent documentation - I cannot remember how many times. But I seem they don't care or just passing the buck. Just where is the overseer of this company head. So we in the end spend every penny we have to live here.

First Franklin and Foreclosures
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was just informed today that this company has gone into bankruptcy which is kind of ironic since just last week when they could have saved my family from one they foreclosed on my home. We had buyers on a short sale and they turned down the couple's offer. They foreclosed on our home March 4th and the couple beat their bank rep to the auction and bought it anyway.

The very next day they posted a message on their site saying they will not be accepting mortgage applications anymore. I guess the old saying what goes around comes around is true. These people have been inconsiderate and did not help us at all. We started the process that they told us we needed to go through and sent in all paper work they ask for and they held us off for 4 months. This is not good business at all.

Bad Manners
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I too had a similar problem with First Franklin Loan Services. Unlike the previous couple my problem is all my ducks got out of line which was partly my fault. However, they too sent one of my certified checks back to me which threw the loan into foreclosure. Now, after paying all the phony fees to straighten my mess out. It seems they did not apply any of it to my escrow account. So now my house payment is going up about 75.00 a month.

I am going to sell the house. I would rather live in an apartment than to deal with these jerks for the next 40 years. At least as a tenant your business is appreciated. And they will work with you if an unforeseen event happens. I don't wish bad fortune on anyone, but this company needs to sink. These type of charlatans are what keeps the common person down. All I know is I can't wait to sell my house and never have to deal with them again. Sad part is my friend who is a mortgage broker referred me to this company. Makes you wonder about your friends.

By -

FT. PIERCE, FLORIDA -- I totally agree with the previous post regarding First Franklin. Everything that has happen to you is happening to us also. I have written every State & Federal Rep I could to report them. However all I received back from these reps were auto generated response that they are very busy.

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