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Bad manners
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I too had a similar problem with First Franklin Loan Services. Unlike the previous couple My problem is all my ducks got out of line which was partly my fault. However, they too sent one of my certified checks back to me which threw the loan into foreclosure. Now, after paying all the phony fees to straighten my mess out. It seems they did not apply any of it to my escrow account. so now my house payment is going up about 75.00 a month. I am going to sell the house. I would rather live in an apartment than to deal with these jerks for the next 40 years. at least as a tenant your business is appreciated. And they will work with you if an unforeseen event happens. I don't wish bad fortune on anyone, but this company needs to sink. These type of charlatans are what keeps the common person down.

All I know is I can't wait to sell my house and never have to deal with them again. Sad part is my friend who is a mortgage broker referred me to this company. Makes you wonder about your friends.
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*Brenda* on 01/13/2008:
Why don't you just refinance?
Ponie on 01/14/2008:
Being an apartment dweller the majority of my life, I can tell you not to kid yourself that 'they will work with you if an unforeseen event happens.' Fortunately, it's never happened to me but I've seen many, many evictions due to late rent, bounced checks, etc. Consequences are listed in your lease. You get removed from an apartment in less time than it takes to go through foreclosure. I'd take Brenda's advice and try to refinance if it isn't too late. Perhaps your friend recommended First Franklin because he didn't expect you to get into a position which was 'partly' your fault. Whose fault was the rest of it?
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No Compassion
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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- My Husband and I have a loan with this company.
We had an unforeseen emergency which caused our mortgage to become past due. We called First Franklin for help..They offered none. They constantly called us at home and at work very rude, no compassion. Recently we sent them a certified check for a mortgage payment and I was informed that they sent it back. They actually denied our payment. How can a company be so uncaring. I would like to know if anyone else has had a problem with this company, and what can we do about it? Every one of us threw out life will experience some type of unforeseen emergency, it is only by the Grace of God that some of us have not reached that point of hardship. And because a person is going through a hard time, gives creditors no right to treat them as if they are worthless. First Franklin Customer Service agents need to have an encounter with Jesus. Then they will be able to show compassion.
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Pomona Guy on 06/15/2007:
If you want compassion go to a church. All First Franklin cares about is cold, hard cash.
Anonymous on 06/15/2007:
I've heard of these places not posting payments and such. Stay on top of this before they try to foreclose on you.
I got to agree with, Pomona.
runaway on 06/15/2007:
These large businesses are not required to show compassion. They are required to follow the terms of the agreement and expect you to do the same, regardless of your personal situation. In the future, look for a hometown bank (if they still exist) or a credit union; they're usually a bit more understanding when hardship situations pop up.
yoke on 08/19/2007:
Was the payment for the agreeed amount? Why was it a certified check? Sounds like this loan was ready to go into default and they were told to send a certified check in a certain amount, which they did not.
Bruce Feher on 10/04/2007:
Just took out a loan with this AWFUL company. Our first payment was not due until 10/16/2007, they started calling the first of the month demanding payments. They were rude and nasty and STINK. They are part of Merrill Lynch Bank and Trust Co. and you can complain to the Federal Government at:
stickit2theman on 10/14/2007:
Unfortunately, in this day and age there is no compassion. I have a loan with First Franklin and so far I've been lucky... they've been pretty decent to me. If you feel you have been unjustly mistreated, contact the PA Consumer Protection Agency or State Government. My understanding is, collection companies can't continue to harass you if you pay at least 5% of the amount due. I don't know if that applies to Mortgage payments though. Goo Luck! Let us know how it goes.
rascal on 01/01/2008:
5% of the contracted amount will stop collection calls? Not in this life buddy....
DebtorBasher on 01/01/2008:
Collection agencies can't harass you (by law)even if you don't pay anything...They can't refuse any money sent, even if only 5%, but unless that is an agreement by BOTH parties...and not just the debtor telling them that's what they will pay, then the collector can still attempt to collect on the account. A simple payment is NOT going to stop the calls...the only thing that will stop calls is a Cease and Desist letter.
naha on 03/10/2008:
they foreclosed me... after they made fifty three thousand dollars...
scummy on 06/09/2008:
I am not at foreclosure risk, but First Franklin/Home Loan Services customer services is pathetic.
Shellbelle98273 on 10/22/2008:
Just trying to put a two year freeze on an adjustable rate. As many of you know a lot of us were tricked into an arm loan and circumstances change in a blink of an eye. We all have hardships sometime or another and I agree that you should always pay your Mortgage first but with the adjustable rate my mortgage will be $2366.00 a month that is outrageous. First Franklin is a company that is a corporation. Most companies are not obligated to have a hardship program.. right? Well First Franklin does have a hardship program and I have been having a horrible experience just trying to get someone to look at my application that I faxed on 9/11/08 and forward it to a resolution specialist. They absolutely do not have a customer service department. They are rude and take no ownership of their job or accountability, alls they do is insult you and say call back in a week. Is anyone else out there trying to get a freeze on there mortgage loan and deal with the resolution team? Please any thoughts are welcomed.
Shellbelle98273 on 10/22/2008:
Bruce Feher ... don't government websites end in .gov/? hmmm, I think that is weird.
Ponie on 10/22/2008:
Shell, '...a lot of us were tricked into an arm loan...' What form of trickery was used? You read before you signed, didn't you? If not, I wouldn't consider that trickery--more like laziness on the part of the signer. I won't even sign for a UPS package unless I know what it is. The site supplied by Bruce *did* end in 'gov.'
Anonymous on 10/22/2008:
You just sent the bankers $780 BILLION in 'compassion'. When enough of the 'peons' have had their bellies full of this type extortion...the peasants will begin hanging bankers (by their neck ties) from the light posts in front of the bank! It can't start soon enough for me.
Anonymous on 10/22/2008:
Yes Mr. Ghost......Hang 'em High......
Shellbelle98273 on 10/23/2008:
Ponie, thanks for your input. You are right, I knew what I was signing with the thought that I would not get divorced and lose a major part of the household income. I was also told by the bank that we could refinance in two years, my husbands bankruptcy would be cleared and we could qualify for a better loan then. I guess what really bothers me is that they have a resolution team and I am getting anywhere, they say one thing and do nothing. Ghost J made a good point, what about the little guy? It makes my very sad to see so many people losing their homes. There are so many vacant homes and so many homeless, dose not make any since.
Anonymous on 10/23/2008:
Shell, you have my sympathy. Just reading your post and comments leads me to believe you could not afford a mortgage, but were given one anyway. In 'olden days' banks wrote mortgages only if, even if there were income crises, the borrower would be likely to make the payments. Then came 'anyone can qualify'! This led us where we are today...record foreclosures and all of us bailing out bankers who let greed over-ride financial sense. Remember, being foreclosed on these days doesn't mean you're a bad person or a deadbeat. Best of luck!
Shellbelle98273 on 10/23/2008:
Thank you Ghost but it is not sympathy I'm looking for... more empathy. I will never finance anything again depending on another income or another person even if they are supposed to be your partner. You were right Ghost I could not afford the loan on my own... Never purchase anything unless you can afford it on your own. I guess you can't even depend on someone you made vowes with. I will take responsibility on my own. The American is not working.
Ponie on 10/23/2008:
'Then came 'anyone can qualify'!' This was NOT instituted by mortgage companies or banks. They resisted as long as they could. But some brilliant(?) minds in Congress decided 'you're going to do this--or else!' Now we have the 'or else.' The highly touted organization, ACORN, was among the leaders. Let's take their tax-exempt profits to pay for the bail out, not my taxes.
soccermomof3 on 10/29/2008:
From what I understand, this "bailout money" from the Federal Government is to be used to buy bad/defaulted mortgages from banks so that the banks don't fail because so many people are not paying their mortgages. I keep hearing people say that the Government is just "giving away" money to the banks/mortgage companies, which is not true. The government is just going to try to take on these "bad" loans. Then they may be able to do more to keep people in their homes (which will cost more money).
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
Ponie is correct. Banks were pressured by the feds under the Community Reinvestment Act to ignore an applicant's creditworthiness. Some of the problem arose from greed by the bankers and a large part rests with the scoundrels infesting our own government. The problem is, there are not enough lamp posts from which to hang them all.
notdeadyet on 03/20/2009:
in regards to pomona guys comment: when you pay the idiots cold hard cash they still screw you over. I paid them $1124 on one of my loans with the account# clearly written on the Western Union paperwork. however the FF/home loan idiots placed the funds on my other loan paying it until may09. and forclosure proceedings are foregoing on the loan which the payment was for now I'm forced to fight back
beachlvr on 03/20/2009:
When we're stupid about our money (and I have definitely been), we are put into a position where we can be taken advantage of. No one was ever "tricked" into an ARM. They saw how much more house it could buy them and they never looked beyond the first year! I was "approved" for 50,000 more than I spent but I was smart enough to know that I couldn't afford it. Most people bought at the highest amount they could qualify for and those are the ones losing their houses now. It's horrible and the banks were just as guilty for making the loans (and it's almost criminal that they aren't paying for it) but regardless, it's basically theft to keep something that you can't pay for, even if it's a house. It's a terrible position to be in and I do empathize. For me it wasn't a house but a student loan. I'm living very efficiently right now and just paying it off. All you can do is get out the best way you can and learn from it. If you want to be smarter about money so you aren't taken again in the future, check out or look for a Financial Peace seminar in your area. It's awesome and life changing.
EKur on 03/23/2009:
Hello and God bless you all:

As you read this letter we hope that you still have a home for your family.

Like many of you our homes are in foreclosure due to the actions and non-actions of First Franklin (FF).

We know there are many persons out there trying to abuse the system and get a free ride, yet many of us, if not all of us, are in this situation not because we wanted to be in this situation, but because life went on. Some of us found ourselves in default as a result of losing our income, having medical issues, the raise in the cost of living but not in our salaries, family emergencies or just live itself. Whatever your case, we did not asked to be in it.

Some of us purchase our home and gave up most of our life savings to get it, not because of greed or luxury, but because we needed a home to call our own; for our families and specially for our children.

Yet in our time of need the people that were supposed to help us and work with us not only turned their backs on us, but they did everything in their power to take away our home and turn many of our families into battle grounds full of tears, anxiety an uncertainty. “Yes, send us your paperwork we’ll look at it” we were told. Do not worry, we were being “helped” and told to hold on while we complete our review.

And we believed. Only to have our hopes shattered in a court of law or with realtors offering cash for keys, or with people just knocking on our home doors with a notice that basically read “get out in x number of days”. While this was going on, and just to add insult to injury, many of us were in dismay after learning that we did not qualified for a modification for one of the many reasons, we could not do a short sale just because, etc.

End of the dream, end of the hope, end of our homes.

Why? A question that have crossed the minds of many of us, who knows how many times and that was the first of worse questions to cross our minds and hearts as the reality of seeing our children cry because they have to move settled in. Then more questions flooded our minds. What do I do now that I’m on the street? Where do I live? A

Many of us have been put in a situation where we have nothing to lose as even our dignity was taken away with a phone call to FF. A phone call where we were asked the same questions only to be told we can not help you. Or the day we receive the court documents like we are some sort of criminals. Or the date we were made go into a court or that they put a sign in front of our houses. Or the day we received a call at work from a FF person demanding to know where the money was. Or maybe it was the day that we were offered the false hope of a so called “payment plan”. All this while, as stated by an alleged FF ex employee, they were really making money our of taking our homes away from us while giving us no real chance of solving our situations and putting us in a no win situation.

Being that we have nothing to lose is why we are writing this message. You see, we have nothing to lose but much to gain. Divided most of us have encountered the same word: foreclosure. But what if we unite and give it a good shot. At least one good one. We are not saying yeah things will happen. We can not promise that each one of us will get a solution that will be of benefit. That is beyond us. What we are saying is: let make some noise and let our voices and stories be heard. It is time that people know what is really going on with the “so called” helping hand that FF is giving us people that are not asking for a free pass, but for chance to have a roof over our heads with dignity. To pay something that will be fair, but that will also allow us to put food on the table.

What we are doing, at least three of us, is this:

1. We will draft a letter to the White House (our President) and to CNN that will explain in general our situation. This letter will also ask for help in dealing with FF.

2. We will include our stories with that letter. Now here’s where you have a choice. You can join this effort by emailing your story with FF. What is your situation? What happened when you contacted FF? What did they do or didn’t do? How they treat you? Broken promises? How they proceeded with the foreclosure? How did it affect your family life?


3. People, we are writing to our President. You may agree or disagree with him. You may have voted or not voted for him. But the truth of the matter is that he is our President. THUS, PLEASE KEEP YOUR FREE OF ANY FOUL LANGUAGE AND WRITE PROPERLY. Remember; we want to present ourselves like what we are honest, hard working people with values and dignity. Let us not go down to the level of FF.

4. Please include your name and the ages of your family members. Also, please provide a contact information for you so that you can be kept posted on what is going on with this. This could be your email address, mailing address, or phone number.

5. DO NOT, repeat DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR LOAN NUMBER, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION. Again, we only need to contact you in case we receive a response so that you know what happened with our inquiry.

6. Remember we are not saying things will happen. We are just trying to do a coordinated effort to help our cause. The reasoning behind this is simple, many of us have contacted the government agencies only to run into dead ends. But many of us, I hope we are not ignored. United we stand, divided we fall.

7. Pray so that we can get what we need: Help, peace and the dignity of a home for our selves and our families.

8. Remember, we are not attorneys, rich people, politicians, or anything like that. We are regular people like you. So whatever happen, please don’t come back at us with some stupid lawsuit if things don’t go your way etc. If you do so, we can probably (and gladly) will give you have we have at this point. Debt.

If interested, you can email your story or any questions that you may have to the following email address:

We will be submitting our letter along with our stories to both the President and CNN on Friday April10, 2009

Shellbelle98273 on 07/13/2009:
Hey so what ever happened with the CNN? in April, never heard anything about it. Just an update for all. Our home is being sold August 7 on the courthouse steps. Hoping that who ever buys my home will rent it to me (have nowhere to go). I’m thinking that it will be an investor who buys. All houses around here have dropped at least by 100,000 Tried one more time to work something out with FF no luck of course, I agree with what was said as far as the loss of your dignity and everything that goes with it. It is a very scary. I was hoping to see at least one positive story where someone could save their home.
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This is a Modification
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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Due to long period of no income bankruptcy was necessary. First Franklin chose to "help" us by modifying our two loans. We went through the whole months long process and came out with a loan payment they determined we could handle. Seven months later we received a letter from another loan servicer saying they were servicing our 2nd loan and we should begin sending our payments to them immediately.

It's been a year and we have yet to be able to speak with any responsible person. I'm not maybe the sharpest knife in the drawer but we've been had.
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saj80 on 02/04/2010:
How have you been had? It sounds like Franklin did a new loan and then sold it, and the new servicer notified you of where to send payments. This is common in the industry, so not sure of your complaint.
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PITTSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have a mortgage with First Franklin. I fell behind due job back issues and other problems. I also sent a check in good faith it was returned. Now I received a package stating they would give an additional 3 months, fixes the return to an adjustable, also send in another $6,985 after I already paid $2,300 for three months. What kind of help is this.

First Franklin has no compassion what's so ever. It is all about the money not helping people.
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msnanny on 02/17/2009:
Sorry but they (like all lenders) are in the business of making money not helping people.
Disaster Worker on 02/17/2009:
It sounds like you are having a very rough patch right now, and while everyone can sympathize, msnanny is right. There are so many people behind in their mortgages, especially the ARM ones. If your house payment is more than 30% of your take-home pay, you simply can't afford the house. You might try to "short sale" it to get out from the payments and try renting until your financial situation is better. Best of luck to you and hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.
Anonymous on 02/17/2009:
DW and msnanny are right. Potential borrowers were sucked in by lenders with 'you deserve it' and 'we care'. Now, when the reality of a borrower's inability to afford the home sets in, the lenders back away, point fingers, and Shout 'Deadbeat!'. The lenders made bad loans and knew it at the time. We should have never started 'bailing' them out.
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Posted by on
FT. PIERCE, FLORIDA -- I totally agree with the previous post regarding First Franklin. Everything that has happen to you is happening to us also. I have written very State & Federal Rep I could to report them.

However all I received back from these reps were autogenerated response that they are very busy.
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Anonymous on 08/19/2007:
You also sent a check which they returned? Did they give a reason? Doesn't make sense to me that a mortgage company would reject any payment.
yoke on 08/19/2007:
Maybe if you are in default and make an arrangement and you do not send the amount agreed on they might send the check back? WE are only getting one side of the story.
Ajewel on 08/19/2007:
Yes they wouldn't even accept our payment. I have written to Merrill Lynch and National City they own First Franklin. There are many other negative reports about them on other websites. So we are not alone however that doesn't save our home now does it?
Good luck to you and if you find out anything that would be helpful to us please pass it along and I will do the same.

yoke on 08/20/2007:
Julie, you went to pay your monthly payment, ontime and they refused to accept the payment? You were not behind at all? If that is the case I would contact a lawyer. If you end up going into default at least you will have the certified check and letter in your favor. good luck.
flagirl on 04/25/2008:
Ironically enough, First Franklin is in Pittsburgh where I grew up and now living in Florida, my husband and I have a mortgage through them. In the first 2 years living in our home, the payments were manageable and we were always on time. However, after 2 years were up, they raised out payment over $600.00 more per month! You would think they would look at your past history of paying promptly, but evidently that does not hold true in today's times. We were aware that it COULD increase at their discretion, but had no idea they would zap us with such an increase. Trying to talk to these people is like talking to a brick wall. They do not care, they will not help you, and with property values dropping drastically in Fla., forget about a re-finace with any bank! We are late for the first time since getting this mortgage and asked for an extension. They informed us that you only get one extension in the LIFETIME of your loan, and they had given us one (2 days) previously. Gee, I guess I had forgotten about their benevolance and now we are over a week late. They had the audacity to call my husband the day after it was due. We work for ourselves, so it is feast or famine here, but they have absolutely no compassion for anyone. Our mortgage is due to go up again in July with them. I simply cannot understand how this is legal. They are going to force us out of our home and make us another statistic among Florida foreclosures. I can only hope and pray that we get the money soon. Our clientele are either slow or not paying their bills to us lately. It is a domino effect for sure. We have tried countless times before the increase to talk to them and also afterward. Every person at First Franklin is like ice. Wish us luck, or a miracle, or both, but do not do business with this lender. I am living with fear each day over this. Everyone deserves to keep a roof over their head!!! Does anyone know if there is any government agency or housing agency that can help? Thanks for letting me rant......

Fearful in Florida
*Brenda* on 04/26/2008:
fla, it sounds like you had an ARM mortgage? If so, you're lucky the payments only raised by $600.00. Paying on time has NOTHING to do with them raising the payments. I've heard of payments being raised even higher (and these were other banks). ARM mortgages are stupid to get unless you are moving within the few years or plan to refinance. If you can get someone to refinance it make sure you stick with a fixed rate mortgage.
imperial357 on 09/08/2010:
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