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Passing Off The Demo's And Wrecking The Shoes
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ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I was appalled by what happened to me at the Ann Arbor, Michigan Footlocker last Monday. While looking for a pair of tennis, the employee ripped out the padded insert of a Nike shoe and proceeded to tell me that I should purchase a particular type of insert that he had in his hand. Stating that the ones Nike puts in are only good for a week. He literally destroyed the inside of this shoe.

Then when I asked him for a size 8 in it, he went in the back and came out with only one shoe and then snuck to the display model and grabbed the one that he had ripped out the padding in. I said, "You don't have another shoe other than that one?" And he replied "No". So I opted not to get that pair. He also told me they had no Nike shoes without the high backing on that hits the back of my tendon. When I started looking again, I found a pair of classics with the low back.

He dumped me onto another employee and when I asked for an 8, the guy came out with a box and handed me one shoe, I asked to have the other and he proceeded to the demo model. I said, "You don't have a shoe that is not a demo?" He said "No, they were all out." When he went somewhere else, I looked in the box and there was the other non-demo shoe. Which I took along with the other that came out of the same box. I would have walked out long before, but I had a $40 gift card for Footlocker from my health care provider.

You can bet I will never go back to that store again. I dealt with 3 employees that day and all were quite flippant. The one guy that told me the Nikes would only last one week without a better insert seemed like a real con artist. It was as though they were having a contest with me, the way I was handed off from one employee to another--started initially off asking one employee and then he left suddenly. I have had Nike shoes for years and never had any problems with them.

It is such a shame when you get bad employees, and I am even wondering though if they weren't trained to pass off the demos because two of them tried to do that... I will never go back again! Management is not watching or they are in on it.

Bad Service!
By -

MONTREAL, CANADA, CALIFORNIA -- Last week I went to Footlocker to check out the shoes, after seeing the buy one get second pair half price I decided to go ahead and buy a couple pair. I really liked the Nike Cortez, they checked and they didn't have my size, after checking in the computer the man told me to go 4 blocks down to the other Footlocker because they supposedly had them. After going there the clerk told me they didn't have them in that size, he told me "It must be the other store down the road!”

After walking for 45 min trying to find the store I finally found it. They told me “We don't carry that model here but we can order them.” “Great” I said, “let's get this over with” but I spoke too soon. After waiting another 45 min for the clerk to call other stores to get the model number and having him serve other customers while I was waiting, I decided to go back to the first store to order the pair.

The girl there was very helpful she ordered the pair for me and I picked another pair to go with it. Everything goes fine, then I get home try my shoes and look inside the shoe and noticed she charged me $20 too much. So the next day I take the subway , 45 min, get my $20, 45 min again to get to my house.

The next day I received my order by mail, open the box and it's the wrong pair of shoes!! Again 45min metro ride one way!! The clerk who was the same that reimbursed me my $20, only said to me “Oh well sorry about that.” Instead of picking another pair I told myself no way I've lost enough time with you please reimburse me that's it. I'll never shop there again!!

Disgusted With Damaged Jordans Sold to My Son
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Rating: 1/51

1020 FLATBUSH AVE. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I gave my son money to purchase sneakers as a graduation gift. I am a divorcee whom has had her second son graduate from high school and start college. I usually do not spend money on such high priced sneakers but he had received his Regents Diploma, from a great high school in Brooklyn, NY (Bensonhurst section).

I allowed my son to purchase the sneakers on his own. He returned home he realized that these 175 dollar sneakers were damaged. He has been trying to either exchange them or get his money back. I intervened today when (tried to allow him to purchase these sneakers on his own since he will be 18 in a few months) he was sent to Nike Town, in Manhattan on 57th street for a voucher for 175 dollars. I went and they told us they don't know why they did that because we did not buy the sneakers from them.

I went with my son back to Footlocker in Brooklyn, where my son purchased the sneakers. The young manager refused to give us the money for the defective sneakers they sold my son, and they would not exchange them. I was very upset because the Nike store said to us we have a thirty day policy for returns on the receipt which I pointed out as well to Footlocker. The manager said he was standing his ground. He could not take back sneakers with a new release date!

Store Manager Poor Attitude and Defective Shoes
By -

BROOMFIELD, COLORADO -- Visited the Footlocker at the Flatirons Mall in Co. to show the store a pair of sneakers we have had for 8 months. The right shoes was separating from the sole. She was able to pull up the original receipt. Instead of discussing options with us, she berated us and was very disrespectful, stated that any shoe does not last that long, that defected shoes could only be returned within 30 days and only if they could resold - really Footlocker resells defective shoes. I asked to speak to the store manager and she stated "You are looking at her”... and that was it. Help.

Foot Locker Employees Hold Jordans for Employees for Regular Customers.
By -

MONROE, LOUISIANA -- I was appalled by what happened to me at the Monroe, Louisiana Foot Locker this Saturday May 01, 2010. I went to the Foot Locker the previous day and asked the store clerk will they getting the Jordan 11 anniversary for May 01, 2010. The store clerk said yes and I asked the her how many size 13 will you have and will it be first come first serve. She told me that it will only be one size 13 and that it will be first come first serve in May 01, 2010.

When the store open on Saturday morning I asked for my size and the assistant manager said she was hold size 12 & 13 for her employees. I asked her “I thought it was first come first serve.” She said, “Who told you that?” I said, “I asked your store clerk that yesterday around 12 noon” and she said nothing. She told me just get the shoe from another store then she got on the phone to somebody and told they better hurry up and get the shoes.

The sad part about it is the Jordan do not make enough shoes for everybody than Foot Locker in Monroe Louisiana only get 12 pair all together and the assistant manager hold the shoes for her employees. I know Foot Locker let their employee get away with stuff like that all they time. I think that her employee should have had to wait in line like everybody else.

Poor Customer Service
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I think that Foot Locker needs to review the hiring process. Every time I walk into a Foot Locker the associates never greet me. I have three children, so I know they see me and when I come in the store they just look and continue to have their personal conversations. This has happened to me in Toledo, OH. and also in a few cities in Georgia. I think this is a pitiful way to run a business.

I have even had a shoe in my hand and the salesperson has walked right past me and helped another person who was just coming in. I HATE FOOT LOCKER AND I WILL NEVER SPEND A DOLLAR OF MY MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY. I will say that I have never had this problem at the lady Foot Locker store but for as many times as this has happened I will not shop lady Foot Locker either.

Lazy Employees
By -

I recently went to Footlocker to purchase a pair of flip flops. When I walked into the store, I was the only customer in the store, and all the associates were just standing around and having a personal conversations. I easily picked out a pair of flip flops I liked and walked to the cash desk and discovered nobody was staffed there.

I had to walk back to the front of the store and interrupt the employees' conversation and asked if I could pay for this. They rang me through and asked how I would pay for my purchase, I responded by saying "credit". The associate than informed me that the pin pad was malfunctioning and that they could not process any electronic transactions and that I had to pay in cash.

I kindly informed her that I have had many years of retail experience and including a stint at Foot Locker itself and told her that she could call her merchant bank for an authorization and just take a manual imprint of my card and adjust her inventory once her pin pad was up and running again, and that she could do all this without touching her cash register at all.

The associate then told me that she did not have the time to call in (despite the fact that it takes normally five minutes to obtain an authorization over the phone, and that there were NO other customers in the store). I am frankly appalled at the attitude of the employees at this store. I walk past the store almost daily at various times throughout the day and they are never busy (even during back to school or Christmas), now I know exactly why.

Disappointed - Exchange Service
By -

My Wife bought me some Jordan shoes and shorts for my birthday. Not knowing the style of shoes or shorts that I wanted I went to Foot locker located in the Ingram mall in San Antonio, TX. The cashier indicated that they have just implemented a new exchange policy that they will not exchange any Jordan brand without a receipt. I was like huh... I was very disappointed I then asked them for their refund policy.

Reading through their store policies for exchanges nowhere does it exclude specific name brand clothing. I have already left a voicemail to the district manager and have called and left voicemails to their executive staff in New York. I am very unhappy with the service I got as I didn't want any money for the returns all I wanted was to exchange my items for a different style.

Footlocker Associates Are Lazy!
By -

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- My boyfriend bought me a pair of shoes from Footlocker but bought the wrong size. I took the shoes back to Footlocker to exchange them for a different size but instead of looking in the back room for the shoes, they told me they had sold out of my shoe. I told them I was fine with exchanging it for a different pair but they said they don't do that there. I know they were lying because I worked at a Footlocker and I they do exchange shoes for a different pair. The associate then proceeds to tell me that the Footlocker across the hall does returns and exchanges.

I explained this to the manager of the store across the hall and she was furious that the other store turned away a customer. She explained to me that they do it all. In the end she exchanged my shoes and even convinced me to buy socks and insoles. She was very nice and helpful. Since then, I have never returned to the bad Footlocker but buy all my shoes from the one across the hall. I don't understand why there are two footlockers in the mall but lucky for me there are.

Good Service
By -

BUFORD, GEORGIA -- After a bad experience with Dick's, went to Foot Locker. Wife had bought two pairs of shoes there and was impressed with customer service. I had a good experience and bought a pair of running shoes. Much, much better than Dick's experience. Sorry for all the bad reviews for Foot Locker. I was very pleased with Mall of Georgia Foot Locker and will return again.

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