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I will never rent from this company ever again.
Posted by Gpetefam on 03/29/2014
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I reserved what I thought was a ford focus using an online reservation. When I went to pick up the car I was told I would have to take a Chevy spark with no power options. An upgrade was recommended and I purchased the same for an additional $10.00 per day. It was a Toyota corolla and once on the highway I found it had no cruise control. Then, it is too late. I wrote a letter to the CEO, but of course he or she is apparently too busy to reply.

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Terrible Customer Service, Cars
Posted by Sevalje on 07/29/2013
LAS VEGAS -- Two shuttle busses, and you hope it will worth, but NOT at all. Cars you get is not what you booked, specially full size SUV, in bad condition, managers are the worst possible, don't know if they can be good for any kind of job but definitely not for customers relation. The philosophy is take it what we are giving you or get lost. In the beginning lower price doesn't mean anything for the amount of stress you are getting.plus they will build the price
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Posted by Jamie.l.callahan on 11/22/2012
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I had a horrible experience with Fox Rental Car. I usually rent with Enterprise; I compared prices at Southwest and found that Fox beat all of the bog name companies by half the price. I did not have any difficulties finding your shuttle and your shuttle employees were helpful and courteous. When I arrived at the rental car center on November 14, 2012, I waited 30 minutes in line. It was a busy day, so I completely understand. I first met with Ali, he was very professional. I am from Texas, when he tried to run my card; it did not go through. I called my company and straightened it up. I was then pushed down to Mark. Mark insisted that the insurance was REQUIRED. I asked him to clarify on 3 or 4 occasions. I referred to the poster referring to insurance and he still stated that it was required by Florida state law. I am from Texas, I never opt for optional coverage because my car insurance covers. I informed him of this and he still insisted. He reviewed the options, I told him I wanted the 11 option; which he conveniently skimmed over when he explained the options three times. By this time I had been at Fox for an hour. I needed to be in Leeseburg as soon as possible since my grandma was waiting on me. He then asked which option I wanted and I stated that I wanted the lowest price option, he said oh, the 18.99 option and I said no, the 11.00. He then reviewed the contract with me and I signed at all the allotted places. While Mark worked with me he was overly friendly, assured me that he worked in the car rental field for 20 years. I told him that I was going to see my grandmother. He then said, "Oh, is your grandma crazy or uptight?" I was confused by this comment and responded, "Um, laid back I guess." He then proceeded to tell me that STD rates are high in Leesburg in the retirement communities. I found this very offensive. My grandpa passed away in May and I do not want to think of my grandmother in this way. I am still very irked my Mark's unprofessional remarks. By then I was out of patience and wanted to get on the road. I signed the contract quickly. He ran my card and it declined. I was expecting to pay around 200 for the car. He then hurried me to call my bank. I called my bank and was informed that Fox was trying to charge me 339.81. Which I did not have in my account. I asked Mark why the rate was so high. He stated that I needed a $100 deposit. He then stated that he could take off the $100 deposit. He showed me that I was charged 239.81. I went to pick up my car, the car attendant asked if I would mind a car that smelled like smoke. I declined since I do not smoke. I was given a black Nissan Altima. I was very satisfied with the car during the trip. Prior to leaving, I noticed that I was charged the 18.99 a day even though I stated on at least two occasions that I wanted the lowest ($11) option! By then, I was very late to my grandma's and left. On Saturday, I looked at my account and noticed that I was charged the 339. This caused my account to overdraft since these were unexpected fees and Mark assure me that I was going to be charged 239.81. I called the number on the receipt which was to the Tampa office. I voiced my concerns, the rental car representative was very short and rude and gave me that customer service number. I then asked her about the insurance coverage because I told her that I was charged incorrectly. She stated, "Oh, that's not required." When I returned the car, I notified that staff of my issues. The manager was very rude and stated, "Oh, the optional flier is placed in two places." These fliers are conveniently hidden if all customers are being served by representatives. It was a busy day, so one of those fliers was hidden. I referred to the other to Mark at the time of the rental and he still assured me that I was required to get the insurance. They stated that they could not change my renter's agreement and I would have to call customer service. VERY IMPERSONAL SERVICE!
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-11-22:
Extremely well written review Jamie. One of the best I've read. They absolutely should refund you the difference and cover any overdraft fees.

Please keep us informed.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-22:
I've heard a lot of bad things about Fox. I am wondering if part of what made this rocky was the fact that you used a debit card. The rental agency needs a handle on renters in case something happens to the car, which I believe is easier with a CC. Hard to say. I know I'd never use Fox after reading all the complaints.
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The Worst Ever
Posted by Jmrm on 04/22/2012
LAS VEGAS, MASSACHUSETTS -- Some background for my review. I am a 52 year old man, father of 4 and grandfather of 1 who has travelled extensively most of my life. I have rented many vehicles over the years. I am also the owner of a small business in it's 2nd generation of family ownership that prides itself on service above and beyond the ordinary.

The reason I decided to rent from Fox was because they said they had Suburbans available for rent. Of course, I realize many companies like this state things and then offer something else when you arrive. So I called them and was guaranteed a Suburban. And with their lower prices I was very happy.

So I arrive at the airport with my family and have to take extra shuttle buses to get to their off site facility. No problem...it's all worthwhile at this point. Even listening to the shuttle driver explaining why they are off site over and over.

I am 6th in line at the counter. During my 45 minutes in line the manager comes out 2 times with her handbag in one hand and iced coffee in the other and explains that she has called in extra agents to help with the overload and things will move quicker real soon. After her 2nd time doing this I mention that maybe she should put down her iced coffee, forget about the speech, and help out. She pretends not to hear me and dis-appears outside. While at the counter I am informed the largest vehicle they have is the old style Ford Explorer and they don't even have any suburbans for rent so how could I be promised one. I don't know but I was. At this point I am stuck so I bend over and take it up the ***. We head out the door to the pick up area and there is a wall of people waiting for their vehicles. Again, there is the manager giving her speech and doing nothing. After waiting another hour ( now there for one hour and 45 minutes ) I have had it and go to that manager in private and tell her I want my vehicle now. She offers me a free upgrade ( like that will make everything okay ) and so I ask her what is available for an upgrade beyond a Suburban. She looks at me stunned and says "We don't have no Suburbans". After she hears my story she offers me 2 free days of rental. I am still waiting for that. By the time I finally got my vehicle and got out of their lot is was 2.5 hours and I did not want to ever go back there. For a few dollars more I could have rented from any other major company and had my vehicle within 10 minutes. This company cost me a lot of time and aggravation and more importantly they promised me something they could not deliver. They are liars and not honest business people. I will never, ever rent from them again and I will recommend to everyone I know to never use them. We have friends going to California in June who just cancelled their reservations with them.

This is by far the worst car rental company in the country. Avoid at all costs

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-22:
I'm still waiting to hear something postive about Fox Car Rental. The fox seems like the perfect choice of animal to represent this company.
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Wasted my time and money
Posted by Tinalynn7 on 12/04/2010
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I left my car at home, rode the bus to work (1.75) then to the closest bus stop I could find to the rental pickup(another 1.75). It was still far enough away I had to hail a cab to get there(15.00). I had already reserved the car online. Because I had a debit card and not a major credit card, they ran my credit and told me I could not rent the car from them because my credit is not perfect. The rental place is in the middle of hooker heaven and now I'm stuck there with no money (spent it all on buses and cabs)and have to walk 1 1/2 miles to get money to get home. Once walking the distance to a atm machine, I spent another hour waiting for a bus (1.75)and had to transfer again to get home (1.75). Added up thats 22 bucks I wasted to find out that the credit card that I need to rent a car is the same credit card that put my credit where it is. They need to let you know this kind of stuff on their websites. Why would they let me reserve a car with my debit card if they have no intentions of renting the car. They said the deposit was $250, no problem I have the money. I will be talking to the BBB about this one also.
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Posted by redmx3racer on 2010-12-04:
Actually, it does let you know that on the website. You click the blue tab for policies. Then select location. PHX. Yup, it's there.

Debit Card Policy:

Meet all standard rental qualifications

Debit Card must have a Visa or Master Card logo (Debit Card and Drivers License must be in same name). Debit Card must have available funds of $250.00 plus estimated amount of rental charges to be taken as a deposit at time of rental. Upon return of the vehicle unused funds will be returned through the credit card processor used to secure those funds at time of rental. Due to your Banks processing standards of Debit Card transactions it can take up to 14 days for a credit to appear back on your account.

Debit Card use (at Time of Rental) not available on the rental of Elite Luxury, Premium Luxury, Luxury, Full Size SUV, and Standard Convertible car classes.

Present a return airline ticket (actual or electronic ticket in renters name)
If you dont have a return airline ticket, Fox will check your credit through Equifax Credit Information Services. The inquiry is posted on the customers credit report and may have an effect on the customers credit evaluation.In the event that a customers credit inquiry fails to meet our Debit Card criteria, the customer will not be allowed to rent unless they provide a major credit card in their own name. Our debit card policy complies with all applicable U.S. federal and State Laws.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-04:
Before i would have made that huge hike all the way to "hooker heavon", I would have called the agency to make sure everything was kosher. Most all rental car agencies require a major credit card in order to rent a car. Just think. A simple phonecall would have saved you all this trouble. If I was traveling by cab and bus, I would have been sure to have enough cash to cover my butt in case something happened.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-04:
Also, most cabs Ive ever taken accept credit and debit cards.
Posted by MRM on 2010-12-04:
Wally or Little, is there such thing as hooker heavan in Phoenix?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-04:
MRM, go down Van Buren on a friday night.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-04:
Think that's on Van Buren.
Posted by MRM on 2010-12-04:
Thanks for the tip Wally and Little! I shall map it on my Android!
Posted by ticia232 on 2010-12-04:
I'm just wondering why the OP didn't take her car to work?

They do not mention anywhere in the review that the car didn't work. The OP only says "I left my car at home, rode the bus to work." Shouldn't there be a working car at home?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-05:
Has anyone else gotten a nasty message from Tinalynn?
Posted by MRM on 2010-12-05:
Not I...
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-12-05:
I could see this getting bad, that's why I taped my fingers.
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Never again
Posted by Tripsmart on 10/03/2010
What a nightmare this place was to deal with. Where to begin? First -- they cancelled my reservation via an email that arrived saying that I hadn't showed up to pick up the car on the morning of my evening flight to San Francisco, where my car was reserved for 11:30 pm. After arguing with them for quite some time and through to a supervisor that it was a complete error on their part and I had never cancelled my reservation (I only learned later the thing was for a reservation in Texas), I finally had my rented minivan ready for pick-up that night as planned. But my plane was delayed after we arrived at the departure terminal, so I called Fox to ask if I could pick up the minivan in the morning b/c my plane was due to arrive at 1:30 am and they closed at 1:00 am! No -- absolutely not they said. My reservation would cancel out and there were no minivans available for that next day at all. No amount of pleading and arguing would work. Finally a supervisor said if we came at 4 am the next morning, we could have the minivan. Later another supervisor said we could come at 5 am. That was our plan, but when my plane actually arrived at 12:45 and I headed to the car rental building on the airport tram, I called Fox's counter to say please don't close and I'm on the way. They said they would not wait if I didn't make it by 1 am. As it turned out, I made it there just a few minutes before 1 am. I was still on my cell phone with the guy at the counter as I walked past the vacuum cleaning crew. However, I was now informed that my reservation for three weeks was now a reservation for two weeks and six days and had just gone up over $200. Mind you - it was a $2200 reservation that was now over $2400. So even though I had picked it up within their "three hour window" I was now being charged because of the 1 hour difference from one day to the next. Great business strategy. Really creating customer satisfaction there. But we took our minivan and figured we would deal with it later. We only drove the car a short distance to an airport hotel that night. But as we headed out of town the next day and hit our first highway hill, the minivan that we had fought so hard to keep began shimmying and shuddering horribly. The steering wheel shook every hill we went down, and I worried that the wheels were about to fly off on every descent. But knowing that there were no other minivans and being on a tight timeframe for our next destination, we kept the van thinking we would return it in a week when we returned to San Francisco. By then we figured the wheels weren't coming off and we were not really using it much except for short distances -- it seemed like too much hassle to have to deal with those people again. So we simply vowed never to rent from them again. No savings is worth being treated like crap by a company. Save the aggravation and possibly more -- don't rent from these people.
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Not Worth The Time
Posted by Ttp8763 on 09/27/2010
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Wow. DO NOT go to FOX in San Francisco. I waited over an hour in line before reaching the counter. Service was fine; I just did not plan for 1.5 hours to get a rental car and therefore was late to an appointment. Upon returning the vehicle, the check-in person could not help me with an issue so he kindly referred me back to the front desk. Folks who were waiting in line were audibly disgruntled at their wait and since I had to catch a flight, I asked the first person in line if I could jump in and try and get a small issue resolved. They agreed and I proceeded to wait 20 minutes for an available agent at the front of the line. I could not wait any longer and I ended up leaving. Who knows how much longer everyone else in line had to wait.

I overheard someone saying that FOX gets a lot of volume due to their great prices. a) great prices are not worth a 1.5 hour wait at the front-end and another fruitless 20-minute wait upon return and b) plenty of other counters had a high-volume of customers in line - the difference is that other agencies got the people through quickly, so I don't buy it. I'd pay an extra $10 a day to get efficient service.

Additionally, I called their customer service line this morning, since I couldn't get my issue resolved at the airport. I waited another 30 minutes to speak with someone over the phone.
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Posted by samlgsk on 2010-09-27:
I know what you mean. I will never use FOX/Payless car rental ever again after my experiences with them in LA.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-09-27:
payless is a car rental? i thought they sold shoes.
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Over charged
Posted by Oscar123 on 03/07/2010
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Upon checking out I noticed that they over charged me. Clerk told me that I chose road side assistance. I told him that I did not he than said that I did and he had my initials on the box so I believed him and he ran my card. Later while waiting for shuttle I found my contract and it had no initials on the road side assistance. So I went back in to talk to the clerk, he then told me that transaction was closed and only a manager could fix the error but he was not there that day. Seams like a scam to me, In the end I paid as much for their car as the more reputable car rental company. ( by the way car had no power windows power locks, cruse control I kept forgetting to lock every door every time the kids got out fortune nothing was stolen. Road side assistance was only $20.00 so I would rather write this complaint then Argue with manager (watch out)Just the attitude of the people behind the counter was very disturbing

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Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-03-07:
So they forged your initials for that box? Maybe you should dispute the amount with your credit card.
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Do Not Rent from Fox!
Posted by DisgustedwithFox on 04/19/2009
Do Not, Do Not, Do Not rent from Fox Rental Car. They are absolutely the WORST car rental company ever. I reserved a car in Las Vegas. We were not told we would need to take TWO shuttles from the airport to get to the rental company. After walking around at the first shuttle stop for 20 minutes, we finally figured it out. Finally got to Fox. Looked like a used car lot. Their "office" was a nasty trailer that was dirty, hot and smelly. We waited in line for an hour and barely moved. All the while we listened to people complaining about their car or the service. The sales people NEVER had the car that a customer reserved. They insisted on "upselling" everyone and putting them in a more expensive car. Then they practically forced the insurance on them stating that "we have a lot of construction and rocks on our roadways in Las Vegas and they cause a lot of glass damage, you need to have this insurance to cover it. You're personal insurance won't cover windshield damage".

It was disgusting to watch. After standing in line for an hour, realized that our "great low rate" would only cover one driver. As my husband and I would both need to drive the car, we needed a second driver on the policy, this would be an additional $10 a day. This added $70 to our rental rate, which was now making the rate more expensive than another agency. At this point another customer came in from outside and said he wanted his money back. He had waited inside for over an hour just to rent the car, then once he got outside to finally get the car, he had waited another hour and STILL didn't get the rental car. They only had one person working outside to get the keys, find the cars, take back the cars, wash the cars brought back, etc.

At this point I was disgusted and told my husband we were leaving. I didn't trust the company at that point. They really acted like a pushy used-car salesman and you could tell that it was the kind of place that would spend more time going over the car when you brought it back to find that one tiny scratch and then charge you an insane repair fee. We went outside to wait for the shuttle. While we were standing there, heard more complaints from people waiting for their rental car. The guy was unable to find keys for TWO of the cars. He had to keep running back and forth and get more keys to try. What kind of rental car company can't find the keys to their cars???????

We finally rented from Advantage Rental Car and were thrilled with them. They ended up coming in MUCH LESS than Fox would have with all their hidden fees and we rented the EXACT SAME CAR that we "reserved" at Fox. PLEASE take this warning to heart, DO NOT rent from Fox. They are shady, unprofessional people and this company should NOT be in business. RUN to another company!!!!!!!!!!!
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San Francisco Fox Rental Car
Posted by Texancustomer on 09/07/2007
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Our rental car broke down and instead of giving us the ok to leave the car and take a cab to the airport, we were told to wait for a new replacement car. The replacement was promised in two hours, but it took over four hours to reach us. We missed our flight and were forced to stay overnight for the next flight out. Fox did not bother to reimburse for the overnight stay or the change fees on our tickets. To this day, we still call the location and the manager remains unavailable and will not return our calls. This was the worst experience I've had with the quality of the rental car and the customer service to remedy the situation.
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-09-07:
Avis is the best.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-08:
Posted by JamesPA on 2007-11-10:
I had almost the same problem. The manager at the San Francisco (SFO) location was very unprofessional.

Our car broke down and we were told to get a jump-start on the vehicle. The car was not driving right and steering pulling with many dash lights flashing so we called the manager and he told us to drive it around for 15-20 mins. Our car broke down again after having steering lock-up and almost got into an accident. Then the manager "Jack" told us we were responsible for damages caused to the vehicle by jump starting it and refused to help us. We waited for 3 hours, missed an important event and then finally Jack the manager called and told us he was sending a tow truck to pick it up. After waiting 45 mins for them they showed up with a replacement car and jump started the vehicle again after we were told we may have destroyed the electrical system by jump starting it. I think the manager Jack was getting laughs by doing this to us because even the employees who came with our replacement couldn't believe the way we were treated.
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