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Terrible Customer Service, Cars
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS -- Two shuttle buses, and you hope it will worth, but NOT at all. Cars you get is not what you booked, specially full size SUV, in bad condition. Managers are the worst possible. Don't know if they can be good for any kind of job but definitely not for customers relation. The philosophy is, "Take it what we are giving you or get lost." In the beginning lower price doesn't mean anything for the amount of stress you are getting. Plus they will build the price.

Wasted my time and money
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I left my car at home, rode the bus to work (1.75) then to the closest bus stop I could find to the rental pickup (another 1.75). It was still far enough away I had to hail a cab to get there (15.00). I had already reserved the car online. Because I had a debit card and not a major credit card, they ran my credit and told me I could not rent the car from them because my credit is not perfect. The rental place is in the middle of hooker heaven and now I'm stuck there with no money (spent it all on buses and cabs) and have to walk 1 1/2 miles to get money to get home.

Once walking the distance to an ATM machine, I spent another hour waiting for a bus (1.75) and had to transfer again to get home (1.75). Added up that's 22 bucks I wasted to find out that the credit card that I need to rent a car is the same credit card that put my credit where it is. They need to let you know this kind of stuff on their websites. Why would they let me reserve a car with my debit card if they have no intentions of renting the car. They said the deposit was $250, no problem I have the money. I will be talking to the BBB about this one also.

Not Worth The Time
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Wow. DO NOT go to FOX in San Francisco. I waited over an hour in line before reaching the counter. Service was fine; I just did not plan for 1.5 hours to get a rental car and therefore was late to an appointment. Upon returning the vehicle, the check-in person could not help me with an issue so he kindly referred me back to the front desk. Folks who were waiting in line were audibly disgruntled at their wait and since I had to catch a flight, I asked the first person in line if I could jump in and try and get a small issue resolved.

They agreed and I proceeded to wait 20 minutes for an available agent at the front of the line. I could not wait any longer and I ended up leaving. Who knows how much longer everyone else in line had to wait.

I overheard someone saying that FOX gets a lot of volume due to their great prices. a) great prices are not worth a 1.5 hour wait at the front-end and another fruitless 20-minute wait upon return and b) plenty of other counters had a high-volume of customers in line - the difference is that other agencies got the people through quickly, so I don't buy it. I'd pay an extra $10 a day to get efficient service. Additionally, I called their customer service line this morning, since I couldn't get my issue resolved at the airport. I waited another 30 minutes to speak with someone over the phone.

Over charged
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Upon checking out I noticed that they over charged me. Clerk told me that I chose road side assistance. I told him that I did not. He then said that I did and he had my initials on the box so I believed him and he ran my card. Later while waiting for shuttle I found my contract and it had no initials on the road side assistance. So I went back in to talk to the clerk. He then told me that transaction was closed and only a manager could fix the error but he was not there that day. Seams like a scam to me.

In the end I paid as much for their car as the more reputable car rental company. By the way car had no power windows, power locks, cruise control. I kept forgetting to lock every door every time the kids got out. Fortune nothing was stolen. Road side assistance was only $20.00 so I would rather write this complaint then argue with manager. (Watch out.) Just the attitude of the people behind the counter was very disturbing.

San Francisco Fox Rental Car
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Our rental car broke down and instead of giving us the OK to leave the car and take a cab to the airport, we were told to wait for a new replacement car. The replacement was promised in two hours, but it took over four hours to reach us. We missed our flight and were forced to stay overnight for the next flight out. Fox did not bother to reimburse for the overnight stay or the change fees on our tickets. To this day, we still call the location and the manager remains unavailable and will not return our calls. This was the worst experience I've had with the quality of the rental car and the customer service to remedy the situation.

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