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Worst Service & Company Ever
Posted by Wagon on 02/03/2009
Warning, if Frontier Communication tries to sell you on a new service, don’t trust them. They will do anything for their own benefit.

In September Frontier hired a young college kid to come around and have all current customers re-sign contracts for an upgraded service. We had no reason to sign a contract, as we had already been with Frontier for four years. The sale person was persistent and stopped by our hose four days in a row. On the 4th day I thought maybe they were a utility person and they needed to inform me of work being done in the area. So I answered the door. Turns out it was a $200 mistake, as it was a Frontier Sales person whom blatantly lied to us, got us to sign a long term contract with out us knowing, and screwed us on our current plan.

I had no interest in changing my service, but the sales person informed me that they needed to change my service to the new “digi” service. He assured me that it wouldn’t cost me any more than my current bill. I was also told there were no long-term contracts, and I would have the same service I had before. Assuming the sales person was speaking the true, I agreed to change my service. He filled out paperwork and asked I sign the bottom. Little did I realize he had just done a bait and switch and had me sign on to a long-term contract?

With in one week my voicemail was canceled. I called up Frontier and asked why I had no voicemail; they informed me I didn’t sign up for it. Voicemail would cost an additional fee, beyond what my original bill was. I informed Frontier the salesperson that stopped by the house had written that the service included voicemail on my paperwork. They wouldn’t budge and informed me it would cost an additional cost. Not willing to argue, I decided to drop this issue and let is be a lesson learned.

Fast forward to December 2008. With the economy the way it is, my wife and I decided we needed to cut expenses. We use our phone service very little and could cut cost by canceling the service. So I called up Frontier to cancel. I spoke to a customer service representative whom informed me that there would be a $50 charge. I asked to talk to a Manager, since the sales person whom stopped at my house just 4 months earlier informed me that there would be no early cancellation fee and no long-term contracts. After being put on hold for more than 15 minutes, the customer service lady asked if a manager could call me back. They were experiencing extremely high volume of calls. I agreed.

I waited for over one week and no call back. I call Frontier back and got a new customer service person. After explaining my situation again, I asked to speak with a Manager. This person was very nice and tried to get me a manager. She put me on hold for only 2 minutes and got back to me saying once again, they are experimenting high amounts of calls and could a manager call me. They were to call with in a couple of hours and guaranteed a call back the same day.

The next day I still had no return call, by this time I am pissed. I call back and again ask for a manager. This time I get a rude customer service person that tells me that it was my fault for signing the contract and I should have read it. I informed her that I took Frontiers Sales person word that I was not signing a long-term contract. Why would Frontier knowingly send out an inexperienced sales person door to door to blatantly lie to customers? She continued to blame me and puts me on hold. After 5 minutes of holding I decided to hang up. I work and can’t sit on hold all day long.

The following day my wife decided to call. She experienced another rude person whom wasn’t helpful, wouldn’t do anything, and put the blame on us?

Maybe I am wrong for assuming the salesperson would not lie to me. I can’t believe a company like Frontier would hire salespeople, not train them well, and let them go out and lie to their long-term customers. Maybe they recognized many people would cut their service in the wake of the economy and thought lets have all old customers re-sign contracts so we can stick it to them if they cancel.

I would never recommend Frontier to anyone. Their customer service is one of the worst I have ever encountered. They would not listen to our side of the story. We were told time and again it was our fault for not reading the contract. Isn’t this what they have sale people for? To explain what you are getting?

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Posted by dann3rz on 2010-08-09:
Trying to order a battery today that I have ordered 3 times already , its been over 2 months and this company is doing severely bad! I went into the store to get a battery and they only carried one , it was used and most likely dead so I refused to take something that I might have to purchase again! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL I would never recommend this company to anyone ! If you order something keep in contact with them every day to make sure their asses are doing their jobs! keep your ticket numbers too! cause even if they say they sent it out two months later and 3 phone calls you will still be waiting for them to say they can't even find it in their system!
Posted by tlinh on 2011-03-04:
When the Frontier representative who was chatting to make a deal with me that about the Internet service for $24.99 a month with the agreement of 1 year contact. He said I can terminal the service at anytime with no early termination fee. He didn't tell me about a second year in the contact. After 1 year, I'm going to disconnect Internet service. A Frontier custommer service told me that I have to pay for the early termination fee $200. At this time, I just know that they put me in the contact for 2 year with the second year of $34.99 a month. They do a fraudulent on the offer services contract. I don't want to have any special offer from this company again.
Posted by Random Rep on 2012-02-20:
If any of ya'll get a sales rep at your door, get their name or business cards, I work for Frontier, if anyone does not deliver on their promises, I'm the guy who fixes them. If you get their names, we can look them up and report them to their respective supervisor. We do hold ourselves to our promises. Sometimes it's not the company, but the reps, I can promise that (and I have seen this happen) if a rep starts cramming customers, they do get fired (and not delicately either, they literally walk up, drop a box and start packing your stuff.)
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From high-speed to no-speed service
Posted by Kim1425 on 08/07/2010
We have now acquired Frontier as our Internet provider. Verizon pulled out and left us with this worse than dial up system. Since the change from Verizon to Frontier, we have been without service every night and for several hours during the day. My friends and neighbors in the next county warned me that the high-speed access I was use to working with was all going to change. I didn't believe it could be so bad, but I was wrong. It is worse. I've called the tech support a couple of times, but the bottom line is - the server is not able to withstand the volume. This service comes to a screeching halt during any peak times. Trying to pay your bill's on-line? Forget it. Trying to read an email from a loved one? Forget it. Trying to do a little work from home? Not going to happen. What you will get at home is a bill every month for Internet service. The one you can't use half of the time.

If you have a choice, do not subscribe to their Internet service. You will be disappointed. Unfortunately, I had no choice.
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Frontier Is Attempting to Rob My Parents
Posted by Gustafsonjm on 02/10/2012
CLARKSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA -- Frontier is attempting to rob my parents blind. My parents recently moved and terminated their home phone and DSL because they couldn't take their number with them and because the DSL wasn't that good to begin with. My parents were charged two penalty fees, one for "Term DP EDLP Term Penalty" and one for "Term HSI EDLP Term Penalty." God knows what those mean. Each penalty was 184.15 for a total of $368.30. Ever since Frontier took over Verizon in West Virginia, nothing has made sense. My parents never signed anything with Frontier. My parents never purchased equipment from Frontier. My parents had continued to use their old Verizon DSL box which they paid for themselves prior to Frontier's takeover. My parents even returned their Verizon modem to Frontier because Frontier demanded it back, even though it did not belong to them. Then Frontier has the nerve to charge my parents outrages fees, that were never mentioned to them when they cancelled their services. Frontier has yet to explain the fees.

Thankfully, I came to visit them, and I saw that they had a Frontier bill in their bill pay box. Wondering why since they had cancelled Frontier over a month ago, I took a look and was SHOCKED!!! Worse yet, my parents were actually going to pay for it. My parents thought they did something wrong. FRONTIER SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!! Taking advantage of senior citizens who never missed a bill in their life. Forget the airlines, it is time the government creates a residential communication services customer bill of rights. It is unbelievable what Frontier thinks it can get away with.
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Posted by bigal on 2012-02-11:
A consumers bill of rights as pertaining to telephone tv and internet service is long overdue. The Public Utilities Commission helps but is not enough and only covers limited situations.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-11:
We switched back to Frontier for telephone and internet service, and we were able to port the telephone number for a small fee. I'm not sure why your parents couldn't keep the same number.

This is the second complaint I've seen about cancellation fees, so now I'm wondering if I will have the same problem if we decide to cancel. We haven't signed or purchased anything from Frontier, and there was no mention of a contract or cancellation fees.

I think you should follow up on this because Frontier customer service is a bit unreliable. If your parents didn't sign anything, I would fight the fees.
Posted by Michael on 2012-02-11:
Frontier Communications bought all of Verizon's assets in West Virginia, and that includes your parents' modem and any contracts they had with Verizon.

Sorry to hear about your parents' experience with the early termination fees, but unfortunately it's what people face with the cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner too. (It's also the case with postpaid cell phones for that matter.) Once you're connected, they basically own you for the life of the agreement.

If it's any consolation, at least Frontier has US-based call centers instead of outsourcing to India like the cable companies do.
Posted by Random Rep on 2012-02-20:
Call us up, they should have had (if any) 1 ETF. we rarely if ever charge two. Contact us and we can get this handled for you.

A Frontier Rep.
Posted by Paul Coorlim on 2012-05-29:
I signed up too in Washington State cable and internet. They have overcharged me every month 20.00. Trying to talk to them is ridiculous. They are disorganized , rude , and have 0 percent loyalty
to their customers. I switched from comcast and will go back with them. Only trouble is, now frontier claims I will have to pay an early termination fee of $200. That was not part of the deal they offered in the flyer I received (which by the way is a totally fraudulent advertisement) I will pay the $200 do a chargeback after I get my comcast back , report them to the federal communications bureau , and sue the pants right off them.
I HATE FRONTIER , and advise all consumers to steer clear of them !!!
Posted by Louie on 2012-09-03:
I hope that they dont do the same to me. I am planning on getting rid of thir internet service beacuse of the poor service and rudeness of their techs.
Posted by John Steever on 2013-04-25:
Experience? Bad!
Advice? NEVER do business with them!
Subscribed to DSL for $15.**/month and then discovered that was "if" you already had their land line phone service. My monthly bill was $55.00 for "dial up" speed. Cancled as soon as the contract expired and after 90 days, I'm still waiting for the refund of the last "pay in advance" payment.
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No Customer Service Monopoly - Packaged With Dish Network
Posted by Rite on 12/21/2008
THORN HILL (GRAINGER COUNTY), TENNESSEE -- I'd like to express my complete and utter astonishment at the lack of, or maybe I should say extremely poor, customer service. I have never in my life dealt with a company with such disregard for the well being of their customers. I am so dissatisfied that I have now decided to make it my own personal mission to see to it that a company with better service finds this area you seem to have a monopoly on as someplace they would like to do business. I don't have time for such ventures, but I'll make time for this one, you seem to have such utter disregard for the hard earned money of your customers that I'm sure you won't miss a thousand users.

Explanation? Of course, not that I think you'll care, but I intend to tell this to everyone I talk to, so you might as well be the first.

I've had your service, phone, which I don't use, but am required to pay for in order to have DSL, which is the slowest in the country and barely surpasses satellite speeds, and in the package deal I took Dish Network for TV I rarely watch, for about 2 years now. The prices are exorbitant, especially since the only service I truly wanted was broadband internet. I'm a computer consultant and require a decent internet connection to do my job.

Unable to secure a better service at the time, I just accepted the poor performance, until this week. On Wed morning I noticed a definite crawl to my internet speeds, thinking thru the basics I did a speed test, and found the connection less than half the normal rate with varying results between 200+kbps to 500+kbps... I contacted the tech support via phone and after going thru the push 1,2,3 and so on, I was told they were having issues in my area and working on a resolution...

Ok... shrugged it off and went back to work... Wed evening I discovered it was still crawling, and logged in, this time via your web site, live chat... this technician could find no reason for the slow down, we went thru various troubleshooting issues, including the elimination of my router and all computers accept one on my network, even tested a second system directly to the modem, to insure that it was not a problem on my computer...

No change, speeds crawling... he issued a trouble ticket and told me that a technician would take care of it tomorrow (Thurs the 18th). Ok, I wasn't told I needed to be here, and figuring according to the tech's troubleshooting that it wasn't in my lines in the home, or in my modem, which was responding with all the proper signals... so I went to work... as I said earlier I don't use my home phone, never answer it and I informed the tech support of this and gave them my cell number, and told them if they would give me 30 minutes notice on that line I would be here if they needed to get in the house. He said this was fine...

Thursday rolls around, I go to wokr, come home that evening, no call, I figured great, they found the problem and fixed it.... I get home, no deal, same slow crawl... reset the modem hoping it would take care of it after the repairs I was sure they had made... nope... logged in again... it was too late at nite on Thurs, so I had to wait until Friday morning... this tech, now I got smart enough to write down a name, not that it helped, could not find any trouble ticket from the day before, had no idea what I was talking about and started all over again with troubleshooting, even though I explained my expertise with PC's, and the fact that I was absolutely certain it was not in my system or my house wiring, enough so that I was willing to pay someone if I was wrong... he insisted on connecting via webex into my system, 'to get signal info from my modem' which I suggested that he just tell me what he wanted to know, since I only had a 10kbps upload speed and it would be a crawl... he insisted so we made the connection, he was obviously manning more than one support call at a time, and the delays between his actions were worsened by his inattention.

I sat her for 45 minutes while he pulled up a browser, logged into modem, and then proceeded to shut down running processes on my system without my ok in order to determine that it wasn't my system... this infuriated me when I could have logged into the modem and copied the entire signals page and typed it out to him in less than 5 mins, instead he nosed around in my computer and tied me up for almost an hour to determine that he was going to have to open another trouble ticket for the next day, Sat, the 20th... great... again I gave him my cell phone with instructions to call... After getting off the phone with him, I happened to go around the house to the other door and discovered that a tech had left a modem with sitting on the deep freeze, it has been raining here for a week non stop and he left it sitting on the freezer in the rain, this was left on Thursday when they didn't call to let me know anything... the note simply said, "no problem found, here's a modem, maybe it will help, you might need to program it" Ok, I brought it in, luckily it was in plastic inside the soaked cardboard box, and had not gotten wet, just to be sure moisture was not an issue, I laid everything out and let it dry while I went to work on Friday... came home Friday evening and tried the new modem... same result... so having an open ticket I waited for Sat and hopefully a tech to solve the problem....

I waited until about 10 am on Sat the 20th and hadn't heard anything... checked the speed, same issue, I called to check the status of my trouble ticket, as I was told my Scott I could do, the lady informed me that she had no way of knowing rather they would be out am or pm and that she was in a call center in Florida.... lot of good that did me... I told her I needed to run some errands, but since this was going on the 4th day or problems I would also like to get this resolved, since I was paying over $100 to have internet that was crawling... she said she had no way of knowing... but gave me the 800 number to the local dispatch office... I called this number and got the most irritating person on the phone I have ever spoken with, if she was an employee of mine, I would have fired her immediately and probably put out a warning to never hire any of her descendants... she answered the phone: "dispatch" I told her my name and explained that I had a trouble ticket, but needed to go to town and run some errands, just wanted to know if the tech working my call would be doing it in the am or pm, so that I knew rather to go now or wait till he came by?

Instead of any sort of courtesy or acknowledgment of my question, she responded with: "who Gave you This Number?" I said I got it from the line trouble tech support call, she said "what was her name?" I told her I didn't write it down... I then proceeded to give her my home phone number to look up the ticket and the ticket number and all she said was "he's working on it now" that was all she was going to give me, so I resolved to wait... and wait... and wait some more... that started at 10 am, finally about 3:30 PM I decided to check the speeds again and call back and explain to miss congeniality that I would like an update... low and behold, the speeds were back up to normal... seems they must have found a problem some place and didn't even bother to call and see if everything was ok on this end, or to let me know I didn't need to sit around and waste the rest of my entire day waiting on the tech that never showed up!

Infuriated? Oh that word is no where near large enough. I'm going to give you the same service you gave me, I'll be pushing this letter to the desk of everyone I can get to read it!

Extremely dissatisfied customer!
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This Company Could Not Be Worse.
Posted by Ksteckbe on 07/19/2012
FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- Used bait and switch advertising techniques and continue to over-bill me month after month after month. Started billing me for a phone line that I do not have, never requested, and requested to be removed. They would not remove it from my bill. This company is the ultimate NIGHTMARE. DO NOT - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - SIGN UP FOR THEIR SERVICE. It is better to not have internet. And I am not kidding.
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Customer, No Service
Posted by Old duck on 07/13/2007
SUSANVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- July 6, 2007 I was assisted with 2 very professional staff that work for this company. On July 7, 2007 & provided positive feedback on their survey form. I began to have problems with the same thing that was resolved on 7-6-07. I talked to Marcus who treated me like I was a moron. He was very condescending & rude. Finally, in desperation I told him he was frustrating me & I would call back to another rep. Apparently, Marcus informed this rep I would be calling back, because she did not put me through the usual security drill & was just as rude as Marcus. I did not get an automatic survey to complete on this service (I wonder why?) I admit, I am ignorant on many things, however, I am not stupid (was a manager for the State of California for over 32 years). We are only with this company because they have a monopoly for phone service in that area (Lassen County).

We also have a home in Tulare County & pay $24.95 per month for our internet service through SBC, yet we pay $89.95 per month with the Frontier Monopoly Company. PUC should probably look into this.
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Posted by poppapia on 2007-07-14:
I have Frontier, and I agree: if I had another choice, I would be gone. Their customer service is not very good, their service is marginal, and their costs are very high.
Posted by dsherman on 2007-09-02:
I agree! We have them in Elk Grove, with no coice. I pay nearly 3 times what my co-workers in Sacramento pay, and I live less than 2 miles away.
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Posted by Avo01 on 02/15/2011
1. I had 1MBs package and it worked ok, but was slow.
2. Decided to upgrade, and after checking online, I saw that I can get 7MBs.
3. Called in and setup for 7MBs.
4. When service was completed, I tested the line and it showed only 3MBs
5. I called, they didn’t know what was the problem, and sent a technician.
6. The tech came in and said that, the sales team doesn’t know what they are talking about and I only qualify for 3MBs because of the distance, 11000 feet from office.
7. I called to switch to 3MBs, and they told me that the tech don’t know what he is talking about and that I should be getting 7MBs.
8. After being transferred like bouncing ball so many times, I spoke with another tech, who said that, the tech that was at my residence is more accurate, I only can get 3MBs.
9. I said fine, just switch me to 3MBs.
10. After switching to 3MBs, my connection failed completely and worked sometime to 0.4 MBs.
11. I called them, and after escalating the issue, level III tech told me that they all wrong, I only can get 1.5MBs.
12. I asked level III guy, how did the tech who was at my residence was able to read 3MBs, he couldn’t answer that, saying that his test from a distance is more accurate.
13. Switching to Comcast
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Posted by Janel232323 on 07/30/2010
Despite numerous attemps and many calls to Frontier Communications, I find their technical support lacking. This is an example of a company who hasn't gotten their people trained but were in a hurry to garner lots of money.

They do not follow through with anything they have promised. I did speak to one gracious techie but the hold time to access the Sales Dept. to remedy my issue was over 30 mins.

I suspect my problem is because they want to charge me more or delete me since I am not one of their higher priced customers.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-07-31:
It's possible that Frontier is cutting back on customer service while emphasizing sales. Their quarterly dividend is down 25% per share and their stock price is falling possibly indicating some difficulties for the company. Is there another provider you can use?
Posted by Connoisseur on 2010-09-16:
Frontier made a mistake and bundled with dishnet. Dishnet stiffs and rips off customers and Frontiernet has to deal with them because they are on Frontiernets bill. Frontiernet tried to expand and is getting bigger but cannot handle the volume. I have no choice but to have them for landline...had them for over 10+ when they were small company they were decent. They got lousy with their expansion adventure and their coupling with an unscrupulous company like Dishnet.
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Poor Service From the Frontier Communications Lynnwood WA Office.
Posted by Rvndpr on 05/25/2012
REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- Being from India, I feel a bit embarrassed when people in this country ridicule outsourced customer support. Frontier however proves that these are nothing more than stereotypes. Incompetence just like every other quality transcends every possible human division. After being with Comcast for 4 years, I thought I'd switch to Frontier and save some money on their monthly plan by not having to pay for TV - I took local stations from Comcast, and would never watch it. It was working out to be 10 dollars cheaper switching to Frontier per month. Sounded like a good deal. I did not think much about being asked to wait 15 days, but decided that it would be worth saving 10 bucks on my monthly bill. I had Comcast disconnect me on the 18th of May, so that there would be no complications with going into their next billing cycle.

Frontier gave me an 8am to 8pm window for installation. No one showed up. I was at home the whole day with no TV or internet, since I had disconnected with Comcast. I had reminded Enrique (the person who took my installation order), at 5:30 P.M. on the 23rd about my installation. I also called at 5:30 P.M. on the 24th and expressed concern about nobody having shown up. I was informed that a technician named Brad was assigned my installation. His supervisor Leo (more about this guy later) was not picking up his phone. At 8:30p.m, I called again and got the machine. I left a message stating that if Brad or anybody else was unable to do the installation this day, I would like to cancel my order.

I got a voicemail the next morning from a lady who did not know anything about my order stating that she could not do anything about the message I had left last night without my name or order number - ok my bad. So I called them back to request cancelling my order. I was placed on hold for 5 minutes. The person on the phone was trying to get me to change my mind - the strategy was to tell me that I was not at home when the technician came by. Nice try.

I told him that I would have none of this BS, and that I just wanted to cancel the order so that I did not have to deal with these people again. He said he was unable to do that, and he gave me another number. So I had to call that number which was the usual customer help line and get the order cancelled. I was relieved for more reasons than just described :-

1. Their incompetence was apparent, when I signed up. I had spoken to Leo (the supervisor mentioned earlier) first about rate plans and contracts. He said 39.99 for a 15Mbps connection with no annual contract. He then asked me to call Enrique to place the order. Enrique informed me that Leo was wrong, and that there would be an annual contract, if I did not want to pay for the 139 dollar modem + a 20 dollar installation fee. I'm glad I escaped these people before I signed that contract.

2. I called back Comcast, and of course did not mention anything about Frontier. I told them that I was willing to take them back if they gave me a good deal. And sure enough, I got a sweet deal. 34.99 for 25 Mbps + 50 channels of TV for 6 months, and 54.99 for the next 6 months. I know I'll have to haggle with them after that. Perhaps get back my old 50 dollar plan for 15 Mbps + basic TV. But none of this would have materialized if I had not tried to jump ship in the first place.

Moral of the Story : Frontier sucks. Learn to haggle with Comcast - it's a good thing I grew up in India :)
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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-27:
You can report this to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml Your decision to get rid of Frontier and switch back to Comcast, however, is in my opinion the best solution. Thank you for sharing your experience with your fellow consumers!
Posted by Jack on 2012-06-06:
Are you sure you were home all day waiting?
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Who is running this company?
Posted by Loop on 01/12/2011
After receiving numerous notices from Frontier encouraging me to sign up for online billing, I decided to sign up. The opening web page made it sound like a snap, "Frontier makes it easy to go Green in just 3 simple steps." I have invested 1 hour and 15 minutes so far, and I am still not past step 1. First problem: Step 1 asks for a PIN number, which the site says is on page 1 of my bill. I go get my bill, no pin number anywhere, so I call the billing department. After waiting 15 minutes I get a person who seems surprised by my question. She can also view my bill and says she doesn't see a PIN number either, so she will transfer me to tech support. (First red flag: the BILLING department isn't familiar with how customers sign up for online billing?)

Second red flag: I've dealt with Tech support before for internet problems and they've always been great, but I was dubious that they really had anything to do with billing.

After waiting another 20 minutes for a person to answer, my fears were confirmed: a nice Tech support person said they have nothing to do with billing, but he would give me a web site address where I could live chat with someone who could help me. I asked the tech support person not to hang up until I had accessed the website, and sure enough it didn't work. He said he'd check it, and after several minutes came back on the phone and said he, too, was unable to access the site, so he would transfer me to someone else (a THIRD person; this is "simple and easy?")

Third person was curt but helpful- said that in 2 minutes I would get an automated phone call with a temporary PIN number. In about 30 seconds the call came through and I went back online to complete the enrollment form. I have typed my account number in 5 different times and had my husband try it twice (just in case I was making a mistake), and each time, an "invalid account number" message comes up! So now I am on hold with customer service for another 15-20 minutes. I started this process at 3:05 PM and it's now 4:32. My questions for Frontier are, "Who is overseeing your employee training?" and "Are you sure you want to call yourselves a "communications" company?

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-12:
The only thing I can offer you is I recently opened an account with PNC. Everything was going great until I went to sign up for online banking. I've done this with many institutions in the past, and it was always easy. For whatever reason, it was a total nightmare. It took a few weeks, and a new PIN snail mailed to me, then another 45 minutes on the phone and the CSR speaking to tech support. Eventually, success. I love the bank, and the website works great (now) - it was just hard to get to this point. Good luck!
Posted by DLau on 2011-11-08:
Oh boy, I'm having the EXACT same issue with Frontier right this moment....sigh....Did you EVER get a pin???
Posted by DLau on 2011-11-08:
Oh boy, I'm having the EXACT same issue with Frontier right this moment....sigh....Did you EVER get a pin???
Posted by kkroen6 on 2012-01-17:
yeP! i ALWAYS dread having to deal with frontier.. it is the most unorganized "company" EVER. i have had SOO many issues with them and they never do anything to help satisfy you for the MAJOR inconvenience and complete waste of time!
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