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Cancellation Fees
Posted by Socialgracesmn on 06/10/2013
TWO HARBORS, MINNESOTA -- I live in Two Harbors MN. Frontier is our only option for residential phone and Internet. I have been a customer in good standing for over 10 years. There are no bounds to how the policies and services this company provides have let me down. They over charge for all of their services. I notified them at the beginning of the year that there was the possibility I might be moving out of their service area at some point during the year due to the sale of my home, they told me that the 1 year contract they impose each year on every client would not incur me a cancellation penalty if I moved out of their service area. I just got off the phone with them and now they are charging me a $100 cancellation fee for terminated my one year contract early. The kicker is...I never signed a contract. Their "contract" is a "term of service" period they put on their bill each month and automatically renew each year. I even asked them at the time of my phone call if they could send me something in writing saying if I moved out of their service area that this fee would not apply and they told me know that it was always waived if a client moved out of their service area. THIS IS BAD BUSINESS and they should be punished. I even had the name of who I spoke to and the date of the call where he told me this and they still did not care!! How can you trust anything they say? Not to mention their phone and Internet service is completely unreliable in our rural area. If you can avoid using this company - do so at all costs.

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Posted by masheepie5 on 2013-07-09:
Also in MN, no other provider. No notice to the 2x rate increases this past year... no service upgrade just the increases.
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More Bad Customer Service
Posted by Gz9c0b on 03/14/2011
Two weeks ago my Frontier broadband communications went dead. To make a long story shorter ...

(1) I had to call them six times over a span of one week to get the problem corrected.

(2) each time I called I had to wait at least 30 minutes before I could talk to a 'live' person.

(3) On one call I thought I was making progress with the representative and the line went dead; I could not believe that the representative DID NOT call me back; Instead I had to call and wait another 35 minutes for a 'live' representative

(4) They finally sent me out a new modem, but it took 4 days to arrive

(5) Several times they said they would call me as a 'follow-up' to my problem; except they never called. ...

Their service is worse than terrible.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-16:
You could give their corporate office in Stamford, CT a call to let them know of your displeasure at 203-614-5600. At least you'll probably get a human fairly quickly there.
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Nothing but Issues
Posted by Away_fishin on 02/09/2011
WEST VIRGINIA -- Upon first calling to set up new service, I was given a 2 week out service date! On the day of installation you are given a time of 8am to 5pm. I stayed at home the entire day and no one showed up nor called from the company. At 4:30, I phoned them to see and was informed that the service would be the next day. So let me call my work and state I need another day off at the last minute. Employers truly appreciate that. I was told it be put before any service calls that next day but again would be between 8 and 5! I waited again! A technician finally called that afternoon and stated he'd be there in an hour...hour came...hour went, no technician. He did finally show but by that point I was angry and sent him on his way so that the could waste his time as much as mine had been wasted. In calling the Area Manager, I explained the events and was given 1 free month of service if I agreed to have service installed. I agreed in that they have a monopoly in our area. I get the first bill and of course there was no credit given as well as additional charges for the installation that I was told would be free from the very beginning. They adjusted the bill. Problem 1 resolved.
Problem 2, on that bill, My name was completely wrong as well as the account # as they use your home number as part of the account #. I spent over an hour on the phone getting all the credits and service issues resolved.
Problem 3, they assigned my home number to another customer. I went to use my home phone and there was no dial tone! Find out at that point that's why my account # was wrong! I went without service for several days until they were able to reconnect it.
Problem 4, bill comes in for the second month and I have long distance charges on the bill that exceed the cost of the unlimited call plan that I was signed up for! I again had to spend 30 minutes on the phone to get credits for those charges.
Problem 5, I am to the point this company just HATES me! Our Internet service does not have a good signal as well as keeps going out of service all together. I called after at least 5 times of resetting the modem. I was told that a ticket needed to be put in and that I would be scheduled for the following day. Not expecting them to come, due to their history, I just went on went my day however would expect them the next day to be here. On day 3 of no reliable Internet service, I get a call stating they'd be here the following day! When I started to complain, the ever so polite representative tells me in the middle of me speaking to have a great day and hangs up. Talk about angry. I was angry. I made my calls to the managers once again and am to have service today versus tomorrow. We'll see!
Basically, this is it for me. One more issue and they will be pulled out of my home and I will do without Internet service. If you have a choice to use another service, I would highly recommend using the alternate service. It takes so much time and effort to be a customer of Frontier which to me is not the way it should be. Good Luck!
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Posted by Lloyd481 on 2012-05-06:
I understand your anger with Frontier..When you deal with Fronier a person needs to take anger mangement classes,,they don't know about customer service but they sure know how to p--s people off
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Posted by Cdennis on 11/23/2010
I am so fed up with this horrible company. We got stuck with them due to Verizon selling out to them. Our phone has been out of order for over a month. Every time I call they tell me they have already fixed the problem but the phone is still not working, so they put in another repair ticket. Sometimes its at least a week before they can get out to "repair" the line. I call at least once a week. I am using all my minutes on our cell phone plan just trying to get a working phone. When you call customer service they are rude and treat you like you are wasting their time.....isn't that what they are paid to do??? When we had Verizon and they came to repair the phone they would always call or stop by the house to let you know what the problem was and give you their card. The only way to find out if Frontier had been out is to call the repair line and get treated like crap again. They are supposed to come out again tomorrow and if the phone is not working I am going to cancel the phone service and get a cell phone booster for the house and go with cell service only.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-24:
The cell service option sounds like a possible solution. I have a friend who did that and it seems to be working for her so far.
Posted by Dewey on 2012-11-09:
Frontier is the worst... they unbundle customers claiming to puta notice in paper statemnets. Well what about all the customer that have elected to go paperless billing ? Without no notifications we were unbundled and when question it was a battle for informations and overcharges between direct TV and Frontier. Leave the customer out of the equations. I have to pay $200.00 to get out of contact that Frontier failed to honor??? I did cancle all phone and internet and will pay the $ 200.00 to GO to TIMEWARNER which I should have done a long time ago. I save over 850.00 over a year... Do the math ! PLUS NO competitions the internet speed is much faster ! There lack to honest and ability to uphold to contacts and ingerty by honoring bundling is not worth the 200.00. Make you wonder why Verzion force us to go to frontier in the first place. Anyone reading this run fast and pay the $200.00 disconnect fee. You will make it up in the long run.
Posted by andy on 2013-12-17:
My business in Ohio has been suffering from Frontier customers getting a "this business is no longer in service" message when trying to call my business. I have Comcast and nobody who has Frontier service can get thru to my business. I am five minutes away from Frontiers service area. I have been dealing with this for over A YEAR.!! I have recently filed a lawsuit due to Comcast and Frontiers lack of wanting to accept responsibility. They each want to push the blame on each other. I would avoid either company at all cost!!
Posted by Edith Ann on 2014-01-07:
I have had a nightmare with Frontier, they stealing me blind and their service is not worth 50 cents they lie and try to make you believe the trouble with your line is your fault. I know better than that got new phone, new wiring into the house but they sure the hell will take your money and put all the blame on you. When was the last time I ever seen a man on a telephone pole was years ago, if they can't fix the problem from a computer it won't be fixed.
Posted by earl on 2014-02-12:
I think this company frontier which I do hope is the last frontier of their kind, SUCKS! and that's as nice as I can possibly describe my experience with such a ruthless cold scavenger. They got you over a barrel and they know and love it to the extreme. Try getting out of their yearly contracts on time, yea right NOT they make sure they suck that last buck outta you. Then when you do succeed in such a task they raise your rates cause now you've unbundled YIKES! Where I live I can not shop around for another home phone supplier its frontier or nothing! So when they run those specials wave them under your nose via snail mail or email, they don't pertain to you their alumni customer just the new meat on the block. When I called and tried to get my rates lowered there was no compromise. Either their way or the highway. Thanks for nothing. Oh and try getting any information online price wise for us old suckers out there. there is none you must call so that goes to show you how crooked they be. If its in writing they might have to remember those empty promises verbatim. So to surmise this rant of mine, listen closely through the static line I have to use... Stay away from Frontier go back to smoke signals, pony express, or message in a bottle if need be. Good Luck to all out there cause I haven't had any
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Internet Issues
Posted by QueenAlicia68 on 01/19/2014
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I recently contacted Frontier Communications because of the modem I have. I kept trying to tell these idiots that the internet keeps going out and that I needed a new modem. The person proceeded to tell me that there was nothing wrong with the signal. It took everything inside of me to not use a few choice words. They do not seem to listen to the customer at all. I have a bundle through these morons and I am shopping around for something better. Hear me clearly, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!
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Charged fee on no bill sent & for added feathers to bill
Posted by Knierimlarry on 08/08/2013
I received a bill with billing date of 7/25/13. On the bill was charges for before current charges for 87.76 & current charges of 95.80 witch include late fees. So I called Frontier & told them that I never received a bill for billing date of 6/25/13. They told me that their records showed that they did. I asked how can I prove that I didn't receive the bill? They just said they did. So I requested a copy of bill & asked about the extra charges for some feathers on my my bill that appeared some months before that wore not apart of my original agreement with them. They looked in to it & told me that I would receive a credit for the mistake for 35.02. When I received the duplicate bill their was on explanation of charges or of what I owed them as I requested. So I called back to find out what I owed & about the credit they said I would receive. They told me that I owed the bill & their was no credit just a comp # for removed feathers that I had removed. So I'm writing this review to try to get some help to remedy this problem. I pay my bills on time.
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Posted by PassingBy on 2013-08-08:
You should be able to access your account online. Then you can check it at least once a month to see what the next billing amount will be. I've got Verizon and I've found charges for services I never ordered. A call to billing cleared it up immediately.

The late fees could be forgiven if you are polite about it. However, you did pay late even though you never got the bill.

As to the 'feathers' (features), I suggest that you call back and be firm that you want to be credited for items you did not order.
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Worst Repair Service Ever
Posted by Cleversole2002 on 05/06/2013
MARION, NORTH CAROLINA -- On 4/18/13, I contacted Frontier due to static in our landline. I was told the repair would be done on 4/22/13. On 4/22, the line was dead. In the evening, I contacted them by chat again and was told they technician had "all night" to fix it (this was 530pm). Didn't get fixed.

On 4/23 I contacted them by chat again in the morning, and was told the repair would happen that day, and that representative would follow up with me at work to make sure it happened. No follow up, no fix. That evening, I chatted again with them at about 630pm. Was told the technician had until 8pm and they would definitely be there. Nothing.

We left for vacation on 4/24, but checked the phone several times with my cell phone, knowing if it is fixed, the answering machine at home will pick up. Nothing. On Friday 4/26, I was contacted on my cell phone, while on vacation, and told that the technician was eating lunch and as soon as he finished, they would get our service fixed. They had "escalated" this to try to get more priority. She said it would be fixed in 1-1.5 hours and she would follow up with me to make sure it was done. No follow up, not fixed. I contacted them later that night and was told that they had no date as to when it would be fixed and they didn't know why I was told earlier that it was to be done that day. I was transferred to the escalation department who, very rudely, told me it was escalated and that was all the information they could give me.

Sometime during the morning of 4/29 it was fixed. So we were without service for 11 days. It wasn't escalated until it had been 8 days, 4 days later than they said they would fix it.

On 4/30, I contacted someone to get credit for the 11 days without service. I was told the credit would be $11.16, which seemed fair. I cancelled the auto payment on my account so I could make sure they didn't take the full amount. On 5/2, even though autopayment was cancelled, they took the full amount of the payment. I was told because I didn't take my card off, even though autopayment wasn't authorized anymore, they could still pull my payment. I was also told the credit was still pending. Not at all what I was told just two days earlier. I was told that credit, plus the credit for the remaining time, since we were transferring service to another company, would be mailed in 14-21 days. Now I have no doubt at all that will get screwed up totally and we will not get back the right amount.

Funny but several people during conversations tried to sell me other services. I finally had to tell one of them, you have your nerve trying to sell me ANOTHER service when you can't fix the one you have. The last lady even asked WHY we were transferring service. HELLO...11 days without service and you ask why? She offered me some deals to stay. NO WAY.

This has got to be the worst example of customer service and repair service of anything I have ever experienced. For a company with communications in their name, they lack any form of accurate or timely communications.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-06:
Yes, attempting to postpone/cancel autopay is probably not going to work with any company. If they have your payment source on file, I believe they can legally debit it.

As for the service, land line service generally is horrendous, even with Verizon and AT and T. People have been laid off, and land line customers are a lower priority than their main services (wireless, fiber).

You are fortunate in that you were not home for most of the outage. Frontier has scooped up many of the mand lines cast off by the big boys, and the service there is no better and actually worse. It's a sad state of affairs for copper customers.

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Very Poor Internet and Repair Service
Posted by Jfox1970 on 04/24/2013
HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- When we first moved here about 6 years ago we started with Frontier phone and DSL. Every time it rained our internet would stop working. We called many times and a tech would come out and not fix the problem. The last we called they told us that a tech would not be out for a month. We change our service to Lumus. Great customer service but still it turned out that they could not fix the problem as Frontier owned the lines in the street and to the house. The Lumus techs all tracked the problems to the lines out in the street and put in service tickets for Frontier to fix them. Well nothing ever happened.

Here we are 6 yrs later still stuck with Frontier. We just recently went back to them 19.99 deal as it is a bit cheaper than through Lumus. This year the problem has gotten so bad that we loose internet daily no matter if it is raining or not. I complained to the service department and they said that they couldn't help and all as they could do is send out another tech. He came out today, fiddled with the modem and wouldn't listen to me that the problem is not inside. Now I have speeds about as fast as dial up and still loose connection. E. G. it has taken me a little over a hour to get this posted.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-04-24:
The problem is in the copper line, and the phone company won't spend the money to replace it. You are in a real bind I am afraid. Your only hope is probably to wait for fiber or use cable access, which is going to cost more.
Posted by Buckhannon , W.Va. on 2013-09-05:
Frontier sucks clear to the pits of hell. I am
having the same problems and more. Wish I
have seen these comments before got
Frontier. I may call the Better Business Bureau, Federal Communication Bureau,, etc. How can our government let this go on for so long? Its time to sue the pants off them. Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Worst Tech Support
Posted by Camohunter247365 on 04/18/2013
Worst tech support ever. I was on the phone for three hours and nine different people. Their only solution was to have me pay a technician $130 to come out and fix it. It worked for a total of 39 days since it was installed.
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Phone and Internet Service Are Inconsistent
Posted by Sherlandpeterson on 09/18/2012
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have had Frontier phone and Internet service since May 2012. When the service works, it is fine but at least four or five hours a month, the Internet goes down unexpectedly or moves at a snail's pace. The phone is consistently down or my telephone calls are so static filled, it is often impossible to hear the person calling on the other end. This problem usually clears up in an hour or two but what if I have an emergency? Must I wait an hour before I can call an ambulance or can call the police?

During the summer, I was without phone and Internet service for more than a week. The first tech showed up on day five (after my initial complaint) to say that he did not have a bucket truck. He then scratched his head and left. Nearly four days after the first appointment repair date, another technician arrived without a bucket truck which I asked customer service to provide. Thankfully, he climbed a ladder and resolved the problem.

When my bill was incorrectly charged I spoke to a wonderful customer service agent who gave me credit for the improperly charged amount--or so I thought. I paid my bill sans the credited amount and guess what, three weeks later my service was disconnected because the amount I thought was credited was not approved. We are talking about nearly $170.00--not pocket change.

If you have another option instead of Frontier, consider that option first.
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