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Non-Delivery / Non-Notification
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I ordered flowers for delivery directly from the FTD website on Thursday, 12/7/2006 for my mother's birthday. I requested a delivery date of 12/9/2006 and completed my order as instructed -- by providing my email address, my daytime phone and my evening phone. On Saturday morning, 12/9/2006, I emailed Customer Service at approx. 10:00 a.m. requesting confirmation of the delivery. Finally at 2:00 that afternoon, I received an email response from Customer Service stating that the arrangement I had requested could not be delivered until 12/12/2006 and suggested that I call Customer Service if I wanted to discuss the order or cancel it. I, of course, called Customer Service and proceeded to hold for 40 minutes (ironically listening to their taped recording of how important my business was to them). When a live person finally answered, I gave her my order number which she was unable to pull up on her computer as it was "pending." So there was nothing further that she could do. To wait for 40 minutes for this type of response was unbelievable. I asked to speak to a supervisor -- by this time I was less than amused and asked if it was company policy to NOT notify customers of impending problems with delivery. I stated that a 1 minute phone call from an employee notifying me of a problem at any time prior to the delivery date would have avoided all of the frustration (otherwise why ask for all of my contact details) -- not to mention saving my sanity from being on hold with the monotonous recording telling me how important I am. As it was, my mother never received her flowers for her birthday and it was much too late by then to make alternative arrangements. I could kick myself because after checking around online -- obviously this is not a new problem with FTD. I personally will never use FTD again. It's much too frustrating and upsetting.
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Anonymous on 12/09/2006:
You waited too long to order delivered flowers. You expected them in less than two days? I can't think of any florist that would have the order ready, and delivered, in that short of a time span. And, before anybody beats me up about this, these are flowers. I'm pretty sure FTD uses local shops. Who's to say they have everything they need in stock right then?
Anonymous on 12/10/2006:
I order flowers for same day delivery all the time. If they cannot do a delivery on the day I order, they generally are pretty up front about it.
Shakra on 12/10/2006:
emt_c, you need to do some searching on the web. They do same day delivers, as Ken said. They also do a local search to see if they can be done in the time requested. If not, then it should say it on the next page that comes up. This way you can try to order another arrangement.

I just ordered flowers and that is what happened. They usually have certain arrangements that can be done within a short amount of time. They search while you're placing an order to see if it can be arranged. So she does have a right to complain.
glc on 12/10/2006:
1800FLOWERS.com does same-day delivery, and you can call or e-mail up to 2PM, and have the arrangement delivered the same day.
Skye on 12/10/2006:
Good advice glc. This year, my brother who lives on Long Island used FTD to send my mom flowers for mothers day here, in Colorado. Well they didn't arrive on time either. She got them in the middle of the week, but didn't have the heart to tell my brother. I have always used the 1-800 flowers, and they do a very nice job.
rhondam718732 on 12/12/2006:
I've ordered many arrangements a day or two before I needed them delivered. Never had a problem. This place screwed up.
RosieS on 12/26/2006:
You most certainly can get flowers delivered the same day but your mistake was going through FTD. All they do (and 1-800-Flowers) is forward your order to a local flower shop (after charging you an extra $12 and up 'service' fee). None of the national companies know exactly what's in stock at local stores. To get what you want, when you want it AND save yourself some money, call a local florist in the community where you need your gift delivered.
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Valentine's Day disappointment
Posted by on
DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- I ordered a dozen roses, pretty pricey ones [8912 RED] on February 11. Wasn't disappointed with them before, had ordered from them only once previously with no problems. Valentine's Day came (February 14). Product did not arrive. So e-mailed to them that evening. No reply. Website said they'll get back no longer than 48 hours. Tried calling them the next day (1-800-736-3383). Twice. Got disconnected. Twice. E-mail them again. Received this 'courtesy' response:

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding your recent order. We are always happy to hear from our customers and enjoy assisting you.

We are actively working toward an answer for you and will contact you upon completion. Our goal is to respond to your email within 48 hours.

Thank you for shopping with FTD.COM."

Happy to hear from customers? Enjoy assisting?? Goal to respond within 48 hours?!! RIDICULOUS!!! I don't know if they ever hear from customers, but they definitely failed in the other two areas, unless possibly their idea of assisting customers is to ignore them.

I e-mailed FTD.com twice after attempting to phone them, and got the same generic response. 48 hours went by. No response from FTD.com. Called my credit card company to have the purchase nullified. All in all, a disappointing experience.

When FTD Customer Service finally responded via e-mail, it was 6 days later! "Deborah" claimed that the product was delivered and "they have a signature but it is not readable". I ask my wife again if the she received them, and again she said "No!". So it took them 6 days to 'doctored' their paperwork to appear as if it was delivered?? (N.B. My wife's signature is very legible. So is that of my apartment manager, who occasionally signs for our package in our absence.)

Stay away from FTD.com. Period! Don't ever buy from them.
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DebtorBasher on 05/07/2006:
Were the flowers to be delivered to a work place or your home? You can request a copy of the signed receipt and see the signature for yourself. If it is unreadable to them, maybe you will recognize the signature of a co worker or neighbor...just a thought.
Anonymous on 05/07/2006:
It was my habit in the past to only order from FTD for work (client funerals, anniversaries etc.)but I have noticed over the past couple of years the quality of the flowers has deteriorated. The last time I used FTD we sent flowers to my boss's husband's funeral. We didn't buy the cheapest arrangement, not the most expensive either but in the top middle range (if that makes sense!) I was horrified when I saw the arrangement at the funeral, it was carnations and darn few of those, it looked nothing like even the cheapest arrangement they showed on the web. I called FTD and they did give us some money back but of course the funeral was over. My lesson is next time I go pick out the flowers myself at a rl florist, I should patronize our local businesses anyway.
DORCAS on 05/07/2006:
It's hard to know what your going to get when you have to order for some place far away. You have to rely on the nearest florest in that area that the company chooses to make up your arraingment. I had to do that for an out of state funeral one time and what was delivered was nothing like what I wanted. Luckily it was the day of the funeral tho unlike the valentines day roses. 6 days is way to after-the-fact.
DebtorBasher on 05/08/2006:
I've been on the receiving side of deliveries from 1-800-Flowers...if you're not satisfied, they will make good on it,even sending replacements...I had very little disappointment, but it wasn't with 1-800-flowers, it was with the local florist shops here that were used through them. I've had great fruit baskets from them...it all depends on which local florist is used. If there are enough complaints about any one particular florist, I'm sure they would stop using them.
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Uunskilled and Untrained Florist - Unacceptable Replacement
Posted by on
FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- We ordered a spray of flowers to be sent to my grandmother's funeral since we were unable to attend. The spray was a direct order from FTD.com's website. We received a telephone call and voicemail message that the florist wasn't able to get a spray completed for the funeral services but could send a plant or another arrangement to the funeral home or another address. I spoke with the customer service representative who advised they could have an arrangement with yellow roses (same as in the spray) sent to my aunt's house to offer our condolences in our absence. I spoke with my family after the funeral service and asked if they received the arrangement. They indicated they had, after a long pause. I asked if everything was okay and they said they would send a picture of the arrangement. When we received the picture via e-mail, we gasped in disbelief that a florist would put together such a horribly arranged, disconfigured and unmatched mess of greenery with yellow roses and other yellow flowers. It looked as if a 4th grader had put the arrangement together. It was completely inappropriate for the family to receive in a time of grieving and mourning. The arrangement itself was depressing. I contacted FTD.com several times in hopes of a response and even sent them the picture via e-mail to a customer service representative.

To date, we have yet to hear a response from them concerning this situation. We are escalating it to the Better Business Bureau within 5 days. If you use FTD.com, beware of what you are ordering, when you need it and for what occasion! DO NOT RECOMMEND FTD.COM
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jenjenn on 10/30/2007:
My condolences on your loss and your unfortunate experience with FTD.
sarahnkrystal on 10/30/2007:
What a sad time for them to mess up an arrangement. I am sorry for your loss.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
I am sorry for your loss. It reminds me of when my boss' husband died and we sent flowers from the office. I picked them out from FTD online and when I got to the funeral I was so upset with how crummy they looked too (skimpy flowers, carnations instead of roses, just awful.) They gave us some money back which was nice but of course the funeral was over and nothing could be done. Next time I go to a local florist and pick out exactly what I want, I guess FTD is just getting too big for quality control.
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Not too late to Order...just too late to deliver!
Posted by on
Feb.13 2007, Being busy I decided to order flowers online for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I found a site called FTD.com. I ordered a nice bouquet of flowers to be delivered within business hours on Valentine's Day. Well the 14th comes and no flowers show during business hours. I decided to cancel the order online, since I was unable to reach a human on there customer service line. I received an e-mail confirming my cancellation within minutes. Well I checked my bank account on the 15th and sure enough they processed the delivery anyway, even after I received a cancellation confirmation. I later found many posts on the net complaining about how poor this companies’ service is. I you can't find flowers get her a card...DON'T GO TO FTD.com.
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Aloe on 02/15/2007:
It seems that FTD is a poorly run company. I've heard of horrible stories from several people. People not getting their flowers even though they were charged, difficulty in getting refunds, etc. I think it is best to deal with a local florist to get what you need.
adzidek on 02/15/2007:
I find it hilarious that anyone would even consider ordering flowers online the day before Valentine's Day, and expect them to be delivered on time. Hey, why not try Mother's Day next. I mean, seriously - how many posts in the last 24 hours on this site? I'm sick of consumers pleading ignorance; sure, the company has the responsibility to send you what you ordered, on the day promised, but at the same time, you have the responsibility to use your brain - it's in your best interests.
Anonymous on 02/15/2007:
adzidek - I'm sorry but I must have missed the part where the OP asked for a lecture. Okay, so here's how it is. Regardless of the reason you find yourself on the 13th looking for a valentines present. You got money and there are plenty of companies in competition for that money. So FTD claims no problem we can meet your needs and you say cool here's my money. See that's business. That what companies do. They make money by meeting the customer's needs. When they fail to carry through on their promise then they are the ones wrong not the customer. If I ever find myself in the same predicament then I'll know better than to trust the liars at FTD. See, that's what this site is all about. Sharing experiences both good and bad so the rest of us know to avoid these liars. That's how all this works dude. The customer is always right or at least that's what Sam Walton said.. buy hey, what did he know.
Sparticus on 02/15/2007:
Agree with Stew. Don't take my order and agree to my delivery date if you can't make it happen. I don't care what time of year it is. Many of these companies would rather get the order and miss the delivery than send business elsewhere... which in my opinion is both misleading and poor business practice... especially when consumers are counting on that delivery date as the most important part of their order...
adzidek on 02/15/2007:
I don't disagree. The company is 100% at fault, hands down. But as far as I'm concerned, if you go online Feb 13th to buy flowers for delivery the next day, you're smoking crack. And it wasn't a lecture, it was a rant. By the way, Stew, on the subject of Walmart - when's the last time you looked at their labor practices? What good is a slogan like "the customer is always right" when you can't take care of your employees? Nevermind that, have you ever shopped at a Walmart - customer is always right my a**. There's a good reason the Walton family is the richest family in the world. There's my 3 cents.
Anonymous on 02/15/2007:
adzidek - People on the pipe don't go online to order flowers. The crack heads I've known usually can't sit still long enough to bring up a web site, they can't spell, the only credit cards they have are stolen and most don't care enough about anybody else to ever send flowers. Trust me on this. So I have to totally disagree with your smoking crack assertion. I've never known a high functioning crack head.
adzidek on 02/15/2007:
LOL agreed. :)
stricnyne on 02/16/2007:
Thank you all for you comments on this topic. I completely agree with you on the risk of last minute shopping for anything adzidek. And if this company had at least sent me an e-mail telling me that they just would not be able to deliver on the 14th then I could accpet that. Instead they confirmed my cancellation and decided to charge me and send the flowers the next day regardless of that cancellation confirmation. That my friend is bad business. And further more, even on Valentine's Day they had posted all over their site that it's still not to late to get flowers their same day. These flowers though I rejected them did show up on the 15th after they put the order through on the 14th so why not the 13th and show up on the day I wanted? It's poor communication and terrible customer service that proves that they must make improvements to their company.
Scarpetta on 02/25/2007:
As someone who has worked for 2 different ecommerce florists I have to say Valentines Day is the busiest time of year.At a business such as 1800flowers.com when delivery is not possible they let you know ie zip code cut offs and so on..whereas ftd doesn't even tell their employees to not guarantee..Now I informed my customers on the phone that I was not guaranteeing vday delivery when you order on 2/13 but not everyone is so honest..just the way this place is ran is suspect to me..Close to the holiday people could not get customer service on the line but if you wanted to place an order someone was on the line with you in a second..We are still (over 1 week later)going through all the complaints and calling people back!That is why I order from 1800flowers.com..Also guys valentines day comes on the same day each year..Come on with the late ordering!
pkya on 02/16/2008:

I decided to buy flowers online (2/11/08) for my girlfriend. I usually pick them up at Winn-Dixie and hand deliver them to her work. I decided to buy them online and I figured they would be better than Winn-Dixies (3 times as much but the quality would be better) but I figured she would be happy.

This morning when I got to work I saw that I received an email confirmation that the flowers and her chocolate were on their way!!! The email was sent on the February 13th around 9pm. FTD.com gave me a Fedex.com tracking number so that I could track the flowers. I was getting worried because today was the day that they were supposed to get delivered and I wondered where they were getting shipped from. I wanted her to get themn before she left at 5pm. I did not get the flowers shipped to home. I wanted them shipped to her work where her co-workers would see them. I checked the fedex.com website and I could not check the status of the package because the fedex.com site did not have any record of that tracking number. I thought it was strange. I had meetings all day so it was going to be tough on calling them. I called them around 9:20am but I received a message that at the present time they could not check on the status because of the high volume of calls. I went to my meeting thinking that the flowers were going to be delivered in time. I continued my day until around 1:15pm when I had a few minutes to call ftd.com to find out the status of the flowers. I had checked fedex.com once more and no luck on checking status. On the ftd.com website it looked like they might have been delivered but it was poor wording on the website that led me to believe that they were delivered. I called ftd.com and instead of calling the line to check status I called as acting if I was ordering flowers. I finally got into talk to someone and it sounded like they were confused with the order. They told me that the order did not make it on the fedex.com truck as specified in the ftd.com email. I had checked earlier on the ftd.com website and it still stated that flowers could be sent and delivered in time for valentines day. When I talked to the customer service agent at ftd.com she said that they could send her some other flowers (I forget the exact wording). I asked her what she meant. I had to ask her multiple times. She finally told me that they could not send me roses. I told her I ordered roses and I really did not want anything else. She said that it would now cost me more for roses if I wanted roses. She also said that possibly they could send out flowers from a local florist but it was going to cost a lot more. I do not know why. I ordered my flowers early on the 11th. FTD.COM was still claiming that roses could be delivered for the 14th for Valentines day. That was not correct! They never delivered flowers to my girlfriend and I ordered them 4 days prior. No sorry for not delivering. They never contacted me telling me that it would not be delivered.

Around that time for some reason the call was ended. I had a meeting and no one ever called me back. I talked with my girl friend tonight and flowers were never delivered. I told her that I only wanted the flowers on the 14th no other time. That I did not want the flowers delivered to the house.

I checked my account to see if it was charged for the flowers. It was.

Do not buy flowers from FTD.COM buy from local florists in your area.

FTD.com where are my girlfriends flowers and chocolate? Where is an apology?

I have copied the satisfaction guarantee from the FTD.COM website and posted it below. I am not 100% satisfied.

Reason? 1) Flowers and chocolate not delivered

2) You were going to charge me more money

3) You never called me

4) I got charged for making the order and my girlfriend does not have anything.

I would like FTD.COM to post their response and to tell me what they are going to due to "FIX" this issue.

******************* FTD's satisfaction guarantee ************

FTD offers 100% satisfaction guarantee on our flowers, gift baskets, plants and services. Most of our flowers come with same day delivery; simply order before 2:00 PM in the recipient's time zone and the order can be delivered that day! Because we use a network of local florists nationwide we can usually have your gift delivered within hours of ordering. Flowers delivered same day and unmatched customer service. Make FTD your online flower shop today!

**************** end of FTD satisfaction guarantee **********

links to only a few complaints about ftd.com. There seem to be a lot of them. One thing I have learned is that FTD.COM no longer uses local florists....









SamK on 05/21/2008:
Horrible experience with ftd.com

Well, I ordered some flowers as birthday gift at FTD.com. Order was placed on time, it was paid on time but flowers were never delivered and until now money haven’t been returned yet.


April 26, order made (for May 6)
April 30, payment through Paypal confirmed. Money withdrawn from my account, FTD.com paid.
May 6,the date when flowers should be delivered
May 8,ftd.com informs me that they cannon deliver it and ask me to give them another date – I agreed as soon as they send it before May 12
May 20, flowers not yet delivered, no action taken by ftd.com

In the meantime I received many meaningless emails from FTD.com, from telling me that I didn’t pay (which was untrue) to downright silly…

Today is May 21. I have informed ftd.com of everything but everything is IGNORED. Product NOT delivered, money NOT returned!!!!!

If you want to buy some overpriced flowers for gift – go somewhere else. There is plenty of competition on the market. FTD.com takes your money and then doesn’t deliver – learn from my case!!!!!
SamK on 05/30/2008:
SamK (Re comment on 5/21/08)
May 29 - money received back.
MAHFTD on 02/14/2012:
I ordered a Valentine Flower package from FTD.com, TWO WEEKS AGO, Feb 1st, for delivery on Valentines Day, Feb 14th for my girlfriend. This morning on Valentines Day I get a email from UPS saying they will be delivered by the end of the day tomorrow the 15th!!! WTF??? Thanks FTD for ruining Valentines Day!! You would think with how FTD over prices all their stuff they would at least make sure things get delivered when they are supposed to be delivered! Please avoid FTD if at all possible. They are over priced and have a very good chance that the delivery will be a day or so late which is kind of important when it comes to holidays and birthdays and other very special occasions. At least special to us the consumers but I guess not to FTD!! Very very upset!! FTD does not care about you after they get your money.
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Mother's Day Flowers and Fruit Basket Never Delivered
Posted by on
BLAINE, WASHINGTON -- To this date, my mother has not received her flowers or fruit basket. I phoned FTD headquarters today and complained. They stated that they would look into the issue. I am also filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Bureau of Consumer Protection. This is a terrible crime being committed on consumers. I have sent my family flowers and other items over the years and this is the first time anything such as this has happened.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/21/2007:
If you paid by credit card, contact the bank and dispute the charge for non-delivery.
poppapia on 05/21/2007:
If this is the first time it has happened, why do you think it is a terrible crime? Sometimes businesses make mistakes, as I assume you do from time to time. Make your complaint in a mature manner, and see what kind of response you get.
Anonymous on 05/21/2007:
FTD got about 98% (I get reports on this stuff) of the flowers out OK for Mom's Day. They committed no crime, you just fell into the 2% this year. Just get your money back and place your order very early next year and ask for a Thursday or Friday delivery. Pro Flowers is being reported as doing a very good job this year, try them next time.
heaven17 on 05/21/2007:
It's a shame, certainly, but a crime?
The FTC?
Over reaction on Aisle 7!
yoke on 05/21/2007:
If you are the 2% that did not get what was promised it is a big deal and have the right to be upset. You spend the money in hopes that your loved one gets what has been paid for. I understand Mothers Day is a busy day for them, but if they can't fill 100% of the orders that they have accepted the money for then they need to stop taking orders earlier.
Anonymous on 05/21/2007:
I agree with superbowl!
Noneill on 05/21/2007:
Mom didn't get her fruit & flowers? If that isn't a crime I don't know what one is. :)

I had flowers sent to my boyfriend (who I later married) and the day after the delivery I went to his house and in the driveway in front of the garage door were sitting the flowers!! I guess he wasn't home when the delivery was made so they just left them in the driveway. It was a sheer miracle they were not destroyed by the neighborhood kids who thought nothing of private property. At the very least they should have set them on the porch which sits back from the garage and is more discreet. That was the last time I ever sent anyone flowers.
Awk on 05/21/2007:
Thanks for the advice. The reason why I stated it was a crime was that, it is one thing for her not to receive it on Mother's day, but 1 week of not receiving anything is just down right ridiculous, that is the crime I am speaking of, not that it did not arrive on time, but that it did not arrive at all!! As I am writing this comment, my mom just phoned and said that she received them. It took phoning headquarters to get this taken care of.
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I haven't gotten the flowers on St Valentine day and the floweres haven't been delivered ever
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Do not use that company ever!!!!!!!!! I did not get the flowers delivered on St. Valentine day and the next day too....... Do not order!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
Noneill on 02/16/2007:
Maybe no one sent you any.
U on 02/17/2007:
We odered flowers to be delivered on February 14, 2007 and today is February 16, 2007 and the floweres hasn't been delivered yet. The customer service is not answering on e-mails and when we call them they are dropping the calls.
Scarpetta on 02/25/2007:
It depends if it was ordered at the very last minute..And there was inclement weather that grounded a lot of planes therefore florists didn't receive they're flowers and FedEx items were unable to get out.
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