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FTD Is an Incompetent
By -

CALIFORNIA -- My daughter who is away at college was admitted into the hospital for emergency surgery. Being that I couldn't be there, I wanted to send her some flowers to let her know I was thinking of her and to try to cheer her up. Well, the flowers never got there. She was being discharged so I called to find out what had happened to the flowers. After being put on hold, I was told that the local florist never rec'd the order. Apparently they had some type of computer glitch. No apology. I was told that they could deliver them the next day.

I told them she was going home so to send them to her residence. I gave them the address and specifically told them it was the backhouse indicated by the 1/2 after the address. I told him to make sure there was a notation on the order so they would not be delivered to the wrong house. This afternoon I called my daughter to see if the flowers had arrived and was told no.

I called FTD again and emailed them again (I never received an email response back from them both time I tried to contact them via email). I was told they would try and deliver them tomorrow (again), I got a little angry and upon further checking she said, "oh, they were delivered this morning."

I inquired as to where and she said that they left the flowers on the porch as no one answered. By this time I figured they had been delivered to the front house; I called my daughter back and her friend went over to check the front house. Sure enough they were there. Soaking wet from the rain. I will never order from them again. Their service is awful.

I never received a confirmation of the order, they never had the common decency to contact me and let me know that the order wasn't delivered the first time and offered no condolences regarding their complete mismanagement of their business. I rarely order flowers but next time the occasion arises, I definitely will not use them. I wanted to surprise her, they ruined that!

FTD Charges $$$$, Doesn't Deliver
By -

DOWNERS GROVE, IL -- Ordered flowers from FTD three days before Valentine's Day and paid extra $18 to have flowers delivered on Valentine's at wife's job. They were never delivered, went to FTD website and filled out their order confirmation email and received an email saying the flowers were delivered. Called their 800 number and after a 46-minute wait, was told the flowers were not delivered and the email response was an automatic reply.

Was informed they would refund $5 dollars and deliver them on the next day 2/15. Flowers never arrived. Called 800 number again and after a 35-minute wait was told I would have to wait until 7-8 PM to make sure the florist wasn't running late. Believe me the florist is not running late - flowers will not be delivered. Filing this complaint and with the credit card I used to pay for the flowers.

FTD sucks and are not straightforward with their customers, If they could not fulfill the order, I should have been notified so I could have made other arrangements but apparently they overbook just to get the extra money and if you're not happy with that, too bad! ** FTD.

How to Ruin a Valentine's Day by FTD
By -

Ordered flowers online with FTD on Tues, 2/9/2010 for delivery to my wife's work on Fri 2/12/2010. I was hoping this would be the start to a wonderful Valentine's weekends. Friday the 12th arrives and passes, no flowers delivered, no phone call - they had my cell, home and work. On Sat I called FTD "customer service", they told me of weather delays in shipping and told me they could be re-routed and delivered on a charge of $18.95...I didn't ask for Sat delivery, I asked for Friday delivery.

I requested a refund which I still have not seen. To add insult to injury, on Monday my wife arrived at work to find a box from FTD which had been thrown over their gate, inside were the flowers, dead, a broken vase. This box had been exposed to the Midwest weather for the weekend, snow and cold don't make roses very pretty...but I guess in FTD's mind, they delivered. Thanks FTD for giving my wife and I such a wonderful Valentine's Day.

So Much For Mother's Day
By -

OKLAHOMA -- I ordered 4 flower arrangements to be delivered May 9th or 10th for Mother's Day. On the 9th I got a notice that 1 could not be delivered due to not having a florist available in the area. I had picked the arrangement I did because it specifically said it could be delivered to the address on the 9th or 10th. Then on the 10th I got another e-mail stating that a second arrangement could not be delivered this weekend due to the holiday, and did I want it delivered 2 days late with a $10 discount or a full refund and cancellation. I canceled.

In the end, 2 of the 4 arrangements made it to their end destinations, but I'm not sure what kind of shape they were in. I have yet to see either or hear a report. I'm not holding my breath that they were great at this rate. I will never order from FTD again.

Advertisement Is Terrible
By -

I am usually not one to file complaints or take the time to write negative reviews but this time they have left me with no other choice. I placed an order for a flower arrangement to be delivered to my mother's workplace for her birthday. The order was placed on January 19th and was to be delivered the 20th (the day of her birthday). I should have known better because they've pulled stunts like this in the past, but I decided to give them one last shot.

Lo and behold, 5 pm rolls around the corner, and my mom has received no flowers. I called and tried to haggle with them for over an hour to no avail. They blamed it on the florist and how they can't control "international deliveries." Well, if you can't control international deliveries, you have absolutely no business running international accounts with your misleading "next day service" claims.

They did issue a full refund, but I feel as though this calls for some restitution because they failed to comply with the terms of the contract. And they completely spoiled what would've been a great birthday surprise. I recently found that they had a dispute with Pro-Flowers so I encourage everybody to do business with Pro-Flowers and forget about these small-time criminals. Hopefully they'll go out of business and get everything they deserve.

Terrible Product, Terrible Service By - Flower Delivery
By -

ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Here's what I tried to send to FTD (without the personal identifiers) because the phone kept me online for over 45 minutes. So I went online and the online form did not work. I have a screenshot of the error message telling me to enter the order number...which was entered exactly as it was provided in the delivery.

My daughter sent me what she thought was going to be a big beautiful bouquet of flowers. She is too upset by the delivery to contact you. This pretty much ruined the present she had planned. I am appalled at what I received. As of Saturday, today, NONE of the nine puny tulips have opened. Only 3 buds on the lilies have opened. The display, even if it were in bloom, is pathetic compared to the photos sent in the accompanying FTD brochure. There are only two kinds of flowers, no greens, no comparison to photos.

It may be the thought that counts. But she provided the thought. The rest of what arrived is an insult. I strongly suggest you refund her her money and provide her with an apology. I will be waiting to hear if you are prepared to do the right thing here. If not, be assured I will hit the blogosphere with my testimony about your totally inadequate service.

Uunskilled and Untrained Florist - Unacceptable Replacement
By -

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- We ordered a spray of flowers to be sent to my grandmother's funeral since we were unable to attend. The spray was a direct order from's website. We received a telephone call and voicemail message that the florist wasn't able to get a spray completed for the funeral services but could send a plant or another arrangement to the funeral home or another address. I spoke with the customer service representative who advised they could have an arrangement with yellow roses (same as in the spray) sent to my aunt's house to offer our condolences in our absence.

I spoke with my family after the funeral service and asked if they received the arrangement. They indicated they had, after a long pause. I asked if everything was okay and they said they would send a picture of the arrangement. When we received the picture via e-mail, we gasped in disbelief that a florist would put together such a horribly arranged, disconfigured and unmatched mess of greenery with yellow roses and other yellow flowers. It looked as if a 4th grader had put the arrangement together. It was completely inappropriate for the family to receive in a time of grieving and mourning. The arrangement itself was depressing.

I contacted several times in hopes of a response and even sent them the picture via e-mail to a customer service representative. To-date, we have yet to hear a response from them concerning this situation. We are escalating it to the Better Business Bureau within 5 days. If you use, beware of what you are ordering, when you need it and for what occasion! DO NOT RECOMMEND FTD.COM.

Do Not Do Business
By -

They did not delivered flowers on Valentine's Day. Not only that, they would not reply to emails or inquiries for an entire MONTH, and then they claimed that the flowers were delivered. They are THIEVES, they won't refund the money and outright LYING because NO FLOWERS WERE DELIVERED!!! STAY AWAY!!!

Mother's Day Flowers and Fruit Basket Never Delivered
By -

BLAINE, WASHINGTON -- To this date, my mother has not received her flowers or fruit basket. I phoned FTD headquarters today and complained. They stated that they would look into the issue. I am also filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Bureau of Consumer Protection. This is a terrible crime being committed on consumers. I have sent my family flowers and other items over the years and this is the first time anything such as this has happened.

Non-Delivery / Non-Notification
By -

I ordered flowers for delivery directly from the FTD website on Thursday, 12/7/2006 for my mother's birthday. I requested a delivery date of 12/9/2006 and completed my order as instructed -- by providing my email address, my daytime phone and my evening phone. On Saturday morning, 12/9/2006, I emailed Customer Service at approx. 10:00 a.m. requesting confirmation of the delivery.

Finally at 2:00 that afternoon, I received an email response from Customer Service stating that the arrangement I had requested could not be delivered until 12/12/2006 and suggested that I call Customer Service if I wanted to discuss the order or cancel it. I, of course, called Customer Service and proceeded to hold for 40 minutes (ironically listening to their taped recording of how important my business was to them).

When a live person finally answered, I gave her my order number which she was unable to pull up on her computer as it was "pending." So there was nothing further that she could do. To wait for 40 minutes for this type of response was unbelievable. I asked to speak to a supervisor -- by this time I was less than amused and asked if it was company policy to NOT notify customers of impending problems with delivery.

I stated that a 1-minute phone call from an employee notifying me of a problem at any time prior to the delivery date would have avoided all of the frustration (otherwise why ask for all of my contact details) -- not to mention saving my sanity from being on hold with the monotonous recording telling me how important I am.

As it was, my mother never received her flowers for her birthday and it was much too late by then to make alternative arrangements. I could kick myself because after checking around online -- obviously this is not a new problem with FTD. I personally will never use FTD again. It's much too frustrating and upsetting.

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