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This Shampoo Is Not For African American Women
By -

SANDIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- After using Garnier frutis shampoo which is supposed to be for "all" hair types and supposed to make your hair stronger I shampooed my hair with this product it stripped my hair so bad that my hair tightin up knoted up and tangled to a point that when I tried to comb my hair out which was very painfull pieces of my hair started to break off.Some pieces were so tangled and knoted that it had to get cut out I went from haveing hair past my shoulders to hair by my ears. When I contact Garnier the person whom I spoke to told me that it just had to be someother product that I used. So when I assured her that I had been using the same produts on my hair all my life and the only thing I change was the fact that I used Garnier frutise .She then told me that it was stress...........Clearly another way not to admit fault.........I am currently seeking a lawyer to sue Garnier frutis for deception and fraud...............So I say to anyone African American this product is not for out hair better yet anyones hair don't use it

Garnier Fructis Conditioner for Frizzy Hair
By -

This has to be the absolute worst product on the market for curly hair!

My hair is curly and I live in the South where summer humidity makes my hair frizz, so I bought Garnier Fructis "Fortifying Cream Conditioner for frizzy, dry or unmanageable hair." What a mistake! It MADE my hair frizzy and dry. For years I used Citre Shine products, which were excellent, but the products were taken off the market last year. I bought up as much as I could, but now I'm out. If anyone out there can recommend a really good shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, please post it here. Whatever you do, don't buy Garnier Fructis!

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