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Don't buy Genie Bra from TV ad
Posted by on
WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Do not be tempted at 2 am by watching TV when nothing else is on but ads to buy a Genie Bra!

It takes 2 months to send them, you are charged $25.00 for shipping and your bill, without you realizing it, becomes $85.00, which you can never get back because you can't get them on the phone.

They finally said they would refund me $59.00 if I returned them. They make their money on the shipping cost. The Chinese makers charge them about a dollar to produce the worthless pieces of rubber.

I am so mad. TriStar is the holding company that sells tons of TV products. I am going to give these away but will never stop warning people of anything TriStar or Genie Bra produces.

The warnings are all over the internet. I didn't do my homework, obviously. I'm cancelling my credit card too, all because I couldn't sleep one night and bought something easily purchased at Walmart for 90% less.
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trmn8r on 06/22/2011:
Bras aren't the only thing on at 2am. You've got the 900 ads - you know the ones I mean - the ones bras set men up for. I wouldn't fall for them either.

Helpful review. I would never trust a woman with a genie in her bra.
Anna Molly on 06/22/2011:
Why did you return them?

Trmn8r, Shop Erotic is also on at 2 a.m.
trmn8r on 06/22/2011:
I'll have to check that out! Shop Erotic has an alluring name.
Anonymous on 06/22/2011:
I am tempted to do many things at 2 a.m. but watching tv infomercials isn't one of them.

There are many complaints about genie bras being uncomfortable and providing no support. (Not to mention they look like something your grandma would wear) Reminds me of a little pearl of wisdom;

"If God had meant them to be lifted and separated, He would have put one on each shoulder."
~ Victoria Woods ~
Anonymous on 06/22/2011:
Lol Trmn8r. Hey, I would love to have a Genie in my bra.

Ript, great quote!

I've heard bad things about these bras. Seems like a lot of women felt scammed. Thanks for sharing your story.
Cwazychicken on 06/22/2011:
What I find funny is I went to check on this, when you order (I didn't order), they do not let you see how much it will come to....this should be illegal, as its pretty obvious they can charge what they want and get away with it...stay away from sites like this.
Anonymous on 06/23/2011:
A bra made out of rubber?! That alone would make me say no.

Good review!
Dee on 10/27/2012:
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Rip Off
Posted by on
After hearing 1st hand how bad the bras are I tried to cancel my order 30 minutes afer ordering. I was told I had to wait 24 hours. I then tried the next day and was told the system was down. I tried an hour later and I was told it shipped. I find it amazing they shipped in less than 24 hours.

Ladies don't do it don't order the Genie Bra, you will not be allowed to cancel the order.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/27/2011:
Let's review. You ordered the "Genie Bra", and your complaint is about cancelling the order.

Therefore, it isn't true that ladies shouldn't order the Genie Bra based on your experience. It is the ladies who might change their mind after ordering that would heed your advice.

I can't think of anything I've ever ordered in my life that I cancelled prior to receiving it. I guess the difference is if you are going to do your research before or after deciding to purchase.
Vinnie11 on 06/27/2011:
You should try eBay for a nicely priced Genie Bra with reasonable shipping. That way you can get one instead of six and you won't feel ridiculous if you don't like it. I think you did not even give them a chance to meet your expectations.
redmx3racer on 06/27/2011:
Rip Off - Bra
Genie Bra Complaint

Hehe. :-)
trmn8r on 06/27/2011:
Yes, I saw that too redmx3racer.

Thing is, have you SEEN these things? I don't think a service-hardened porn star would be able to rip one off.
madconsumer on 06/27/2011:
good idea, but not for everyone.

great review.

very helpful!
Beverly Brown on 03/11/2013:
I find that the lady was correct. I bought one and got the right size from the back of the box and the bra is crap! It doesn't lift you at all and after one day it is like wearing a sports bra which isn't what it is supposed to be...So my experience don't buy one and I am sending mine back asap!
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