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Unauthorized Shipment
Posted by Mossang on 05/09/2009
MCDONOUGH, GEORGIA -- 5/8/09 I received a shipment from UPS. I opened the packing slip to find that this coffee company has sent me a shipment including a coffee maker, coffee & tea. I've never heard of Gevalia before. I did not order this so I called the customer service line to inquire "who" placed this order. The representative told me that it was placed online, therefore she did not know a name. She immediately stated that she would cancel my account & stop future shipments. I ask again "how" this was sent to me when I did not authorize a charge to my credit card. She stated that she would flag it as possibly fraud, stop future shipments and that I can keep the package. I don't want this package. The slip states that I will automatically get future shipments & billed for them.

I will have to cancel my credit card due to this scam. This is illegal and not fair! Someone should STOP this company from doing this. Total theft & invasion of privacy.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-09:
Hmm, that sounds kind of fishy. I would be very curious how they got your credit card number. The good thing is that the shipment was sent to your house so you knew about it fairly quickly... the bad thing is someone is ordering products using your credit card without permission. The smartest thing to do is contact your credit card company and have them close the card account and re-issue a new one. I would also call the credit reporting bureaus and have them add a fraud alert to your credit report. They will usually offer you a copy of your credit report so you can check for any abnormalities. Hopefully this was just an isolated incident, but you can never be to sure. Better safe than sorry.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-09:
someone had to sign you up. your kids?

then ..

sue em.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-09:
It's pretty good coffee.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-09:
It is good coffee jkt
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2009-05-10:
I get Gevalia Shipments. Someone else had to have your info and signed you up. I would cancel your card. Perhaps someone in your household got a hold of your card and ordered them. You have to have the name that is on the card match the address in order for it to go through. I have been getting Gevalia for several years and it is excellent coffee.
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Terrible Cancellation Process
Posted by Thepope on 10/15/2008
Coffee is pretty good, but it is impossible to cancel your account online. You can suspend temporarily, but it's annoying.

If you want to cancel, you have to go to the customer service form, which kicks you into a "Chat" function, which never works. Then you have to call them and they try to give you free lifetime shipping and they challenge every reason why you want to cancel. At that point you're so mad, that you want to cancel and burn them on forums like this. The CS person was rude, spoke really fast and totally had an attitude. Good riddance.

I would never sign up for this again.
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Posted by ringostar on 2008-10-15:
I had this and no longer wanted it after they had sent me some more coffee. Not only did the not charge me they let me send back the coffee and cancelled with no problems at all. Sometimes it's easier to just call and cancell then trying to do everything online!
Posted by piodi on 2008-10-18:
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Refund Not Credited
Posted by Rios on 03/04/2008
01/15/08 I ordered a double coffee pot under the impression it had automatic shut off. I asked the service rep if it did, she said yes. I asked her to verify with the appropriate department which she did and verified it did and very adamantly stated it did have auto shut off.

When I received the coffee pot I plugged it in for four hours and it never shut off. I called customer service at Gevalia again and asked if that particular coffee pot had auto shut off. I was told again that it did, just like "every Gevalia coffee pot". I then told her it had been on for 4 hours without shuting off. She apologized and stated it was probably broken and she could go ahead and replace it. I insisted she find out how this coffee pot was suppose to shut off when it had a manual off/on switch. After talking to other reps and other departments and the product support department she returned and apologized since she had been misinformed.

I asked for a return label which took about 10 days to arrive. I was told I would have to return the item before my credit card would be credited back.

I returned the coffee pot on 02/04/08 and it was received on 02/11 per UPS tracking. I called Gevalia that same day and gave them the tracking number and requested I be refunded my money. I was told that it would be sent for processing and that it would probably take another 10 days for my card to be credited.

On 02/25/08, 1 day shy of the 10 days I called Gevalia to find out the status. The gentleman I spoke to said there was no notation of the tracking number and did not know why I had not been credited yet. He apologized again and said he would forward to a supervisor and that it would be processed in the next 2 days.

On 03/04/08 I still had not been credited and I called Gevalia back, the lady I spoke to said she would have to take the tracking number again and forward it to a supervisor. I explained we had gone through this twice before and I would need to speak to a supervisor. She transferred me to a supervisor by the name of Melissa in the West Virginia District. She would not give me any identifying info so that I may reference her in the future. She then said all she could do was forward the information to some other department to process my refund. I asked to speak to someone above her she said there was no one else. I asked for the name of the district manager and she said she was not allowed to give that information. I asked for an address to mail a complaint and she said she could only direct me to their website for an online complaint. I asked how I would be compensated for them taking my money under false pretense and not refunding it in a timely manner, she responded there was nothing.

Bottom line is I still don’t have my money which they deceitfully took from me. I'm disgusted by the service and all the miss information Gevalia gave me to make a sale. DO NOT BUY FROM GEVALIA CATALOG.
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Posted by One-Eyed Willie on 2008-03-04:
Sounds like the caffeine withdrawls are getting to you
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-03-04:
All this drama! Just put the charge into dispute with your credit card company. Problem solved.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-03-04:
I have the double coffee pot and it shuts off automatically for me. I think you got a bad machine there. I have been with Gevalia for many years, and never had a problem with them. I love there coffee. I have gotten bad machines in the past and never had to send a one back, they just send me a replacement and I throw the bad machine away. I'm sorry you have had troubles with them. Maybe you should try decaf. Also there limited edition coffee is excellent, along with there signature series, mmmmmmmmm.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Bluangelbaby on 02/26/2011
I have been a customer since 2004. I have noticed a change in last few years with the customer service. I thought it was just me, but after reading other reviews now I know it's not. What is going on???? Believe it or not they use to have the best customer service reps I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

Now when I call, I get the run around. I've called about a charge showing up on my bank account, when I haven't ordered anything, and they are telling me they don't see it & I have to have my bank send them a faxed copy of the charge. I've called 4-5 times in the last 2 days & I swear I keep getting the same 2 people with a HEAVY accent, the same kind of accent, same 2 people every time I call....WEIRD!!!! Coffee lovers, like me, don't mind paying a little more for something they enjoy but the coffee doesn't taste as good after dealing with poor customer service. I use to recommend them to everyone I met, even had a couple people become customers themselves, but I can't do that anymore. So sadly I canceled both my personal & work accounts with Gevalia after many years of being a customer.

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Posted by ticia232 on 2011-02-26:
I would still check with the bank about the charges. You kept calling the company but they do not know where the charges came from, same as you.

Your bank account could be compromised!

Even if they weren't foreign, if the computer is NOT showing that they charged your account, then they didn't charge you ACCOUNT WITH THEM! Your card got charged on someone else's account. I think rather than saying that just because someone has an accent they don't know what they are talking about, you should be going to your bank and finding out when the order was placed. So you can send that the company and the can see who placed and got the order and then they can be charged with theft.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-26:
If the company can't see the charge, it makes sense that they want to see an official record from your bank.

Sometimes a bank will resist sending such a fax. I had this happen. It isn't fun being stuck in the middle, but only your persistence will solve such an issue.

Personally, I don't believe cancelling your accounts with the retailer is going to have any positive impact on resolving your problem.
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AWFUL Customer Service!!
Posted by BuzzCT on 12/26/2008
I have been a customer/member for well over 10 years. During that time the customer service has deteriorated to the point where it doesn't exist at all! Emails are ignored, and all calls are now diverted to Manilla; complaints aren't acted upon, and the sales representative lie as well, stating that they are the customer service reps, when they obviously are not. I intend to spend the next few weeks looking for substitute coffee I like as much. What a shame to see a good company go so bad! (And I was a totally dedicated customer!)
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Posted by JBrederall on 2009-11-30:
I'm telling you! Switch to Camano Island Coffee!

Not only is the coffee better but it's a small coffee roaster and the folks over there are really, really nice.

For the disillusioned:

Posted by JBrederall on 2009-11-30:
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Passing on Credit Card Info
Posted by BuyersBeware99 on 05/15/2007
DOVER, DELAWARE -- When I agreed to pay Gevalia by credit card to accept their offer of a FREE Stainless Steel Coffeemaker I was curious about a link on their site to ShopperDiscountsandRewards.com. I went to this other site to check it out. When I considered enrolling for their service, I was unaware of the wording in their "Offer and Billing Details", which I apparently agreed to, that allowed them to bill me using the "secure" credit card info I had given ONLY to Gevalia. I
have since been credited for any billing charges by that company but the point remains, Gevalia gave them my credit card info under less than above-board means. I believe this practice should be stopped. I also believe that may be
many more consumers out there who have fallen prey to this type of marketing who do not bother to complain and, therefore, are out their money.

I believe this practice is WRONG! I did not want my credit card info to this other company. I would like Gevalia to explain where I gave THEM permission to pass this info on.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-15:
Your card info was passed on because you gave them permission to do so. People just don't bother to read all the terms and then they complain of being scammed. Gevalia did nothing wrong. How do you think Gevalia gets paid for the 'free' coffee maker? They get a piece of the action from the other web site.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-05-15:
PB, gets monotonous doesn't it? People just WILL NOT READ what they are getting into.
EDUCATION is what you get when you read the fine print. EXPERIENCE is what you get when you don't.
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-05-15:
Even if they've got it in their fine print, it's good to read reviews like this. I appreciate the post. Although... What is it that you were paying for with your CC? Shipping and handling?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-15:
Monotonous is right. But that's why there are web sites such as this one. Learning the hard way way is a education in itself. But when there's so much useful info available online I wonder why more don't take advantage.

There are absolute ripoffs out there. However, when one doesn't read EVERYTHING I just don't have sympathy anymore.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-15:
Monotonous, what is amazing are the number of people that give their credit card number to operations like ShopperDiscountsandRewards.com, lottery scams, Nigerian scams, pre-pay loan scams etc. Then they come on here and are upset because the bad guys used the credit card or checking account that they gave them! The bad guys get most of the CC info they need direct from the consumer.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-05-15:
I've been with Gevalia for years. I've never given them my cc number. Each shipment includes the invoice. I go online and have my bank send them a check. I'll never be able to understand why people sign up for anything that catches their eye, don't read the fine print, then get on consumer forums and claim they've been 'scammed!'
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-05-15:
You state in your post "I was unaware of the wording in their "Offer and Billing Details", which I apparently agreed to" uhmmmmmmm so why are you confused as to why they passed on your info?!!!!! Cmon get a clue and READ what you agree to.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-05-16:
I agree to. I have been with Gevalia for a couple of years and I knew this to. It is in the billing details. Whether it is fine print or big print you should always read it. If you cannot read it, get someone to read it to you. If not, then I would suggest investing in either a good pair of reading glasses or a magnifying glass.
Posted by BuyersBeware99 on 2007-05-25:
Thanks for the helpful advice. I guess I was that was in
the wrong for not reading everything. The part about reading and Education and Experience was good. Actually,
I got an education by6 not reading the fine print. That
won't happen again!
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I Do Not Recommend
Posted by Stormy8 on 01/14/2009
FLORIDA -- I do not recommend this company, it's hard to cancel with them but the worse part is I canceled my service and 7 months later, yes 7 months, I received a letter from a collection agency saying I owed them 38.00 dollars never did I ever receive anything from Gevalia, I know I did not owe it because before they sent out a shipment they always deducted the amount automatically from my checking account!!!!!

So they will never get my business again.
It just goes to show they don't even appreciate a loyal paying customer.....they ripped me off for 38.00 dollars, it's not much money but that's not the point!

Thank you,
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Posted by ringostar on 2009-01-14:
When I wanted to cancel my account because I didn't realize they automatically sent you shipments they said no problem. They didn't even charge me and they let me keep the coffee they had sent!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-14:
One of my office staff ordered their coffee for us (in my name with my permission). It was good, but overpriced. I cancelled the subscription by certified mail and refused subsequent shipments. A year later, a collections outfit in New Jersey dunned me for $38 too. I told them to 'take a hike'. The scuzzy collections outfit retreated back under the rock from which they emerged. Send the collectors a letter demanding proof of the obligation and a cease and desist letter. Don't call them, unless you enjoy verbal abuse.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-01-14:
The net is flooded with complaints about Gevalia and their lousy business practices. This is a company to avoid like the plague. Sorry for your troubles.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2009-01-15:
I've been with Gevalia for almost 5 years and have never had any trouble with them. I love there coffee. There has never been no automatic deduction as they don't have my bank or CC number, I have the bill me later plan. I had another acct before my current one and have had no problem canceling and have never heard anything from them, on that acct, since canceling it.
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The worst customer service we've ever encountered
Posted by Two of us on 12/21/2007
This company without a doubt has the worst customer service we've ever had the misfortune of encountering. A family member had sent a gift to my husband who was recovering from surgery, but we didn't receive it. Instead we received another item which came 2 weeks later in a box that was broken and the contents were shattered. I called the company and they said they would ship the correct item. 2 weeks later it still hadn't come so I called them again. They said they would reship it. Ten days later it still hadn't come so now we're entering the Christmas season. I called again and was told that we needed to resend the broken items first. This was the first time anyone told us that. So in essence, they wanted me to pay postage for an item that was never ordered to begin with that I had already disposed of because the items were broken and smashed.

I was so infuriated that I wrote a complaint on the company website which they ignored. I will not EVER order from this company and will be sure to tell everyone I know not to either.

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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-12-21:
I've been getting delivery shipments from Gevalia for almost three years now, and I have had nothing but stellar service from them. I did have problems with the coffee maker and the pot on different occasions, and as long as they were under one year old they sent me a new item, along with free gifts for being a good customer. They have never given me any trouble before.
Posted by joyfulrc on 2008-01-15:
I placed my first and only order from a special I received in my email. I got a free coffee pot along with my initial order. I received my order 14 days later.

When the time came, I got everything set up and needed to clean the pot before use (as instructed). Filled the carafe with water to pour into the reservoir. Before I emptied the pot, the glass part of the carafe fell off the handle and shattered in thousands of little pieces.

Needless to say, I had to use our regular pot for the coffee. Which is what I would have done in the first place but the new pot was a neat thought.

The coffee tasted bad. I opened the other package and it also tasted horrible. We'll go back to our preferred brand.

Now onto Customer Service:

I waited till after New Years to call customer service. I first let them know my carafe was shattered and that I needed another one. I also stated that we did not like the coffee and would be cancelling our order. The associate I was talking with cancelled my order easy enough. When I asked if I was going to get another carafe, she said no, they don't carry those anymore.

So, I have part of a coffee pot and nothing to use with it.

Less than a month, coffee in the trash and a pot that can't be used.

Doesn't sound like a company that stands behind their product.

Thanks for listening.
Posted by jinjelle on 2008-05-25:
Hi. I came here looking for others who had bad experiences with Gevalia. I belonged for several months, and became hooked on the Antigua, but found the quality of my brand intermittent and declining. Almost every time I called, they would find some way to talk me out of quitting, often insisting on sending me replacement boxes, which too often were still not up to the quality of my first batch. I begged them to ask the warehouse to send me the same codes as the first ones I got so I might have the same quality and they said there was “no way to know them,” but I discovered that the codes were also on the bottoms of the boxes. Over and over I complained, even calling Kraft, who referred me to a Gevalia supervisor, who only sent more of the same and rebuffed my requests that they get my codes. This went on for several months. Every so often I would get some of the initial quality and taste. When I'd had enough, they asked me to return the 8 boxes I had the worst problem with, and I did - - using the return mailer they sent me. Then they billed me for these supposedly "not received" boxes. I called UPS, as I had scanned a copy of the mailer w/tracking numbers, and they informed of when these were delivered, when, and who signed for them. They also sent me a copy of the delivery proof. Gevalia immediately removed the charges. I have since discovered Caribou La Minita (Peaberry), which is coming back into season in June, and I am saving up to buy many pounds of this to get me through each year, as it is only available for several months of each year. YUM!!!! As far as Gevalia is concerned, I am often tempted to give it a try again to see if I can get lucky and get some good Antigua, at least for a time. What can I say. I love good coffee, and these are gluten free. I buy the whole bean of both and grind my own. But, remember, if you are having a problem with consistent quality and Gevalia acts like you are the only complaint they have had, as they did with me, you are not.
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Gevalia K Cups Do Not Fit Keurig
Posted by Dawnhouston1982 on 03/25/2013
BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI -- I agree with the previous consumer. I bought the Gevalia K Cups because I love Gevalia coffee. The first one I used dumped coffee grinds in my cup. Thinking it was just a fluke, I tried again. Same thing. It appears that the cups are too tall for the Keurig, because the bottom of the K Cup is scrunched up which appears to make the hole in the bottom of the cup bigger, therefore allowing the coffee grounds to flow out into your coffee cup. So disappointing :(
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Posted by Jody on 2013-03-26:
I believe the Gevalia K cups are not endorsed by Keurig. Any product that does not have the Keurig seal of approval probably won't have a money back guarantee. Check out Keurig on Facebook.
Posted by Tezrien on 2013-03-26:
From: http://www.gevalia.com/FAQs/cs-faq-all,default,pg.html

When I made my coffee there were grounds in my cup. Is your product defective?
We are sorry if you had an upleasant experience. The quality of our products and the trust of our consumers are extremely important to us. If you have experienced an issue with your Kraft single-serve coffee cup, we want to hear about it. Please call (Gevalia 888-496-0021) to speak to one of our customer service team members.

It looks like my cup was not pierced completely before brewing. Is that normal?
This can happen in rare instances and may lead to a poor brew. If you have experienced this issue, we want to hear about it. Please Call (Gevalia 888-496-0021) to speak to one of our customer serive team members.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2013-03-26:
I had a similar issue with Maxwell House K-Cups, which are the same design as the Gevalia K-Cups...both are made by Kraft Foods. I had problems with the bottom of the cup crushing as well. Pressing hard on the lever when inserting a Maxwell House or Gevalia K-Cup will more likely pierce the cup hole than just pressing lightly. Sticking to K-Cup brands that bear the "Keurig Brewed" logo would still be your best bet.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-03-26:
Okay I admit it. I have a Keurig coffee maker and am addicted to the Paul Newman extra bold K-Cups. They pack a real jolt that gets you going in the morning. My supplier for this high caffeine fix, opps I meant store to purchase is Costco. They sell 80 K-Cups for $37.99 which will last my wife and I about five weeks. Much cheaper than drugs, alcohol, weed and cigarettes. I can live with this addiction.
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K-Cups Don't Fit Keurig Machine
Posted by SOAPYTOPIA on 02/14/2013
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Hey everyone.....Just bought some boxes of Gevalia k-cups. Put one in and no water would come out. I have to hold down the lever to try and get my coffee to slowly drip out. I feel the ridges on the side may prevent the cup from doing it's thing. What's up with that? It's a waste of my time in the morning when I could be doing something else while my coffee is brewing and dripping. What's the solution..... Manufacturing? Help... Cheryl of Boston
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-02-14:
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2013-02-16:
I had similar problems with Maxwell House K-cups. On at least 2 cups, the bottom of the K-cup won't pierce, but the bottom of the cup would be crushed. If you use Maxwell House or Gevalia K-Cups, press hard and firm on your machine lever so both holes pierce on the K-Cup. If only the top hole pierces, the brewing would stop. Repositioning the K-Cup and pushing hard may get the bottom of the cup pierced in order to finish the brewing. Kraft Foods may need to consider redesigning their version of K-Cups so they pierce easier.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2013-02-16:
Also, sticking with K-Cup brands that have the "KEURIG BREWED" logo on the package would be your best bet as well. Last fall, the patents expired for Keurig's K-Cup design, and a large number of brands of non-Keurig K-Cups, including store brands as well as Maxwell House and Gevalia (both distributed by Kraft Foods) started appearing on store shelves. Some are good, while others leave much to be desired. Another K-Cup I had problems with were the "Daily Chef" K-Cups from Sam's Club...a few of them would leave loose grounds in the coffee cup.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2013-03-07:
Another suggestion. Your nozzles may be clogged on your Keurig brewer, sometimes caused by the use of hot cocoa/chai K-cups without running a cycle of clear water after use. Take a bent paper clip and force it through the holes on both the top, and especially, the bottom nozzle. Those nozzles can clog. Be careful, the nozzle tips are sharp, since they also punch holes on the top and bottom of the K-Cups. If you have issues with the brewer not brewing, or coffee trickling out, your nozzles could be clogged. Also, if using K-cups other than coffee and tea (such as for cider, cocoa, chai, or cappuccino), run a cycle of clear water through, without a K-cup, to prevent the nozzle from clogging.
Posted by rainyd on 2013-03-26:
I bought several boxes of gevalia for my keurig, all of them left large amounts of grounds in my coffee cup. I called customer service ( kraft foods) they didnt seem surprised and promptly sent me a refund check. Last week I bought the maxwell house cups ( becasue I will NEVER buy those Gevalia ones again) and guess what? Massive grounds in my coffee. So again I will be calling customer service. These guys have serious manufacturing issues. Dont waste your time or money with these brands. I have successfully used many other brands with no issue like, caribu, kirkland brand (costco) and starbucks.
Posted by CharlieS on 2013-04-30:
I have the same problem with the Gevalia K-cups, almost half the box would not punch the hole in the bottom of the cup, just pushed it in.
Posted by anonymous on 2013-10-12:
I've been an employee of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters for over 9 years working in the maintenance department. Look at the bottom off your kcups. If it doesn't say "winpak" or "Phoenix" on the bottom, they are not true authentic kcups. Others MAY come close, but will not work as effectively as one of these two cups. These cups are designed to spec for our Keurig brewers and have a very tight tolerance for size and material. Keurig still owns the patent to most specs of the kcup, and because of this competitors may offer a product that's close but will almost always cause issues at some point. Your best bet is to buy authentic k cups that say "Keurig brewed" on the box or use a "My k cup" accessory.
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