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Refund Not Credited
By -

01/15/08 I ordered a double coffee pot under the impression it had automatic shut off. I asked the service rep if it did, she said "yes." I asked her to verify with the appropriate department which she did and verified it did and very adamantly stated it did have auto shut off.

When I received the coffee pot I plugged it in for four hours and it never shut off. I called customer service at Gevalia again and asked if that particular coffee pot had auto shut off. I was told again that it did, just like "every Gevalia coffee pot". I then told her it had been on for 4 hours without shutting off. She apologized and stated it was probably broken and she could go ahead and replace it. I insisted she find out how this coffee pot was supposed to shut off when it had a manual off/on switch. After talking to other reps and other departments and the product support department she returned and apologized since she had been misinformed.

I asked for a return label which took about 10 days to arrive. I was told I would have to return the item before my credit card would be credited back. I returned the coffee pot on 02/04/08 and it was received on 02/11 per UPS tracking. I called Gevalia that same day and gave them the tracking number and requested I be refunded my money. I was told that it would be sent for processing and that it would probably take another 10 days for my card to be credited.

On 02/25/08, 1 day shy of the 10 days I called Gevalia to find out the status. The gentleman I spoke to said there was no notation of the tracking number and did not know why I had not been credited yet. He apologized again and said he would forward to a supervisor and that it would be processed in the next 2 days.

On 03/04/08 I still had not been credited and I called Gevalia back, the lady I spoke to said she would have to take the tracking number again and forward it to a supervisor. I explained we had gone through this twice before and I would need to speak to a supervisor. She transferred me to a supervisor by the name of ** in the West Virginia District. She would not give me any identifying info so that I may reference her in the future. She then said all she could do was forward the information to some other department to process my refund. I asked to speak to someone above her she said "there was no one else."

I asked for the name of the district manager and she said she was not allowed to give that information. I asked for an address to mail a complaint and she said she could only direct me to their website for an online complaint. I asked how I would be compensated for them taking my money under false pretense and not refunding it in a timely manner, she responded "there was nothing." Bottom line is I still don'€™t have my money which they deceitfully took from me. I'm disgusted by the service and all the misinformation Gevalia gave me to make a sale. DO NOT BUY FROM GEVALIA CATALOG.

AWFUL Customer Service!!
By -

I have been a customer/member for well over 10 years. During that time the customer service has deteriorated to the point where it doesn't exist at all! Emails are ignored, and all calls are now diverted to Manilla; complaints aren't acted upon, and the sales representative lie as well, stating that they are the customer service reps, when they obviously are not. I intend to spend the next few weeks looking for substitute coffee I like as much. What a shame to see a good company go so bad! (And I was a totally dedicated customer!)

Violation of the Federal DO NOT CALL list
By -

DOVER, DELAWARE -- The Telemarketing Sales Rule prohibits telemarketers from calling a number listed on the Federal DO NOT CALL list. Gevalia Kaffe Company has violated the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and the Federal DO NOT CALL list by calling my telephone number 14 times, despite the fact that my telephone number is listed on the Federal DO NOT CALL list. Further, the last ten of the 14 calls are a double violation in that they continued to call after I had asked not to be called. The Telemarketing Sales Rule prohibits telemarketers from calling a person who has asked not to get telemarketing calls.

Gevalia is an organized business that sells coffee products. Gevalia is NOT a charity. Gevalia is NOT a political organization. Gevalia is NOT a non-profit. I have NOT previously contacted Gevalia for any reason, as I do not drink coffee. I do NOT have an “existing” relationship with Gevalia. Therefore, Gevalia does not meet any of the “exemptions” listed within the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Further, when I asked not to be called, the representative, "**," insisted on having my name and address. There is no legal reason to provide this information when asking not to be called. All you need to do is ask for your phone number to not be called. The Telemarketing Sales Rule prohibits telemarketers from failing to transmit Caller ID information. Gevalia transmitted only partial information. The phone number was clear, but the name was shown as “unavailable.”

I did a “GOOGLE” search and discovered the phone number belonged to Gevalia. I have filed a lawsuit, but I am having trouble "Serving notice." I sent a certified letter to the address shown on the website, but the certified letter was delivered to a company with a different name.

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter for the Kraft information. I found out LL Bean had sued them, and their lawsuit is available online. From this, I found out that they are registered in Pennsylvania. So, I paid a county sheriff to serve them notice. The reason I am having to serve notice myself is because I'm using Small Claims Court (no lawyer). That's the best avenue to sue telemarketers. If you use Small Claims, you pretty much have to do the "serving" yourself, or hire someone.

Well, they "got" my notice. I got called by their attorney. My number IS on the DO NOT CALL list, I have verified that. However, I registered it in 2006 (because that is when I got the phone number), but the DO NOT CALL list says it was registered in 2003. Oh well.

Update: I got called by the attorney again. Apparently, the person who had my phone number before me had ordered from Gevalia. I got the phone number 3 months after the previous phone number holder had ordered, and Gevalia was using the "18 month we can still call you" rule. They are going to pay me $1500 based on.... they have 30 days to stop calling me after a request to not call. They exceeded the 30 days by 3 phone calls, so that is what they are basing the $1500 on. The $1500 is worth it, to me.

Gevalia K Cups Do Not Fit Keurig
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Rating: 1/51

BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI -- I agree with the previous consumer. I bought the Gevalia K Cups because I love Gevalia coffee. The first one I used dumped coffee grinds in my cup. Thinking it was just a fluke, I tried again. Same thing. It appears that the cups are too tall for the Keurig, because the bottom of the K Cup is scrunched up which appears to make the hole in the bottom of the cup bigger, therefore allowing the coffee grounds to flow out into your coffee cup. So disappointing :(

K-Cups Don't Fit Keurig Machine
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Rating: 2/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Hey everyone... Just bought some boxes of Gevalia k-cups. Put one in and no water would come out. I have to hold down the lever to try to get my coffee to slowly drip out. I feel the ridges on the side may prevent the cup from doing its thing. What's up with that? It's a waste of my time in the morning when I could be doing something else while my coffee is brewing and dripping. What's the solution... Manufacturing? Help...

Horrible Customer Service
By -

The WORST Customer service - They will send you coffee you didn't order and bill you for it or take it from your credit card without your approval. They will not credit your account without a fight. They won't close your account without a fight AND still send and bill you for coffee.

Something Wrong in Gevalia Land
By -

Great product but the customer service just KILLS it. I've read the prior comments and must agree with what I've encountered. I'm rather easy-going when it comes to set-ups like this. Just deliver the product in a timely method and I'm oblivious to anything else. I will really miss the coffee. It pained me to cancel but the lack of service and the lack of comprehension was what did it for me.

The Worst Customer Service I Ever Encountered
By -

I order some coffee, and I tried to check the status with customer service and they were not able to location my order, but they charge my card. How can you operate like this? There are a lot of complaints about this Company.

Hold time on phone
By -

I have not had issues with the company over the years I've done business with them; however, I have been on hold for 20 minutes!!! I can understand being on hold with company at peak business hours, but this is excessive..... I'm still on hold.

Gave Me Confirmation Of Purchase And Overnight Shipping - No Product
By -

I waited for the mailman for two days, no product. I finally sent an e-mail and received a response within 2 hrs that they discontinued that product. Who does that? They didn't even try to make it right, nor contact me. BAD BUSINESS!!!

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