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Gexa Doubled My Rate Without Notice
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ALLEN, TEXAS -- I had a one year contract with Gexa and minute it expired, they more than doubled my rate. When I contacted customer service, they told me they had the "RIGHT" to adjust my rate to whatever they wanted. Stay Away!

Rip Off
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Gexa Energy is a complete RIP OFF. The worst service EVER. I have been disconnected 2 times in 10 days. Now how can this be? I got a message from them about my service. I called and spoke to a representative on Oct 27. She told me I needed to pay $200. I did so that same day. On Nov 3rd guess what, my service was disconnected. I called to find out the problem. I was told that the bill was $279 and I needed to pay $79 to be restored. SO THEY CUT ME OFF FOR $79. WHY DIDN'T THE REP TELL ME $279!!! I did so. I paid the $79. I had to stay in a hotel that night. That cost me $100 more bucks.

So, on Monday Nov 10th I paid another $300 because I want to pay this place completely off. Guess what, my service is OFF TODAY BECAUSE THE BILL IS $331.00. THESE PEOPLE TURNED OFF MY LIGHTS FOR $31 BUCKS. UN-BELIEVABLE!!! This is the problem... Why wasn't I told a correct amount to be paid? Why did one representative say $200 then still cut my lights out? Why did another representative tell me $79 to restore then they restore me? Then I pay another $300 and they disconnect me for $31!!! It makes NO SENSE. IT'S A RIP OFF. NOW I HAVE TO PAY RE-CONNECT FEES.

Today I paid another $300... Now they say I have a credit because the current bill isn't due until Nov 23. I mean can you believe this. Also, they don't offer any kind of assistance. Say your bill is due on the 20th but you cannot pay it until the 25th. If you have gotten a disconnection notice in the past 12 months there is no help for you... NOT DISCONNECTED JUST A NOTICE IN A YEAR. I mean what is that?!!

Also, I have been asking them why my bill is so high. Some months my bill is like $400. I even had them come and check the meter. I thought that it was from my pool pump running for half the day. Guess what, they had me on a variable rate plan of 27 cents kwh!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE? I called over and over and asked them this. So now I have switched to some contract for 12.9 kwh. I want to cancel them so bad... but to cancel you have to pay $250. WHAT A RIP OFF. HORRIBLE SERVICE. RUDE REPS. JUST STUPID STUPID STUPID. F ME FOR EVER GETTING THIS SERVICE. IT IS THE WORST!!!

Horrible Customer Service
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- This company couldn't care less about you as a future customer. They totally screwed us after we requested to be on an average monthly billing plan. They then hit us with a $1400 bill five months later with no warning that we were overusing our energy. Half the time, their reps do not follow through and do what they say which lead to a sudden service disconnection with no warning! We have been customers of Gexa for 5 years without incident or late payment before this year! They did not lift a finger to help keep us. I am switching my provider because of their lack of customer service when they have made mistakes! They do not care! Do not use this company!

Change Of Management And Very Low Rate
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- After someone told me that the management of Gexa is changed I called their customer care to check with their new rates. Guess what to my surprise I found their rates to be much cheaper than my current provider. The customer care people are very friendly and offered me a good rate. I am happy with them so far. Honestly I was skeptical when I read reviews about them but with the new management I guess they are doing a decent job.

By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I don't know where to start. In Texas you have the choice of choosing what electric providers you want and there are at least 12 or more. With the opportunity of doing that along comes unregulated rules and unfair practices. I chose GEXA ENERGY from a list of providers on a website to become my Commercial Business provider. After a couple of months I decided to go with them as my resident provider and they told me that since you're a commercial customer we are going to "WAIVE" the deposit for your resident account. My apartment management informed about 30 days after I signed up with GEXA that I did not transfer my electric and that I was in violation of my lease.

I called GEXA and they state that it requires deposit I explained to look at the notes and was told that I didn't need a deposit. They said they would take care of it. GUESS WHAT! They didn't. I receive a bill from the Apartments saying I need to transfer service again. By this time I'm really mad and the hold time on the phone with this company is horrible, I have even called early in the morning and the recording says we are extremely busy please hold... instead it should say "due to the small number of call advisors available your hold time could be 30 minutes or longer" GIVE ME A BREAK... liars.

I know this is long but it was a real bad mistake doing business with them. They finally hooked me up. So I moved and had outstanding bill with them so they decided to transfer the remaining balance to my commercial account. I AM NOW ON BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION thanks to GEXA ENERGY. I went through the roof and filed several PUC Public utility Complaints against them. We will remove your resident balance from your commercial only for it to appear again. Long story short.

I eventually cancelled the commercial account and decided to pay monthly and without notice it went to NCO Financial Collections and appears on my credit report. NO NOTICE... NOTHING, even after paying them monthly payments. Do you think they would have had the decency to send me a notice that partial payments are not accepted and we will send it to collections? I have since paid the balance to GEXA and sent the NCO Financial a verification of debt letter.

All I have to say is that companies are out to ruin your credit life and they couldn't care less how they affect you. I have taken the steps to get all this behind me. There are actually more incidents of unethical behavior on their part that I did not post here but you can only imagine. BE AWARE OF GEXA ENERGY HOUSTON TEXAS AND NCO FINANCIAL.

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