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Can't Read Court Documents Correctly...
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OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON -- So I applied for a job and was informed that I would have to have a background check done. So after waiting 2 weeks with no word about the job, I get a copy of the background check that they performed in the mail. In the county criminal section I had 2 misdemeanors for driving on a suspended license, yes very stupid on my part. Went to the arraignments on both of them was sentenced and started a payment plan, well I missed the last couple of payments on those tickets. Yes once again stupid on my part. So 2 FTA's (failure to appear) were issued because of the missed payments, it just meant that the tickets were sent to collections on 04/24/07 and 01/08/08.

Well on the copy it read that on those dates FTA warrants were issued, so I called the courts to make sure and they confirmed only FTA's were issued no warrants. Both courts gave me copies of the court dockets, and I called the company and asked what to do. The guy I was speaking with said I needed to dispute it, but then proceeded to tell me that it would be a waste of both of our times if I had warrants and he asked are you positive you have no warrants. I told him I had the court documents to prove it, he told me I had to fax them. He told me that it would at best the dispute would be resolved in 10 business days but that it could take up to 30 days.

I asked the court clerk why it would say that in my records, she informed me it doesn't a lot of the time what happens is the person or people performing the background checks don't read the court documents correctly. I read in some magazine that this company was like number 13 on the list of the best employer screening companies.

How can a company be in the top 20 on that list and not be able to read a court document?
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Hugh_Jorgen on 07/08/2008:
Do you have any idea how many city, state, county, parish, district and various municipal courts there are in this country? I bet each one uses a unique form.

It looks like they are working with you to straighten it out as quickly as they can - I wouldn't be in such a hurry to complain that they didn't recognize your court's document at first glance.
moneybags on 07/08/2008:
Pay the darn tickets and be done with them
jeromeyg on 07/13/2008:
I understand they have to go through a lot court documents from many different courts. What I forgot to mention in my original posting that it cost me $100 to have them screw it up. Also on my background check they sent me it had the court locations and the phone numbers. When I called the other day they said they would have to call the courts to make sure that I didn't have warrants. Why didn't they just call the courts in the first place? Maybe they are not obligated to or didn't have time. I am just saying if they have 42 years of experience and 99.99% accuracy rate why don't they take an extra couple of minutes to try to understand it correctly?
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Mistaken For Sex Offender
Posted by on
I applied for employment at the Kroger Grocery Store, located in Staunton, Va. I have a Law Enforcement Background and have NEVER been arrested. Kroger has General Information Servives (GIS) perform pre-employment background checks.

As an Officer I conducted background checks, and GIS made an unprofessional mistake. GIS, HAD ALL MY CORRECT INFORMATION and then assumed I was an individual on the Virginia Sex Offender registry. I lost the opportunity for employment as KROGER AND GIS WOULD NOT COMMUNICATE.

After e-mails to GIS and KROGER stating I was getting an ATTORNEY, contacted the press, and contacting the Better Business Bureau, GIS did confirm their mistake. Kroger has never replied!
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User Replies:
raven2010 on 11/18/2010:
UGH!!! I'm really sorry that happened. So many background check companies use automated systems these days, rather than having a human eyeball each report, I think this sort of thing is going to happen more and more often.
Anonymous on 11/18/2010:
I have a common name and a place I applied at last year made me come down in person to prove I wasn't a felon who committed a kidnapping in Washington. I've never lived in that state so it was obvious to me that that person wasn't myself. But I'm glad that they pulled up that criminal's mugshot and saw that she wasn't me. Was there was way for them to pull up that person's picture?
PepperElf on 11/18/2010:
though at this point ... would you really want the job if they were that rude to you and refused to believe the truth?

Samantha Rance on 10/03/2014:
Yes, I just received copy of a report from GIS that Dollar General, Bossier City, LA requested. I have an assault charge that is a misdemeanor, and GIS has as a felony. It is hard enough to get a job with violent crimes on your record and now they are trying to say that it is a felony. Plus, they got some of my address information wrong. If this company is going to do background checks that determine whether or not people get employed, they should be more attentive to the details! I have kids that I am trying to take care of!!!!! Then the letter is dated and postmarked the 29th, I don't receive it until the 3rd, and they are telling me that I have 6 days from the above date to file for a reinvestigation. So really I only have two. Also, I have other things on my record and NONE of that came up. Just the bogus felony. Very unprofessional.
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