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Global Tel Link/PCS Are the Same and Crooked
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- I was charged by both Prison Call Services and Global Tel Link and realized they are one and the same though Global Tel Link tells you that PCS is a fraud, at one point one of their reps told me to go back to PCS because it would save me money. Both took my money but charged services fees and there are hidden fees even if you don't answer the call. You put money in the account and it can be gone in one short phone call and they immediately demand more. I added money one day but that same day, my niece was released so I called and canceled it but they threatened me on the phone demanding to know why I was canceling as if I didn't have a right as a consumer to cancel an unneeded service. But I had filed a fraud claim against PCS, signed up with Global Tel Link and "somehow" they were able to get my money from PCS for a fee of course. Wells Fargo further lost me money because they claimed that PCS was legitimate although their phone numbers do not work. Global Tel then pretends to be saving you.

So I canceled since she was released and for a few days the money was back in my account but then somehow when Wells Fargo investigated PCS, they decided it was a legitimate business so they OK'd the cancelled withdrawal which then somehow voided my cancellation of the Global Tel Link service and the 50.00 was taken out but because of bank procedures, the transactions "dropped off my account" so when I checked it looked like that the money was taken out then promptly returned only to have them sneak it out a few days later. I kept looking for the amount minus the 14.95 service charge for cancellation and kept searching for 50.00 that I was short. Finally after my daughter was arrested again and she was able to call me, they announce on the call my balance! I go to my account and sure enough they had kept the 50.00 and if she hadn't been picked up, the money would have stayed in there past the 90 day refund period and I would have lost it all together.

Not only is Global Tel Link an expensive fraud, PCS is owned by them and they manage to work you both ways: PCS advertises a flat rate and/or less per minute but the number is declared no good by Global Tel Link and they step in take the rest of what you gave to PCS and charge you service charges, a long distance rate, a unanswered call charge...on and on. Plus trying to stop payment on PCS just got me an email threat saying they could charge me 3 times what I owed if I went to the bank! And then the bank sees that Global Tel Link was used at one time and they didn't even check out PCS so they said the 50.00 Global Tel Link used plus charges was legitimate and let it go through even though I had canceled it and had not used any calls against the 50.00. It is a racket, it is government sanctioned, it is a monopoly and it seems we have no recourse EXCEPT I am a writer and I am going to spend the rest of my days harassing my senator and congress person for reform.

The prison system doesn't help drug addicts and it doesn't help people while they are in jail so they come out worse than before. It is a money making business and hardworking families in an attempt to help their family members, only get ripped off. My niece is young and suffered the loss of her parents both suddenly and tragically within a two year period. I'm not condoning her drug use and it has been a battle but she doesn't need to be in prison but in treatment like all drug addicts. But punishing the families by ripping us off doesn't help us help our family members. I have given her an ultimatum because there is a 2 year live-in program and she can live with me or my father anymore. She needs professional help to rebuild her life and she needs structure and to be working with people who have experience with drug addicts and their fears. I am helpless in doing anything for her because it is up to her. She may not have hit bottom and she may not make it and that frightens me more than anything. BUT I don't need to be played by a big corporation which makes billions off the prison system.

I need my energy to be here for her when she decides she wants to restart her life. I don't need to be ripped off as if I deserve to be treated like a brainless twit who has money lying around for these racketeers to bully and rip off. None of us deserve that, regardless of who or why a family member is in prison. The prison system helps no one, and our judgment of people who have fallen into drug use is unfair since we don't have a clue what brought that about. And God help the innocent who get arrested and their families have no money nor understanding of how to fight for them or have the means to even figure out how to get help. I am ashamed of America right now. There is no compassion for the poor and as needed services are erased, more people will fall into despair and into jail. And as Global Tel Link takes money hand over fist, you can bet they pay no taxes. If you read this, and you find yourself in this same situation, speak out, be a pest to your congress people, call the White House, your Governor, don't stop being loud and clear about the changes we need. In silence, we will fail our children.
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Pentonia Mason on 11/09/2013:
Global tel link is a ripoff they just stole 50 dollars from me. I made a 50 dollar deposit and they claim the money is not available and the money was clearly deducted from my bank account.
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3 Way Call Detected...
Posted by on
ALABAMA -- I've been using Global Tel Link for about a month to get calls on my cell phone from my fiance. The costs of each call is $2.50 per phone call and the phone calls are 15 minutes long. I only add money via Western Union which is a $10.95 sending fee. Talk about expensive.
Well, I hadn't had a problem out of the phone calls until about a week ago. Now, when I only have about 2 more calls left, the automated recording tells me I have a low balance and then I just count the last two. This was our 1 call after hearing the low balance recording. We heard something pick up, kind of like when you're on the house phone and someone picks up to listen to your phone call...but I was on a cell phone.

On my fiance's end, he heard a strange little buzzing sound. We've concluded that is when the jail picks up to listen in to your calls. Well, then all of a sudden I hear "3 way call detected" and there goes my $2.50 phone call. Boy was I mad. I called customer service immediately and explained that I don't even have 3 way calling on my cell phone. The customer service lady explained that (and this is important) GLOBAL TEL LINK DOES NOT GUARANTEE CALLS TO CELL PHONES. So, I asked to speak to her supervisor. While I was on hold (since every time I'm on hold it's for about 20 minutes no matter what it is), I pulled up their website and read the ENTIRE thing. And not one time did I read that there was no guarantee for cell phone. Oh, I was mad. But, I did not show I was mad, just disappointed. Instead of getting a supervisor, I got an answering machine. Very unprofessional, but whatever.

I left a message explaining that the woman I spoke with was very helpful but I would like to know why there is no guarantee for cell phones through their company but it was not in any recording, on the website, or even in any fine print. I left my number and requested them to call back (I said please). I didn't receive a call back, which upset me. But after I received my 2nd call and knew I didn't have minutes anymore, I went to do another Western Union (because like most of you who used Global Tel Link, it's the ONLY option if you want to speak with someone incarcerated) and added $20 to my account. Now, if my math is correct, and I aced math all my life, that's 8 phone calls.

Well, I never called customer service back and even though I felt so upset at the time, I refuse to complain about this service because I have now received 27 phone calls without making any more payments and it still hasn't told me that I have a low balance.

Now, as to whether they are going to contact me and tell me my balance is $-100 sometime down the road is another story. but, the great thing about that phone is not in my name, it's prepaid; the account is for my prepaid phone...I'll just change my number and they can eat the bill. haha.

So, maybe you can try to call customer service and be very polite but very displeased with the service and let them know on the answering machine what's going on and ASK NICELY for a return phone call. And if they call you back instead of doing whatever it was they did to my account that has given me all these phone calls, then just tell them they'll return your money or you're calling corporate and going well above their head. Oh, and ask for the supervisor's name...that'll probably help him/her to make the decision of giving you your money back instead of trying to make you go away.

Hope this helps someone else like it did my fiance and me.
PS - sorry your family/friends are incarcerated. I know how hard it is, now.
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jktshff1 on 03/08/2011:
Gail on 06/28/2011:
Wow I wish my calls from my boyfriend was 2.50 a call. He called me one night and the balance was 5.00 I figured that we should have at least a couple of minutes to I accepted the call, as soon as it was connected it said we had 60 seconds left on the call!!! Normally a 15 minute call cost over 10.00 but 5.00 for one minute, OUTRAGIOUS!!! I am very thankful to be able to talk to him, but the cost is going to kill me, and it is unfair the rates they can charge and get away with it.
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Posted by on
How crazy does this sound??? A few weeks ago I added minutes/funds to my phone and only received one call from the correctional facility. For personal reasons I changed my number (same phone company). Clearly I had close to 20 dollars left in my account, which I paid with MY CREDIT CARD. This is after the phone call I had just received and the ridiculous fee they charge you EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU ADD MONEY TO YOUR ACCOUNT. After changing my number I called to have MY MONEY/FUNDS transferred to my new number. Let's not omit the fact that getting a hold of these people, especially when you are at work is extremely difficult; shame on you if you miss the call. The first time they returned my call the representative said that it would be transferred as a one time courtesy because they normally did not do that. WHY??? You are paying for a service correct??? OK, well I thought it was done and over with and I was going to be able to use the my remaining balance. After all, that is what the operator told me. A few days ago I got a phone call from the correctional facility and it did not come through. I had no money in my account. I thought it was some sort of mistake so here I go again. I called them last Friday and as usual got their automated call back center. Got a call back and re-explained my situation. The operator clearly mentioned it should have been done but they had made some sort of mistake and the transaction never went through. Funny how when they take your money they never make any mistakes. So, she puts me on hold and tells me that her supervisor is the only one with the authority to do that and to wait while this is being processed. Then out of nowhere, I get an answering machine that tells me that no one is available to take my call and to call back later. What a freaking joke! I get hung up on!!!! Wow! Seriously, if they are not going to do it why even make you waste your time? So I called today again and I get the biggest A-hole on the phone to tell me that no there had the authority to promise me anything and that they won't even do it as a one time courtesy because they took that away too. Then on top of that he adds insult to injury and tells me that I paid them the money and that now it is theirs and they can do with it whatever they please!!!! Are you kidding me?! How can you pay for a service/item/product and then once you pay you don't get anything in return, zero, nothing??? Is that even legal? It's not like I changed cell phone companies. Why don't they advice you of their policy in writing to begin with? to know what to expect in case things like this happen? I was so upset I just told the jerk to keep my money and hung up. I wish there was someone regulating such unscrupulous & unethical companies and make them revise their stupid and ridiculous policies. How easy is it to just steal someone's money nowadays? They are no better than any pickpocket out in the streets. Whatever happenend to keeping your customer happy???
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/19/2009:
Save yourself the headache and write letters.
PepperElf on 10/20/2009:
Perhaps now's the time to invest in some of those ForeverStamps.

Letter writing is the best option since you know the company isn't going to change policy any time soon.

As of right now... phones aren't on the list of human rights. They're conveniences, but they're not guaranteed rights for anyone in the world
Whoadi on 05/05/2012:
@LadyScot, so are you saying the family members should also be punished and disrespected, robbed and humiliated because one of their family members broke the law?
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VERY COSTLY collect call Inmate charges!! Costing $25 a day for 2 calls
Posted by on
I have a family member in jail and I am using Global Tel Link for her collect calls to me. When I first started the account $25 would get her at least 1-2 calls a day for 3 days. Over the past few weeks I started added $50 because it takes forever to go through all the instructions to add the money with your credit card. Well, once I started putting $50 on the account the money went even quicker with her not changing her call routine. It turned into every 3 days it was another $50. Well I went back to putting $25 on the phone and yesterday I put $25 on the phone when she called. She called back in the evening and GTL said I had to add MORE money to accept the call. That was $50 in one day for 2 calls. I called GTL today and what they told me was it cost $8.34 for a 20 minute call but the jail only allows 15 minute calls. They charge $9.50 to add $50 and $4.75 to add $25 every time you add money. I was also told that if an inmate or loved one is trying to call you collect and you don't answer for instance they call 2-3 times back to back then GTL will hold the money on the account for 5 minutes for each time someone calls and you don't pick up. So if you happen to pick up on the 3rd call then the GTL message will say "you have a collect call and need to add money to accept." This to me is very very hard to keep track of and it has now turned into every time I get a call from my family member I am adding money even though my family member has started calling only 2-3 times a week now. This entire operation really is a rip-off.

I still have no idea why I am being charged $8.34 per 20 minute call when inmates have a 15 minute limit. If anyone knows a company to use for collect inmate calls please let me know.
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User Replies:
lordgreg_ on 01/18/2012:
This company is a rip off. When I put $25.00 on the account I get disconnected and charged for the call. When my inmate wife calls me back I am told I have either $17.35 or $18.35 left, and this is before I even get to talk to her. This happens each and every time.
gerry on 02/09/2012:
I will just add my 3cents, I get calls from ny to Florida and go through same routine and charges. they have us behind a barrel. I have contact fcc and communications dept, its like talking or writing to the senate, sorry, nothing we can do.
we need to get our loved ones to stay on outside or start using the .45 cent stamp. my loved one last time in, mci was in charge, I spent over 3000.00 on calls if not more. good luck to all.
heck on 10/17/2013:
This company it is a Rip off!!...DO NOT USED This company
Krissy on 10/29/2013:
Just reading this is getting my BLOOD BOILING! My son was unfortunately in jail for 2 days, and nobody helped him to understanding the phone system. I too had to create an account just for my son to call me. Whatever happened to "will you accept a collect call?" I guess that's old school and now there's companies that are created, just like this one, to RIP PEOPLE OFF! Apparently he didn't wait long enough for us to "accept" the phone call, so he thought that we were hanging up on HIM! For 2 days, he thought that none of his family members cared about him. Now this is my son who just turned 18. Mentally, he's still about 15. It was a horrible situation for him, and he was suicidal. We are lucky that he is still alive. When he got out after the 2 days, he looked like he was about to die. No lie. Government is corrupt and so are all the businesses that work with the government. I hate the so-called Good Old U.S. of A.
Donna Humphrey on 11/01/2013:
I have inmate in escambia county jail and you can look online see what youre getting. 2.25 call and 7.95 fee. I looked all over trying tofind what it cost at gtl no customer service and no info. Jail gladly gives you number with no info. Just 25.00 and mumbled about other charges. Santa rosa jail should be ashamed and my friend will have to write letters. I refuse to let them hold me hostage. Santa rosa fl. Jail must be getting pretty big kickbacks.
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Poor Service And Customer Care
Posted by on
FORT COVINGTON, NEW YORK -- I have been a customer through MCI and then Global tel link for almost ten years. I have always paid my bill and therefore, I have always been granted the additional calls. Well, although MCI was very costly, I always received my calls. Global Tel link has only sent me one bill in nearly a year. I have had many blocks on my line and I have never been given a straight answer for when my bill is due. I was told "you will have calls taken for late payments, for early payments" (yes! I paid early and an over payment therefore, I was not granted additional calls!) How can people use this company when it takes no less than an hour to speak to a person who never can give you a straight answer and the supervisors do not speak to you. I have requested a copy of their policy, but have never seen one they keep telling me that they know the policy therefore, I have no reason to know it! I have been taken from over twenty calls a month to four because I paid a day early in Dec. and my husband called the day my bill was due. I owed $3.32 and they took all my calls except four them. I was never notified that this was happening!

I called when the block was put on my line and was told that I was irresponsible! I paid when I was told to do so through calling the company for a date my bill was due because I never got a bill. I paid the bill and was told I would have to pay two months on time to increase my plan by three calls per month. I did so for January and Feb. I called on March 1 and was told that I show a credit on my bill and they are not a bank therefore, I can not increase my calls I must pay only the amount due on the date it is due. I must wait and pay two more months on time and not over to increase! I asked for the supervisor only to get another customer service rep. who then tells me that they don't count January because my error occurred in Dec as a positive payment therefore, I have to wait until the end of April to be considered. I then asked why I have gotten two answers and she told me not to worry they know the policy and I am not going to get any more calls for at least two months! I am a mother of four and work full time my husband is 6 hours away our calls are what keep us connected because I can't get there often.

How can they justify keeping a family apart like this? I know I am not the only one this has happened to and I know I am not the only one who has spent three hours on the phone begging for our rights to communicate with loved ones. Why can't we find a company that will treat inmate families like any other customers and not like we are deserving of poor treatment and disrespect? In Nov. customers received a letter stating that they were going to $100 worth of calls a month. Once you reach the $100 limit you must pay or your line would be blocked. I asked why my line was blocked in Dec with this new plan they simply stated that the plan did not go through, but I never received a letter stating that and neither did anyone else I have spoken to. I think it is time the legal system step in an help the families to be righted for once. I also want to state that when this company took over I have a credit of $113.00 and moved. I had a new number so they made me send a fax to request a refund I have called and called and they claimed to have received the fax from June 07, and yet here we are Feb 08 and still no refund.

They owe me yet I am being punished! What a joke! We need help from a respectable phone company! I am sorry to go on and on, but this is the only place I have found in hopes of getting my complaint to this company. They don't even have a complaint number! The number you call for customer service just hangs up on you when you complain! Thank you!
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User Replies:
Frustrated in Fort on 09/15/2014:
Hi Mytone, I noticed your comment began with Fort Covington, NY, which is a crazy coincidence because I'm living in Fort also! I'm having similar trouble with Global Tel, I put money in my prepaid account this week when my s.o. was transferred from Franklin to Essex county, and every time he calls, I press 0 to connect and the phone goes silent for about 2 minutes then disconnects! :( I don't know what to do, I've called their customer service line multiple times and they are no help. The last time I called the person I spoke to said to call back Wednesday, so I'm hopeful, but after everything I've read about them online, my hopes aren't as high as before.
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Rip Off On Charges For Calls
Posted on
OKLAHOMA -- My spouse is an inmate at Hillside Correctional in Oklahoma City. Every time I place more money on my account the recording tells me it is now connecting my call, which it does not. I get disconnected every time and charged for the call. I finally managed to talk with a live person about this, and was told it would take seven business days to get a reply. I haven't heard anything since. this has been an ongoing problem, and the company does not seem to care. I am sick of being charged for a call that I don't get to use. I was also informed that Global cannot credit my phone back the charges because it is a cell phone. I have heard that other inmates have experienced the same problem, but do not know that for a fact. I guess my next step is to call the Better Business Bureau. I wish to add that the rate this company charges is absurd. I wish I could list my true feelings about Global in this letter, but the language is not printable.
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User Replies:
Sandy on 06/26/2013:
My family member was recently transferred to a facility that uses Global Telelink. I put money on phone account and was able to talk once. He tried to call 3 times in a row and it did not connect up and they still charged my account the full fee of 15 mins. So for a 15 minute call that I was able to talk to him, it cost me $25.
I then put more money on it and he was able to call once and again the second mere minutes later did not go through and again they charged my account. What a ripoff.
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Dropped calls, terrible service, wayyyy to expensive.
Posted by on
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- This company is a RIP OFF! Try calling the customer service number I'm sure you will be on hold for at least a half hour. The rates is outrageous. What's up with you can only pay $25 or $50? Well if you speak to a representative to make your payment you can tell him/her that you want to add any amount and they have to add those funds no more no less. They will try to convince you otherwise but trust me I have on more than one occasion added anywhere from $10, $15 or even $30 when I make a payment with a live person. I have been having a lot of issues with dropped calls. Usually a recording will come on saying "This call is being terminated due to 3way calls" even though I don't even use the 3way. They won't give you a refund if your using a cellphone because they claim that there is no way of knowing why the call got disconnected. Also if you use a debit card to make payments they do have an issue with you using more than one card to make a payment or having your loved on make excessive calls threw out the day. They like to call this OVER USAGE. Come on GTL this is called a PRE PAID calling system. My loved one should be able to call as much as I am willing to pay and I should be able to fund my account as much as I would like to. Its not like they are losing money all fees is paid UPFRONT
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/27/2011:
Since the state has set up the contract with GTL, you may want to contact your state representative to complain about this.
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Stay away from GTL
Posted by on
I recently found out that a friend of mine now resides at Gaston CC in Dallas NC. We have been writing back and forth and in order to talk to him I ordered a home phone so he could call me collect. His call came through the first 4 times, my caller ID said GTL Inmate but when I picked up it was a recording saying my number didn't except collect calls and to call GTL to set up an account. Not wanting a separate bill I called GTL and asked if they had a block on my number and if they did to take it off. The first representative said there was no block and the call didn't come through because my phone service was new, told me to call my phone co and request they update their calling database. I called at and they said it would automaticaly udate but could take a week. Now, no calls come through from my friend not even like they did before I call GTL. I called GTL again, this representative said the first representative didn't know wha he was doing but again stated there was no block on my phone through them but tried setting me up for an account. I didn't bite...I caled at and t again this time the representative there used 3way calling and called my number collect to show me the call would go through and it did. Still, his calls will not come through at all. I called an 1800 number that would allow me to enetr my number to check and se If GTL had a block on my number. The recording stated they had no records of any inmate tring to call my number. I called a live person, this time this representative put in my number and said yr having trouble receiving calls from a inmate at Gaston CC? **I NEVER mentioned the name of the facility to anyone** so they do have it in their records that a inmate has tried calling me. Still no calls coming though so I'm calling one more time today and if this will not fix it I'm going to the Executive Director of Billing. I'll update what happens, if anything does happen. Sorry for any missing letters, computer is acting up again.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/27/2011:
There are numerous complaints about GTL, but I'm not sure you can do anything more than you all ready are unless more than one provider is available for the center you wish to communicate with. Possibly NC Corrections can help you.
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Still waiting for REFUND
Posted by on
RESTON, VIRGINIA -- I set upthe account so my son could call home from jail at the time I thought it was the only way, Well in January we gave them our debit card number and continued using this company for two monthsto a total of $350.00. The company then changed there poilcy and we need to pay $100 on an account over the phone which then my son could call home again, so we did. From Feb. 26,2010 an March 10, 2010 he called six times which left a balance of $81.72. The Prison then gat a new company and we had to swith (which I might add this company is very good.) On March 13, 2010 I called Global Tel Link to get my account closed and get my refund and the person said on problem 7- 10 days. Two weeks went by and still on refund in my account I called back they said We need to account number for the refund I reply You have the account number, you have been taking $50. a week for it for the last two months how can you say you don't have it. So my husband gave them the account number on his card which has been done before and my account number also She said she would personally take this to the account and billing her self to see that it got taking care of can I waited 7 to 10 days no refund. Called again and the man said I need to fax a letter stating I wanted my account closed and the refund to go back into my account. I hung up and did just that. Two weeks later I called and the Lady said I had giving her a wrong number I said No and you also have the number in my account and on the fax, she had nothing to say again I gave my account number and said I want my money within Two business days after all Global Tel debits the account in 24 hours I should not have to wail any longer for what belongs to me. Today May 4th I still have no refund. So trust me when I say DON'T use this company no matter how bad you want to talk to your family member.
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sharon smith on 05/31/2013:
On March 20,2013 I called in to get a refund put back on my card. Upon calling, I was tokd there was a $5.00 fee and the balance of $17.22 would be ut back on my card within 30 days. Which meant by no latr than April 30,2013 it should appear on my card.
As of this date May 31, 2013, there is still no refund of 117.22 back in my account. This is not proper business ethics at all.
I do expect my refund to appear in my account asap. I think I have been very patient in this matter. And fell that the whole amount of $22.22 should be refunded to me without questions.
Thank you, Sharon Sith

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The BIGGEST rip offs ever!
Posted by on
This company GTL is the biggest rip in the whole world, I have never in my life been so blatantly ripped off.

Firstly, I was cut off from speaking to the inmate and charged for it.

Secondly, they said the inmate has gone passed his allotted limit or there's a block on my side (I called my phone company THERE WASN'T ANY KIND OF BLOCK), I call bull on that because if I'm paying the bill, WHO CARES.

Thirdly, I now have to put $25-$50 every time he calls and we can only speak for about 4-5min because they charge fees on top of the collect call. $25 goes towards ONLY three short phone calls.

Fourthly, GLOBAL TEL has to be the biggest SCAM out there.
It's typical OUR system THE INJUSTICE of that communication company GTL raping the AMERICANS who already pay through their butts to keep these horrible companies alive.

Fifthly, their customer service SUCKS!! They transferred me to a message recording and that cut me off as well. PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS ALREADY!!!



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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 10/25/2009:
I am sorry but, blame the incarcerated for your problems, not a company that actually helps to support you loved one or friend (ie under contract and paying for the privileged of taking your money. Who cares if you can talk to a person that is incarcerated using our tax dollars to support them? Write a letter. I just wish they would make "making amends" for a criminal to include $$$ restitution or community service to the sentence.
Skye on 10/25/2009:
Shame on you, wishing people to be hit by a car. I can understand your frustrations, but that's just wrong!
old fart on 10/25/2009:
Not only did your incarcerated relative hurt the people that were the victims of his/her crime, he/she made you a victim too...
Don't blame the phone company, blame the criminal....
Anonymous on 10/25/2009:
Interesting how quick the friends of these lowlifes are to call other people thieves.
Eloise on 10/25/2009:
Isn't amazing that this review matches the one earlier this week. Me thinks it is a duplicate! Even the three way call is included!
Anonymous on 10/25/2009:
I always do my best to see the complaint from the side of the consumer but this time I cannot. While I agree Global Tel is being paid to provide a service calling names, wishing others get injured and the like does nothing to help your case.

Since you are such a fan of karma, maybe not being able to communicate is the inmates karma for not being able to follow the law and ending up behind bars. Just something for you to chew on while you are cursing people out and wishing them harm.
Anonymous on 10/25/2009:

You are angry at the phone company allowing you to talk to your criminal, which is a luxury, NOT a right. You talk about raping customers and how they should be ashamed yada yada.

How do you think the people your criminal wronged feel? Do you think they might feel like they wish he had got hit by a bus?

How do you think WE feel? We have to pay to support your criminal and provide all the thing that WE can't afford for ourselves for FREE so they can have access to it.

I have to PAY for my home. I have to PAY for my tv, cable, food, laundry, electricity, water, clothing, college education etc. I ALSO have to pay for YOUR criminal. sure is.
old fart on 10/25/2009:
shayen on 10/26/2009:
Thank God the morality police are here (yes that is complete sarcasm).

The "phone company" does not "allow" people to talk to those who are locked up. The DOC in each respective state "allows it". If one phone company does not want the DOC contract, you can be sure there are many other service providers that will jump at the chance.

The bottom line: GTL is making bundles of money off their contracts with DOC. They are a business and as a business taking peoples' money, they should provide at least halfway decent service. And they don't.
jktshff1 on 10/26/2009:
Not morality police, just honest, law abiding, tax paying citizens.
tnchuck100 on 10/26/2009:
Exactly, jkt!
tkettle on 10/26/2009:
Okay ripoffz take a chill pill. I agree with all the posters that you shouldn't be angry with GTL. Be angry with the person that got into trouble and dragged your butt with him/her into this mess. I too had a loved one in the system and I refused to use GTL due to it costing lots of money. Write letters and tons of them. There is no limit on letters. And remember Karma isn't a good thing so you better watch what you say.
Anonymous on 10/26/2009:
Shaven, we get that the DOC allows the LUXURY, and the phone company provides the service.

However, to make such bald statements as the OP has begs my question: HOW does SHE think the VICTIMS of her criminal feel? GTL raping their customers? What exactly did the criminal do? And rape is NOT a thing to joke about, and to compare a bad service to rape is really in bad form.

The sympathy from me lies entirely with the victims who suffered due to the OP's criminal's choices. I think prison should go back the way it was before the bleeding hearts got hold of it. make the criminals PAY for their crimes. Stop all the cable tv and free college education and make them eat the BARE necessities, no more board games and playground time and no phone calls. Time for prison to be PUNISHMENT.

Of course, he is probably innocent. There are no guilty people in prison. (Now THAT is sarcasm)

Karma is a two way street. You always get what's coming to you in one way or another.
Eloise on 10/26/2009:
I think all the phone companies that provide services to prisons should have an additional tax added to their current charges. That money would provide funding for victims right groups.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 10/26/2009:
DOC allows the luxury at a steep price...if you want to speak with your inmate then you must pay the price. It's that simple. I suggest writing letters...much, much cheaper.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 10/26/2009:
Excellent advice Eloise and LadyScot.
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