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Horrible. Do not use them. They are terrible.
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Rating: 1/51

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- Golden Rule Insurance is a disgrace to shady insurance companies around the country. They steal money, overcharge you and then tell you can't send you an email when you cancel. Then I call in and they tell me they will email what we discussed and it never was sent to me. This company has horrible customers service and their agents leave out important information so they can charge you more money for health insurance with less coverage. The AG needs to shut these scumbags down.

Underwriters are HEARTLESS
By -

LAWRENCEVILLE, ILLINOIS -- 1) Pre-existing riders right from the start - whatever... 2) Premium increased $200 each year for two years - dealt with that... 3) Have gone over 24 months with NO medical problems but underwriting will not remove pre-existing riders - NOT FINE! POLICY CANCELLED!!!

Ripped Off
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INDIANA -- My daughter needed short term month to to month coverage. There was no mention of medical or dental wait times of coverage. After a couple of months she had to an impacted wisdom tooth that had to be extracted. Now they say we had a twelve month wait period that was never mentioned. Now we owe just under $600.00. I would avoid them at all costs.

Golden Rule Not So Golden
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- When one applies to Golden Rule they assume you are not applying to anyone else. They debit your account immediately if they accept one of you without making sure first, like most of the other companies do. They declined one of us and assumed the other would take the plan. NO! When I called to tell them I didn't want their plan they said they would mail me a check in about 10 business days. They wouldn't back charge it to my credit card. They can use your money for a few weeks interest free. If this is how it works up front I am really glad I quit them before I found out the hard way.

Golden Rule High Deductible policy Plan 100 is a scam!
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Don't fall into this trap by Golden Rule: Plan 100 for families has a hidden "limitation". You basically will NEVER be covered, UNLESS BOTH OF FAMILY members pay the full yearly amount of their deductible at the same time (year). For example: If one member of a family members gets injured and requires a costly care, no matter how much he/she pays out of pocket, he/she will not be covered because the second member of this family has to pay the full amount of their half of the deductible first (at the same time)???!!! So basically unless both are in a hospital at the same time and have paid the yearly deductible together, no one is ever going to be covered!!!

I was glad to find that out on the same day my application was submitted and wasn't unfortunate enough to learn about this policy limitation by spending more than $10000... Second point was: although I withdrew my application on the same day, they are still willing to charge me for the first month without my formal approval and only then refund me with a check... Another flaw: there's a $3 MANDATORY subscription for a useless discount company called FACT that provides you with some sort of discounts on Medicare and cars and stuff... All in all looks bad to me...

Failed To Insure Family
By -

In attempt to lower my premium for my current individual health insurance policy, I researched companies and applied to Golden Rule/United Healthcare.

After much discussion and promises of lower premiums after full disclosure of my families few health issues, I was issued a policy. To my surprise, my 15 year old daughter WAS NOT covered under the policy. She has had 2 medical issues - she is a cancer survivor diagnosed at age 6 months with no recurrence. She had another illness 2 years ago which was self-limiting and has required no follow up. Despite being assured that my children would be covered, she was simply not included in the policy that was sent. There was nothing about pre-existing or a waiting period. Just simply not covered.

I believe the intention was not to insure the family, but without turning us down outright. How can I have medical insurance that does not insure one of my children? Don't deal with them. I wish I had seen this site before I applied.

Don't Use Golden Rule
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In general this insurance company was horrible. They had all sorts of excuses for denying claims. The customer service number is a toll number. The HSA I got was a nightmare. I would NOT recommend this insurance.

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