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Ripped Off Again
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In December of 2009 I owned a pick up truck. It had a leaky exhaust so I brought it to Goodyear Auto Service Center on Route 23 in Butler, NJ.
Here is the story as told to the Better Business Bureau:

Consumer's Original Complaint :

I paid over $500 to have an exhaust problem fixed. The fix lasted only as long as it took to drive home. A bolt fell out and they refuse to fix the problem. I have since taken the vehicle off the road because that it doesn't run.
Desired Settlement: Refund of labor or fix what they broke at no additional charge.

Here is the response from the manager at Goodyear:

Customer complained of an exhaust noise from under car. There was a loud noise under car and an obvious hole in exhaust that needed to be replaced. After we replaced exhaust, we heard another noise coming from front of car. There was a crack in the manifold that was making a noise that couldn't be heard over the other exhaust noise. We don't do that kind of work in our shop and we explained that to the customer. He didn't want to hear it. He believes that we should pay for a repair that he absolutely needed and was shown. Unfortunately he had 2 problems. We fixed one but are unable to repair second. We are an honest shop and our customers come to us because we are fair an honest. This customer feels we should pay for his exhaust that had a hole in it, how is that fair. I'm sorry but that is stealing as far as I'm concerned and it's wrong. Unfortunately sometimes other things go wrong when you fix one item, our job is to let you know if we see something else, which we did. The customer just didn't want to spend anymore money. We did not break the customers vehicle, it came in that way. We fixed the obvious but unfortunately he had another issue. We explained what it was and recommended an exhaust specialty shop or dealer that could fix the other problem, but he just wanted a refund for the exhaust with the hole in it. That's not right. I would never ask for something for free if it was actually broken. If I replaced something that wasn't broken than I would agree. But in this case, a part was broken, we fixed it. We double checked and found something else that we couldn't fix. We were fair, honest and up front, how are we at fault. We are always willing to help and explain to customers. I don't know what more I can say.

My response to the manager:

They said the job was done and they promptly took my money. (They never said anything about another problem until I brought it back to them a week later.) The exhaust sounded good, just like normal. But by the time I got home it was louder. If they finished the job and it seemed good, then steadily got louder over the next couple days, it seems to me that there was a problem that wasn't there before. After I brought the vehicle back to complain, they were quick to lay blame on a cracked manifold even before they looked at it. I left the building but before leaving the parking lot, I decided to go back in argue their quick response. After the manager looked at it, he said that there was a crack in the manifold or a bolt was broken or missing and said they could do nothing about it. On the way home, I stopped by another mechanic and had them look at it. They noted that a bolt had either fallen out or was over tightened and broke off and he couldn't see any crack in the manifold. If Goodyear would have replaced the $4.00 bolt that they forgot to tighten or over tightened, I would have been happy. Instead they chose to lie and cover their mistakes and deny responsibility. At this point my vehicle is no longer registered or insured as it is not safe and will not pass inspection. It sits in my driveway awaiting my decision to sell it, send it to the junkyard or contact a lawyer. I don't expect Goodyear to refund me for the parts, but a refund on the labor charges would settle this complaint. Goodyear calls me a thief by trying to steal from them. I am not a thief. I am an honest, law abiding person who is tired of being ripped off on goods and services. They should own up to their responsibility and make good on their promise of good service.. I realize that their decision will probably stand which is why I have developed a web site devoted to big companies like Goodyear and others who take money that people work very hard for and provide inferior services. At least I will get satisfaction from getting the word out to watch out for these companies.

The outcome:

Absolutely nothing was done by Goodyear. They made no attempt to solve the problem. They didn't even offer a compromise. The better Business Bureau closed the case in February of 2010 as unresolved. The truck was due for inspection and would not pass in the condition it was in. I took it off the road, cancelled the insurance and turned in the license plates. I started using a car that was given to me by my elderly mother who had recently given up driving. The truck sat in the driveway for nearly a year until I finally decided to clean it up and sell it. It was bought by the first guy that came to look at it. The new owner had what turned out to be a broken bolt removed and a new one put in and as of mid 2011, it is still on the road.

Since my encounter with Goodyear in Butler, there have been other customers that filed complaints with the BBB. I sincerely believe that this is not the practice of all Goodyear service centers and I don't want to say that they are all bad, but I certainly will never go to another one just because of the way one manager treated me.
Why can't they just admit when they made a mistake?
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BOTHELL, WASHINGTON -- A few years ago I took my car into the Goodyear service station in the Canyon Park area of Bothell, WA. I had made an appt. to have a full tune-up done, and in addition, replace all 4 tires. I dropped it off and walked home (about a mile) because they said the job would take them several hours due to it being a busy day. About 1/2 an hour after I got home, the front desk person called me and she said that the tires my car needed weren't in stock. I felt like they should have had them there since I'd made an appointment and all, but what can you do? So I asked her how long it would take to get the tires in. She said 3 to 4 days.

Of course, I would rather not wait so I asked her if there was anything else we could do...maybe have them transferred today from another nearby Goodyear. She said they couldn't do that, but that they did have some tires in stock that were of a lower speed rating. Now let me say that I don't know a heck of a lot about cars, but this seemed fishy to me. I asked her, "Is that safe? Can that be done without harming the car?" She said "Yep. It's no big deal to downgrade the tires. In fact, it will be cheaper for you."

So I agreed. Big mistake. I got my car from them later that day and as soon as I drove out of the parking lot I noticed my car was pulling to the left really hard. I immediately turned around, drove back in and explained that the car was pulling to the left. I asked her if they had aligned the car after putting the tires on and she said yes. Just to be sure she had the mechanics check the alignment. They could find nothing wrong. I then explained to her that the car was not pulling before I brought it in and now it was, therefore logic says it must be something Goodyear had done. She said, and I quote, "We didn't cause this problem. There is clearly some other mechanical problem with your car and we can't fix it. You need to take it to another garage." I should note that when this happened, my car was about 3 1/2 years old and had *never* had any mechanical problems (at 6 1/2 years now, I still have never had a problem except this one).

I was pretty angry but you can't MAKE someone work on your vehicle. So I took it to another garage, one that specializes in Subarus. I explained the situation to them and they said they'd have a look. As soon as the mechanic had it up on the lift, he came out and said, "This car has the wrong kind of tires on it. It requires a higher rated tire. You can't go down in ratings. You have to get the correct tires put on it and until you do, I would not drive it on the freeway. It's unsafe at high speeds." And of course, they charged me $70 for their time.

I took it back to Goodyear with the paperwork explaining the problem from the other mechanic. The front desk woman got flustered and first told me that the other garage was wrong. Lower rated tires were fine and I should just go away. Then she said, "How do we even know it's actually pulling? I only have your word for this." I handed her the keys and said "Drive it yourself." She refused but she did get a mechanic from their shop to come out with me. Now this is the fun part...we get out on the road and he says "Yeah this thing is really what's the deal here? What's the situation?" Apparently she hadn't explained the scenario to him. All she had told him was to ride with us and verify if the car was pulling. So I told him about the lower tire ratings and he IMMEDIATELY interrupted me and said "Oh no! You can't do that. You can't put a lower rated tire on this car. I can't believe she told you that. She really should know better." Her own mechanic busted her!

We got back and I finally got Goodyear to agree to replace the tires with the correct ones. I had to pay the fee to upgrade of course which is fine; the correct ones were more expensive tires after all. However, I felt that Goodyear should take $70 off the price given that I had to pay another garage $70 to get them to admit their mistake. They refused. I was told "You went to that other garage by your own choice. We didn't tell you to go someplace else." But the thing is...they did tell me to go to another garage! When I asked to speak to their manager I was told they didn't currently have a manager and that he had been fired the week before. No wonder the place was in a shambles.

I tried to write corporate to correct the problem. I explained it and laid it all out to them as I did here. I even attached copies of my receipts from both Goodyear visits and my visit to the other garage (with the part that explained the mistake by Goodyear). The response? About what you'd expect: A letter thanking me for being a good customer a few coupons for $10 off an oil change. Like I'm ever going back to Goodyear to use those coupons!

I think what bothers me the most is even in the end, that front desk person wouldn't admit her mistake. She wanted me to drive off in a car that was unsafe to drive, all because she refused to admit she'd been wrong. I also wish corporate had been willing to make some real effort to make up for the problem, but oh well. Goodyear has pretty much lost a customer for life as far as I'm concerned. They may overall be a good company, but it only takes one negative experience like this to put a bad taste in your mouth for dealing with them.
Do Not Buy Tires From Goodyear
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I purchased 4 new tires from Goodyear on Charlotte Pike in Nashville, TN. About a month and a half ago, I was leaving for work and noticed my tire was a little flat. I stopped and put some air in it, but by time I got to work, it was just as low as the first time. I called Goodyear in Brentwood, where I work, and they said someone would come out and put air in it so I could drive to their store and have it looked at. The valve stem was broken and leaking, so they charged me $23 to fix it. Here we are a month and a half later and I managed to get a screw in one of my other tires just a couple days ago, took it to the Goodyear in Belle Meade, another $23 to repair.

Monday afternoon, I'm driving down the road and a driver in another car pulls up and says "You know you have a flat tire, right?" So, I went to Goodyear in Brentwood again and asked if there was any kind of warranty because paying $23 for a third time would practically be the cost of a new tire by now. The guy never really answered me, just said they'd look at it. An hour and a half later, with NO other customers in the store, they finally called me back up to the counter and said "$23.37 please". What the hell... are you serious? So $69.54 later and 3 tires have been repaired. They told me that my rim was bent, but I have not hit anything with that tire. The valve stem was leaking again and for the second time, on a different tire, I had to pay to replace something that isn't exactly my fault.

A nail or screw would be different, but I have no control over the valve stem. When walking out of the store after being ripped off for a 3rd time, the man at the counter had the gall to say "Come back and see us." I looked at him and said "I'll be going to Sams Club next time. Since I'm a member, it'll be $5 or $6 or even possibly free." As he was trying to argue with me, I walked out the door. Anymore of his verbal spew would have been enough to send me over the edge. Too bad the location on Charlotte Pike closed down. Looks like I'll be taking all my business elsewhere. The employees at the Brentwood Goodyear / Gemini Tire are rude and the company they work for are money grubbers.
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Store Manager Charges $90 an Hour for Inexperience Auto Techs Work Instead of Real Mechanics.
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Rating: 1/51
KAILUA KONA, HAWAII -- Goodyear Tire in Kailua Kona HI is a ripoff. I take my wife's car to them for a $60.00 dollar diagnostic check cause her car wouldn't start sometimes. Store manager says I need need a new catalyst converter, after $700.00 dollars, wrong part, car still doesn't start. Manager says I need need new battery cables and vacuum hoses, $60.00 dollars later, car still doesn't start. Manager says I need another diagnostic check, another $60.00, then manager says I need a new starter. Starter $150.00, car starts, yeah, oh oh, car dies down the road. Take back to Goodyear. After 1 month at Goodyear shop, manager says car is ready. My wife picks up car on the way back to work, motor protector cover underneath engine rips off underbelly and flies under the tires and into oncoming traffic. Notified manager, she sent out 2 auto techs (kids) who ended up watching me fix it with zip ties. My wife finally gets on road to work, the car overheats. I open the hood and notice a hole in the radiator.

Don't go to Goodyear Tire Kailua Kona HI.
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Tires & Service Expertise
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Rating: 1/51
OKATIE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Tires did not last long. My main complaint is that said I needed to change my transmission oil. I started having transmission problems a couple of weeks later. After consulting with a transmission repair shop and numerous websites and mechanics, and even the new manager of the Goodyear center, they all said the fluid should not have been change. I had to have transmission rebuilt(in my Honda Accord). I asked Goodyear what training guidelines they give their mechanics. They wouldn't tell me. After much research my conclusion is that there is not much training by Goodyear. I think that the managers of car services like Goodyear, Firestone, Jiffy Lube, etc are good for oil changes, tires if you like their brand, & wiper blade replacements. Nothing else. The managers & mechanics must get paid based on the total number services they do. I think local repair shops owned by local people want to be in business for many years and they know their reputation must stay good for them to stay on business. The local Goodyear service center had 2 managers while I was trying to get them address my issue. The only response was "if I had been changing your transmission fluid, I would have
had questions".
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Fortera Tires
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Rating: 2/51
LAKE ZURICH, ILLINOIS -- I changed my tire purchase from Bridgestone tires to Goodyear Fortera tires. Immediately experienced road noise which sounded like a defective front wheel bearing. I'm not sure how loud the noise is as I have a hearing problem, so I questioned the dealer that sold me the tires and they told me that they were not aware of any noise problem.

Went to my BMW mechanic that has excellent hearing and after test driving my car told me the noise was coming from the Goodyear tires. Had them rotated but no relief.

I would NOT recommend any Goodyear product to any one.
Research Goodyear Viva tires before you buy!
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I bought a set of Goodyear Viva tires. I have 50,000 miles on them, but my steering wheel started vibrating so I stopped at the local Goodyear store to have them check everything out. They told me that the right front tire was "separating". However, even though they make them for Walmart, they don't sell them. He said that they haven't sold them for 16-17 years!
Goodyear would not stand behind their product. They said that I had to go back to Walmart. So I did. While I waited.....for 1 1/2 hours. I reviewed my options and did some online searching. Seems that I'm not the only one who has this problem! Goodyear and Walmart both know of the safety issue, but continue to manufacture them and sell them!
I then found out that all Walmart was going to do was discount the price on another Goodyear Viva tire. I decided not to pay for defective tires that would have to be replaced in a year or so, and deal with the lousy service as well. I walked out. Hope you all do too! Safe driving to you!
Update: It's actually been 2 1/2 years, not 1 1/2. But in answer to the question posed in the comments, yes, I guess I did drive an average of 1600 miles a month! Wow! But the reason that I say I would be back in a year to go through this whole thing again is from other peoples reviews....I do have 3 other tires that the service man from Goodyear said were going to do the same thing. The warranty with these tires is 65,000 miles.
Do Not Go To "Good Year"
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NORTH CAROLINA -- Look out for Good Year. I know a lot about cars and actually worked on them so I really feel the pain. I took my GF to Good Year to replace the two front tires and patch the spare tire. They told us that it would take approximately an hour. We left the car in their care and went shopping to a nearby store. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! While we walked away from the shop she received a phone call about an hour later telling her that her alignment was off and that the tire that needed to be patched actually needed to be replaced because according to them the nail hit the wall of the tire. It's true, if the nail hits the wall of the tire it cannot be replace but I never saw the tire. My GF doesn't know anything about cars so she couldn't tell me if the nail hit the wall of the tire or not, but be careful if you take a tire to be patched. After I learned that she approved it I knew they had us, I just couldn't prove it. To make the long story short, the total was approximately $460.00 for 3 tires and alignment. Did my GF really need the alignment????? will never know. Did my GF need a new tire instead of a patch????? will never know.

The best advise is to go around the shop and stand there while they work on your car and act like you know what you're looking at. My dad does it all the time, he even walks (not at Good Year though) in the shop and checks his brakes.

I was reading about the credit card stories from Good Year. I you haven't read them please do so. I'm sure that other auto shops work the same way.


Unexpected repair, again
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SANTA CLARA -- I receive a $25 coupon from Goodyear for any service $50 or more. So I took my car to Goodyear at the Valley Fair shopping mall in Santa Clara, CA. Full synthetic oil change is $54.95 minus $25 coupon. $30 is a good deal for a full synthetic oil change (Valvoline brand). Two hours later they called me and said you have a nail in your front right tire. Guess what the cost to repair is??? Yes $25. I could have said "no do not repair" but it's Saturday and I have no time. Plus I have to go to Fresno on Sunday and don't want to drive with a nail in the tire. I'm not saying that Goodyear did it. It's just a strange coincidence that I have a $25 coupon and unfortunately I also have a nail that will cost me $25 to repair. Same thing happened to me when I took my car to Big O Tires on El Camino Real in Santa Clara, CA. They said it's not repairable. Cost? Nearly $150 for a VR rated tire. I told them to not repair. I took it to another shop. They removed the nail and it was free. The nail didn't pucture the tire but went sideway. Good job Big O tires.

This will be the first and last oil change at the Goodyear store.

So here are my advices:

1 - take a napkin, pull the oil stick and clean it with the napkin. Save the napkin and do the same after the oil change then compare the color of the oil. Before it should be dark near black, after the oil change it should be brown.

2 - check your tires for any damages

3 - check the oil pan to make sure that no oil is leaking
Another woman taken for a ride
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ACWORTH, GEORGIA -- Goodyear, Bells Ferry and Hwy92. This actually happened in '08 but I felt so dumb I was to embarrasssed to do anything about it. My Mother referred me to them and they are really nice while they are sticking it to you. My car is old 98 Pontiac over 200,000 miles I expected to pay for major tune up, timing belt, sensors replaced and here is the problem they replaced the sensors but fail to stop the oil leak and therefore right after the warranty expired I took it to America's Best Transmission, on Bells Ferry Russ & David are not in the business of taking women for a ride they are honest, hardworking mechanic. They located the problem and I had to pay to another $600 to have it fixed but guess what it's still fixed. I am ashamed because I probably should have sent my information to the BBB but you would think the company is great. It's always crowded but not. I paid for a radiator and they gave me a leaking refurbished. They charged for platinum brakes when I just need regular brakes. I pray they get what's coming. I thought about writing on my car how they did me but I decided God does really well in the vengeance department. Yes it depleted my savings and my car didn't work but I found America's Best and they have not taken me for a ride nor my daughter. My Mother was so hurt by what Goodyear Bells Ferry & 92 did but I told her not to worry but I will let the world know how they treat woman or maybe African American Women. So Please be aware of the smiling faces and the knife in the back from the good ol boys of Goodyear at Bells Ferry & 92.
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