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Great Expectations Membership Costs Revealed
Posted by on
I think you'll find this review pretty revealing into the Great Expectations dating service.

Great Expectations requires individuals to come in for an interview and later for a personal video. I called their company because I was interested and found their staff to be cordial but they would not reveal the cost of the service over the phone. Instead they asked me first to come in for an interview. During my interview their service seemed to be decent, but when they finally revealed the costs, I was surprised. Here goes:

$7000 - 15 month membership
$8000 - 3 year membership
$8500 - Unlimited membership until you find someone

-$2000 - If you opt out of national match making (only look at matches in your city)
-$1000 - ONLY if you sign the contract on your interview date
50% off - For a 7 month trial membership only valid on that date

$4000 - 15 month membership (only good on interview date)
$2000 - 7 month membership (only good on interview date)

Furthermore, based on my questions I learned that they get 50 to 100 new members per month. Also, 2 of their members per month gets married (one man, one woman). Based on statistics that is between a 2% and 4% success rate (this site was meant for serious dating). That means at best you have a 1 in 25 chance of finding someone throughout your membership. All that for a few thousand dollars?

If you are wealthy, this service may be good for you. But most people probably cannot afford this site. So how do they get their membership? Through pushy and misleading tactics (they leave out information unless you ask). They put a lot of pressure on you to join. They are very good sales people. But my father taught me never to make a quick decision on a large sum of money. This saved me a few thousand dollars. When a company offers you to save you a thousand or more by joining today, it makes the decision process very difficult. Just be careful. Know what you are getting yourselves into. If you have more questions, feel free to email me at newtonraphson at yahoo.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 02/10/2008:
"When a company offers you to save you a thousand or more by joining today, it makes the decision process very difficult."

On the contrary. The only logical decision is an easy one. No thank you and walk away!
Anonymous on 02/10/2008:
Being married over half of my life companies like this have had little interest to me. My single friends tell me asking for help in the produce section of a supermarket can provide some interesting conversations. Plus you get your shopping done at the same time.
Anonymous on 02/10/2008:
Dang!!! At those prices, prostitution becomes a realistic economic alternative
StraightShooter on 02/10/2008:
I'm with the dealer on this one!
Slimjim on 02/10/2008:
Although I never did, I always considered starting a dating service business. With a good business plan, you almost can't go wrong. Your inventory are your clients. Everybody pays in, you set them up with profiles and videos, regardless of how they matched, you're already paid. Thousands of dollars for the privilege of being able to ask someone out from a book who spent thousands of dollars to have you ask them out. Whoever dreamed this business model up has their genius only trump by the one who invented the self-serve launderette mat. Go to work, open the door, then come back 12 hours later to close and collect your days revenue.
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No Valentines Found Here - Fraudulent Sales Practice and Bloated databases
Posted by on
SCHAUMBURG -- You are offered the standard 3 business days to cancel your contract (you MUST include Saturday as this center is open Saturdays) yet, I was told I was not allowed to look at the database until AFTER your video and pics are done. I was denied an appointment within the three days hearing the photog was "booked." Coincidence? Perhaps? Since then, I have found profiles on line w/o photos and w/o videos. How did they get there? Don't all members have the same rules? I was told the large upfront fee ($1800 - $2500) was all inclusive only to learn, there is a $180 maintenance fee to the database host every 6 months, and a $200 fee to upgrade your photos to look like the quality you are shown in your sales pitch. I was told there were 100s (hundreds) of profiles in the age range I specified to select from. After a thorough review (26 pages) I found there were 317 posted profiles (in my age range) HOWEVER, 148 of them were set to INACTIVE. This database is bloated over 50% by profile you CAN NOT select. I have checked weekly since that initial review to find little variance. Worse, I was shown 8 profiles during my sales pitch, 2 beautiful, seemningly smart, business women (to show I wasn't alone in making this BIG spending decision) and 6 attractive gentlemen. In my search I could only find 1 of the women in the database. Of the men's profiles (whom I was told quite clearly WERE available to select from) only 5 of the profiles could be found and 4 of them were INACTIVE. I was told that I would get my saleslperson cell number and she is diligent about returning calls within a day. Neither of these promises have come to pass. In fact - Despite being told I would get a call to give me online access, I wasn't given that courtesy call for my password to get online (yes, photos and video were done.) I had to get it from the site administrator on my own. To date, my email requesting a follow up from the manager have not been returned. A letter sent asking for a copy of my contract AND a corporate address was returned with a ONLY a compy of my contract.

Unfortunately, I can not update my review with positive words. It has been more than 4 months since I joined and those men who I was told were "inactive" by electing to "freeze" their accounts are STILL inactive.

I repeat: 60% of the database is on perpetual INACTIVE. There are even 2 postings (in my age group of 40-50 yr olds) who are EXPIRED.

Please, do not give Great Expectations your trust or your money. Google "Great Expectations" and "Schaumburg" to open your eyes.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/09/2010:
internet dating is expensive...
Anonymous on 02/09/2010:
How is it expensive?
There are plenty legit free or inexpensive online dating services.
Are confusing services like E-harmony and the above service with online dating?

In my opinion if one has to pay to find companionship, they need to look within themselves. Good luck.
AdelineRose on 02/10/2010:
Thank you for the discussion. Let me clarify a few things though. Great Expectations touts itself as being MORE than an internet dating site: with monthly group events (plural), matchups (plural) and among the CURRENT photos they take themselves, they also record member videos for review from their "site." I was also assured thee were 100s (neglection noted above.) As it turned out...

*The montly events are AN event if any at all.
*The photos are only as good as the ones they show as examples IF you pay an extra 200-500 for "enhancements" and retouching.
* I have never been offered the "personal matchups" promised, yet I have heard from male members - they get this extra special attentive service often.

Great Expectations has a variable fee - based ON:LY om how much they sucker someone into. Some bite at $4000,some get it negotiated down to $1500. IF the company did as promised, a member would get MUCH more than an internet dataing site. I have tried many, free and otherwise. I found that since the daters make their own profile,unfortunately, their powers to self-market don't always measure up in person. I have found daters with pictures as many as 10 yrs old, eloquent profiles that were not backed by the same eloquence in person and the worst, only separated, even married individuals.

As for the comment that a person that needs to spend needs to look within: I forgive your presumption. I do not feel the need to justify my motivations or my limitations. But I remind you, unless having walked a mile in someone else's shoes, it is unwise to judge.
Anonymous on 02/10/2010:
Church, mutual friends, the workplace, chance meeting, social events, clubs, and lastly bars are good places to meet people in my experience.
Good luck.
old fart on 02/10/2010:
The Bancroft hotel bar worked for me... we've been married for 43 years March 18th,...
AdelineRose on 02/11/2010:
OldFart: Congratulations on 43 years. You are both wonderfully blessed and I hope you are as happy today, and in the years to come as you were in year one. Thank you for sharing your good news with me. Stories such as yours give us good gals hope. (I can almost hear your pride in this stellar milestone.)

And for my dear, persistent and still presumptuous zzorkk. Church is a lovely thought, unfortunately I am one of less than a dozen single persons in my congregation - IF I wanted to live in a fishbowl,I might find dating in our very very close community an option - alas, I do not.

Forgive me, for I was under the impression my3cents was a source of honest review meant to help consumers find great businesses and be warned, in good faith, of those from which they should stay away.

While I had hoped, and even stated, that I did not want to justify my actions - perhaps this will help to silence your not-so-innovative ideas. As my issue is not lack of attractiveness, all the other venues result in many approaches from the most courageous (or intoxicated fellas,) neither of which is most attractive to me. The smart, quiet and tasteful fella is however thrawted by the unwanted attention I tend to receive.

Add to the (sometimes) curse of attractiveness that I am a 44 yr old single mom with 4 classes (yes full-time law school), 3 children, 1 job and a few volunteer activities. Despite these these very good things in my life, time - that is time when my children are in their dad's care and I can go out without guilt - is at a premium. THAT is why I chose to pay for a bit of help in the intro game.

Please, while I am still of the the mind to be a lady, refrain from further assumptions. Mine was never the intent to belly-ache about being dateless - but to warn good folks of the fraudulent practices of one particularly bad business.
Glenza44 on 07/19/2013:
Great Expectations has lived up to all of the comments in the opening long paragraph. Total disappointment and major waste of time. I went to one monthly mixer event and I did have a great time -- but it cost me money -- for gas, for food and beverage, and a tarot card reading. I don't begrudge that -- but I DO believe they are fraudulent.

As for the person who thinks those of us who seek dates via online site, I believe the internet opens up more possibilities than in-person does. Not always good ones, I grant you -- I've been tinkering with them now for 3 years and as a 69 year old woman, I've been pleased and dismayed and every emotion in between. But I've made some cool friends along the way and had some dates. So it's not a total loss.
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Save your money and use an online dating service instead!
Posted by on
FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- As wonderful as the idea of meeting the love of your life is, Great Expectations does have some great points and it also has some not so great points. Please don’t take this review as my bias opinion as to tell you what to do, but as any consumer should know; only you can make the best decision for yourself.

I worked for Great Expectations in the Charlotte Center in Fort Mill, SC. I was not fired. I got so fed up with their un-ethical practices that I decided to get up and walk out.

The best thing about GE is that they do run criminal background checks on everyone who joins. They will refuse a potential client if they have a felony. What they don’t tell you is, they’re not running them when you walk into the door, but they run it after they already have your money. GE is located in SC because there is no 3 day refund clause. Once you sign the contract, you’re liable for the money.

The Charlotte center is a little over 1 year old. They do have approx 2,000 clients, however a little under 924 are active. They do keep expired members and members who fought to have their membership canceled still on the site but they list them as “inactive, please check again soon.”

Most of the members are average working men and women who live pay check to pay check, however they state these are all professional people. There are some who make a very nice living, but if I’m paying money for a service and I’m making six figures, I don’t think I’m going to want to date someone who dropped out of school and is barely making ends meat. Now not to say, he or she might not be a wonderful person or could be the love of my life, it’s just not fair.

They typical price on the packages ranges in price from $4,000 to $5490. There is also a monthly dues of $28 a month. With this you get to use the website, have a video done by the front office staff and professional photos. Right now the photographer is amazing and he is professional, but before he came, they just hired someone to take sub-standard pictures. If you want more than one picture, you will be charged hundreds to thousands of dollars. To upgrade to global (you can select and be seen by all the other members in the United States, approx 56 centers) is an additional cost. To have a V-Gram which is a little email with your picture on it is another few hundred dollars. By the time you leave you’re paying close to $10,000. Now if you’re luck enough to meet your true love spending several thousand dollars isn’t going to bother you.

When you walk in, they give you a screener which asks for your personal information and some useless dating information. The only thing they’re after on that form is your social security number. They are not out to sell it, as a matter of fact all member files remain locked once you leave for the day, but they run your credit to see how much money they can get you for. If you though buying a car had some ruthless salespeople, try dealing with the Relationship Specialists. They feed on your emotional well being. Not everyone is even charged the same amount. They say the fee does depend on the length of your membership. That’s a crock. You can have 6 people with a 12 month membership and they all can be paying anywhere from $595 to $2950, depending on their credit and how much of a fight they put into the 2 hour interview.

Once you become a member, you are invited to join in the events they have. The events are not free. Even the staff that goes to the events has to pay (and they don’t get reimbursed). The events are fun, so that’s a plus. Aside from the background checks and the events, GE is no different than, plenty of fish, perfect match and all the other online dating sites out there, aside from the amount of money they get from you. You will stand a better chance using an online dating site.

Some people say GE is a scam. It’s not. It will work, but it's not worth the money!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/05/2008:
My buddy used this service and "invested" $1000 in a "lifetime mate." When he didn't find one with the time frame they gave him, they tried to plug him for $3000 more. When he refused they told him he must be some kind of loser for not wanting a lifetime partner. So, Ticked, I fully and completely believe everything you are saying. Oh, and they sent their unsolicited literature to my dad two weeks after my mother died. Unethical, immoral, and unbelievable.
madconsumer on 08/05/2008:
as someone who performs background checks, they cannot do one before any money is exchanged. if they did, this is a violation of privacy. once they have a signed document and money, they can do any kind of checks.
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Frauds - Craigslist Surfers - Bullies - Morbid Phone Calls Even When Told Dnc
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Frauds here. Criminals here. Craigslist Surfers - Run fake ads to get your number, they got mine over a year and a half ago and will not stop calling, even when told to [snip] off. JORDAN, JENNIFER, ANGELA, JENNIFER being the General Manager. .. .. they take numbers off Craigslist and probe Craigslist with fake ads, that is how they get your number, then the calls, no matter the cease and desist given to never call again, , every now and then, this scumbag named Jordan will call just to screw with me, her tonality and when told, as I do each time, to stop calling me, they call now and then just to have fun at my expense. Even when you are telling the scum, Jordan, to stop calling, she says, LET ME SEE IF YOU QUALIFY, just more to dig at someone they know does not want the call and knows I will not take it lightly. Morbid scum to call a number they know has had enough of them. IMAGINE that, getting a call every now and then, just because these scum have no life, no boss overseeing them, or one that condones their criminal activity. THIS OFFICE IS PURE SCUM OF THE EARTH, PURE SCUM RUNNING IT, PURE SCUM CALLING OUT messing with peoples lives. I will be posting this everywhere to let people know they are scum of the earth. I happen to have the call recorded and am filing suit against them. They are about to get the hint that screwing with someone the way that scum just did, will get them sued.
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I Had the Best Experience With This Dating Firm and Have Already Met "Mr. Right" in Less Than 9 Months!
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
EDINA, MINNESOTA -- I met with Wendy last May, 2013 and loved the 3 year Membership and talking with her. She was so kind and understanding about my divorce and not wanting the kids to meet all different men when they don't work out. A week later, I had my photo video appointment with Marty and I was so nervous.......but he was really able to get me to relax and enjoy my time with the photos. Wendy re-wrote my profile and I just loved it.
Obviously, so did Jack because we are engaged to be married at Christmas-2014 In St. Thomas, Virgin Islands:) YEAH--do yourself a favor and contact Great Expectations today!!!! What are you waiting for??
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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 02/18/2014:
sounds like an advertisement....sorry but I will not spend that much to meet someone when I can look elsewhere for free.
DebtorBasher on 02/18/2014:
Congrats. Now, what are you going to do with the rest of your 3 year membership? A 3 year that all they offer? I'm guessing there's no refunds if you meet Mr./Miss Right and still have more than 2 years left. I'm happy for you, but I agree with Cwazychicken because if the right person is out there, you will find each other one way or another...I guess this type of dating is good for some, but it's not for everyone. And...just because you meet someone on a website such as that one, doesn't mean the men are all going to work out for your kids. When kids are involved, you still have to be very careful. Best of luck to you.
Nohandle on 02/19/2014:
I'm delighted Marty was able to help you with your photo and then Wendy re-wrote your profile for you. Are you really you by the time it's all over and done? How much did you pay for this membership? Just a question or two. Answer at your convenience.
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Great Expectation... Not A Great Experience
Posted by on
DFW, TEXAS -- This is to warn all you single girls out there about this dating service company. They are preying on the desperation of single girls and women in this metroplex. I signed up recently in one of their branches after I had been promised heaven and earth about how quickly I would find a match and they described by potential experience as going to be like a kid in the candy store. I paid over #3,000. and a month later have not found a single match. Half of the members are inactive, that is, they are taken or discontinued their memberships. Of the 8 pictures I was shown in there office, only 2 were actually active when I checked them out online. One of the guys I was shown his picture did not even exist in their member profile. The lady who signed me on promised to be my "dating coach", I called to complain to her that I had not found anyone 2weeks after I had signed up contrary to what she had promised. She became so mad at me for being inpatient and told me not to call her again because Rome was not built in a day and I should quit calling her so she could have time to serve other clients. If you are an African American, your chances of getting a date if you are not open to interracial dating is less than 2%. If you are, your chances is about 3%. They do not tell you about their non refundable policy until you have paid. So ladies beware. Another thing, the two selections I got are from guys 22- 24 yrs older than I am, live thousands of miles away and of races I had said I was not interested in dating. You stand a better chance of getting a match on and Christian singles.

I signed up for the free trial periods on these two sites and on the average, in a day, I get 5 to 10 matches. The guys I selected on Great Expectation are yet to respond after several weeks. If you are absolutely want to go to their office, leave your credit card or other forms of payment at home. They would also offer you financing to pay, but please do not fall for this.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
$3000.00 to find a date? Holy Smokes!

reminds me of that SNL skit 'Lowered Expectations'

Good Luck,I'm sure Mr. Right is out there waiting for you...
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
$3,000. Really? D.Crash would have gone out with you for $500. You could have saved $2,500 for a car down payment, or 5 more dates with M3C men. Actually, zz'z rate is only $50, so you could have courted him for quite some time. Long enough to know if it was true love.
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
Wow!! Thanks for the information, that's a lot of money to be jerked around like that...any chance you can get some of your money back? I'm not familiar with online dating sites but I've seen others mentioned here on M3C that are free to use.
whydidibelievethat on 02/19/2009:
unfortunately, I cannot get my money back. They make you sign the contract, then flip the paper around and have you initial the no refund clause. They don't tell you about that prior to signing and they don't let you initial until you have signed. I am actually considering a lawsuit against them, not so I could get my money back, but to prevent other singles from falling into this pit trap. I am thinking of class action lawsuit if I could find enough client to join.
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Buyer Beware!!!! One Sided Contract....
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- During the initial interview (12/22/07) process I was presented w/ membership prices starting @ $6000 min. differing by $500. While viewing what I thought was a very expensive complete pkg. for $6995 Stefanie Hogan swiped my credit card for $7400. At that time I inquired about the refund policy should I change my mind by the time I got home. Stefanie then told me that there was absolutely no refund policy. While I was bothered I felt trapped. Unable to view the membership database until after photos were taken the next week, I was disappointed to find:

1. Copies of the photos were an additional fee
2. An outdated web interface with little search capabilities
3. 40% of the database included inactive members and
4. Very few African American clients.

My disappointment lead me to search the web for complaints. To my surprise there are at least 58 printable pages of complaints about Great Expectations. It was here that I also discovered that I had been charged more than twice what others have paid for the same membership. GE will not deny that I have paid more than others for the same membership and has not offered any reason as to why I was targeted for this amount. As I understand it, contract fees are determined based on the amount of available credit each individual has. I feel deceived and no longer want to participate in the Great Expectations Dating Service. I have not gone on a single date with any member of GE and have no intention of doing so.

Essentially, GE has provided nothing but unnecessary credit card debt. The GE contract allows them to charge consumers who never use the service without any means of cancellation. In addition to disputing the charge on my credit card, I have repeatedly asked for a refund via email only to be refused.
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User Replies:
Suusan B. on 03/14/2008:
The time to research a company and review the contract you are considering is BEFORE you hand over your credit card.
dechef25 on 12/26/2008:
This is about that den of thieves that operate under the name of Great Expectations dating service. I have seen other complaints and it is obvousthat I am not the only one that has been duped out of thousands of dollars. The old slogan there's a sucker born every minute. After I enrolled and was driving home I decided that I really did not want to pay that much for a "promise" that I will find the love of my life. WhenI got home I actually read the contract to discover that there was no way they were going to allow me out of the contract. The really sad thing is that I was stupid enough to sign this contract before actually reading it. If anybody out there is smart enough to research this dating service, before you actually enter the high pressure sales pitch, my advise is to stay far away from these people.
I now sit here still alone, but with an added $5000.00 + credit card bill to pay.
old fart on 12/26/2008:
What ever happened to the old tried and true methods like picking up a girl or a guy in a bar...?

I met my wife at the La Salle bar in Saginaw and have been married for 42 years..

Didn't need no stinkin' dating service..
Met her February 1st. 1967, got married March 18th, 1967 and had our son December 19th, 1967...

Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
I always thought that when you have to pay to take a person on a date that you were committing a crime.
It's called "soliciting".
Who would pay one of these outfits when there are bars, the Church, mutual friends, work and 100's of other free social gatherings.
To bad that you live in Texas, Phenom!
whydidibelievethat on 02/19/2009:
I wish I had read this before I fell for them. There should be a way to stop this fast talking b*@*@*#.
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Deceptive tactics
Posted by on
WISCONSIN -- Great Expectations, 1033 N.Mayfair RD. Suite100, Oregon, WI 53216 414-777-578( is responsible for many Brazilian Highlands' street children to be missing (and from my contacts in Brazil)some are probally dead.
Why? Because GE kept asking me to drive to Oregon to hear what their program could do for me. Sales counselor Tracy asked me many times how much money I in the bank. I told her that it didn't matter how much I left from the sale of my house because it was all needed because I was the only person saving street children in Brazil's Highlands.I explained that it is well-known that in Brazil police&former police shoot street children.I have been traveling there caring for them since 2001. Other parts of Brazil have some sheltering, but in the Highlands its only me. Often kids only 4 & 5 yrs old. I have seen it. I told her I take out bank loans every year and then pay the loads back each year.
Tracy told me GE is always looking for worthy causes to do fund raisers for. In fact GE had just completed a successful fund raiser for her son who was in a drastic motorcycle accident.... It paid large medical bills and gave him extra money besides.
Tracy told me it was a win win situation because I would a whole lot more money
from the fund raiser they would do for me than what it would cost me to join. She told me they have a history of big name local contributors such as Harley Davidson and the Milw Admirals to name just a couple. She said that one of their members is vice president of Sheridan Hotels who lets them use a Banquet room free... that raffel tickets are sold and the winners usually donate their take too. Tracy told me to write a description of what needs to be said and provide some street children photos I had to her. And let the fund raiser begin! Well, I was estatic because over the years I have contacted lots of people to raise money for the street children unsuccessfully. I joined. She told me not to list my childhood handicap because it would signify low self-esteem to a future date or partner.
When the fund raiser was not done, I phoned and visited GE many times. I was told they do not do fundaisers and that I would get out of their dating service how much effort I would put in.
When no fund raiser was done I called Tracy and other GE staff many times. I was told I was told that Tracy is really from their Schaumburg office, not their office. Whenever I phoned the Schaumburg GE office and asked for Tracy, all I would get was her voicemail. She did not return my calls. I have not selpt good knowing I let myself get taken. Somedays it is even hard for me to function at work knoewing that I ran out of money and those beautiful children are missing and many believed dead.I have asked for my money back so I can go back to Brazil and try to find them and give add to other street children there. They told they would not refund my money.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 06/13/2007:
I find this review almost impossible to understand. This person is claiming that children are dead because of a dating service? The grammar and syntax is impossible to follow. I hope this person gets their problem straightened out.
*Brenda* on 06/13/2007:
So... those children are dead because you wanted a date?
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
Something is not adding up here?
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
This review is very hard to understand, it would greatly help if you would re-write it and add some more details. From what I could decipher, it sounds like you were a member of Great Expectations and they offered to do a fund raiser for the street kids if you gave them money to sponsor it, and then they didn't follow through. If what I'm understanding is correct, did you receive any documentation to back this up and if so, you might be able to pursue legal action against them if they are now not holding up their end of the bargain and refusing to call you back. Again, more details would be helpful in understanding specifically what the issue is.
runaway on 06/13/2007:
Why would you have to join a dating service in order for them to do a fundraiser for Brazilian street children? That would have been my first clue.
lobo65 on 06/13/2007:
What the heck was this person smoking?
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
brilliantbarry on 06/13/2007:
Thank you to all who have speedily responded with comments. Yes, clarification is appropriate. I left out street children details so that my complaint does not sound like I am using as a fund raiser. I am not. Understand that Great Expectations is a very expensive elite dating service. If you wish, go to After you read about them, it will be more clear. I wish I had known sooner about their tactics. Because I believed this wonderfully sweet sensitive representative Tracy, I paid big bucks because she said she would produce big and fast results. I ran out of money to provide protection and services to Highland's area street children when I returned to the State of GOAIS in Brazil because GE dating did not do their promised fund raiser. The US dollar buys a lot in Brazil. I find them safe places. Set up meal plans, new clothing and of course shoes.I also see to it they have tools and supplies for learning and doing a trade. It is most confusing to learn that many of them do have
parents, but they are on their own because their parents cannot afford to keep them.Two summers back I was in heavy traffic in the city of Goiania when a young mother tried to hand her toddler boy through the window of the car in front of mine. I t was an act of love because she felt that anyone who had a car could offer a better life for her son than she could. Typically street children pair up for protection. For more information anyone can log onto Amnesty International or other human rights websites. Only one book could I find that addresses Brazil's street children. You can find it at There are laws passed in Brazil for protecting children, but I have seen little children killed first hand by the military dress style police. For more information on Brazil's politics log onto Brazzilmagazine. There are great things about Brazil and its culture, but there is widespread poverty and harsh colonial rule. Further clarification is that I have several times
Western Unioned money. But the kids don't receive the care unless one goes there in person.The churches in Brazil have enough trouble just taking care of their own members. I have found them not to be reliable to follow through. I have over time developed specific techniques to gather the street children and distribute the needed care. Also, I wrote that I was told not to write about my childhood crippling. Imentioned this so that Great Expectations would look foolish. Their Phoenix office suggested to one of their female members who was interested in meeting me, that she should sue me for not including it in my narrative. Over the phone I told the woman that I had a crippled hand. For every 100 complaints against Great Expectation, there could be 5,000 who are too embarrassed for a public complaint.
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
barry, I admire what you are doing for these kids and wish you the best of luck going forward. What is still confusing (to me at least), is where you already a member of GE when they solicited you and said they would do a fund raiser on your behalf, or did they offer to do a fund raiser on your behalf IF you became a member? What is it that GE promised to do and what documentation do you have from them to back up your claim that they did not follow through?
brilliantbarry on 06/14/2007:
Here are the answers to your questions.
1.They are smooth. Great Expectations could not get me to join in order to find someone special. Tracy learned my passion for helping the poor and also Brazil street children. She convinced me that their fund raisers were outstanding. I didn't realize the extent of the inducement until later. They are the smoothest people to ever walk on eath.
I wrote my narrative stressing my involment with helping Brazilian street children. I took notes during the conference with them, but they painted such a beautiful picture, it didn't seem needed to have them give me written plan. Tracy had all the specific details for a fund raiser laid out as part of their individualized service to me. I gathered the 8x10 photos and wrote up the documentation they requested.
I have heard others members who joined tell me that they had been told that their membership would be absolutely free because they needed someone like them with their background to list on their pr pages. That they would do that for them free if they agreed not to tell anyone that their membership was free. They were told to provide a credit card any way so it would look good in their file should anyone check. But later, they discovered they paid full price, I have talked to senior citizens in Sun City who were scamed by having them go in pairs. Then they would separate them and tell them their friend they came in with signed up and they should too. In my case they had me sign a paper stating that I would never reveal how much I paid. There are a lot of papers they have you initial that make it seem like they are doing you a favor.
I have traveled back to Brazil, but with much limited resources so I could not do as much as I needed to do.
Some of the kids and spotters were not where they were supposed to be. I got empty looks when I showed pictures of them in tough areas. I am just sick about this.
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