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Customer-UNfriendly Policies
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Rating: 1/51
MUSKEGAN, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a one gallon glass water bottle from H2O Labs for my water distiller. It looked great, but it only lasted four weeks before it cracked. It didn't drop; it didn't fall; it wasn't hit by anything. I just moved it on my counter and Wham! the bottom had a crack in it.

The company refused to honor the warranty because they only warrant it for 30 days, and it was already 32 days since I had received it! They wanted me to pay to ship it back, and pay half the price of a new one, which is $49.95 I said 'no way'. It could easily happen again because the glass they use is very flimsy.

I'll stick with Waterwise. Their one gallon containers cost much less and they don't break. I've had a Waterwise glass container for 3 years, with no problem.
Company Response 05/29/2013:
We are sorry but as you might imagine, glass products cannot be guaranteed against breakage. We do however, replace any glass product that has been damaged in shipment even though it is not our fault. We do this in order save customers the hassle of making a claim to UPS. But this product was used for over 30 days before the damage occurred.

We have sold thousands of these, (very high quality), one gallon carafes with very few issues. Most people are thrilled with this product. In the very rare event that a customer notices any defects or visual flaws, (such as small bubbles that can occur in the glass manufacturing process), we replace the product even though it is completely functional. But we were not notified of any visual flaws or other issues until it was broken.

In the interest of our maintaining our excellent customer satisfaction record, we offered to go half way and send a new one at a 50% discount. We would gladly have sent a free replacement in order to avoid a less-than-satisfactory review, but we have to maintain a fair and consistent policy for all customers.
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User Replies:
Alain on 03/11/2013:
I don't know much about this, but I did see that Water Labs mentions being a state certified lab whereas I saw no indication that H2O labs had any certification. It may make no difference. However, I assume that the state certification has some sort of standards that have to be met, so my inclination would be to use a company that has it. Thanks for the review. I had no idea they had kits for this sort of thing.
Melissa Carter on 09/26/2014:
I was considering purchasing an 8 gallon water distiller from your company but I decided to see if i could find reviews first. This is the review I found, and it immediately turned me off of this company. Not so much because of the review by the customer but really because of the response by the company. It speaks so clearly, you live far below the line and take no responsibility for your product.
This tells me that, should I have any issues with my distiller, I will likely receive a similar response. When I pay top dollar for a product I certainly expect attention to detail. This means that absolutely no products should ship with any defaults...AT ALL. Had this man been purchasing a $20 dollar glass jar then I would certainly say "get over it" But this was not the case. If I were to purchase a $989 water distiller and ever heard "we will replace it even though its not our faults" I would be PISSED. The maturity level is lacking severely here. Excuses are for people that are not in customer service. I am a district manager and can't even comprehend a company responding in such a way. I will gladly spend more money to avoid a company like this. Thank you for unknowingly being transparent.
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