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Hawkeye Spas - Defective Product
Posted by Scottg on 02/21/2007
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- If your considering purchasing a hot tub from Hawkeye Manufacturing http://www.hawkeyemfg.com/ you should read my experience first:

I purchased a $3k hot tub from them online back in September 2006. After approx 7 weeks i got a call from the freight company saying they have a spa to deliver. The truck showed up with only 1 guy who could not unload the 400LB hot tub. I had to reschedule delivery and take time off from work to help this guy unload the hot tub. Once the spa was unwrapped i noticed damage on 2 sides of the shell. When i mentioned this to Hawkeye they told me to file a claim with the freight company or pay them for replacement panels. For all I know this damage was caused in the factory and not by the freight company. In my opinion Hawkeye should just send the new panels and deal with the freight company (who they hired). Once I filled the hot tub with water I noticed 3 large leaks coming from underneath. Water was leaking out of the pump and one of the jets. Within a matter of hours it had completely drained itself and left large puddles on my floor. Since it was "Under Warranty" Hawkeye sent a local tech out to fix the tub. The tech charged me $415 and could not fix the hot tub. (Hawkeye complained about the $415 service fee even though they were the ones who recommended that particular tech.) The tech also noticed that the spa could not even be turned on because the circuit board was fried. It has now been 6 months and I have never used the spa. I have a $3k hot tub that cant hold water or be turned on and a $415 repair bill which Hawkeye was suppose to re-imburse me for.
I have filed a dispute with my credit card company and a complaint with The Virgina Better Business Bureau. Hopefully I can get all my money back and purchase a new hot tub from a local provider. In my opinion you should think twice before buying a spa over the internet and check the BBB records of the company you wish to purchase it from. I found the quality and service of Hawkeye to be very poor and would not recommend them.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 3/7/2007:
As the customer has stated, he did receive a spa that may have been damaged by a shipping company and yes he did pay a charge to local service company for a service call. What he hasn’t told you is that we have already picked the spa up from his house, and he has received his money back for the unit. We have also agreed to reimburse him for the service call charge that was made to determine what the problem was with the unit. What he also failed to tell you is that when the service company showed up to his house, they verified that he had installed the spa incorrectly and connected the incoming power supply to the circuit board improperly. Never the less, the spa has been picked up by one of our dealers and we have been informed that it is operating perfectly in his shop. Again, the exterior may have been damaged during delivery by the freight company and we were happy to take care of that and make it right it under any circumstances however the customer does need to notify the carrier of the situation as verification of the claim. That would have been a three minute phone call that the customer had to make but apparently didn’t want to. Now I could post all of the foul language emails that I have received from day one from the customer but I feel that the situation has been handled and should just be ended. I am sorry that the customer did not receive his order in perfect condition and will state again that we have picked the spa up and he has received his money back.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-21:
Thanks for the heads up!

I agree that a purchase such as a hot tub should be made locally.
Posted by jimb03 on 2007-07-31:
I should have heeded scottg's advice (2/21/07)re: Hawkeye Mfg.
His story is quite similar as to what has happened to me. I waited over seven weeks for a hot tub from Hawkeye which was promised to be delivered in four weeks. I contacted my credit card company to place the item in dispute after not receiving the merchandise by the promised date. Then two weeks later Hawkeye wanted to deliver the tub which I refused. Now I am waiting for a refund from them which they are taking their good old time in doing. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau in Richmond, VA to which they also have ignored repeated requests to resolve this matter. My only warning to those who are considering purchasing a hot tub from this shady operation is BUYER BEWARE! I really regret that I read scottg's warning sooner! My advice to others considering doing business with this company is to do your homework before buying from traveling snake oil medicine shows like Hawkeye Mfg. puts on in various cities!
Posted by hotmilk400 on 2007-08-30:

After 7 weeks, they said there was NO warrenty now. but there is a 3 year warrenty, i have it IN MY HANDS!!!

WE are currently filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency and the better business bureau. WOULD NEVER HAVE PURCHASED FROM THEM IF WE HAD KNOWN THEY WERE NOT AN HONEST BUSINESS
Posted by RTS on 2007-12-13:
Wow, doesn't sound like the same company I have delt with, and continue to buy from. I now own my third Hawkeye hot tub and couldn't be more thrilled. Everyone from sales, to delevery, to service has treated me like royality. The service dept. has even talked me out of a "out of warranty" service call by telling me what was wrong, and how to fix it.......then calling me back after a few days to check on the repair. I happen to live in Richmond Va....The same city they are made, and based on my dealings with Hawkeye, I will never buy another brand!!
Posted by scottg on 2007-12-14:
your 3rd hot tub? what are you like 90 years old or do they break every 2 -3 years and you have to get a new one? Who goes out of there way to find these complaints, set up a user account and posts suck amazingly positive feedback? They treated you like royalty? PLEASE! If you didnt lay it on so thick I may have given you the benfit of the doubt but your clearly a Hawkeye employee so try spending less time making up fake blogs and do a better job servicing your legion of pissed off customers!
Posted by veryverypissedoff on 2009-10-30:
Just came up on this and just wanted to add something. HAWKEYE IS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF CRAP I HAVE EVER OWNED CLOSE THE THE FORD EXPLORER. Anyways I bought the tub and it after a few months started getting hair line cracks I called the company and they told me that i needed to get them fix on my own they couldnt do anything about it. The heater went out then the spa controll pack. SO I bought one of those. Then the pump went then the other one so I had to replave thoses as well. ANYONE WANTING TO BUY A SPA STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM HAWKEYE SPAS.
Posted by btdt68 on 2010-07-28:
I used to work for Hawkeye years ago. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! They know whats wrong with the spa before they send it out but send it anyway because they need the money so badly. One time a batch of bad spas went out and the phone wouldnt stop ringing! No the manager nor the owner wanted to talk to these angry folks. They would pass along some "cock and bull" story to the customers in hopes that they are that stupid. They blame everyone else for their problems but their own. Ohhh and the creditors call as often as the angry customers. Once the landlord had to stop by several times in order to get his past due rent. The manager would hid from him by working at another location and having someone tell him that she has the checkbook and we dont know when she is coming back. I mean, the list goes on. Dont even get me started on illegal immigrants working there!
Posted by nancy on 2011-05-19:
i bought a spa we have been it only 1 time it had a lot of things wrong with it we contacted the manufacturing and they have build us a new one now they tell us we have to wait till they have a delivery in our area[when someone purches one]before we get it well that could take up to 1 month to???? in the mean time i have to pay for something i don't have. we love our spa and we bought it due to some health problems we have it not doing us much good if we can't use it now
Posted by Chris R on 2012-01-08:
We have to replace a very old spa and considered hawkers spas as our repair man said we should consider. We made plans with a sales rep to visit their site. We arrived a little late, but it didn't matter. The guy never showed up to meet with us. There was no one there to answer the door, despite ringing a buzzer and knocking, we were ignored. We found out later the GM had closed the shop for the Holidays, but no one told us. The place was a pit by the way. Not impressed.

Posted by LARRYM on 2012-03-31:
We bought a tub from Hawkeye about 5 yrs ago. Same issues, they were several weeks late. I was having a deck built around the tub and this held up the contractor, and by the time I finally got the tub the contractor was unavailable. They had bubble wrapped the tub before the stain had dried. The fix, they sent me a can of stain and told me to take care of it. Then I had a few jets that were bad, and it was like pulling teeth to get new jets. They told me that the jets were not covered under the warranty, but that this time they would "do me a favor" and give me some jets. Then I had another issue a few years later and the Hawkeye service rep came to my house, and then he told me the jets "were" covered under warranty, and replaced a bunch more. Every time I needed to call them or go to the warehouse it was nothing but a pain, and they were very rude and acted as if I was bothering them. Not the kind of customer service I expected for spending as muich money as I did.
Posted by Henry Radcliffe on 2012-04-05:
These guys are gutless .Dont go to a show they have and sign anything.I got ripped off 1900.00 and can not get my money back. I found a person who sells there products in NY for 2000-3000 less then they sell it for at a so called spa show and sale.The people at Hawkeye are the worst I have ever delt with at the shows they put off they are the best of class in the industry.I hope they all go to H--- for the way they rip hard working americans out of ther hard earned money.Hawkeye you have not herd the last of me.I will tornado your future shows.
Posted by Joel McLean on 2013-05-29:
I thought Hawkeye had only gone downhill since the founder died last year. I just bought a spa from them and all these complaints seem to be SOP for them. 11 weeks to deliver a spa promised in 5-6 weeks, broken parts on delivery, no response from the manufacturer, complaint filed with the Richmond BBB which Hawkeye has ignored. The BBB is looking at going to mediation with me on my complaint to see if I can get resolution, but my suspicions are that Hawkeye will not answer the phone from them either. I filed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of VA, consumer complaint department, but they looked at the case and realized since the purchase transaction took place in NC and not VA, they had no jurisdiction so they forwarded my complaint to the NC OAG. Even the delivery guy who works for Hawkeye says that they are shady. To anyone looking for a hot tub or spa, look to a respectable manufacturer. Avoid Hawkeye and Barefoot spas.
Posted by steve coleman on 2013-12-03:
will not honor warranty and claim everything is your fault for not maintaining hot tub correctly. They want your credit card before they will send a technician out. see form below they want you to sign 1-(804) 349-4241 I agree that if a service tech is sent out and it is NOT covered under warranty, that I will pay all associated charges plus parts to the service tech at the time of service.
If covered by warranty customer or service tech MUST photograph and send picture in for review. Also ALL defective parts must be mailed back to manufacturer for warranty review. If deemed “NOT” covered the customer agrees to be responsible for all charges.


Customer information Credit Card Information

Name CC#

Address Exp date

Phone number CCV#


Brief description of issue

Posted by Rebecca on 2013-12-17:
Same thing happened to us. The guy showed up to unload the hot tub with a guy that said he couldn't help because he has a bad back. We called a friend to help and got it delivered. We called our electrition to have it hooked up and everything worked great except the radio. We kind of sat on it for awhile and about 6 months before the warranty runs out we called the place we bought it from. They said to call a number which we did. That tech said he won't come out because the company stopped paying them for their services. We called the company and they wanted our credit card and some more forms filled out. They said they would get back to us with a tech. We waited 2 or 3 weeks and nothing. Then we tried again and found out the original person no longer works for them. Here we are a month away from the warranty expiring and still getting the run around. DON'T BUY THIS BRAND! Barefoot spas!
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Customer Service Sucks
Posted by Ginnyb92 on 05/21/2013
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- We purchased the Spa in October of 2011. We have loved it and had no issue with it....until this past three months. We have an issue with the filter being "stuck" "vapor locked" in the unit. Even after turning power off the filter won't release.

I have called, emailed, faxed....called, emailed, faxed until I am blue in the face....their voice mail system is useless---you leave messages that go un-returned or you get a message -- "This voice mail box is not set up, don't leave a message-it will not be returned"....then there is a beep to leave a message. You CANT get a live body to speak with. I finally, today 5/21/13 pressed #14 and got a live body who was short, snappy, not friendly at all...was not at all helpful to transfer me to a tech who could help....Only, that our spa was out of warranty and I would have to call a spa place to have them service it and pay for it myself. I made a comment about how bad I felt I was treated over these last 3 months....His comment was "Well, we just went to a new phone system,,, and we are busy---I have had 5 calls come in while I am speaking to you." Couldn't have cared any less....Memorial Weekend is now upon us---we are having company----and we still do not have the spa up and running, due to Hawkeye Mfg's downright hateful and neglectful attitude. NOT ONCE since we purchased, has anyone from the sales/customer service department even called to see if we liked the spa, had any questions/concerns....We like the spa...used it daily....BUT HAWKEYE MFG/SPA folks get a big ZERO on their Customer Service. Thank you
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Our Spa at Beech Mountain
Posted by Eagle Rock on 01/07/2011
We purchased a Hawkeye Ambassador for our new Mountain Lodge at Beech Mountain, NC last year and have been so very impressed with the quality of service and the unit's operation especially during the winter months. It has really been an outstanding and relaxing experience after a day of winter sports! We had a challenge with our speakers and Hawkeye sent us the replacement speakers the next day! Now that is Customer Service at its finest! We call them frequently to ask basic questions and they are always attentive, courteous and focused on our specific challenge! An excellent product and excellence service makes all of the difference!
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Very happy with our purchase
Posted by Speedracer997 on 01/06/2011
Bought our spa this past year at a sale here in town. We had been looking around at several other brands, Caldera, Hot Springs, Sundance.... We went to this show and spoke to one of their sales reps who was very informative. We hadn't planned on buying one, but the price we negotiated was thousands less than anything else comparable we had looked at thus far. We had it delivered 2 days later. The delivery guys were great and even came back a few weeks later to move the spa where we wanted it. It's been a little over 6 months now and honestly we've had no issues other than my kids had messed with the settings and it stopped heating for a few days. I called Hawkeye and one of the guys in their service dept. walked me through how to change the settings back to where it would heat. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality hot tub at an affordable price.
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Many Problems with our hot tub
Posted by Tromaniak on 01/05/2011
BEAVER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA -- We have owned our Hawkeye Spa for several years now. We purchased it on line and it was delivered by a trucking company. There were no problems with the delivery or installation. To date we have replaced nearly every major part of the hot tub. Both motors have been replaced as well as the colored changing light we paid extra for when the hot tub was new. The power pack went bad the first year and was replaced under warranty as well as the cracked face portion of the push button control area. Even though we kept the cabinet well stained the removable panel where the motors are located is now deteriorating as well as the steps. We have on many occasions found floating jets in the hottub as well as in the filter, by the way the plastic filter enclosure has been replaced as well as the 2 neck pillows our spa came with. The 2nd motor was just replaced last weekend and had been broken for the past 2 years. That motor has been discontinued by its manufacturer and since an alternate motor is not available we purchased it used off of Craigs list and it works perfectly for now. We also just replaced the cover for the 2nd time and switched to a SpaCap cover which so far we are totally pleased with....check them out as the cover is very different from conventional foam covers and very easy to use. I can say we have not had any problems with the acrylic surface of the spa and it looks like it did when it was new. Our hottub has been well maintained and the chemicals managed at least weekly since we have owned the spa but the repairs have been numerous regardless of its care. We stopped contacting Hawkeye customer service for assistance a few years ago because we really didn't get much satisfaction from them when we did call and our warranty is no longer in effect. I did do my homework when we purchased the hot tub new and Hawkeye was a highly rated company at that time. At the moment we are enjoying our hot tub in complete working order but who can say how long this will last!!
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The Real Truth About Hawkeye Manufacturing
Posted by Pallet man on 03/25/2010
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- Purchased Aug. 2007 for $6,600. Before delivery local Hawkeye dealer tried to skip town w/ my $3K down payment. Finally got delivery and installation. Since that time, tub has never performed for more than 3 consecutive months without breaking down. Since local dealer skipped I had to hire and pay for repairs. Total tab thus far....17 repair trips here in less than 2 years, total repairs $1,700. I have all the repair orders to prove it. While Hawkeye at the beginning did reimburse me $700 toward some repairs, this tub is a lemon if there ever was one. This is a NEW TUB!! I've spent more time under it than in it. Jets leaked water and shorted out the motor. Lever to control waterfall fell out of the wall. Heater stopped working. Hawkeye has been sending parts all the while as I repeatedly called repairmen to install them. Then when the part doesn't work Hawkeye always blames my repairman. Sent me a new motor, had repairman install, 2 weeks later low speed pump blew and a week after that the high speed motor blew. It also is leaking underneath from 3 different areas. Apparently this is exactly how a Hawkeye hot tub is supposed to perform according to [snip].

They also blamed me because the pipes froze - well only because the jet leak dripped water down a wire into the motor and shorted it out. Gets very cold in WI very fast but Hawkeye has blamed eveyone but Hawkeye. Now they've offered to rebuild it if I pay shipping - another $1,500. These people are nuts. I'm going to put out MORE money??? Not on your life -DON'T BUY HAWKEYE.

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Best Money I Ever Spent
Posted by Dogman22 on 09/26/2009
After extensive remodeling after a fire we decided to treat ourselves to a new deck, glass slider, and a spa. Our local 5 state fair in Massachusettes always had many dealers so we looked them all over and decided upon Hawkeye because they were the only company that made a small spa with safety handles on the inside of it.

We have had the spa four four winters now and we are still as thrilled to use it now as we were the first time.

Our local dealer delivered the spa on time and without incident. After I hooked it up and had the building inspector sign off on the electrical installation (not a job for the non-technical) we fired it up, waited for the temp to come up and jumped in and we have been smiling ever since.

The dealer we selected at the fair was 21st Century Pools in Chickope, Mass. They told us what we needed to do to have a quality installation and we followed their directions. Anyone foolish enough to attempt to do the 50 amp 220 VAC electrical hookup without knowing what they are doing should not expect the manufacturer or the dealer to fix their burnt up controller.

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Our experience with a Hawkeye Spa
Posted by Skyweeks on 06/16/2009
We bought our Hawkeye hot tub in 2000. The tub has worked like a champ until just a few days ago when the pack crapped out on us. But since the life of the pack is 8-10 years, that was to be expected.

My only complaint is that right away I noticed sup-par craftsmanship on the construction of the frame. I'm an amateur carpenter and it seemed like the interior frame was constructed by people who didn't know how to use a tape measure or a nail gun. That being said, the frame is probably the least important part of the whole package, it's main purpose being purely cosmetic.
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Happy with my SPA
Posted by Love My Spa on 01/30/2009
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- My husband and I purchased this Spa in April 1999. We have loved this Spa and are completely happy with its performance. Like any appliance replacement parts and minor repairs are expected. Our Spa is located inside our home and looks brand new. We did purchase this Spa from Spa Hearth and Home so delivery was not a problem. We also paid a licensed electrician to wire it properly. 10 years and counting sounds like a good Spa to me!
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-01-30:
Happy 10 year anniversary with your spa. Great review.
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Faulty Circuit board
Posted by Wendih on 05/20/2008
SOUTH ELGIN, ILLINOIS -- We ended up buying a hot tub from Hawkeye at one of those traveling shows.
We were promised the world and paid over 6k for the tub.
After a few months the exterior of the hot tub started to bow, which Hawkeye suggested we just put a nail in the center of the panels. This is supposedly under warranty.
Now the circuit board is not working and hasn't worked for over 3 months since the problem was reported to Hawkeye. Yesterday, I received a used circuit board from another hot tub and was told to use this, it's a newer version.
I also filed a complaint with the BBB and still have not received a reply to my complaint.
I will be contacting a lawyer just because, Hawkeye shouldn't be able to get away with this kind of thing.
I will definitely never recommend this company and hopefully, people will do their homework before buying their product.
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