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Faulty Circuit Board
By -

SOUTH ELGIN, ILLINOIS -- We ended up buying a hot tub from Hawkeye at one of those traveling shows. We were promised the world and paid over 6k for the tub. After a few months the exterior of the hot tub started to bow, which Hawkeye suggested we just put a nail in the center of the panels. This is supposedly under warranty. Now the circuit board is not working and hasn't worked for over 3 months since the problem was reported to Hawkeye. Yesterday, I received a used circuit board from another hot tub and was told to use this, it's a newer version.

I also filed a complaint with the BBB and still have not received a reply to my complaint. I will be contacting a lawyer just because, Hawkeye shouldn't be able to get away with this kind of thing. I will definitely never recommend this company and hopefully, people will do their homework before buying their product.

Won't Replace My Tub
By -

STRAUSSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM HAWKEYE SPAS. Our hot tub is getting small bubbles all over the shell of the tub. The hot tub is still under the 3 year warranty, but they won't stand behind their warranty!! They said they would fix it, but it has been over 3 months, and they won't do anything about it!!! We are getting a lawyer!!! After 7 weeks, they said there was NO warranty now. But there is a 3 year warranty, I HAVE IT IN MY HANDS!!! We are currently filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency and the Better Business Bureau. WOULD NEVER HAVE PURCHASED FROM THEM IF WE HAD KNOWN THEY WERE NOT AN HONEST BUSINESS.

Faulty Discharge Jets
By -

ALOHA POOLS PADUCAH, KENTUCKY -- I purchased 2005 Hawkeye Mercury Spa in October of 2005 when we were adding a deck to our house. We were able to get into the spa in December of 2005 and within six months we were having jets that would not stay in the orifice that holds them. We started trying to work with the dealer and get replacements since these Spas are supposed to have a five year warranty - ONE of the selling features that sold us!

As of today we have received no jets and our dealer told me today Hawkeye would not return his calls. I have 12 jet orifices I have give to Aloha without a jet in them and another six that are closed due to the defect. Each jet is made from a molded plastic and has two tabs exactly opposite of each other that hold them in the orifice. One each of these that failed the tabs are either broke or cracked. An apparent issue with their molder and the temp it was cast at or a reaction with the bromide, which is recommended by the OEM to use.

The key is that there are also jets near the intakes which are molded with a whiter plastic and shaped separately, and are perfect! No defects, no flaws, no cracks, no breakage and work perfectly. The faulty jets are an opaque colored and are shaped differently, a definite design difference. Why different jets? Why are they not consistent? Do not buy this spa, they nor their dealer is responsible to aftermarket issues, and if you are going to invest 6K in a spa make sure you research the company and their reputation!

Happy With My SPA
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- My husband and I purchased this Spa in April 1999. We have loved this Spa and are completely happy with its performance. Like any appliance replacement parts and minor repairs are expected. Our Spa is located inside our home and looks brand new. We did purchase this Spa from Spa Hearth and Home so delivery was not a problem. We also paid a licensed electrician to wire it properly. 10 years and counting sounds like a good Spa to me!

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