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HEAT USA is a Fraudulent Consumer Advocate
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- HEAT USA is nothing what they claim to be. Every time you call to check your price that you are "TOLD" by the oil company you have to pay, USA tells you that's the correct price. I have spoken to the owner of the oil company that Heat USA gave me who told me at times I have to pay higher price then his own customers. Where's the $.25 to $.50 I am supposed to save per gallon by being with HEAT USA? It seems that Heat USA also makes money from the oil company. The oil company Heat USA gave me came into my home in October 2009 to do an annual cleaning which I have done every year for the last 30 years in the 3 houses that I owned. Within 24 hours of the tune-up my working oil-fired water heater tank (only 8 years old) burst (1 ft of water throughout basement) and not only did I need a replacement I was told by the oil company I needed to replace my boiler, burner and tank. Cost to me, $4000.00. $1000.00 over priced. This house is only 20 years old.

My answer to a comment made by Andrew Heaney, President and CEO of Heat USA: Let's get the true facts straight here. I, Dennis V. have been a member of Heat USA only since February, 2009 (Andrew H. stated: "the reviewer has been a member of ours for some time") and I haven't been happy since. Heat USA gave me Frank Bros. Oil Company in Bay Shore, NY. It took them until October, 2009 to come to my house for a tune-up. Within 24 hours of this tune-up I had 1 foot of water throughout my basement (42' x 24'). Now as far as phone calls from Heat USA or you Andrew H., I haven't received any. Every time I called Heat USA (at least a dozen times) asking to speak to Andrew Heaney, President and CEO of Heat USA, customer service tells me he doesn't speak to no one and they refuse to give me his phone number. Heat USA will never state a price you will pay for your oil or do they in any way shape or form list what you should be paying for your oil. You have to accept the price after it is delivered to you, which is always higher than anywhere else. When you call Heat USA, they ask you what you paid, then they tell you "that's your member's low price". Go ahead call Heat USA, ask them "where their prices are posted?" Like I said before I was stated by the owner of Frank Bros when I spoke to him that "I was paying higher than his own customers." After my basement flooded, caused by my Hot Water Heater Tank (only 8 years old) which was working fine until my tune-up with Frank Bros., Frank Bros came in and told me I need a new Hot Water Heater Tank, Boiler (only 20 years old) and Burner (also only 20 years old) cost $4,000.00. I call Heat USA because they are supposed to get you a discount on equipment. After a few hours they tell me Frank Bros' price of $4000.00 for the new Boiler, Burner and Holding Tank is a great price. I find out 6 months later that I could have paid $3000.00 somewhere else. It's easy to see how Heat USA stays in business since 1985 by cheating it's paid members by getting kickbacks from the Oil Companies and the Union's.
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DenVecSr on 01/20/2011:
Moved From Other Review: HeatingOil.com and Heat USA (heatusa.com) are the same company with different names and different 800 numbers. Same CEO, employees and address. They are nothing what they claim to be. HeatOil.com and Heat USA represents itself as a Consumer Advocate Company. Supposedly servicing its paying member at Heat USA. HeatingOil.com is free, getting you the lowest price on fuel and heating equipment. Not true, don't believe it. Go see their website. Do they list oil prices you should be paying? No. Call their customer service. Ask them what you will be paying. They won't tell you. HeatingOil.com says, trust us to get you a lower price. Don't do it. You'll be paying so much more. I paid close to a $1.00 more per gallon for heating oil. HeatingOil.com says they'll save you hundreds of dollars on heating equipment. I paid close to $2,000.00 more as a member of Heat USA. So to all my fellow homeowners please do your homework, be your own consumer advocate and you will see why I say "Stay Away from Heat USA and HeatingOil.com."
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Oil deliveries/boiler service
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NEW YORK -- I have been a customer of Heat USA(they assigned me to a local oil company) for about two years and am pretty satisfied with the service although I am not sure if the oil price the company charges is actually discounted. I have needed some service and their repair men have done what was needed. They have also delivered oil when needed.
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trmn8r on 02/24/2011:
You don't know if you are paying more or less than other local suppliers? That is a critical fact to know. I go where the oil is cheapest, when I am burning oil.
DenVecSr on 02/26/2011:
I would definitely look into the price what you are paying. When I finally got to talk to the owner of Frank Bros Fuel Co, Bay Shore, NY (heating oil and equipment supplier Heat USA gave me) he told me I was paying
more per gallon than his own customers being a member of Heat USA. Please read my review on Heat USA. "HEAT USA is a Fraudulent Consumer Advocate"

Also known as: Heat USA (formerly) Consumers' Advantage, Inc. , Consumers Advantage, Fuelbuyer.com, H.E.A.T. Fuel Group, HEAT NY, Inc, HeatingOil.com.

How many red flags have to go up before our government officials see there is something wrong why a company would change it's name over and over again. Something is wrong with our system. Even the BBB has all their names listed. Come on United States of America consumer affair departments do your jobs and go after these kinds of businesses. This is a big problem here in America when big business runs our government. Consumers Must Stand Up For Their Rights and Take Back Our Government. Because without us there would be no businesses.
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