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HHGregg Extended Warranty Is A Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- My grandparents purchased me a brand new Haier washer and dryer for my housewarming gift back in October 2012. Not only did they purchase two brand new appliances for me, but they also paid for an extended 3 year warranty, & delivery charge from HHGregg. The washer unit was working fine until October 2013, a week before the manufacturer'™s warranty was up. The manufacturer sent out an authorized repair company to replace the control board on the washer because it was faulty. The unit was working again until March 21st, 2014.

The control board seemed to be having the same problem. I called the HHGregg extended warranty, on March 21st, 2014. I spoke with a service representative by the name of **. I informed her of my washer breaking down again, & wanted to set up a repair appointment for the unit to be fixed. She informed me that since the unit was purchased for under $300, that the unit was going to be replaced like for like. I asked her how long will that take. She informed me to call back in 3 days, & check on the status.

I called HHGregg back on March 25th, 2014. I first spoke with someone by the name of **. She placed me on hold to check the status, & never came back to the phone. Then I spoke with another man by the name of **. He informed me that he spoke with Vendor Relations, & that they were issuing me a store credit for $291.99. I informed ** that I was told that the unit would be replaced like for like. That also the unit had gone up in price @ HHGregg.

It now cost $341.99, & that it was the exact same washer and model that I have in my home. I didn'™t know why they couldn't just deliver a new one, & replace the old one? Or at least repair the one that I have? It made no sense to me that my grandparents (who are still paying on the units, extended warranty, & delivery charges, may I add) would be out of all of that expense, & that I would have to go out and purchase a new one from HHGregg.

Here's the thing. HHGregg's extended warranty is a rip off. They want me to go purchase the same unit, at a higher price, pay them the difference from the store credit, another delivery fee of $79.99, dispose of the old unit (that is only 1 year, & 5 months old), & have to pick up a new extended warranty on the new washer I would purchase. So in essence I would be purchasing the same unit twice, for more money.

They won'€™t even send a check. If they cut a check, I could pay for a repair person myself to fix the unit, & be less inconvenienced. They are making it so they get a sell twice from the same consumer. The sad part about it is my elderly grandparents are still paying on the broken unit. That is the shadiest thing I have ever heard. They are not standing by the products they sell. There are numerous complaints about HHGregg, & I am strongly considering legal action. Perhaps even a class action lawsuit.

I am sending this letter to several outlets to have HHGregg's business practices investigated. The corporate office is also rude, unprofessional, & seem to all have a different version of their policies to tell every time I call. DO NOT BUY FROM HHGregg!

Installation From Hell
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought a 55” TV on September 25th on invoice # **. I had the store hold the TV until I was ready for the installation. Since H.H. Gregg offered an installation program, I decided to go for it. ** from Unique Home Theater Satellite contacted me by phone and came out to give us a price. The cost given to install the system was $1,347.97 (Order **) which included a “Premium System Installation.”

Also included in that total is $149.99 for RF-Module. I would like an explanation of what that is. I was also charged $199.99 for one AC Outlet Installation. That charge seems excessive. In addition, I wrote two checks totaling $200 to ** for HDMI and speaker wire cables. So for $1,547.97 I was told by ** I would have everything I asked for in the installation.

** came on 10/16/13 to install all the equipment and how we wanted everything set up. The appointment was set for 8:30AM (I called him the night before and that was the time he said he would be at my home.) At 9AM, I called him to see where he was. He told me he was purchasing the wiring. Since ** had plenty of time between us telling him to do the job and the day he came to do the job, I thought that was unprofessional. He finally arrived at 9:20AM. He left our home at 7:50PM stating he and his assistant had “done their allotted time on the installation.” I was given very little instruction how to use the system.

I called H.H. Gregg the next day and requested a manager to come out to the house. My concerns were as follows: We had difficulty turning the TV on and off. The digital box sometimes did not turn on or off when we used the remote. We had existing wiring from the crawl space up to the Bose speakers on the wall. They were located next to the molding which separates the kitchen from the family room. We told ** we wanted no wires showing. He drilled a hole a couple of feet off the floor into the wall and also seven feet up on the wall near the speakers.

Since he knew where the hole was under the crawl space, all he had to do was drill the whole a couple of inches over to be inside the wall. He did the same thing on two other walls. That is three unnecessary holes and wall plates. I also don't understand why he had to drill holes seven feet up right next to the speakers. The speakers have a base which could easily cover a hole. That was three more unnecessary holes and wall plates. I complained to Installs, Inc. and they issued a check to cover the damage.

** forgot to install my VCR. I bought a Blu-ray player at H.H. Gregg for ** to install. He told me it was not compatible. I went back to the store while he was working on the installation. I called him from the store and explained all the connections on the back of the Blu-ray player and he told me to purchase a Sony Blu-ray, WIFI, 100+APPS, HDMI (model # BDPS3100). When I went back to the house, he could not connect it to the system. I had to go back to the store and buy a Blu-ray, Samsung, 3D, Smart (model BDF5900). Apparently he did not know I needed an optical out Blu-ray player.

I was concerned about the potential heat buildup of the Blu-ray, digital box, & receiver which were in an enclosed cabinet. ** suggested a lap top fan. It did not help. When I removed the old TV from a shelf, the cable wire was exposed from the wall. Again, I told ** we wanted all wires hidden. When we change channels quickly, the TV gets locked up. I purchased Netflix but we can't use it because the TV keeps on rebooting. We can't mute the TV.

I was expecting a manager to review the work done on my system. I couldn't believe Installs sent **. That is like having a surgeon who messed up an operation redoing the surgery! I called H.H. Gregg and told them I wanted ** out of our house. A few days later ** came to our home. I explained the situation and he agreed that the installation was not up to par. When **'s assistant was rewiring one of the speakers, he broke a speaker bracket. I super glued the bracket. When ** came to the house it broke again. ** has since ordered a bracket. That was over a month ago.

Needless to say, we are disgusted with the installation. I have spoken to representatives of H.H. Gregg and Installs, Inc. I have not received the courtesy of expediting the completion of the job. I have been in various customer service positions for more years than I can remember. I always tell my staff to reverse rolls and become the customer. It is like the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have others do unto you).

I believe if you were me you would also be just as upset. I paid $1,547.97 for a terrible installation and follow-up. As usual, I will continue to wait for a response. I've been very patient, but I have just about run out of patience. I will be contacting an attorney if this is not resolved quickly.

Ignored by staff
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Yesterday I visited your store to look for an mp3 player for a friend. I stood by the mp3 players & reviewed them for about 5 minutes while trying to catch the eye of a service worker. I couldn't find anyone around & when I attempted to approach a man, he quickly picked up the phone & turned away from me. This was very distressing. All I wanted was some information about a product & there was no one interested in helping an elderly person who felt lost & confused.

While I understand that staff can be overwhelmed with customers, the store wasn't that busy (in my humble opinion) & nobody even told me that they would be with me shortly. Instead, I went home and purchased an mp3 player from Best Buy's web site (simply because I'm more familiar with it) & was done with the whole situation. I just wanted everyone to know how difficult it can be to get someone's attention at your store & I hope this can be used as a learning tool to help staff learn better customer service. Thank you.

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Rating: 1/51

OHIO -- I cannot begin to tell you HHGregg how incredibly disappointed I am in your company as a whole, the way you train (or should I say DON'T train) your salespeople and that you are perfectly fine with misleading your customers about warranties and how they are honored (or should I say NOT honored).

My husband purchased a very expensive TV ($3500) from you on February 15, 2014 from your North Olmsted Ohio store. The only one left was the floor model. He was very concerned about the hours of use already on it but there were no more in stock. He told the salesperson he'd purchase the floor model but needed the 5 year warranty added in, INCLUDED in the sale price. The sales person said "No problem, my manager said we can do that."

When the invoice/transaction was actual put into the system the actual sale price of the TV was reduced by the amount of the 5-year warranty because the sales person said that's just how they have to document it because the system won't process a warranty without a dollar amount attached to it. The sales person specifically said, "Don't worry about it though. It won't impact your warranty at all." (LIAR).

Now, silly us for believing we should be able to trust what he told us as the truth. Why should we expect honesty and integrity right??? So, lo and behold we start having trouble with the TV. After multiple calls to the warranty co. (Warrantech Corp) and being referred to repair shops five states away! We finally found a repair guy to come look at the TV who's actually located in Ohio.

Good News!!! He believes it can be fixed and will call the warranty company to let them know. Call back from the repair guy, Bad News! The warranty company has decided they won't pay for the repair that they'll give us store credit for a replacement TV. Sounds like good news, right. WRONG, the amount of "credit" we get to replace the TV is only the amount of the line item for "purchase price" because $649 had been pulled out and placed on the warranty line. We don't get "credit" for that (even though we paid for 5 years of warranty and it went bad after only less than 18 months).

So my husband agreed to buy a $3500 floor model TV but now when it went bad and the warranty company doesn't want to pay for it to be fixed (even though the repair guys says it can be fixed) we only get "store credit of $2649. After several hours of time calling your customer service department and several incompetent people telling us there's nothing they can do we're screwed. ALL we want at this point is the money back, NO STORE CREDIT, because WHY would we ever want to purchase something from HHGreg again after this horrific experience?

Bottom of the TRASH Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- Took a TV into the hhGregg Glenn Burnie, MD store three times for the same problem, 'no sound on the output sound-bar jacks'. They check it out the first time and agreed, No Sound. They gave me another TV. I asked if we should check it before leaving and the answer was 'no'. I was the only one to report such a problem. Took it home and the TV has the same problem as the first. I took it back again (28 mile one way trip) and plan to leave the TV and have the replacement checked before taking it home. One sales guy in a red shirt told me I couldn't leave it but the manager had me sign a form and said it would be checked and ready when I returned after work.

I went back to the store to find the TV had not been touched. The manager at the time ** sent a sales guy over to check it out and when I asked him if he knew the problem he said the TV did not work. I explained the TV worked but there was no sound on the output jacks. He hooked the TV up, sound came from the TV speaker and he said the TV was find and worked correctly. I again said, "The problem is with the out-put jacks for the sound bar. Another sales clerk comes over, the one from earlier. He tells me the TV does not have an optical output and they could not test it. The TV had both a co-ax and headphone output jack.

I walked over and brought a small speaker to them and told them all they had to do was to get a cord and hook the speaker up. It could not have been any easier unless I did it myself. The manager **said she would not open up a $4.99 cord to test the TV. Now remember, this is my forth time back and I now have driven over 150 miles. I should mention that we have spent well over $7,000 in the last two years at HHGregg but HHGregg could not open a $4.99 cable in order to test the TV.

OH, and when I called the district manager, he said because I became upset and yelled, I could shop else where. WE WILL. Then I just had a call from hhGregg Corp. from a woman that was a gutter mouth. Great Company and wonderful Customer Service. SHOP BEST BUY.

Terrible Installation
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Rating: 1/51

MIDLOTHIAN, VIRGINIA -- This is the worst customer service I have ever had from any retailer for any purchase. It was my first time ever buying from HH Gregg. I wanted to get a new gas stove from Lowe's, but they could not deliver before Thanksgiving. So I tried HH Gregg. The same exact model as Lowe's cost $200 more here. I asked if they did price matching and they said they did. They went to their computer and showed me they were the same price. I showed them a picture of the stove with sign and they proceeded to tell me that isn't the same one.

Funny it had the same model number. They said they could deliver it the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and install, so I decided to go with it. I had 11 people traveling for Thanksgiving dinner. The sales person was very nice but must have been new as it took him 45 minutes to ring up the order. We had to go out of town for a family emergency so I arranged for my 22 year old son to be there for delivery. He works night shift so he was pretty out of it when they did the install. It was terrible and they left it 6 inches from the wall with the gas line kinked up between the stove and wall.

It took 4 phone calls and me having to send pictures to the Manager to get the install team to come back. He showed up the next day and got it about 2 inches from the wall and gave me the excuse that new ranges weren't allowed to be flush with the wall for safety issues. When I came home later that night I smelled gas and immediately called HH Gregg. They told me it was too late to do anything and I should just turn off the gas.

Don't ever buy anything from this company if you don't want your house to blow up from a gas leak. Once they have your money you are dead to them. I guess they think you will only need one major appliance and don't worry about your future business. I have a $50 gift card for them as part of a promotion for this stove that I will never use. Nor will I give it to anyone that I care about due to the lack of concern over the gas leak their installer left me with.

Mistakes & Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- This has actually been a couple years ago now, but it still infuriates me considering we paid so much for our washer and dryer. We placed our order for a Bosch washer and dryer and were so excited. It was our first big purchase as husband and wife (we are dorks I know). We enjoyed our salesman and purchased a 5 year warranty and set a delivery date and time. My husband took a day off work to be home for the delivery and installation. Well, they never came. Upon some investigation, it turned out our set was damaged during transit from the warehouse and they'd set another date.

So my husband again took a day off work and again they didn't deliver. When we called to inquire they apologized and offered to upgrade us to silver instead of white for free for our troubles. I said that's fine and I really don't care I just want to wash my clothes. For our final delivery date, we asked my dad to come to our house so we didn't have to waste another vacation day for my husband. They delivered and installed the silver set and it worked wonderfully.

About a year later, the washer stopped working in the middle of a wash cycle. As a front loader I couldn't just open the door and take the clothes out. I called to have them come fix it with our warranty. Turns out they didn't have our warranty in their records for a silver washer and dryer. It looked like when someone "upgraded" our order for "free" they also deleted our warranty.

Even though it was clearly their mistake and they admitted to me it was their mistake they refused to fix it. After numerous calls to the store and getting nowhere I contacted corporate. I was promptly hung up on when I asked to speak to someone in charge. When I called back I have them hell but they didn't care.

I eventually contacted the BBB but even they were unable to get the company to compensate for their mistake. The clothes in the washer stayed for weeks and were ruined. Eventually we gave up and hired someone to fix the washer. It only cost $70, so it didn't break the bank, but we were still outraged at HH Gregg and their rudeness, lack of integrity, and horrendous customer service.

H.H. Gregg's Delivery Reimbursement Is a Scam
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Rating: 1/51

TOWSON, MARYLAND -- H. H. Gregg makes you pay for shipping with a promise to 100% reimburse this by mailing you a prepaid Visa card. I wondered, why don't they just offer free shipping in the first place? When I got the card in the mail, I found out. It's a scam. The letter that accompanies the card says it can be used "anywhere that Visa cards are accepted" but this is not true; the card is almost impossible to use.

If you try to use it in any financial institution it is automatically declined. If you try to use it in a restaurant, deli, flower shop, barber, taxi, beauty parlor, or anywhere else where *they* have decided you might leave a tip (a long list) the card is dinged for 20% more than you asked to put on it. If you try to use it to buy gas you can't buy gas at the pump. Many, many other such restrictions.

I tried to call their customer service about this. Can't be done. Like all credit/debit cards, there is a customer service number on the back of the card, but unlike any other card, when you call their number there is NO option that reaches a human being. So there is no way to inquire about this policy.

So then I called the store where I purchased the appliance, who would not do anything. "Not our department" they said. Then I said I wanted to return the appliance because of this situation but they refused to take it back. "It's too late to return it" they said. Funny about that, I just got the card yesterday. Do you guys delay sending out the card until its too late to return the appliance, on purpose?

Finally I called the corporate headquarters main number in Indianapolis where eventually, after almost half an hour of hitting dead ends in their voice mail system, I was able to reach a customer service representative. To her credit, she tried hard to find a way around all the restrictions, so the card would be usable. But even she was unable to do so.

Their hope, I think, is that you get so frustrated with trying to use their card that you throw it away in disgust. In which case, of course, they get to keep your money. They are certainly right about one thing; I am definitely disgusted with H. H. Gregg. I'll never buy from these crooks again.

Very Poor Customer Service
By -

NORRIDGE, ILLINOIS -- To all those who are contemplating making a purchase at hhgregg, especially a big-ticket item, I wish you better luck. I have never written a negative review about a retailer before. However, my extremely bad experience with hhgregg compelled me to write this hoping it will save some consumers undeserved headache and hassles.

I bought a refrigerator on 11/6/2011 from the Norridge, IL store. It was delivered as promised, but the delivery person broke off the handle of my fridge water line. To make matters worse, he would not repair what he damaged at that time. We waited another day and the fridge wasn't making any ice, and the bottom drawers were sticking all the time. Any bit of force to open the drawers would cause the whole drawer assembly to almost pull up and out, possibly causing damage. So, in addition to the hassle thus far, I got stuck with a defective fridge. Called the toll-free number, no luck, was just on hold for a very long time.

I decided to call the delivery man (I took his cell number when he was here) and he kept on saying that he was busy and that he can't repair the damage he made and I'll have to wait. Waited, waited, no luck. Called again and he said he would call me back as to when he can stop by. Never happened, days went by and no calls, no show. Anyone who's ever had a water line installed knows that it isn't cheap; mine cost close to $200 parts & labor a couple years ago. Also, the handle is not the kind you would use for, say, a regular water tap. During my last call to the delivery man he said not to call him anymore and that I should call hhgregg directly.

The following day I went to the same Norridge, IL store to speak directly with the store manager. Admittedly, she listened patiently and was sympathetic to what I've been through - a defective fridge, a damaged water line, no repair from the delivery man. She scheduled the pick-up of the defective fridge and wrote up an invoice that would credit back the charge on my card after the defective unit was picked up.

So, the refund would be “in process” pending hhgregg's receipt of the defective unit. A couple days went by and finally the defective unit was picked up. A few more days went by and I checked with my credit card company to see if there was a credit from hhgregg. None! This was 5 days later!

I went back to the Norridge store and this time I had to raise hell to get them to ring up a proper refund to my credit card. At first, they did not want to do it and were giving me the run-around and telling me I should wait 2 weeks, and then 72 hours, then back again to 2 weeks, on and on. Also, even though they confirmed that their distribution center in Aurora, IL had indeed received the defective fridge from their delivery man, only Aurora, IL can process the refund.

A whole bunch of hogwash just to get me out of the store. I persevered and refused to leave until my credit card was properly credited right there at the store's register. I will call the credit card company again in 2 days and if my account still does not show the full credit of $830+ due me I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and every consumer fraud agency I can write to or call. Re the broken water line handle-I give up with hhgregg. I would prefer to never have anything to do with this company ever again.

Same day, I went to Sears, better prices, better unit, delivery next day. Fridge now in my kitchen, working well as it should. Have already received phone call confirming installation of new water line and connection to fridge in less than a day. No hassles, no b. s. The only conclusion I could come up with is that your shopping experience at hhgregg has the potential of being a total nightmare unless your purchase is 100% perfect and all the stars are aligned properly for you. Otherwise, buyer beware! Never again, hhgregg! I will make sure to warn friends and family about the gross incompetence of this company.

TV Purchase gone bad
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- My husband and I have been considering upgrading our TV. We have been wanting a flat screen and larger TV. So we did some research and on Saturday it was on. We went to every store possible even Tiger Direct. We went to HHGregg on Capital and picked up a sales paper as we went in. Needless to say with it being President's Day weekend there were GREAT sales every where. Well they had a TV at an unbeatable price, but they were sold out. We called the Brier Creek location and they had one left. We asked the sales guy if they could hold he said sure and we went straight there. We got there. Saw the TV, PAID for the TV got our receipt.

Then we asked if they could hold the TV while we went to the movies. (NOTE: We had planned ongoing to the movies in Wakefield, but changed all of that when we learned that Brier Creek had the TV) The guy said sure... since we had paid for it. He gave us our copy of the receipt and the blue copy he took to the back to put it on our TV. He marked sold on the receipt and went on his way. We leave and go to the movies.

We return right after to pick up the TV. I had my receipt out to show the sales guy when he states "we have an issue". I was like what... He stated "We accidentally sold your TV, however we are going to give you a better TV to replace what we did". "Cool" I told him. So we get to the information desk to make the switch. At that point we were told it would be an additional $53.00 to do the exchange. I asked what for. I was told that the TV we were getting was $300.00 more than the one we purchased and that one was the most comparable one to the one we purchased, but they could not just give it to us. At this point I became livid. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

So let me get this straight you sold the TV that we purchased... notice I said purchased... not put on hold or financed. We paid for it out right. So the manager said "It is only $53.00". Now I am MAD. I told him it is not a money issue. It is the principal of the matter. Our TV is gone and it is not our fault that it is gone. They would not budge. The manager felt I was being unfair because of the "deal" he was offering us. I told him it is not our fault the next TV you have in stock is $300.00 more than the one we got. The only reason it was $300.00 more was because the one we got was on sale.

We finally got our money back and I told them that I was going to tell anyone who would listen what they did. Because when you get good business you tell a few people. But bad service you tell everyone and this was DIRTY!!!!! business.

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