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Our Honeymoon Suite Was Given Away On Us...
Posted by JustMarried on 09/02/2008
ENFIELD, NOVA SCOTIA -- On Saturday August 30, 2008 my wife and I got married. This is where it started I arrived at the Garden Inn early(11am), I was just looking for my room keys because I wouldn't be back to check in until much later in the night seeing how the wedding was during the afternoon and evening. I was declined my keys and told they would be available for us whenever we arrived because our reservation was showing in the system. So when we arrived at 2am to finally check in we found out they had given our HONEYMOON suite away to some German guy under OUR reservation and tried telling us they didn't know what they could do for us because the hotel was full.....

They did end up taking some other ladies room and giving it to us, but we gave up our suite at the hotel we were staying at only because the Hilton had a jacuzzi tub in their suite and the Quality didn't however if I had known how the Hilton Garden Inn acts I would have just stayed with the superb service of the Quality Inn, and I shall from now on.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
That is lousy service. How is it that you knew the sex of the guests in the other 2 rooms as well as the nationality of the male?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
That's a great observation C2O. The German guy should post a complaint about his identity being compromised. I would think the hotel should be discreet concerning the occupants of the honeymoon suite.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
JustMarried, sorry to hear your honeymoon night was wrecked by this Hilton. You should send a blistering letter to Hilton Corporate and demand they make it right with some free nights or a credit for what you spent. This was not right and the hotel has no defense for how they treated you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
The Hilton hotels seem to be notorious for doing this. I previously mentioned in another post re Hilton that we are always given a sub-par room even when reserving something specific. I do not stay at their hotels anymore because it has happened several times--not just a fluke apparently. The last time I reserved a one-bedroom suite, we were given a regular double room for 3 people and ended up getting a roll-away (not comfortable). They gave us free meal vouchers for our inconvenience--but come on. We were still crowded into a smaller room than we had reserved. I even had to ask for a refund for the difference of the price of the rooms--it wasn't just automatically offered. They gave the same excuse--sold out--even though we checked in early. So, as far as I'm concerned, it is a pattern that seems to follow them nationwide. They promise things they can't seem to deliver on. I hope your honeymoon went well despite the room screw-up. Have a long and happy marriage!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
I agree with super..and, I'm curious as to the reason they gave your room away? You came in early to check in and get your room key, knowing you would be coming back very late, and they told you you didn't need to do that...so what excuse did they use to give your room away?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
justcuz--From my experience, the excuse is always that they are full and the room you reserved was taken. Probably because they overbook. That is my educated guess.
Posted by Crown Jules on 2008-09-02:
I'm sorry that your honeymoon suite was taken away from you, but I'm going to play devil's advocate for just a minute. What were the check-in and check-out times for the hotel? When you arrived at 11:00 a.m., maybe they couldn't give you your room keys because somebody else was still in the room. Also, many hotels allow a few hours between the check-in and check-out times so the rooms can be cleaned. Check-in may not have been until 2:00 or 3:00. As for giving the room away later, I would assume that if you hadn't checked in by midnight of the day you had reserved the room for, they might have been within their rights to give it to someone else. Did you tell them you might not be back before midnight?
Posted by themayor23 on 2008-09-05:
They "might" be within their rights? Crown Jules, you must know they had a room guaranteed with a credit card. The room type was specified in their reservation. They attempted to check-in earlier, but were rightfully declined because it was too early to check-in.
Hold them to the fire - Hilton was wrong. They were obviously overbooked and tried to squeeze a little more revenue out of the rooms available
Shame on Hilton.
Posted by AFM on 2008-10-30:
You should file a complaint with Hilton corporate. Call 1-800-HILTONS and ask for "Guest Assistance" or you can also fill out the online form. Good luck.
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Hilton Hotels Does Bait-And-Switch, And The CEO Doesn't Care!!!!!
Posted by Erntrns17 on 11/03/2011
MCCLEAN, VIRGINIA -- Driving East with my family this past July, 2011, to visit relatives and see the USA, a loyal customer of Hilton chain discovers serious roadwork being done on the road ahead which requires a routing change. Wife makes reservation change via Hilton’s telephone reservation center and pre-pays for the changed reservation. E-mail confirms room type and cost. Family arrives at new destination after 18 HOURS OF DRIVING in very hot areas of USA. Family checks in, and the hotel manager says, “Sorry, sir. We don’t have a room like this reserved for you. We DO have a 1 King bed room for your family of 4, though.” To this we say, “Not acceptable.”, and proceed to show our PRE-PAID confirmation from earlier in the day, for a 2 Queen bed room. Manager then says, “Well, I CAN sell you a second 1 King bed room for ½ price.” What can we do? The family needs a place to sleep comfortably, and it is 10 PM. We asked if he could comp us with the second room; he says, “No can do.” Meanwhile, we see other customers arrive after us receive other rooms which would have worked for our family. Our deduction: We have been ‘Bait-And-Switched’ by the Hilton chain.

Now, I figure that a simple e-mail memo to the Hilton Customer Care office, requesting a refund for the room cost, will suffice. Send the first e-mail request immediately sent a follow-up snail mail letter, wait 2 weeks, no response. Not yet agitated, but…So, fire off a second letter to Customer Care, with the same results. Now I am getting aggravated; isn’t Customer Care supposed to do JUST THAT? CARE FOR THE CUSTOMER??!!??!!

I wait 3 more weeks, still no response from ANYONE IN THE HILTON CHAIN! Now I am beginning to lose my patience, as I have spent over 6 hours on my own (research, copying, thinking of how to address the situation, and writing/mailing.) with this issue. So, next I send a Certified Letter to the CEO of Hilton International. Does this receive any attention? ABSOLUTELY NOT A SINGLE CALL, LETTER OR E-MAIL!!!!!! Can you blame me if I am PISSED OFF???!!!??? As of the time of this writing, 3+ months have elapsed since my botched hotel stay. I have written a second Certified Letter to the CEO, and received the same results. Thus, I am reporting that THE HILTON HOTEL CHAIN DOESN’T GIVE A F@#$ING HOOT ABOUT THEIR BEST CUSTOMERS! I CERTAINLY HOPE THAT THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, AND THE ATTORNEY GENERALS OF MY STATE AND THE STATE WHERE MY HOTEL STAY WAS CAN HELP ME DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-11-03:
Hopefully the BBB will get a response. I have always said that when you have an issue, the measure of a good company is not THAT you had an issue, but in how they responded.

Not responding at all to a customer's complaint is a figuratively spitting in your face. Horrible! Shame on Hilton!
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-11-03:
Every once in a while, I like to send a company a quick note, letting them know of a complaint that I have read. Just so they know that people do read these. I sent one to Hilton.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-03:
Same here Chuhbaca. I didn't get a response when I sent a letter to Barnes & Noble. That was a bigger insult than the actual incident itself.
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Family of four kicked out of hotel
Posted by Gandbcole on 02/08/2005

Hello, my name is Genia Cole. I have four children, 2,6, 8, and 12. We always stay in Hilton hotels because we use their rewards program. We always rent two joining rooms. We usually stay at Hampton inns. We went to stay at a Hampton Inn in Cleveland, MS for my cousins wedding. We went to the wedding and came back to the hotel at 8:45 with some burger king for supper. My kids ate, got their PJ's on and were lying on the bed watching Nick at Night. My 12 yr old and my husband got a cart and loaded our luggage onto it and took it down to the car, we were leaving at 6am in the morning and didn't want to disturb people that early. They get back and then go to get some bottled water, ice in the ice bucket and some snacks out of the vending machine. We are lying in the bed, PJ's on and at 10pm there is a knock on the door. 3 policeman are standing there. I am shocked to see them, they are shocked to see me. They say there had been a noise complaint about our room..... I told him there must be a mistake. He said, yes, it might be, just call the manager and he was sure that we could straighten it out. I call, the clerk says the manager wants us to leave, there had been a complaint that our door was being opened and shut and they had tried to call but our phone was disconnected (the two yr old, I do that to keep him from calling everyone in the hotel), they then say they called the other room and told that person there had been a complaint of people going in and out of doors. My father in law, said they called at 9:20 (they were resting) and all she said was that there had been a complaint of people going in and out of doors, he told her that that they just got in and got settled and it wasn't an issue anymore. They never bothered to come and check, didn't bother to let us know, NOTHING.

The manager of the hotel is talking to the clerk on the phone and refuses to speak to my husband or myself and tells the police to escort us from the hotel.

We are 2 and half hours away from the next nearest hotel, it is now 10:30 at night, it is 20 degrees with a north wind blowing so hard it is rocking the van. We have to load our kids in the car in their PJ's in a state of shock. My 6 and 8 yr old are crying because they knew they had been quiet and good all night. They do not even want to st ay at another hotel again. My husband and I are both in shock. I finally break down over the telephone while talking to a hilton rep. It was all out a horrific experience for us.

I am told by hilton that the general manger of the hotel will call me to take care of the situation. Well, to this day I still have not gotten an apology from the manger. I still have not spoken to a manager. A clerk called and told me they would refund my rooms (I paid for two) and that the manager said to offer his apology. I asked to speak to the manager, can't. I call Hilton back, they offer me two nights somewhere else, that is fine, but I still want something done.

Long story short, nothing has been done, they gave me two free nights, my husband (business travel) and my family spends close to 6000.00 a year at hilton hotels, and expect me to let it rest. The hotel to this day has only refunded one of my rooms, Hilton has been "trying to reach the manger" for some time now and hasn't been able to. I want them to do something to make sure that this doesn't happen to another family.

This really tramatized my family. There was times in college, I probably deserved to get kicked out of a hotel, but didn't. Now I am a upper middle class family with four well behaved children and I get kicked out of a hotel because we were going in and out of our room, BEFORE 10PM AT NIGHT.

One last thing, I asked the clerk right before we left, "so I could call and say room 312 is making too much noise, wait and call back 15 minutes later with the same complaint, and you are going to have them police escorted out of your hotel without ever verifying if it is a legitamate complaint, HE SAID YES!!!!!" I thought my husband was going to explode. The policeman were even apologetic about the situation, they knew there had been a mistake!

I just want people to know about Hilton's customer service. I will never stay in another hilton again. They think throwing what amounts to one free night for us (we always rent two rooms a night) should make this all go away. I do not care about the free nights, they could throw a week at disney in and it wouldn't make us for the trauma it cause my children and my family. I want to know that some kind of disipline action was taken. They can't do that.

IT IS A JOKE. We will be staying at Marriot's from now on.

Thank you for listening.

Brian and Genia Cole
Houston, TX
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Posted by tander on 2005-02-08:
Sorry this happened to you, tell your kids, it'll be better next time, and that shouldn't of happened
Posted by DCGirl on 2005-02-16:
According to your post on PlanetFeedback, you and the kids were in and out of the rooms something like ten times in the space of 45 minutes. That is a lot of coming and going and a lot of noise in a short period of time, and if I had the room next to you I would likely have called the front desk too. In view of the fact that one of your rooms ignored a call from the front desk and the phone in your other room was off the hook, you left the front desk clerk no choice but to call the police. Most hotels do not allow desk clerks to 1) leave the desk and 2) confront disruptive guests. The two free nights you got was plenty of compensation.
Posted by rico on 2005-03-20:
i have stayed at the hilton in columbus and i dont think they are all that either.i think mr. hilton is too concerned about what his wild daughtes are doing rather than his geusts. LOL
Posted by keyjockey on 2005-09-22:
The free nights seem reasonable and fair to me then again I don't have the luxury to afford $6,000 in hotel stays a year.
Posted by bewareof hilton on 2006-06-10:
I was escorted out of a Hampton Inn because I had a service animal. The Middle Eastern Manager obviously didn't know what the Americans with Diabilities Act was and had no interest in my explaining it. He kept repeating "no pets" allowed. He said my dog didn't look like a service animal. When I stood my ground he called the cops and had me thrown out. I was a Hilton Diamond VIP member but no more. This manager should be working in a third world country hotel.
Posted by chloedew on 2006-09-18:
Isn't it ironic that you were trying to be courteous and not disturb the other guests since you had an early check-out? The moral of this story, it appears, is to screw trying to be the nice guy: if you have an early check out, pack up in the morning. If you're noisy doing so, what's Hilton going to do? Kick you out? Doesn't matter since you're checking out anyway!
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Advance Purchase--No Refund for Medical Reason!!!
Posted by Travelval on 03/21/2010
Last fall, I made an Advance Purchase Reservation for our family to visit my elderly parents near Washington, DC, over Thanksgiving. We had stayed at this Hilton a few times before and had no complaints. The Advance Purchase rate was not much better than the regular, but I thought we may as well save a few bucks, and had no idea we might need to cancel.

Then my husband got sick. Bad cough that kept him up all night, went on 2 long rounds of antibiotics over the next two months, & he just kept getting worse. He looked and sounded terrible, was pale & sweaty with that horrible cough and an ongoing low-grade fever. None of us had been able to get either the seasonal flu vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine from our GP or Pediatrician, and when he went to the doctor again for the fifth time, 2 days before our trip, she said it was dangerous for him to travel--she suspected he had H1N1 & needed to rest, and either way, he might be contagious. I thought of going without him, but she said it would be better for me to stay if I could, to keep a close eye on him. But I also thought, what if I get sick too, while traveling w/my 2 daughters, or get my 90-year-old parents sick? Not to mention all the folks in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, at the restaurants, etc...

So I called Hilton Customer Service the day before we were to leave and said I needed to cancel & did not need a refund, only to change the trip due to illness, to the next holiday when we could travel as a family, which would have been Christmas (and we actually did stay there over that Christmas). They told me that I couldn't change the dates (OK, no problem), but of course I could expect a refund for medical reasons, & that all they needed was a letter from my husband's doctor concerning his condition & inability to travel.

More than three months later, after the doctor faxed the letter twice, rewrote it with more details & faxed twice again, after countless phone calls & emails from me, and after countless empty promises that they'd get back to me with an answer, they finally emailed me to say that because my husband had not been given a blood test confirming H1N1 or been HOSPITALIZED for it, that they couldn't refund me.

I asked them, what is the point of having an Advance Purchase Customer Service Department if they won't give a refund for MEDICAL REASONS? They wasted more money on employees' pay dealing with me, not to mention months of my frustrating time & theirs, just to end up turning me away from Hilton forever. I also asked them repeatedly for a main office or some higher authority I could appeal to, but they refused to give me further information.

I hope somewhere the Hilton managers are paying attention to my & others' complaints about their Advance Reservation Customer Service Department. I was completely ruded out by the process. It's a shame, because I was a Hilton Honors member, I liked that particular hotel & the staff there, & planned to stay in the Amsterdam Hilton this summer. But it sure makes you think twice about staying at a place when customer service doesn't care about spreading contagious diseases, huh?

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Posted by clutzycook on 2010-03-21:
This is why people purchase travel insurance. As far as them not refunding your money without proof of illness (hospitalization or blood test), that's standard procedure. How were they to know if you weren't telling the truth about illness and just had a doctor friend write you a note. Believe me, it's happened...
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Beware of the NetDirect Rates!!!!!!
Posted by Adavis on 05/21/2008
ANAHEIM, ARIZONA -- I made a reservation through Hilton online and got a NetDirect rate. I couldn't believe there was any reason I would change my reservation, since we had found a sitter for my kids, someone to watch the dogs, etc. A few days before the trip my baby niece passed away, and her funeral is on one of the days during our trip. I pleaded to the internet group and to the hotel directly. I offered to send them a copy of the death certificate, the hand out from the funeral, etc. I even told them that I didn't want a refund; I just wanted to change my dates. They refused to work with me. We had saved up for this trip and losing the hotel money means that we won't be able to go. They basically told me I had to chose between going to the funeral or going on my trip. Either way I wasn't going to get a refund, credit, or date change. They said I should have thought of the possibility that someone I know could die before I made my reservation. I used to have a high opinion of Hilton, but now I realize they are a cold hearted, corporate company that I will not stay at again.

My plan is now to go on every site possible and warn people about Hilton and their Netdirect rates. My family and friends have already agreed to boycott them. I just can't believe the airline was willing to give me credit for my tickets, but the hotel couldn't work with me.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2008-05-21:
did you call the hotel mgr direct and talk to him personally? I think there is something he can do. Talking to a no face telephone person seldom works. Tell the mgr you've stayed there before and need some help. I think it should be worth a shot.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-05-21:
Please accept my condolences on the loss of your nice. I agree with Dan. Please, try and call the manager of the hotel directly. They may be able to help you with this problem. If it doesn't work, try the main Hilton HQ.

Good luck.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-05-21:
Where is Anaheim, AZ? I live in Casa Grande and I have looked all over the state for Anaheim and can't find it. Is that where Disneyville is located? Built by Fred Disney? Nope, no Anaheim, AZ anywhere I have seen. Seriously, please accept our most sincere condolences for your loss.
Posted by dekydrose on 2008-05-27:
Wow...I'm sorry. I know that in my company when an individual books a non-cancellable rate, we at least offer date changes for non-emergencies. When an extenuating circumstance such as your current situation comes up, I would be hard-pressed to believe that either Corporate or the General Manager of the hotel would not make an exception as this was something that obviously could not have been predicted.
Posted by Cresentrose on 2008-08-27:
First off let me say that I am sorry for the loss of your neice, I lost my 2 month old nephew to SIDS in May... but I work for a Hilton hotel, and actually came across your comment while trying to figure out how to change a reservation for a NetDirect reservation. I've been on hold with NetDirect for over 45 minutes now. Hilton support told me to call them, and my computer won't let me change anything, it keeps giving me an error message. Chances are it's not the hotel that is to blame. The computer system we use literally won't allow us to make a change to the reservation, NetDirect has to do it themselves. And as you can see from my previous statement, getting through to them is like pulling teeth. If you are an Hhonors member you could always try to file a Guest Assistance on the hotel itself, they may be able to refund you the money, especially if they have a 100% Guarantee like we do. I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but it really is a tough situation to fix.
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My Hurt Marine
Posted by Lisa99 on 04/14/2010
My son got hurt 21 days before his April 16th US Marine boot camp graduation. I had already prepaid for the room for two nights. After numerous phone calls, a rude supervisor, and all the red tape to get a Dr's note, they refused to change the date to his new graduation. I never asked for a refund, just wanted to change the date to May. Because of this, I now can't afford to go. They wouldn't return my calls either. I have never dealt with such a heartless company. I am shocked that they don't support our US Marines. They say they make decisions on an individual base but mine case didn't warrant a change in date?? I don't get it. I highly recommend that people do not use them!
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Posted by memoryx57 on 2010-04-14:
You said you talked to a supervisor. Just wondering if this was at their national reservation number or was it the actual manager at that particular hotel. If you haven't already I would call the hotel directly and see if they will do anything for you. Really seems strange that they wouldn't change the date unless they were possibly already booked up. Good luck.
Posted by localgod on 2010-04-14:
How does not changing your room date mean they do not support our U.S. Marines???
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-04-14:
is it too late to cancel without penalty? or were these non-refundable rooms?

just thinking, if you can cancel you might be able to find rooms at another hotel.

of course availability may also depend on which boot camp he's at. if he's at the one in San Diego it'll probably be easier to find a new room at another hotel. You may end up having to drive a little, but it's an option.

but if it's the Parris Island location you may have a few less options. I've been to that area. Actually I've been in both San Dog & the Port Royal area. There's not a lot in the PR area. Seriously. The marine base itself was the biggest thing there that I could see.

anyway good luck!
Posted by W T F! on 2010-05-30:
You pre-paid to get a better rate and got stuck with it. Never pay for something you don't have. I agree with localgod, don't use the "support our troops!!!" BS, it simply means nothing to the situation at hand. Businesses support money, that's it. Prepare a little better, take a stand, don't cop out!
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Posted by MyWikers12 on 10/29/2009
The rooms were not nearly the quality that you would expect from a 4 star hotel. The walls were paper thin and to make matters worse they placed me in a room that joined another via an even thinner door! I heard the people in the next room shuffling through books and paper on the desk in their room. My view faced a tar roof that was level with my window so that I had to keep my curtains shut at all times since there were maintenance crews walking on the roof. The window faced a large, tan wall that separated me from the air conditioner units on the roof. The toilet flooded and the bathtub did not have a drain stop. I pre-paid for the room and they told me it was first come first serve. The hotel was NOT fully booked two weeks earlier so they assured me that there would be a good selection of rooms to choose from once I arrived. During that two weeks a convention booked out the hotel leaving me with the worst possible room in the building. Keep it mind, Hilton had my money long before they had the late booking convention. There are also no refrigerators in the rooms - you must request one at a cost of $30 per night. This is a 4-star hotel???
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-29:
A location would be nice.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-10-29:
location, location, location!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-29:
From the description, I would say they were either in Oklahoma City, OK or somewhere in Ohio.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-10-29:
Why do you say that, Zz?
Posted by erikbox on 2010-10-19:
Um, 4-star hotels usually charge for everyhting, so yeah, it sounds like a 4-star hotel.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by Dakarece on 08/17/2009
I stay at a Hilton Hotel at least 12 times a year and am a Hilton Honors member. I made an advance reservation for 2 rooms and due to an unavoidable family conflict could only keep one room. Customer service was rude and unwilling to refund the one room. I explained the financial consequence of me never staying at a Hilton hotel again (which I won't) being much greater than the $79.00 of mine they were keeping.

They really didn't care and obviously have no concern for their loyal customers.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-17:
what's their cancellation policy and did you meet it?
Posted by Skye on 2009-08-17:
How much notice did you give them, that you needed to cancel the second room reservation??

Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-10-19:
12 times a year is not that much, I do @150-200. A truly loyal customer knows and understands the terms and conditions the hotel offers.
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Avoid Hilton Hotels - Rip Off Cancellation Policy
Posted by Pscocoa on 02/03/2009
I have been a regular customer of Hilton Hotels and am an Hilton Honors member. The bad weather in UK forced cancellation of flights to many destinations. Not only had Hilton Cologne bumped up the price of the hotel for a trade fair they wanted a guarantee. This is fine but when your attempts to travel are thwarted by weather circumstances corroborated by your travel agent - you do expect not to be held to the guarantee. A charge of euros 530 for a room I could not use is just daylight robbery.

I would advise everyone to avoid using these people at all. Yes - I may be able to claim on insurance - but this is not the point.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-03:
How is it robbery or a ripoff? From their reservations page: If you cancel for any reason, attempt to modify this reservation, or do not arrive on your specified check-in date, your payment is non-refundable.
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Advance Purchase Reservations
Posted by Talltimber on 01/28/2009
HAMPTON HOTEL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Beware... apparently under NO circumstances will your money be refunded. We needed to cancel our reservations due to a medical emergency and the agent I spoke with was unwilling to make an exception. I emailed her manager and I am STILL waiting to hear from him for a reply.

I would not recommend this service and I suggest that Hilton hotels reconsider allowing this company to represent them on the website.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-01-28:
How far ahead of check in did you attempt to cancel?
Posted by saj80 on 2009-01-28:
Hilton, as many others, offers an "Internet Only" rate, which are nonrefundable for ANY reason. This is clearly stated on the reservations page. If you don't want this option, you can choose a room at a higher rate with the cancellation provision. I'm sorry for your situation, but it's the risk someone takes when they choose a nonrefundable option.
Posted by talltimber on 2009-01-28:
our reservations were made for April. I tried to cancel yesterday, so about two months notice.
I was hoping that because it was a medical situation involving a military recruit, the company might consider making an exception to their policy....empathy?
Posted by MsTavius on 2009-03-29:
Next time.... Pay the higher rate and get a cancellation policy! There are no execeptions. You negelected to understand the cancellation policy. Not Hilton's fault.. it's yours.
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