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Don't blame me for your mistake please.
Posted by on
BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA -- I was just in the Bloomington, IN store about 2 hrs ago and I am appalled by my experience. I have shopped at this location before and gotten decent service and going in to this particular experience I was expecting good service.

On Saturday I purchased a SpeedBall Speedy Carve stamp making kit. After drawing out my stamp I went to carve and discovered that my kit came with 2, #4 tips instead of a #2 and a #4. I called the store and spoke with the manager on duty. He found the only remaining package and checked the contents. It turned out that this package had 2, #2 tips. I asked if he would hold it until Monday for me and I would come in so we could trade tips. He agreed and told me the item would be at the front desk.

I came in this evening with my kit to have the tips swapped out. The girl at the counter looked in 2 cubbies then said she had no idea where it might be and called for someone else. An ASM came and asked if the girl had looked everywhere and she said she had (she had not! There are like 8 registers). The woman proceeded to talk about how she's never even seen such a thing, she doesn't know what it is or where it would be. She started off in the wrong direction to find it so I went to the area and showed here where it should be. She replied in a VERY nasty tone "Well, that's where it WAS." At that point I decided that she didn't want help so I went back to the front of the store with my son and husband. We waited and waited and waited and she came back and asked the girl again if she had looked everywhere. The girl gave her a very indignant "YES!" So then this woman starts slamming open cabinets and ripping out the contents and throwing them onto the floor. The girl asked what she was doing (and yet again with the nasty tone) snapped at her "Well we have to find it and you'll have to put all this stuff back out!"

At this point we had been in the store for about 15min for what I had assumed would be a very quick swap of parts.

She disappeared into another room and then came back empty handed still. She said she didn't know where it was and asked if I lived close by. I explained that I don't live very far but it's pretty inconvenient to come in because we have to ride the bus. I had noticed there was a package of tips that had the one that was supposed to be in my set plus another tip. I asked if it was possible to just take the #2 out of that package and I'd give her the extra #4 so that if they found the other pack they could at least swap that one out and be able to sell it. Her reply was "Well, if you'd just wait for me to talk to him... I'd rather switch them out than having something I can't sell."

I was pretty over the entire situation so I just told her that I would like to return the item. She asked if I had a receipt and I told her that no, but it's defective and I want to return it. She gave me a smartass look, nodded toward the overcrowded 1 open lane and told me "Yeah, you can return it... you'll have to wait in line over there."

So I got in line and watched her giving me nasty looks and attempting to whisper to the girl checking out customers while it was very clear that she was saying rude things about me to this girl - in front of other customers! With me standing right there! Then when I was 2nd in line she disappeared again. When I got up there the girl then had to call for "code 3" (or something similar) and wait for the ASM to return to the register before processing my return. She attempted to give me a store credit, which I refused because this is not someplace I want to be spending my money if this is how customers are treated - by MANAGEMENT no less!!!

After filling out the return form I requested a name and ph# for the DM and they refused to give me contact info. I had to call a store in Arizona to get any sort of useful information. (Marsha and Lisa in the East Ray Rd, Phoenix, AZ store are especially helpful and friendly! Even before they new I had any sort of issue they were ready to help.)

From what I've read online communicating through the corporate office does exactly zero good at resolving any issues you have. Which is unfortunate and I hope it's not true. I am already incredibly disgusted with this situation.

I have no idea if the original manager I spoke to failed to communicate the situation properly, if the ASM later found the item in one of the 2 register she didn't check or if this is, in fact, how Hobby Lobby trains customer service but it looks all around bad to me. I would rather go to an even less convenient location if it means my business is valued.
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Skye on 08/09/2010:
While the behavior you were shown was uncalled for, the manager, who was on duty, when you called should have told you where they would be held, should have put them in an envelope with your name on, and let you know where you could pick them up. Imagine it from their end, looking for an item they knew nothing about. Did you get the name of the manager that told you to come in for the tips? A simple little thing like picking up the missing tips, turned into world war 3.
Helpful on 08/09/2010:
Before reading Skye's comment, I was going to say the same thing. Having them place it in such a way as could easily be found or you asking for that same information could have saved a lot.

I'm actually impressed they gave you a refund without sales receipt. That really does show good service as far as it could have been provided for the time.

Thanks for posting.
assoc on 07/25/2013:
You post this on every complaint page online and your story gets worse as time goes on. I work at HL and notice that is the trend with online complaints. I check these pages to see what I can do better to serve the customer but only learn that customers all over the country expect boutique customer service at discount prices, can't keep hold of a receipt, and expect to be believed no matter what. If companys have a return or sale policy, there is a reason- scammers. They have taken advantage of any and all situations making all store associates find the need to question all customers. It is sad that this is so, but the fact is, if stores just did what customers demanded of them-yes, demanded-they would all go under and we would all have nowhere to shop.
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Accused Of Stealing
Posted by on
LITTLE ELM, TEXAS -- I have been shopping for the last year a our local Hobby Lobby buying jewelry making items, and have spent a lot of money there, I mean a lot!! I noticed the last few times I was in there I was being followed isle to isle. It was getting so that I couldn't concentrate on what I was even in there for. I resigned to the fact I wouldn't go back in there if I was going to be followed around...Well several months pass and I needed some beads for a special necklace and decided to run in before they closed, I was ac ousted at the door and treated very aggressively by the manager to follow him to the back to the office he then said he would prosecute me and of coarse I'm so distraught I can only start opening my purse offering a full view and took off my coat, I was terrified at his horrible aggressive and I mean aggressive acts towards me, He of coarse found nothing, and I pulled my coat from him and put it on and said I was leaving and he literally attacked me like a ravaged animal. No he didn't hit me but he kept running into me and when I would push away from him he said he would file assault charges on me, Remember I have stole nothing and he never found an item on me or my purse or coat.

When I finally made my way to the front he blocked and blocked the doorways telling 2 of his female workers to not let me out I called 911 and he called 911, by the time all this horror was over I was not found with any item of any kind except what I purchased. I called my husband and he came, I was crying and so upset I couldn't breathe, when I was on the phone with 911 she kept asking me why he was detaining me against my will when he found nothing on me of any kind. He had one of his big employees block one door and him on the other, I was scared to death and what's sad is the girl that was behind this manager [snip] she was helping me find the items I was looking for so I guess she told him I took something. I have never been in a situation like this and frankly don't feel like going in a store of any kind. I don't feel this was appropriate behavior towards me...Had I stolen something I still feel he was abrupt in his aggressiveness, finally an officer comes and the manager is whispering to him, then the officer approaches me and says the manager thinks I stole from this store before, On all I hold dear I have never stolen from this store or any other store.

It was a horrible horrible incident that I can't seem to shake, I can't get out of my head the abuse I was put through and all I could do was treated as if I was a nobody, I want to report this but don't know my rights on stuff like this, I have never been in trouble with the law, I felt very trapped and very scared and the thing is I didn't do anything wrong, I will continue to look into my rights, I won't EVER STEP FOOT IN HOBBY LOBBY AGAIN>
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 04/20/2010:
Do you have any idea why the manager was so suspicious of you? Do you know the girl who helped you find the items?

Something like this has never happened to me, but I think I would have called the police before going anywhere with the manager or letting him search my belongings. Are they even allowed to do that?
FlShopper on 04/20/2010:
He was running into you? How so? Was he pushing himself on you physically? Do you know if the store has security cameras that might've recorded his assault? Did he tell the police what evidence he had that made him suspect you?
I would try and press charges if something like that happened to me.
Anonymous on 04/20/2010:
They can observe you but they should not be allowed to detain if they cannot prove that anything has been taken. To detain because he thought this person stole before? I'm thinking a call to corporate is in order.

Did you ask the police to file a report for the store staff and management holding you against your will? That's the first thing I would have done and then I would have called an attorney in the morning. These stores are taking too many liberties. You want to check my receipt? Fine! But the line is crossed when you hold someone for no reason.
PepperElf on 04/20/2010:
if you called 911 .... you didn't ask them to press charges while you were there?
Starlord on 04/21/2010:
If you have not done so already, file a report with the police. I cnanot give you legal advice, but I was a police officer, and I know this is not right. Talk to an attorney re: charges against the manager and his employes for assault, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment and more. You do have rights, and the store personnel do not have the right to treat you in the manner you state. Most lawyers will give you the first consultation free of charge, but you definitely need the services of one. I wish you the best of luck,
Anonymous on 04/21/2010:
PepperElf> you're walking a fine line of being a hypocrite. When I posted my incident from not wanting to show my receipt at Walmart, you labeled me as the bad guy saying that I was presumably guilty for not wanting to show a receipt for what I had bought. This story only reiterates my point about the direction that retail stores are headed in. They need to be stopped and put in their place as to what is allowed and what is not going to be tolerated any longer. Was it because I was a male? Did that make me more confrontational? I don't want to hijack this poor ladies post or steal her thunder, so let me say that I would have immediately contacted legal representation. This is not a case of the consumer trying to make a quick buck on a cheezy lawsuit. Her rights were clearly trampled upon. I would have my attorney obtain each and every officer's name, the recorded conversation from 911, any and all store surveillance, the young woman that helped you in the first place, etc...And for anyone out there that posts their solution to just "not shop their anymore" as the viable solution, then shame on you. Shame on you as a human being. You cannot and should not turn your face to this type of abuse of power any longer. It sickens me to think that some people find this type of behavior to be acceptable.
Anonymous on 04/21/2010:
To the OP, you can call an 800# in the lawyer section of your yellow pages that you can explain your case to, and they will give you a contact # for the appropriate type of lawyer, if you're unsure of who, what, where, when, and why, etc... Many lawyers will represent you without an upfront fee, and only charge you for their services if you win a settlement.
Disaster Worker on 04/21/2010:
This is so different from the way Dollar General handles shoplifters. (And I am NOT implying the OP shoplifted! I think her situation was horrible!) Several years ago I witnessed three teenagers shoplifting at my local DG. I told the cashier they were stealing and she said they are not allowed to do anything about it. I told her I most certainly could, so I walked out and confronted one of the girls. In my most motherly voice, I told her that I saw what she stole and that DG was letting her get away with the item; however, God also saw what she did, and she couldn't hide from Him.

There should be a better way to deal with shoplifters than ignoring them just as the wrongfully accused should have recourse.
Anonymous on 04/21/2010:
Disaster> to some extent I agree with your comment. Stores shouldn't ignore the problem. But there is a right way and a wrong way to handle things. How about better management training? They in turn could then train their staff better. They could politely walk up and say, "Excuse me, I apologize for the inconvenience, but we have reason to believe that you MAY have shoplifted something. If you could please show us a receipt that shows you paid for that, then that should clear things up". My response, if asked politely, would probably be, "Sure, but do you mind telling me what makes you think I did"? If I don't feel comfortable in their reasoning, then I wouldn't show them my receipt. But at least be courteous, not demanding (I.e.-the famous Walmart debacle). Courtesy and a warm smile go a long way.
Anonymous on 04/21/2010:
PepperElf> By the way, I'm not bashing or insinuating you're the type of person to look the other way. In no way, shape, or form did I mean to come across that way. I just found it interesting that you took opposite stances on basically the same type of incident. The OP's was taken TOO far, but still kind of related to mine.
bargod on 04/21/2010:
I'm suspecting a little BS here or a least not the complete truth. It makes no sense that after searching her and finding nothing they continue to detain her and call police. One would think they would just say "we think you have stole from here in that past and your now banned from this store" Detaining her and calling police serves no purpose. I don't think were getting the complete picture here.
Anonymous on 04/21/2010:
Bargod> why is it so hard for some people to believe that sometimes the stores overstep their boundaries? I'm not saying all the time, but once in a while. Sometimes they're just a-holes and maybe they were having a bad day too, we may never know. But stop trying to discredit her story just because you find it fishy, or have trouble comprehending that *#it happens in life sometimes. I hope you're not one of those that choose to live in a naive world.
PepperElf on 04/21/2010:
there's a difference in being asked to show a receipt and arguing over it
and being supposedly physically attacked

that's why I asked
Anonymous on 04/21/2010:
Actually, I was pretty cool with her asking, and I was equally cool in replying, "No thanks". I lost it when I tried leaving and she snatched it out of my hands as I walked by. Technically, she just stole from me. No matter how minor the possession, a receipt in this case, she took something I possessed without permission. That is stepping over the line. Agreeably, the mere thought of asking me for it bothers me as well, but if it helps cut profit loss, then so be it. But when a customer politely refuses, then that is that. Period. Ask any police officer. For them to escalate it further is unacceptable.
bargod on 04/21/2010:
Sorry J4A I guess I'm not as gullible as some folks. You seem to lap up everything you read on the internet and I take things with a grain of salt. Meh different stroke for each I guess.
jktshff1 on 04/21/2010:
bargod, kind of with you, the situation just does not make sense.
Ytropious on 04/21/2010:
"How about better management training? They in turn could then train their staff better."...J4A, at my store we ARE trained that if WE don't see it, we can't do anything about it. We can't go up to them and mention ANYTHING about shoplifting. This is how retail works. They'd rather let 100 bucks in merch walk out the door then spend thousands in court with a case where someone was wrongfully accused. It sucks, totally, but it's not for lack of training, it's a corporate rule.
Wendy_dn on 09/12/2012:
They need better management and better system. Here is my story:
I bought three items (2 identical wall hangings and one picture framed wall art) for the same price $29.99 each last week. Two of them were 50% and identical. The third one was charged full price. I took the third one to return to the Little ELm store which I happen to go that area today. They refunded me half price saying that it was 50% off last week. I told them I paid the full price. They said it was one of the 50% off items on my receipt. I told them I bought two identical items at 50% off so I knew it wasn't one of them. They didn't listen to me. After I drove 45 minutes home and found out I was indeed charged the full price for that item and called the store, they asked me to bring the other two identical wall hangings back for them to check. And I have to do so within a couple of hours before the manager leave for the day. I live 45 minutes away (one way) and I have two little kids. I told them I couldn't do that today. They told me I had to in order to get the refund. I was very disappointed!!! Why couldn't they make the receipt more descriptive so people know exactly which item is for which price??? Why I had to bring all of the items on the receipt back in order to receive refund on one item??? Either the first cashier over charged me or the returning cashier only gave me half refund. I certainly won't be able to go back today and they just robbed over $16 of me.
By the way, the lady in front of me who was returning something left very unhappy. Now I know why!!!
Hobby Lobby victim on 11/18/2012:
I am the original Hobby Lobby victim. I have tried to let this go and deal with what happened to me. When I posted my story online 2 years back I was still very shaken up from my ordeal, I want to thank everyone for there words of encouragement and reading my story. to this day cannot shake the way I was treated. It has disturbed me in ways I can never express. I look back and wonder why I never went to a attorney. I came across this post wanting to go to Hobby Lobby ,but I can see they have the same manager. I am surprised he is the manager still. Its a day I will never forget. I can remember a day when this would not have been tolerated. I did not steal from that store that day nor any other day, I have a spotless record. I have never been in any trouble. Since this post I have been told of another incident like mine in the same store, except it was regarding a young girl and I believe the mother handle the manager herself. I hope this keeps people aware of what can happen. Since that incident I make sure to get in any store I go to and get out. I no longer enjoy spending much time in any store I go into. I always keep my purse closed. Hands were they can be seen at all times. I never ever want to be treated like that again. I used to love to go in Hobby Lobby and walk around and think of new projects I would like to do. I spent 1000's of dollars in the little elm store. Never again will I be relaxed in any store. Thank you everyone for your support and for believing me ,I give you my Gods honest truth I spoke the truth.
Tam on 03/15/2014:
I know exactly where you are coming from. The same thing happened to my daughter at HL and it has left her scared to death. This company cannot continue this!! I am looking into options on making certain that this manager is disciplined. But from what I have read, the company continues to allow this!
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False accusations/rude/harassment
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LAS CRUSES, NEW MEXICO -- Entering the store - I went to the jewelry isle to find crimp beads and I picked some items off of racks; As I was looking at other things in the store, I remembered that in my purse was a plastic bag of tools, crimpers and wire used to hang my carvings in a show last weekend. I removed a couple of packages from my bag to compare the others with and realized that I had picked up more of the same size, so I returned the ones that I had picked up to the jewelry isle and picked up some key rings instead, I then proceeded to the check out counter with my purchases and told the young man that I was putting my things back in my purse, paid for my purchases and started to leave the store when the manager and security accused me of stealing and took me to the office. We watched the videos and they showed me taking the items from the shelf, it showed me returning to the shelf and that is all - it never showed me concealing anything, never any intent to steal anything - I tried to tell him that the items that he took from my purse was mine - paid for at a store in Austin, told him that I had receipts, but not with me as I was just passing through town to another showing of my art works. I offered to provided them if he would only let me go get them. But instead he never ever offered any proof of his accusations, never asked the sales clerk if he could back my story, but rather had the officers write up a citation to appear in court and would not let me leave the room without signing a paper stating that if I ever enter another Hobby Lobby I will be charged with trespassing! I did provide the receipts to the judge and she dismissed the case, but the manager stole my belongings; literally "kidnapped" me into signing the paper (that is what the Judge called it)-and embarrasssed, frightened me and harassed me as I have never been treated before. What can a person do to regain their pride after something like this. I teach crafts create woodcarvings and show my art work all over Texas and New Mexico - I have spent a lot of time and money with this chain of stores - and now to be banned from all of them without probable cause.
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User Replies:
CowboyFan on 09/14/2012:
As a seller of art, the OP knows the problem with shoplifting. Whenever one acts out of the ordinary, especially taking the same type of items in and out of purses or bags, the clear impression is that one is stealing. By acting this way, one certainly puts oneself in a likely position to be accused of shoplifting.

Fortunately, the charges were dropped. If I were the op, I would look at the paper I signed as to whether it is a trespass warning for that store, or all stores.

trmn8r on 09/14/2012:
You can't lose your pride - you know that you did nothing really wrong.

If you look at this from their point of view, your actions look suspicious. I don't blame them for requiring proof, which unfortunately you did not have with you.

I have been banned from a retail chain myself. It isn't fun, especially when I also felt it was not justified. It will be more difficult for you to find a substitute, but I hope you are able to do so.
melissa253 on 09/14/2012:
Whenever I have something in my purse that the store sells,and I know I need to take it out of my purse to compare, I always go up to customer service and tell/show them what I am about to do.
JISCal2 on 09/15/2012:
If any store ever accuses me of stealing and I know I am innocent, I'd call the police myself. I would NEVER allow them to pull me into an office and I would NEVER sign a paper that any business puts in front of me. They can pound sand! Let the police look at the tape and let them decide if a crime occurred.
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Bad return experience
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LITTLE ELM, TEXAS -- I bought three items (2 identical wall hangings and one picture framed wall art) for the same price $29.99 each last week. Two of them were 50% and identical. The third one was charged full price. I took the third one to return to the Little ELm store which I happen to go that area today. They refunded me half price saying that it was 50% off last week. I told them I paid the full price. They said it was one of the 50% off items on my receipt. I told them I bought two identical items at 50% off so I knew it wasn't one of them. They didn't listen to me. After I drove 45 minutes home and found out I was indeed charged the full price for that item and called the store, they asked me to bring the other two identical wall hangings back for them to check. And I have to do so within a couple of hours before the manager leave for the day. I live 45 minutes away (one way) and I have two little kids. I told them I couldn't do that today. They told me I had to in order to get the refund. I was very disappointed!!! Why couldn't they make the receipt more descriptive so people know exactly which item is for which price??? Why I had to bring all of the items on the receipt back in order to receive refund on one item??? Either the first cashier over charged me or the returning cashier only gave me half refund. I certainly won't be able to go back today and they just robbed over $16 of me.
By the way, the lady in front of me who was returning something left very unhappy. Now I know why!!!
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 09/12/2012:
Did you not have your receipt?
melissa253 on 09/12/2012:
I don't understand why you didn't notice that you were paying full price while you were paying? When the cashier said 'your total is XXX', why didn't you say, 'hey, those are supposed to be 50% off?
Neko23 on 09/13/2012:
Yes, she had it. The receipt didn't describe the article well enough which in turn causes the confusion.
"They refunded me half price saying that it was 50% off last week. I told them I paid the full price. They said it was one of the 50% off items on my receipt."
Now they want her to bring in all three items to prove her claim. Thank goodness it's not appliances or something! :)
clutzycook on 09/13/2012:
Oh, I must not have read that part. That's why I always check my receipt before leaving the store. Even better, I keep an eye on the checkout screen and call the cashier on anything that looks incorrectly rung up.
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Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- First, this company treats its employees like DIRT! This is first. I have worked for this Jesusy company and can tell you that the only people left for customer service in the long run are morons. These are the people that are hired after all the hard work of setting one of these "christian' stores up. They hire the most idiotic people to run the store along with working in the store, because no one else will put up with the BS of the store. The bottom line here is that the reason the Managers and employees are the way they are is because the company is so screwed up in its own demise, it is most likely destined to fail in the long run. The 10 step process of returning an item for this store is so ridiculous in the year of 2010 it is beyond comprehension. So, of course the employees are going to be rude, they are either worked to death here, or are new hires with little to no retail experience. Their cash register system is so freaking antiquated for 2010 it is beyond anyone's comprehension. I would not step foot inside one EVER again, I will get my stuff online first before I go inside this store again. BTW--Opening up one of these store is a 3 week straight process. I mean 3 weeks straight. NO BREAKS! and a one hour lunch every day working 12-16 hour shifts everyday. The breaks supposedly are only 15 minutes twice a day. I am surprised the employees are not fed bread and water during these "H*ll" weeks! Half the people are fired almost immediately after the setup of the store, for stupid reasons. The rest are hand picked from the managers so the ones left after a year are going to be brand new people and the angry store employees who have no businees in retail or don't care about retail anymore!
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User Replies:
whocares91 on 12/17/2010:
I didn't know they are "a Christian Store"
tnchuck100 on 12/17/2010:
A lot of words. But no REAL information.

"treats its employees like DIRT!" - How?
"the company is so screwed up" - How?
"10 step process of returning an item" - What process?
"cash register system is so freaking antiquated" - How?
"fired ... for stupid reasons." - What reasons?

Without more information this is just a baseless rant.

Admin: You need a "Content Rating:" of "Insufficient Information" It would be applicable in this case.
Alain on 12/17/2010:
Got to agree with Chuck. I looked at the website. It seems like a store and not anything more.
clutzycook on 12/17/2010:
All I have to say is, huh?
Anonymous on 12/17/2010:
I suggest this OP find another line of work. Retail is pretty much like this on a normal basis.
trmn8r on 12/17/2010:
My guess is that setting up a retail store would be at *least* 3 weeks of h$ll.

I find some interesting parallels between this story and Christianity, aside from the h$ll reference. The store is destined to fail in the long run. Someone attending the stoning probably felt the same about Jesus. They got that wrong, by all accounts. It sounds like you should be a saint to put up with the bs - check. Some of the employees are worked to death - check.

The only disparity I see is that Hobby Lobby takes THREE weeks to get everything on order.
GenuineNerd on 12/17/2010:
Hobby Lobby is one of few big-box retailers that close their stores on Sundays, because of the corporation's Christian beliefs. Chick-Fil-A is also Christian-owned, and are closed Sundays as well.
madconsumer on 12/17/2010:
very helpful.
RedDazes on 01/12/2011:
I would like to say as an employee of Hobby Lobby. I think you sound like someone who was fired and is bitter about it. Perhaps the store I work in is run differently from where you lived and thus I have had a different experience than you.
"treats its employees like DIRT!" - Not true at all... I have been treated better by this company than any other retail store I have ever worked at. They take consideration for my personal life, pay me well, make sure I have time off, my manager gives me and my fiance(who also works there) as much time off or similar shifts as she can.

"the company is so screwed up" - The company is run on a very strict set of rules. It seems confusing but if you work there for more than a few months everything makes since.

"10 step process of returning an item" - The return process is no longer than most places, the items have to be rung in, the customers ID must be entered, a CSM must approve the transaction. Tada.done.

"cash register system is so freaking antiquated" This I am with you on. Everything must be hand keyed because David Green (the owner and founder) believes that it brings us closer to the customers...might I suggest reading his book, it explains it all very well.

"fired ... for stupid reasons." I don't know about this, as I said, I work at a different location in a different state. I do know that from the get go when we did store set they told us flat out on day one "We will only be keeping 25-30 of you after the set is over"

Forgive me if I seem a bit rude. But the fact of the matter is that I love working for this company, they treat me amazing and I enjoy my job ((also full time and benefits help)) I'm not even Christian and I enjoy it.

Sorry you had such a bad experience though :(
MCMom on 05/17/2013:
My return wasn't bad in 2013, but checking out was a beast. They don't use a UPC/beeper system. They use a touch screen and enter every number/group/category by hand. It took forever!
Favoritism on 08/11/2013:
The store is good place to shop BUT there is some BAD Managers ,I worked with 3 managers ,2 were great ! the one now talks harshly to the employees and degrades them and yells at them if it's not what the manager likes in front of customers , His Favorite employees get 33 to 39 hours and flirts with his favorite female employees , SO redDazes you must be your managers Favorite
Lulu on 11/19/2013:
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-12-17:
A lot of words. But no REAL information.

"treats its employees like DIRT!" - How?
"the company is so screwed up" - How?
"10 step process of returning an item" - What process?
"cash register system is so freaking antiquated" - How?
"fired ... for stupid reasons." - What reasons?

Without more information this is just a baseless rant.

Everything this person has stated is still going on today (11/18/13). I'm very disappointed and thought that this was going to be a really great job.
amy on 02/11/2014:
I came into the company with high expectations, only to be very disappointed in the company. They say they are Christian but they have their employees work on Sundays to get the store set up. I do understand that you need all the time you can get to get the store ready but why not let your employees have Sundays off and put your trust in God that he will provide the necessary help to get your store open.

I noticed that management are like vultures going up and down the aisles during set-up trying to find out who they can get rid of or who they are going to keep on. One can get in trouble for not doing something perfectly to their needs and wants. Which is stupid because no one is perfect and can't do things perfectly because only God is perfect.
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Hobby Lobby waisted my time and ripped me off
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I had ordered a stretcher frame over a year ago from Hobby Lobby. I did forget about it which was my fault entirely. I was in the middle of a pregnancy and moving when we originally dropped the pieces off and things became hectic. My husband and I went in to pick up the art work which was put on wood stretchers totaling approx. $120. We paid and realized that it looked off. The framer had advised us that an additional frame on the outside of the canvas along with glass would look good. We took the frame to the back and requested this additional work.
When I returned to pick it up K** (an excellent employee) recognized me (since I had been there on numerous occasions) and referred to another frame that I had purchased prior to this occasion which consisted of an autographed CD cover.
When I took the frame to the front, The total I was being charged was over $265. As the cashier was ringing me up, I noticed there was a problem. I was being charged for the initial stretcher once again. I advised her of the issue and she immediately contacted the Assistant Store Manager, B***** who made me feel as if I was being interrogated, had no discrepancy,  and suggested right away that if I were to have paid for the frame that an extra white document would not be attatched to the work (the thought never occurred that they might have not removed it properly) and asked for the original receipt for part one of the work which was over a year old. She advised me that without the original receipt nothing could be done. I asked for the corporate number.
I contacted the credit card company who could not provide me with statements online over a year old unless I paid for a paper statement to be sent.
I then contacted corporate only to speak with a customer service representative named C**** who spoke above me and faster every time I tried to respond to her as she was going through her rebuttles. I advised her on the 3rd occasion during our conversation to please refrain from doing that as I found it extremely rude and she then told me it was because I was "interrupting" her! 
I suggested the possibility of getting the credit card to send them an image of the receipt as a possibility as even if I did have the receipt, it would most likely be faded by now. Also, I was dealing with a store I thought I could trust. Both, my husband and myself have gotten our degrees framed there (MBA & BA each) along with several other works. C*****'s response was that she kept her receipts "quiet a while" and if put in file folders she knew first-hand they would "last at least 4 years."
I then suggested to C**** that I would like to make sure I had my work returned to me as it was purchased in the Dominican Republic as a souvenir. She called the store and said she made the arrangement to have the frame removed.
I asked to speak to her supervisor. His name was J***. He was very courteous and said I could send documentation to him. However, as I needed the frames today (gift) this was not very helpful to me. This would maybe get me a refund, but I would need to spend more money for statements and additional time on this issue when I really want nothing more to do with Hobby Lobby. My time is more valuable.
In the end, I called the store to see if this work was ready to be picked up when I was 5 minutes away. I was told that it was and when I went in, I was handed the frames once more. I advised that I was not paying for the additional work. Another framing department employee walked by who seemed to know what was going on and told the framer to remove the frames. This took about 20 minutes. I was then handed frameless work without the stretchers that I had previously paid for.
Both my mother and my grandmother whom until this day were loyal customers with the school district and members of local church organizations never experienced such awful service. Also, I've done mystery shopping for several other companies, provided with a problomatic scenario and never once have I been treated so poorly or spoken  down to in front of others at a store.
It's really a shame that Hobby Lobby doesn't have more competition other than Michael's in our area. Maybe they would care more about their customers if they did.
I will be forwarding this information and my family has also agreed to spread the word. Hobby Lobby accomplished throwing away my time, custom frame work, and their employees time not to mention several loyal customers.
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The Protection Game
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JOPLIN, MISSOURI -- Since I'm not allowed to use names this review may appear a little disjointed.

I don't know if Hobby Lobby's founders are aware of the impenetrable force field that has been placed around them. They are harder to get a message to than the Pope! ORU wouldn't forward my message to him because they said it didn't concern the university. The gentleman on the phone said "That's how it works here!". Mardel's also declined to forward my message to him. Instead, it was forwarded to Hobby Lobby's main office, the very entity I had a complaint about. Neither ORU or Mardel's would allow me the honor of leaving a personal message for him. And naturally the Hobby Lobby main office in Oklahoma City has refused time and time again to give me any contact information for him.

So after much more internet research trying desperately to find some point of contact, I came across the Christmas email address that supposedly goes directly to him. I know it's not anywhere near Christmas, but I was hoping on a wing and a prayer that it would somehow default to his email address. I haven't heard anything back so I imagine it went to the main office. I sure do hope they get a kick out of all my email attempts at reaching him that just end up being routed to them.

My next attempt was when I discovered he owned a media website. I filled in my information in the "share your thoughts" area. I requested for him to please contact me, but still have not heard back from him. I seriously wonder if the information even got to him.

Jesus Christ is the most important man that has ever graced our earth, yet He would welcome people from all walks of life to speak directly to Him. Are certain owners of Hobby Lobby more important than Jesus? No. But I think his handlers must think he is. Is he "protected" from people like me? Yes. And by people like me I mean the "little people". You know, the kind of people Jesus spoke with everyday.

He and his family have worked very hard to promote Hobby Lobby as a faith based business, yet the more important he becomes, the more he is protected. I suppose his "people" feel he can't be bothered with such small details. But no matter how important Jesus became, He never made anyone feel like a small detail. You can imagine how quickly He would have lost His flock if He operated that way.

You will lose your flock of patrons if you're not allowed access to them anymore. The "little people" are the biggest of all your flocks. We fill up the churches every Sunday and we shop your stores (for now) during the week. It was the little people that had faith in your father's dream by shopping at his store.

I know, we are now just a small detail lost in all the shuffle of big business. But one of these days, a lot of your small details will no longer shop at your stores for reasons you're not even aware of.

"Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles" I read this quote in another article about Hobby Lobby. I trust he really believes that his staff are upholding his values. He seems like an amazing person from everything I have read. But when little people, like me, aren't allowed to talk to him, then situations like mine are never brought to his attention. And I imagine there are more questionable situations he is "protected" from.

I wish I had been treated with Biblical principles, not only in my quest to get a message to him, but in the aftermath of an accident I had in one of his stores. I was definitely treated with much less than Biblical principles, unless lies, defamation of my character and callous behavior is one of the principles I didn't learn about in Sunday school.

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User Replies:
Disaster Worker on 05/21/2009:
What problem occurred for you to want to go to the top of the organization? From your post, it appears you're only miffed because you can't talk with the CEO directly.
Slimjim on 05/21/2009:
I'm sure he has people paid and trained with layers of management specifically there to assist. Why not honor his wishes and try utilizing those he confidently put in place to try to help you.
Ponie on 05/21/2009:
Where's the mount this sermon was supposed to have been given on?
Anonymous on 05/21/2009:
The founder of Hobby Lobby is a good man although a bit out there. They don't use bar codes because it's the mark of the beast but aside from that the man's done a lot of wonderful things for the OKC metro. He's a good Joe.

I have to agree with Slimjim on this one.
Slimjim on 05/21/2009:
See crabs, I am grooming you after all.
NofriendofAX on 05/21/2009:
I was trying to figure out what your actual complaint is? Is it that you cannot reach Mr. Hobby Lobby himself? I'm starting to understand why he's unattainable, if he has people like you trying to contact him.

Obviously, you have a bit to much time on your hands. Good luck with your continued attempts to reach someone that clearly doesn't want to be reached by you.

P.S. I hope American Express Tanks
Anonymous on 05/21/2009:
Lots of companies don't let you near their CEO, etc. For many reasons. These folks travel a lot are in meetings, etc. At most places I have worked, the higher up the chain the perosn is, the less they really can help. I worked for a cell phone company and once in a while some good sleuth customer would get the directors direct line then want to go over their bill line by line. funny thing is, the director logged on to the billing system maybe once a quarter, didn't know his way around it, and never recalled their password. AS a result, the customer was handed off to someone who COULD go over the bill lien by line. Problem would have been solved a lot faster if the customer had gone through proper channels.
memoryx57 on 05/21/2009:
Raven, I agree and for the most part that works. But I think by the time somebody wants to talk to the top dog, they are so frustrated with the scripted "no answers" they've been given by customer service that they are ready to blow a gasket...By the time an issue reaches the top, there is definitely a problem somewhere in the organization that probably needs tending to..It's generally an employee problem.
Anonymous on 05/21/2009:
yes and no, memory. I have manged in call centers for almost 20 years, and worked as a rep for 3 years first. More and more, consumers feel they need "go right to the top" with every single complaint, issue, question, etc. this slows things down for folks who really do have a legit issue that needs to be seen by higher management. At the cell company I worked for, we had a team of 20 people that handled letters, calls and emails to the head honcho. 99.99999% of those issues could have been handled by just about any rep, taking time from the real sticky issues that did need special attention.
NofriendofAX on 05/24/2009:
I feel the need to provide RobinE59 with my 5 cents this time around. Clearly RobinE59 took my 3 cents as an insult.

Thank you for the e-mail RobinE59. It was nice of you to stoop as low as to call me a few choice names. I did not do that to you in my first comment nor will I do it in this one.

I cannot understand how someone can sit and write a review and not mention what led to the reason for you to attempt to contact the CEO of a major company.

So, you slipped and fell at their store. Why didn't you seek the advise of an attorney, chances are they would have been able to speak with the appropriate individuals within the company to satify your complaint and whatever injuries you might have received.

You appeared in your Review that you were aggressively seeking to speak with the CEO. You rambled on and on about it, and not once did you say why.

So, now that you've said your piece to me and called me lovely names... You really need to take a look at the big picture. Clearly, you're a very unhappy person!

I wish you love, success, and happiness :-)
jktshff1 on 05/24/2009:
Nof: +1
madconsumer on 05/24/2009:
who is 'him' you keep referring to?

and what exactly was/is your issue/complaint?
BokiBean on 05/24/2009:
If you can't reach the man at the top, you just can't. He pays people to keep him insulated. That's nothing original or new..in fact, it is pretty standard.

You are not "entitled" to be able to communicate with him personally.
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Bad Service
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SIOUX CITY, IOWA -- I was at the store to purchase material to make some tutu's. I asked the sales clerk where I could find the material to make these. She directed me to the area and I said "I have only made one of these and am not very sure of all the materials I need could you help me?" She said "I don't know how to make them" and walked away. I searched the best I could on my own and waited for another sales person to ask as they were busy waiting on other customers. I tried to find a particular item and could not find it while I waited. I asked another sales person as soon as they were available and she said "I can't help you but so and so can help you". I said to her "No she cannot help me". The sales clerk I was referring to was right behind me and heard me say that. I turned around and walked away and she just stared at me as I left to purchase what I did have. She saw me several times after that and never tried to make it right with me.(I do believe she was the manager in charge or at least she acted like she was at the time). I still do not have what I need to make the tutus so I am taking my merchandise back and maybe there is another store that will be more helpful than she was.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 10/30/2011:
this is the fact of many comapnaies these days. stores no longer have employees knowledgeable in their products. I am a avid seamstress, and have seen the same thing.

there are some good websites that can teach you all you need to know for making tutu's, or hit me up.

I wish you the best with your project!!
spiderman2 on 10/30/2011:
I think they ought to know where their products are located, but I don't think they need to have an expert on every single type of sewing or craft on staff. If they did, then you would be paying a lot of money for your tutu supplies and everyone wants the cheapest price.
saj80 on 10/31/2011:
Hobby Lobby stores have 15 billion items; I'm not sure it's practical that employees know where everything is, although it would be nice. I imagine it would take quite a bit of time to learn a store layout.
Nohandle on 10/31/2011:
Agreed saj80 but my feelings are even if an employee knows a store layout today doesn't mean he will know it tomorrow. I fully understand it's called merchandising but by golly force me to look long enough for a product and I'm gone. A product I'm pleased with has been moved during the night and no employee has a clue as to where it is now doesn't work for me. A new area...gee thanks, the employees in that department don't know squat about it. Fact is, they didn't even know it was there.

I honestly believe many should go back to the specialty stores for individual knowledge and assistance for a particular item. That is, if you are fortunate enough to have any left.
Starlord on 10/31/2011:
If I were making tutus, I would not think of Hobbgy Lobby, I would think of JoAnn's or WalMart (not that fabrics are making a comeback.) When I think of Hobby Lobby, I think model airplanes and RC cars, not chiffon.
anon on 08/29/2012:
Just because someone comes by to cut your fabric does not mean they know how to sew. The fabric department employees get breaks and lunches. The person who was there at the time may just have been covering for 15 minutes or half an hour. Yes, they could have told you if that was the case and given you the option to wait for that staff member to return to the floor.
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Awful Service
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Hello. I have a complaint to make and I'm a bit concerned about the quality of service that is being provided at one of your retail stores.

Yesterday afternoon (8/11/09) I purchased a piece of furniture from a store in San Antonio Tx. It was marked 80% off and so I spoke to the manager as to why it had been marked so low. The store's manager, Art, proceeded to tell me that it was marked down because it had a crack in one of the doors. After inspecting the crack, I figured I could fill it with wood filler and it would be OK.

I purchased this piece of furniture and asked an associate to help take it my truck. The associate, Sal, helped me load it on to the truck, and this is when we noticed that the legs of the furniture were cracked and had come apart. The associate told me to take it home and see if it would work, and if not I could bring it back to the store.

When I got home, we unloaded the piece of furniture and tried to install it in the home. All we did was stand it up, the way the piece of furniture should be, and the legs cracked further and are no longer usable.

I called the store's department today and spoke to the manager and Art (the manager) told me I CANNOT return the item, because he thinks I broke it at home. I specifically told him that his associate, Sal, helped me load it on to the truck, and it was broken already.

What can I do in this situation? He says that they have a store policy, but looking at the HOBBY LOBBY policy, it states that:

•If for any reason you need to return merchandise purchased at Hobby Lobby, please return the product with the original sales receipt within 60 days of purchase.
•When you present the original sales receipt, we will gladly exchange the product or issue a refund based on the method of payment.

I think I have done everything I can do. It is an unusable piece of furniture, and I am very upset, because I always shop at Hobby Lobby and am greeted with very nice individuals.

The store number is HOB-LOB #123
SAN ANTONIO TX 78238-1201
PHONE NUMBER: 210-647-5353

Thank you for your kind of assistance to this matter.
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User Replies:
andbran on 08/12/2009:
you should still get a refund.
Eloise on 08/12/2009:
Very well written complaint. I hope that you receive the refund you deserve!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/12/2009:
I agree Eloise. Very well written. Have you spoken with the associate Sal? Has he spoken with the manager on your behalf?
Rakuen on 08/12/2009:
Very well written indeed. I hope you get your refund, you've done everything right and you deserve your money back.
Anonymous on 08/12/2009:
Everything right except for taking it back into the store the minute that he noticed the new cracks. IMO
madconsumer on 08/12/2009:
the use of wood glue will fix it. if you are un able to return it, may be a good option. use tape to secure the joint while the wood glue dries.
Anonymous on 08/12/2009:
Hello SA, TEXAS!
Anonymous on 08/12/2009:
Good post. Many places don't refund when an item is 80% off--or on clearance, but the manager was totally out-of-line.

Maybe you can find some pre-made legs at a place that builds furniture. We have an unfurnished furniture place where I live that I am sure would have them. Check it out. It may not cost that much. You can also check out pre-made stair railing pieces (the rungs) that could be cut down. They come in many shapes, so you could probably find something that will go with the piece. A little stain or paint to match, and voila. Nice sturdy legs.
littledrummergirl29 on 08/13/2009:
Hello guys! Thanks so much for your help with all this. I'm hoping to speak to the manager again today. I called corporate and complained, so they will call me back shortly to see what the result is. If it doesn't work out, at least I know what I need to do as far as repairs :) Thanks!
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Employee And Assistant Manager Problem
Posted on
TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA -- I went to the store to purchase some things for my home my teen was walking around without me. I was in their for about an hour my child comes back and tells me mom people have been hovering all over me the whole time. I looked up 3 employees were stalking her... My daughter was well dressed no baggy clothes on tight skinny jeans tight shirt no big hand bag no purse at all a matter of fact. When the employees seen her tell me they scattered. I had over a hundred dollars worth of stuff in my buggy. And when I told the assistant manager he said she must have gave them reason to. My child is very well mannered well dressed short sleeved shirt on there was no where she could have put anything to steal...

Please be aware when you go into that store with your teen your automatically a thief I am appalled... I will never spend another dime in that store...
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User Replies:
MRM on 06/30/2009:
The employees were trying to holla at your daughter, not watching at her to steal.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
Yes, because 'well dressed' people would never steal.
MRM on 06/30/2009:
With the daughter wearing tight skinny jeans and tight shirt, the employees were not definitely watching her to steal. They were looking at her sexy legs.
Soaring Consumer on 06/30/2009:
Still inappropriate either way.
Crown Jules on 06/30/2009:
Sorry, but I think that ANYbody wandering around by themselves for an hour in a store, probably looking but not buying anything is going to raise suspicions. And just because someone is well-mannered and well-dressed doesn't mean he or she isn't a criminal.
MundoCaniDog on 06/30/2009:
You will "never spend another dime in that store" AFTER you spent this $100-plus.

Wasn't such a big deal at the time it actually happened, eh?
thisisme on 08/26/2009:
Just because you think your daughter is well-mannered and just because she is well dressed doesn't mean she wasn't stealing. Obviously she was making the employees think she stealing because otherwise the employees wouldn't've been, what word did you use, 'stalking'.
PepperElf on 08/26/2009:
that's a good point.
Hell look at winona Ryder. well dressed and well mannered
and quite the klepto.

and ... actually if your daughter was wearing tight clothes... maybe they were just checking her out. you didn't mention how old she was though...

and appropriate smopriate
you put a thin girl in tight clothes and straight men are going to look.

and with the way today's fashions are, it's pretty much like putting a body on a billboard with some flashing neon lights saying, "check out my humps!"
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