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Bad Service
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SIOUX CITY, IOWA -- I was at the store to purchase material to make some tutus. I asked the sales clerk where I could find the material to make these. She directed me to the area and I said "I have only made one of these and am not very sure of all the materials I need could you help me?" She said "I don't know how to make them," and walked away. I searched the best I could on my own and waited for another sales person to ask as they were busy waiting on other customers. I tried to find a particular item and could not find it while I waited. I asked another sales person as soon as they were available and she said "I can't help you but so and so can help you." I said to her "No she cannot help me."

The sales clerk I was referring to was right behind me and heard me say that. I turned around and walked away and she just stared at me as I left to purchase what I did have. She saw me several times after that and never tried to make it right with me. (I do believe she was the manager in charge or at least she acted like she was at the time.) I still do not have what I need to make the tutus so I am taking my merchandise back and maybe there is another store that will be more helpful than she was.

Poor Service
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DENVER, COLORADO -- I am a watercolor painter who hangs work at several local galleries and businesses. I had used Hobby Lobby for framing several times over the past year and a half for framing. At the beginning the service and quality were good and it was a good low cost alternative to bigger frame shops. However in the past 4 months it has really gone downhill.

I had a painting damaged in May but understand that sometimes accidents happen so returned a few weeks later with a few. Orders have been consistently several days late without them letting me know and when I finally call them they have promised several times to get things done and they haven't been ready when I made the trip in to get them.

I am supposed to hang a show today and went yesterday and after talking to them in the morning and the lady telling me it would absolutely be done, it wasn't and it took several minutes of me standing there fuming to find it to begin with and tell me the three pieces were not done. If I ever get these painting that have been there almost a month now, I will never use Hobby Lobby for framing again and I guess you do get what you pay for after all.

Unbelievable Policy
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HARLINGEN, TEXAS -- I ordered merchandise, came in, they know me, I have identification of who I am plus, credit card with which the payment was made. Because I can't find the receipt they are keeping the money and the merchandise. They will not credit my credit card account or give me the merchandise. Isn't that against the law?

Can't Support This Policy
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HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- I placed an order for a framing project - something I can have done locally in a day. Hobby Lobby takes over a week and when they tell you it will be ready in 7 days. I call - I get "We'll let you know, not it will be ready at 2, but a time but we will let you know..." Hmmm I do a lot of framing - maybe 2000 a year... I will stay in my local community from now on. Plus employee seems a bit careless. Just my experience.

Rudeness of Manager and Lack of Community Support
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COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I am a volunteer for our local high school. Our largest fundraiser of the year requires several door prizes and these are solicited from local companies in our community. One of our volunteers approached the local Hobby Lobby manager for a donation and was rudely told that Hobby Lobby does not do "donations." They did offer to give us 10% off coupon. This was fine, we do find larger companies that give to United Way, etc. on a Corporate level and do not do local contributions but there was not an explanation given - just a rude no.

Knowing this we did found ourselves needing several cards cut from card stock or matting (for framing). Since I could buy the matting material on sale, I asked the framing department how much it would cost to cut the cards, approximately 200, and was told $1.89 for each card. I thought this was extreme but thought I would ask the manager if the "labor" for cutting the cards could be donated. I asked the cashier to speak with a manager, she called, then asked me what I wanted, I told her I wanted to speak with a manager about a donation and I knew they did not do donations.

The cashier called me to the phone, when I picked up there was a dial tone. The manager did come up to me and did not speak, just looked at me. I explained about my need and what it was for, and was told a flat NO! No explanation, nothing but a total look of disgust. I proceeded to tell her that I visited this store at least twice if not three times weekly and could not tell her how much money I had spent there, and did not appreciate how I was treated or the fact that they do not support their local communities. She never said another word, and turned around and walked off.

I have only been treated this badly before at Wal-Mart. I won't be visiting any Hobby Lobby stores ever again. I don't understand their promoting their stores as "Christian" establishments when this is the way their managers treat customers.

Rude Managers
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TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI -- I took some guests from a different country to Hobby Lobby store in Tupelo, MS. My guests found some funny masks and they took turns putting the mask up to their face and took some pictures of the girls being silly. The manager came up to them and told them to stop taking pictures of "their products", they did and explained that they were for personal use for her photo album. He said just don't take pictures of "their products." I was embarrassed as an American that someone would tell them to stop taking pictures.

I went home and did some investigating on whether it was legal to take pictures in a public place. According to the "Legal Rights of Photographers" it is legal to take pictures in a public place or private place. If you see it you can take a photo of it. I called the manager, **, and told her of what happened in a calm voice just to inform her that it was legal. The items that were in the photos are not produced by Hobby Lobby - only items made in China, Japan and other countries and there were no copyright laws violated and it was perfectly legal to do so.

In a rude tone, ** said "You don't call me and complain about it, you can't go to the mall and take pictures." I replied, "Yes I can, just check on the legalities before you tell someone they can't do it." She told me to call the corporate office and complain about it that she could do nothing about Hobby Lobby's policies. I said that I was not aware that Hobby Lobby was now setting the laws and rights of citizens in a public place. But yes I would call them and tell them.

I don't think I will ever shop in that store again unless they have a different manager, one who knows how to accept customers' dissatisfaction. Hobby Lobby prides itself in running their stores in a Christian manner, I think the managers ought to also.

Rude Behavior by the Manager

TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI -- We recently stopped by the Hobby Lobby Store at the Mall at Barnes Crossing location in Tupelo, MS. My wife and sister-in-law went inside the store to shop. There were people at the checkout lines in the store and the doors were open for customers to come inside. They were in the middle of the store when the manager walked up to them and very rudely and loudly told them that the store was closed and that this was a company Christmas party.

My wife ask why the doors were unlocked and people in line checking out? She said " There is a sign on the door can't you read?" This was also said in a very loud manner so that everyone in the store could hear her. As my wife and sister-in-law were walking toward the door to leave a lady and her young son were coming in to shop and got the same treatment that they had received. This is poor store management and it will cost this company business in the future. I would like for company officials to review this store and review this manager!

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