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Hats off to Hobby Lobby. It is past time for us to be dragged to the cellar by our "government". Please keep up the actions to fight the corrupt administration to force the citizens to cowtow to the trash trying to make all of socialists.
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clutzycook on 10/10/2012:
Huh? What does Hobby Lobby have to do with this?
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Poor Service
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DENVER, COLORADO -- I am a watercolor painter who hangs work at several local galleries and businesses. I had used Hobby Lobby for framing several times over the past year and a half for framing. At the beginning the service and quality were good and it was a good low cost alternative to bigger frame shops. However in the past 4 months it has really gone downhill. I had a painting damaged in May but understand that sometimes accidents happen so returned a few weeks later with a few. Orders have been consistently several days late without them letting me know and when I finally call them they have promised several times to get things done and they haven't been ready when I made the trip in to get them. I am supposed to hang a show today and went yesterday and after talking to them in the morning and the lady telling me it would absolutely be done, it wasn't and it took several minutes of me standing there fuming to find it to begin with and tell me the three pieces were not done. If I ever get these painting that have been there almost a month now, I will never use Hobby Lobby for framing again and I guess you do get what you pay for after all.
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Rudeness of Manager and Lack of Community Support
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COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I am a volunteer for our local high school
Our largest fundraiser of the year requires several door prizes and these are solicited from local companies in our community. One of our volunteers approached the local Hobby Lobby manager for a donation and was rudely told that Hobby Lobby does not do "donations". They did
offer to give us 10% off coupon. This was fine, we do find larger companies that give to United Way, etc. on a Corporate level and do not do local contributions but there was not an explanation given just a rude no. Knowing this
we did found ourselves needing several cards cut from card stock or matting (for framing).
Since I could buy the matting material on sale, I asked the framing department how much it would
cost to cut the cards, approximately 200, and was told $1.89 for each card. I thought this was extreme but thought I would ask the manager
if the "labor" for cutting the cards could be donated. I asked the cashier to speak with a manager, she called, then asked me what I wanted,
I told her I wanted to speak with a manager about
a donation and I knew they did not do donations.
The cashier called me to the phone, when I picked up there was a dial tone. The manager did come up to me and did not speak, just looked at me. I explained about my need and what it was for, and was told a flat NO! No explanation, nothing but a total look of disgust. I proceeded to tell her that I visited this store at least twice if not three times weekly and could not tell her how much money I had spent there, and did not appreciate how I was treated or the fact that they do not support their local communities. She never said another word, and
turned around and walked off. I have only been treated this badly before at Wal-Mart. I won't be visiting any Hobby Lobby stores ever again.
I don't understand their promoting their stores as "Christian" establishments when this is the
way their managers treat customers.
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User Replies:
heaven17 on 03/14/2007:
Your volunteer was told "No" the first time. I don't understand why the second time was such a shock.

Most corporations make charitable donations on the corporate level instead of the store level since I'm sure they get hit with these kinds of requests a lot. It's just easier to handle that way.
Maybe in the future, if you're told "No" once, you should just move on and not make unfair assumptions.

As a matter-of-fact, from their website:

The owners of Hobby Lobby wish it were possible to respond affirmatively to the numerous appeals for contributions that are received each day from the hundreds of communities that we serve. Knowing that it is impossible for us to contribute merchandise and or funds to all the fine groups that are a part of each city, Hobby Lobby gives special consideration to churches, schools and national charitable organizations such as Boy Scouts, & Girl Scouts by extending a 10% discount on merchandise purchased by these groups. In this manner we offer our support to these local organizations.
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/14/2007:
So although you already knew they didn't do local donations at the store level, you decided to ask for $378 worth of freebies anyway? Perhaps they could have been nicer about turning your group down (again), this person was just the messenger.
Anonymous on 03/14/2007:
I come from a small town in a different time. Then the business owners were part of the community and acted as such. The big chain stores are not really part of the community as the owners or those with the controlling power are seldom part of the community they serve. When the businesses were locally owned the profits generally stayed in the community. The big box stores harvest profits (money) out of our towns in order to build more stores (in other towns/states) , pay dividends or sustain other investments. It's free enterprise and I'm all for that. Consumers (all of us) made the choice to put the local guys out of business in favor of the bigger national chains. The lack of community involvement is just one of the many unfortunate consequences. Good review!
spiderman2 on 03/14/2007:
stew -- have you ever run a business? My husband and I do and if we gave money to every cause that asked, we wouldn't make a profit or be able to pay our employees. You would not believe the solicitations for donations that we receive on a weekly basis. Many of the organizations we have never heard of before. We do pick and chose who we will support, but unfortunately, we cannot donate to everyone who asks, even if their cause is worthy.
Anonymous on 03/14/2007:
I've got to agree with Stew on this one.
Anonymous on 03/14/2007:
spiderman - Of course you can't give to everybody but you kind of made my point - "We do pick and chose who we will support" which is a luxury that the national chain store managers don't have as they must follow corporate policy. You are part of your community and act as such.
volunteer on 03/14/2007:
What made me so upset is the total disrespect for me their customer, not me the person asking for a donation. We get turned down all the time but 99% of the time in a respectful manner.Are we all getting to the point of totally disrespecting our customers? I have worked in Customer Service for 11 years and it would never enter my mind to be this rude to a customer no matter what they asked for. It's called respect and professionalism.
Slimjim on 03/14/2007:
Again, it is not appropriate to come on the internet and slam a business for refusing to donate to a charity, school, etc.. You weren't assaulted are even verbally abused. The manager was just rude in the manner of refusal. You certainly would be justified not to patronize them again at your discretion, but I do not believe anyone should be participating in soliciting if they feel in the right to post negative smears on the web because of the tone or way they were turned down.
Anonymous on 03/14/2007:
slim - you probably need to read and re-read the post and the subsequent comment by volunteer. Sleep on it – take the time to comprehend and internalize what was written. I look forward to reading your apology tomorrow.
Slimjim on 03/14/2007:
I understood it just fine stew. So did spiderman2 and Hugh.
werner on 08/30/2008:
I can see this isn't the only Hobby Lobby complaint. I own a business as well, and there are people that upset me. I've found it's better to be nice anyway. Obviously, if a business is rude to people, then they have plenty of money and don't have to worry about customers not coming back. Some people can be wound so tight and conservative that they seem paranoid someone is going to take a little of their precious money. Corporations may own stores, but most of the time they are managed by local people.
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Rude managers
Posted by on
TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI -- I took some guests from a different counntry to Hobby Lobby store in Tupelo, MS. My guests found some funny masks and they took turns putting the mask up to their face and took some pictures of the girls being silly. The manager came up to them and told them to stop taking pictures of "their products", they did and explained that they were for personal use for her photo album. He said just don't take pictures of "their products". I was embarrassed as an American that someone would tell them to stop taking pictures. I went home and did some investagating on whether it was legal to take pictures in a public place. According to the "Legal Rights of Photographers" it is legal to take pictures in a public place or private place. If you see it you can take a photo of it. I called the manager, Sue, and told her of what happened in a calm voice just to inform her that it was legal. The items that were in the photo's are not produced by Hobby Lobby only items made in China, Japan and other countries and there were no copyright laws violated and it was perfectly legal to do so. In a rude tone, Sue said "You don't call me and complain about it, you can't go to the mall and take pictures". I replied, "Yes I can", just check on the legalities before you tell someone they can't do it. She told me to call the corporate office and complain about it that she could do nothing about Hobby Lobby's policies. I said that I was not aware that Hobby Lobby was now setting the laws and rights of citizens in a public place. But yes I would call them and tell them. I don't think I will every shop in that store again unless they have a different manager, one who knows how to except customers dissatisfaction. Hobby Lobby prides itself in running their stores in a Christian mannor, I think the managers ought to also.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/04/2006:
You were on private property when you were in their store. While I would say they handled it poorly, they were within their rights to ban flash photography in their stores. I would imagine they have people that come in to get ideas and then go make the items on their own without spending any money at their store.
rhondam718732 on 10/04/2006:
Think about it from the store's view...your guests are "trying" on masks that they don't plan to buy and photos are being snapped. I presonally would be embarrassed to do that at a store. You should browse or buy, not try on masks and snap pictures.
Anonymous on 10/04/2006:
I have to agree with Hugh on this one...you were not in a public place, and they are within their rights to ask you not to do it.
Anonymous on 10/04/2006:
You are obviously in the wrong here. Why not just buy the products, then do as you wish at home?
glc on 10/04/2006:
I read the "Legal Rights of Photographers" by Andrew Kantor and he does state that "except in special circumstances (ie gov't buildings) there are no laws prohibiting the taking of photographs on public or private property" BUT, when the photographer is asked to stop shooting and he does not comply, he is considered trespassing! So..the store had EVERY RIGHT to ask your guests to stop shooting.
Anonymous on 10/04/2006:
Hey! Don't feel bad I was in a mall in front of, not inside, of Victoria’s Secrete and the girl came out and told us we could not take pictures. The guy that was with me was visiting from Taiwan he ask her if she would stand next to him and be in his picture? She did it, go figure...
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Unbelievable Policy
Posted by on
HARLINGEN, TEXAS -- I ordered merchandise, came in, they know me, I have identification of who I am plus, credit card with which the payment was made. Because I can't find the receipt they are keeping the money and the merchandise.

They will not credit my credit card account or give me the merchandise. Isn't that against the law?
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Soaring Consumer on 05/09/2009:
It should be in their computer system or on a shipping ticket who ordered the item, and a quick ID check should be sufficient to release your property that you paid for.

They have no right to keep both the money and the merchandise. Dispute the charges with your credit card company.
Anonymous on 05/09/2009:
Really want to rattle their cage? Go to the local police and see if they will let you file a theft charge then sit back and watch how fast they contact you about your refund.
Frenchie on 05/09/2009:
For one I don't believe your entire story. Hobby Lobby is one of the very best stores to do business with and they operate under the most ethical standards of any company that I know of.

Something is amiss here. Superbowl I have to totally disagree with you, but this is a civil matter and the police are not going to get involved. It would never work the way you presented it.

If this poster will again post on here exactly what transpired and give the complete truth, I will tell you who to contact at Hobby Lobby. They are an excellent company and I for one won't allow anyone to defame their name without more specifics.
old fart on 05/09/2009:
Frenchie... do you represent the company??
madconsumer on 05/09/2009:
something surely is not being told here. I have shopped Hobby Lobby for several years. always been great to me.

if all else fails, sue em.

best answer frenchie!
Anonymous on 05/09/2009:
Frenchie, that's for the police and DA to decide. If theft can be proven they can move it out of the civil system. If you would take time to read you would see what I said "see if they will let you file a theft charge". You "won't allow anyone to defame their name"? I agree with Old Fart, you on their payroll or something?

A quick search of Google on Hobby Lobby complaints brought back hundreds of hits. The OP is not alone with issues with Hobby Lobby. That being said I have bought RC stuff from Hobby Lobby for years and have never had an issue. That does not mean others have not Frenchie.

Or file a charge back Mad, LOL.
BokiBean on 05/09/2009:
Maybe you could bring your credit card statement in and show it to them...
Ponie on 05/09/2009:
I don't get it. What is the receipt for if you didn't get the merchandise? I don't get a receipt until after I pay and receive whatever I charged.
Frenchie on 05/10/2009:
Let's bring this post up to date:
No oldfart, I do not work for HL, nor does any of my family work for HL. Many members of my family and friends buy from HL and never a complaint only high praise.

Superbowl I must disagree with you as the police or DA will not get involved in this. I know because of how the law works and can you imagine this poster explaining something to them.??

Now to my statement that something is amiss with this post.
If it was valid why would not "Harley Babe" answer my previous post as I could positively give her/him the name of an officer at Hobby Lobby who would have definitely looked into this matter.

I just do not like an excellent company such as Hobby Lobby (one the best in this country) to receive this posters criticism on here if not truthful,
BokiBean on 05/10/2009:
"If it was valid why would not "Harley Babe" answer my previous post ..."

Frenchie, a lot of posters post reviews and never check back. In fact, that's usually the case.
Frenchie on 05/11/2009:
I agree with you "BokiBean". However I am not going to allow anyone to post on here attempting to defame an excellent company (whether it be Hobby Lobby or another) and not challenge that post for accuracy.

I know M3C is mostly false posts and perhaps it is good reading and fun for some. For me I want to know about deceptive practices and companies. I only post on a very few selective topics and that is because I do want truth.
BokiBean on 05/11/2009:
Frenchie, I like Hobby Lobby too, and I enjoy your posts..

I don't know about you, but I try not to let anything here get to me. It is just people, posting opinions and stories about their experiences. Hobby Lobby has a very good rep, I wouldn't worry about it at all. :)
Frenchie on 05/11/2009:
BokiBean, it is not that anything gets to me on here. It is merely when people lie when posting and attempt to damage the reputation of a very fine company. I will then stand up for that company Would any of us want our good name debased on M3C if it was all untrue? I will no longer post anything else on this thread.
BokiBean on 05/11/2009:
Frenchie, that's cool. But from here, there's no way to tell that they are lying.
Soaring Consumer on 05/11/2009:
People are posting on here to tell about their experiences with companies and to seek help to get a resolution for the problems that they are having with a company. This does not mean that they intend to hurt or defame the company, but a few bad employees can hurt one person's image of it, as the case here.

For all we know the OP simply disputed the charge and that was the end of it. I'd to be upset if somebody was intentionally posting false information about a company.
BokiBean on 05/11/2009:
Nicely put, Soaring.
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Can't Support This Policy
Posted by on
HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- I placed an order for a framing project something I can have done locally in a day. Hobby lobby takes over a week and when they tell you it will be ready in 7 day's I call I get we'll let you know, not it will be ready at 2, but a time but we will let you know....hmmm I do a lot of framing maybe 2000 a year....

I will stay in my local community from now on. Plus employee seems a bit careless. just my experience.
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User Replies:
KCRovert on 04/15/2009:
What policy are you not supporting? I don't see any mention of a Hobby Lobby policy in your complaint?
BokiBean on 04/15/2009:
Framing is so expensive these days! You'd think they would be turning cartwheels to get framing business and keep it.
thisisme on 08/26/2009:
I work at Hobby Lobby and the turn around time and any framing order is about 2 weeks. If they do say they can get it done in less than 2 weeks they must have an opening. There are people who are scheduled to have their framing order done on specific days of the week. If they have an opening they will schedule a drop-in order during that time. Otherwise it goes on the schedule just like everyone elses in about 2 weeks.
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Rude behavior by the manager
Posted on
TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI -- We recently stopped by the Hobby Lobby Store at the Mall at Barnes Crossing location in Tupelo,MS. My wife and sister-in-law went inside the store to shop. There were people at the checkout lines in the store and the doors were open for customers to come inside. They were in the middle of the store when the manager walked up to them and very rudely and loudly told them that the store was closed and that this was a company Christmas party.
My wife ask why the doors were unlocked and people in line checking out? She said " There is a sign on the door can't you read?" This was also said in a very loud manner so that everyone in the store could hear her. As my wife and sister-in-law were walking toward the door to leave a lady and her young son were coming in to shop and got the same treatment that they had received. This is poor store management and it will cost this company business in the future. I would like for company officials to review this store and review this manager!
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User Replies:
Beau on 10/13/2006:
Rude behavior by the employees and management of the Hobby Lobby stores seems to be a pattern. Is this some kind of training that Hobby Lobby gives to their employees ? I have complained to the corporate office on the Hobby Lobby store in Pensacola, Florida and was told that the problem of rudness was not the policy of Hobby Lobby and that it would be addressed by Customer Service. One more trip to Hobby Lobby to exchange some merchandise, confirmed that the same rude people still worked there and were still being just as rude. Will take my business elsewhere.
oldschool52 on 06/09/2009:
Had problem with return. I am totally disabled. My wife bought a doll house & furniture for me to have something to do. I have not felt good enough to start this project. I ran into financial difficulties this month (get check once a month) 13 yr old needed to go to Dr. and 19 yr old sone needed $500 worth of breaks. Left me with $10 for the rest of the momth. Told Hobby Lobyy this, that I have some extranious sercumstances. They (mngnt) said all they could do (without receipt) is give 50% on a gift card. I said the gift card does me no good and only 50%? The stuff is unopened new. Paid over $280 for the stuff and they still sell the items. They said no exceptions sorry. You talk about sorry. Of course I stormedout and said I will never buy from there again. If I wasn't in need of the money this month I would have never brought the crap back.
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