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Horrible Zuiderdam experience - HAL will not respond
Posted by GayleSC on 08/22/2008
I have been waiting for nearly 25 days for ANY kind of response from Holland America regarding the long terrible problems on the Zuiderdam last month (July 2008) - so far EVERY response was "oh, who cares - we'll be in touch when we're ready" - what a terrible way to treat and lose a repeat customer.

1. HAL Reservations:
Air Arrangements

Our entire group was to fly out of SFO to Venice and then return August 31 from Barcelona back to SFO.

And this is where the problems seriously began. Upon getting the travel documents, it was clear that something was wrong with the reservations. The HAL/Delta reservation person kept booking the various members of our party on different planes and it took extensive time to get them to accept four people traveling together did NOT want to be on separate planes. Yet upon their "final" version of reservations, it was clear there were serious errors. On the departure, we 4 were traveling together, BUT we could not secure seat reservations for me, John or Brian. Answer was that somehow we were booked as if the departing flight 150 went direct to Venice when in fact it stopped in JFK, required a change of planes and a transition to a new flight 150. Four separate supervisors and nearly 2 hours at JFK finally got this issue handled, but with NONE of us flying in adjacent seats, as we had long requested, during that long stretch. No apologies, no explanation, merely that HAL's representative got it wrong and the impression that it was our fault for working with an incompetent booking agent.

The madness around reservations was even worsened at departure out of Barcelona . Three of us, me, John and Brian were routed out of Barcelona to Atlanta and then to SFO. Georgie was forced into a much earlier flight sending her alone to JFK and then to SFO. At no time would anyone at HAL or Delta correct this problem, the entire attitude is that "oops, gee we're sorry, can't fix this one either".

There were also many problems with Delta professionalism and staff, but that is something we'll take up with Delta in separate correspondence with them. But know that the total non-concern from HAL on this area PLUS the "shut up and do what we say" attitude from Delta make a very poor impression and became a major problem for all of us during this time.

3. Arriving on the Zuiderdam:

While hampered a bit by the inability of the Venice transport team to really speak English, we finally arrived at the terminal with luggage intact. Your check in process was the first smooth and easy part of the trip and it gave us fresh hope things were finally going to turn around. Yet, upon arrival at rooms 4130 and 4132, it was a new struggle. Compared to the rooms we had experienced on the Volendam earlier, these rooms were cramped, smelled old and clearly had furnishings that were tired, broken and scuffed so much that I was shocked to see them on a HAL ship. Room 4132 was the true disaster. The walls had multiple wide scars and scrapes and the wall near the bathroom had wide broken sections. I felt as if I had arrived at a low end motel 6, NOT a high end luxury cruiseship.

Immediately I went down to the front desk and asked for assistance on correcting this either by shifting rooms or at least having someone look at the room to suggest other steps. Despite many assurances, and a note being taken down NOT ONE person followed up to this problem, and no one ever responded to my urgent request for assistance. You will hear this result many times Gary during the write up unfortunately.

4. Cruising Issues

We wedged into these rooms somehow, and waited for the professional response I assured my group would of course be coming from HAL (based on past experiences) - response that never occurred.

Upon returning from Catania , my son has purchased a faux samurai sword. Security said they needed to keep this, but would return it to us on the night prior to departure. What no one mentioned is that security ripped away the wrapping and dismantled the entire sword, breaking it and leaving it entirely unusable. What is even more astounding- when I picked up the sword, not one person told me about the damage or even referenced it when returning the sword to me. It was only upon returning to the room that the destroyed state of the sword was obvious - Christine of the Guest Relations team was contacted and she wrote a voucher for the cost of the sword. But cannot understand, why a team with X-Ray technology needed to destroy this item and knowing it had been destroyed give it to me without a single word of comment – leaving it for me to discover on my own. It is not possible to replace and my son's disappointment colored the rest of the cruise.

Shore Excursion - ROME
We set up four shore excursions with you in this trip (plus had arranged four in our previous Volendam tour) but nothing prepared us for the terrible experience of the Panoramic Rome tour. The entire tour party (not just our group) was astounded to learn only upon arrival at St. Peter's that the tour would NOT include the Sistine Chapel- my whole life I understood the chapel is just off the main Basilica - yet due to some gerrymandering it was not included at all. This serious lack of information (as that the Chapel being excluded was never mentioned in any of the literature) was increased by the disappointing news that the tour was taking us to an unknown, isolated restaurant, where for nearly two hours we were forced to sit in a hot, steaming underground "C" level restaurant where plates of warm, brown salad with green ringed egg yolks were followed by cool, dry lasagna (only pasta and sauce) accompanied by stale bread and warmish wine that caused immediate headaches. One member of our group became seriously ill and vomited multiple times on the bus immediately leaving the restaurant.

The day worsened when the guide blithely said "no, we will not be stopping at any of well known sites during our drive by of the city" YET unannounced we were forced to stop for 45-50 minutes at an unknown church outside of the city walls. Surely if we had this time, more interesting locations might have been able to be viewed?

Furious about the massive misrepresentation and the horrible dining conditions, I filed an immediate complaint with Shore Excursion staff, at the direction of the front desk personnel. I was assured that someone would be in touch that day, yet day after day passed and NO ONE ever responded to this until I spoke to Christine on another matter. Even then, the response was so condescending and dismissive; it made the situation far worse rather than better. I am attaching the letter for the file, as I consider it one of the worse professional responses to a client that I've ever seen. When you have a valid set of issues and concerns someone sending a generic letter stating, "that tour is what we say - sorry you didn't like it" that in no way addresses any of the serious problems and concerns, shows all too clearly that guests don't matter and their concerns are not of interest.

In this area, we strongly felt and asked the entire excursion fee should have been refunded and we still are asking that this refund be issued as the only fair response to this major problem.

Room Condition - worsens
As we entered the last few days of the cruise, we found the air conditioning in 4132 was not working effectively, but given the total non-response from the crew, we just endured rather than asking for help. However, when the shower drains in the handicapped room totally clogged - resulting in soapy water flowing into the room, we did need to ask for assistance. At this time, I went again to the front desk and insisted on speaking to a senior staff member. Christine appeared and told me, as guest relations on board, she had never been told about any of our problems. Within an hour four execs were in our room, and each one was shocked at the conditions of the room in general, the state of the shower drain and especially the pronounced stink of mildew coming from the room.

The room continued to be uninhabitable for the remainder of the cruise. We were given access to room 8105 but any chance to truly enjoy the cruise had been destroyed by this point. While Christine did waive the fee for dinner at the Pinnacle our last night - it in no way replaced the vacation that the crew, staff and ship conditions combined to destroy for us on multiple levels.

What is most sad about this account is that these are only the MAJOR issues, and that at this moment we have no faith that anyone at Holland American truly cares about our ruined holiday or any of the issues raised above.

5. Departure - Major Problems

As mentioned earlier, the fact that the four of us were not allowed to travel home together was a major issue. This was compounded by many Delta staff and scheduling problems that we will address separately to that company, but of course even further lowered our opinion of your company, since YOU selected Delta as our flight carrier.

Lastly, and still a major problem, when the final three of us (myself, John and Brian) left the Zuiderdam to make our flight at BCN, we had seven items of checked luggage. Six suitcases and one white box (about 36" x 22 wide) that had my home address, cell number, Zuiderdam room # and our Blue 5 departure tag clearly visible). We collected all seven items at the terminal, and I personally escorted the cart to the bus and watched all items loaded onto the bus. YET upon arrival at BCN only the luggage was removed and the box was not delivered. Ground staff promised to contact the bus, yet that never happened in the hour we waited with the bus line representative. We filed claim 50904 (scanned copy attached) and have also spoken to staff at the Personal Property Claims Dept in Seattle . So far despite repeated calls all I get is "we have not heard back from Barcelona ".

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Posted by Lindy** on 2008-09-30:
Yup. That sounds totally like Holland America. I'm the one who never got onto that cruise because of their scamming tactics.........but it sounds like getting on the cruise was a nightmare anyways! Lose Lose situation!
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Holland America... cold, heartless and unfair!
Posted by Travel bug on 08/20/2009
We wanted to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on a cruise to Alaska, our first cruise. We chose Holland America but were terribly disappointed by their uncaring and unreasonable policies. We found out an immediate family member was dying weeks before the cruise. We explained the situation and requested re-booking on a later sailing but since they already had our $4000 they were not one bit interested in doing one little thing to help us....all they could say was "sorry, you didn't purchase cancellation insurance." If we wanted to cancel I could understand...but we didn't want to cancel...never once asked for money back, we only wanted a later sailing but they were unyielding and totally uncaring. Even the way they dealt with us during this heartbreaking time was cold and uncompassionate. In contrast, Alaska Air was stellar, allowed for a change with a minimal change fee..reasonable and very, very caring. We offered to pay Holland a re-booking fee which we would have expected, but they refused. So when Holland would not give us a later sailing I requested at the very least to be able to give our paid cruise to our adult children...they even refused this request. This was a cabin we paid over $4000 for and they wouldn't even let us give it to our children! I would never recommend them and my "cruising" friends are equally appalled by their callous and unfair attitude. We didn't wait until days before sailing, we called them weeks before ....and they wouldn't even allow us to give our paid cruise to our adult children??? When I wrote them about how unfair we felt they had treated us, I received back a form letter..does that tell you something?
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Posted by goduke on 2009-08-20:
You might want to contact your A/G's office. I'd think that Holland would have to show that they left the cabin open for the cruise. But that's just a guess.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-20:
'Name changes and departure date changes are considered reservation cancellations and are subject to cancellation fees.' Go to their web pages and read the Cancellation Policies for detailed information.

Call again and maybe you will talk to a more sympathetic rep. Do note that if you can rebook they will assess cancellation fees.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-20:
All they did was follow the procedures that you agreed to when you booked with them. You can change one of the two names of the passengers but not both. Alaska Airlines didn't do anything special, they just rebooked you with their change fee, this applies to everyone. It's unfortunate what happened but it is not Holland America's job to be caring or sympathetic, they are in business to make money. Cancellation insurance is for situations like yours. Unfortunately, no one wants to pay the extra fee for that benefit.
Posted by travel bug on 2009-08-21:
Actually Alaska did do us a big favor since we had a non-refundable ticket but beyond that, they bent over backward suggesting ways to help us out. If we would have had a new travel date they were willing to waive the fee entirely. We were treated like people, not dollar signs even though they are in business to make a profit.
Posted by Tc on 2011-06-21:
We had a similar situation and lost $10000. Be careful with HAL.
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Sold Alaska got Canada
Posted by Unhappy cruiser on 10/14/2006
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I wrote the letter below to the President of Holland it tells the whole story--The response--TOO BAD!

April 30, 2006

Mr. Stein Kruse
President and Chief Executive Officer
Holland America Line
PO Box 34985
Seattle, Wa. 98214

Dear Mr. Kruse

I am writing to share my experience and impression of the cruise to “Alaska” my wife and I took on Holland America’s ship Oosterdam that departed Seattle on May 20, 2005. I am sure you are asking yourself, why did they wait this long? I will provide some background information so the rest of my letter will be in context. The main reason we chose Holland America Line was for the ports of call. We had heard such good things from other travelers, AAA as well as AARP. Holland America’s Reputation for being the top of the line was the original draw because “they always get it right”.

We had wanted to make this trip for 30 years. We saved for quite some time to pre-pay due to the expense. It required sacrifices and not being able to do other things with our expendable income. This was an East Coast to West Coast trip of a lifetime. I have to plan vacation trips 6 months ahead of time. We had limited available time in our schedule to travel this distance. I am a manager in customer service at a phone center.

Since we were to celebrate our 25th Anniversary (May 24th) during the dates of this cruise, we were excited to think we would enjoy it while onboard the Oosterdam. With a trip of a lifetime to Alaska. I still think we had expectations that were attainable for Holland America, just not on our Anniversary. We chose this itinerary from Seattle to Seattle in an attempt to maximize our exposure to the wild life and to see as much as we could of “Alaska” in the short time we had.

It was not long after our departure from Seattle that the announcement was made that due to inclement weather (30-foot seas) we would have to go the Inside Passage to make our trip more safe and smooth. I can only applaud the Captain’s choice to do so; it was a wise decision. I was profoundly disappointed to hear we would have to shorten our time in Juneau, due to the late arrival. We spent ½ the time we were supposed to be able to visit Juneau (we had five hours) a short time for a port call in Alaska. That meant our excursion tour was canceled for Juneau. We were unable to take our Helicopter tour of the glaciers and did not get to go on the dog sled adventure. I understand port clearances, port calls, schedules, travel time and sea conditions. I am okay with change and adapt to it daily at work, but while on vacation, I don’t appreciate the hype of excursions being offered, then excuses for the cancellations.

Our next day at sea was enjoyable, the service and food were both very good. We were taken to Hubbard Glacier and given a spectacular view by the captain. It was so nice to experience the “real ” Alaska that day.

We next visited Sitka, which turned out to be beautiful and a whole lot more than you could have seen in several visits. We especially enjoyed a Wild Otter tour and trip to the Raptor center. Realizing that we had to be back timely for the afternoon sailing, we did not attempt other excursions. The time in the Sitka port was extended (by the Captain) but we were not allowed off the ship again, as you now know; when it came (the scheduled hour) we should sail the anchor chain was jammed in the windless mechanism and kept us from sailing. So we sat onboard the ship looking at Sitka from the deck unable to get back ashore, in preparation for getting under way. The next announcement from the Captain was “We were each offered a glass of champagne as an apology for our schedule change due to the anchor problem”. He also subsequently announced we would not get our time in Ketchican at all, due to the lack of birthing availability. When we heard Ketchican was off the schedule my wife based on the news became physically ill.

The next day when we arrived in Victoria, Canada and the Captain as a gesture of apology provided a free shuttle bus into town. I told my wife “I would not have booked the trip if Canada was scheduled in print for more than ½ a day. This was a port I could have missed and been just as satisfied, and we spent the most time there”. The Captain’s bus shuttle gesture/payment in Victoria was nice, but not enough. The original 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM in Victoria would have been enough. I asked my wife rhetorically, “How can you offer us Canada when we paid for Alaska”?

We ultimately had very limited exposure to what Alaska really is--- A portion of the attraction to go to Alaska were the flying excursions and that was unfulfilled—so we missed the unparalleled beauty that is Alaska. We are deeply disappointed and this has dampened the whole experience.

When we attempted to speak to your Front office employees onboard the ship, their attitude was one of we are not going to do anything and we don’t have to. We were left with a very negative impression and find it hard to believe the Dutch would not do a better job making up for this profound disappointment. As my comment card said before we left the ship we attempted to discuss the situation with the Front office employees, they were not interested in hearing what we had to say and offered no assistance. This is not the type of experience; I remember from my travels in Holland.

When we have mentioned to family and friends the way our trip went. The first reaction has been “What did they offer to do to make up for it?” “At least you will be able to go back, since Holland America is paying for it right?” Other lines have things occur and they offer some kind of incentive to keep customers. Many hotels offer 100% satisfaction. I understand how your position may be one of “well, too bad”. You legally and contractually can adopt that position, but it does not make it the right thing to do. I also know I have no contractual recourse. I hope that will not be your decision.

I am left with the feeling similar to having gone out to dinner, waited in line and ordered surf and turf but was told they only have ribeyes, so we accept it and go along. Then they tell us we’re sorry this time our grill doesn’t work. How about a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich? That is why it has taken me almost a year to write this letter.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-14:
I am sorry you booked this for such a special occasion. What are you asking for, exactly? It sounds to me, by the tone of your letter, that when you did see portions of Alaska, it was wonderful. Obviously, weather and mechanical equipment malfunctions DO happen. This isn't the Holodeck (which has malfunctioned also). Focus on the good. There would be no good times without the bad.
Posted by unhappy cruiser on 2006-10-15:
Thanks for the feedback, I spent 39 months on a US Distroyer so I understand both the WEATHER and MECHANICAL malfunctions--This was about the LACK of customer service!
Posted by recon515 on 2007-03-20:
We booked a Western Car. and got a Eastern Car. When I asked for my money back, it was to BAD you will be charged 1,000 dollars cancelation fee.
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Horrible Customer Relations
Posted by Tikvah on 03/18/2011
We are so disappointed in the customer relations of Holland America.
We went on the Zuiderdam and the room was disgusting and the plumbing did not work. Burn holes in the furniture! Terrible and condescending service in the dining room. Finally they moved us on the 8th day of a 10 day cruise. Charged us for mini bar we did not touch! RUDE And when we got home... they do not want to deal with you! Wrote letter after letter, faxes and made phone calls. They do not even give you the courtesy of a return phone call!! They finally they tell you ....you can have a 2 category upgrade on a future cruise. We wanted to speak to this about this accommodation.. Called 10 TIMES!! NO RETURN PHONE CALL.

Holland America is rude and relentless about NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

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We will never do a Holland cruise again !
Posted by Unhappy holland pass on 01/17/2011
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Nov.7'2010 We were on a holland America line ( BOAT ) not a ship ( MS ZAANDAM ) 14 days round trip San Diego to Hawaii, This tug cash cow boat was filty, our room was very filty pills etc left in and around our room by a past guest, the bedding was dirty-yellow stains ? after many complaints to the front desk and no concern at all, heres the best part the toilet was not working we had to ust the public area restrooms mostly to to raw sewage leaking from the wall at the toilet-with an awful smell the gave us headaches the complained dayly about this the staff could not fix it, after 12 days and many complaints a plumber name( warren ) came to our room with a large pices of equipment he called a ( flush valve ) he said this is wht it's not flushing, we also noted that there was no toilet seet. so we had a toilet the last 2 days on this very filty run down ( BOAT ) all lip service only staff that after the cruise do not even acknowledge any of these issues, the food - poor quality, another main issue nighty spaying chemicals ??? I got sprayed by one of the guys in space type suits late at night when I opened my cabin door and they would not tell us what they sprayed on us, the next we got very sick and what looked like many bug bites on us in severe pain all over the frnt desk did not give a sh-t, we went to the ships medical office - pooly staffed they gave us benadyle and callamine loition, we complained to this joke of a medical staff many times about not being able to sleep due to the gugs and filty room conditons in pain from bites etc ???? they could care less about us, on my third third trip to the medical center I had observed two crew members with the same medical issue we have complaine about, they were showing each other all the bites etc. on there bodys, I ask them if they know what was causing this and they said that they do not know, when the medical staff saw that I was talking and taking notes of there names and issue of complaints they were told not to talk about this issue with any of the guest onboard, after nearly over a week there where notes left in our room form style ( soory for the toilet etc. problems ? ) also another note left in our room saying that the bedding was change was changed !!, this is a total lie the bed had the same yellow stains in the same spot we took picture of this as well as the sewage leaking all over the floor, hairs and dirt on our bedding, we slept most of the time on our clothes on the couch do to the bugs etc. on the bedding-this ( BOAT ! ) was in very poor shape - run down dirty sticky smears on the walls of the room and not cleaned fron the past guest in the room same bedding and medicines left in and around the bed, also theft from our room - WE HAVE BEEN ON MANY CRUISES ALL FANTASTIC GRET-, THIS CRUISE ON A ( HOLLAND BOAT ! IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER BEEN ON I WOULD RATE IT AS A 1 STAR LIKE A LOW LEVEL DOWNTOWN MOTEL WE WILL NEVER DO A HOLLAND EVER AGAIN,---AFTER MANY COMPAINTS TO HOLLAND AND BEING ABLE TO CONTACT THE CEO PER HOLLAND STAFF-WE RECEIVED A FORM TYPE LETTER SAYING SORRY BUT YOU ENJOYED THE SHOWS AND ETC. AND WE ARE OFFERING YOU A 75.00 FUTURE CRUISE CREDIT. WHAT A JOKE THIS IS I, LL NEVER DO ONE OF THESE FILTY RUNDOWN HOLLAND ( BOATS ! ) EVER THERE WHERE 12 OTHER GUEST THAT WAS ABLE TO GET OFF IN HAWAII DO TO ISSUS WE TRIED ALSO TRIED AND THE STAFF SAID THAT IT WOULD BE A MUTINY ON THE HIGH SEAS ??? WE WERE TRETENED WITH FINES ETC. IF WE GOT OFF THIS ( BOAT ) IN HAWAII,--WE ARE CONSIDERING UTUBE AND ETC. MEDIA DUCUMENTERYS ABOAT THIS CRUISE ALSO MAY SEEK FULL LEGAL REMEDY IF WE DO NOT GET COMPENSATION FOR WHAT HAS TAKEN PLACE- WE ARE OUT OVER 5,000 FOR THIS HORRIBLE ( RIDE ). J. PERLMAN
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Posted by azRider on 2011-01-17:
you should have done the you-tube video. I'm sure this would have gotten the attention of the company. seems to me reading the news for the last few years that cruse ships are not maintained well, poorly staffed and supplied. I'd never do a cruse now, seems they either break down, make people sink or they are dirty.
Posted by Chester on 2012-12-03:
WOW...I have real trouble believing your comments. I have had the exact oposite experience with Holland American. I've travel HAL for the last 11 years and have had nothing except excellent service, food and entertainment. In October of '12 we were on the Westerdam for a 30 day cruise and from your comments, it sounds like we were on a different Cruise Line than you traveled. I am so impressed with HAL that I can't relate to your experiences.
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Poor customer service
Posted by Hollandsucks on 01/01/2011
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- To: CEO Holland America
Mr. Stein Kruse 12-28-2010

From: Frank V. Troha M. D

Dear Mr. Kruse,

As I type this letter to you I am still in disbelief of what has happened with our family and your cruise line in the past 48 hours. The story begins this past summer when my wife and I decided to take our family on a cruise after Christmas for my youngest daughter’s birthday (Dec. 29th) and for all the kids as their only Christmas present. We chose your cruise line because of its reputation for customer service. My children live in Florida so we decided to have them drive to Tampa on Dec. 23rd. Even though it was a 3 hour drive, when they flew to our home in Ohio their cars would be in Tampa when we got back to drive over to the ship. (Delta flights during Christmas were $3000). On December 26th, we were getting ready to drive to the Cincinnati airport for an 11:15 A.M. flight to Tampa. We received an automated call from Delta stating our flight was going to be delayed to a 1:50 P.M. departure. I tried to call Delta to check on other flights but was unable to get through. I then called the Holland America emergency line (206-301-5293) and explained our situation. I was told that “due to high winds the ship might be delayed on its departure” and we should come down. We arrived at Tampa airport at 4:30 P.M. and called the emergency line again. We were directed to talk to the Holland America agents who were waiting in the baggage claim area for other customers that were on our plane. When we found the Holland America agents they said, “the ship has left and if we wanted to meet it in Key West the next day we could board there“. We checked for flights with no luck, so we decided to rent two cars ($520) because it was all we could find to transport 5 adults and 7 pieces of luggage to Key West for a one way car rental. We would leave our cars at the long term car paring near the ship in preparation for our return ($30/day). My daughter Alexis spoke with an agent Margaret (1-800-628-4771) Sunday evening to confirm our rental cars and venture to Key West and gave her cell phone number. The agent, Margaret, was instructed to contact us if anything changed.

We decided to drive to our home in Marco Island Sunday, spent the night, and then left the next morning. We called Holland America Monday morning around 7:30 A.M. and spoke to a Caroline at 206-286-3230 and Margaret from the day before, who told us that the ship would be at Key West in between 1 P.M. and 6 P.M. and we should proceed down there to board the ship. We again gave both agents our cell numbers to update us if there were any changes and they said they would call us. The agents also said that they would e-mail or notify the ship that we would be boarding in Key West. About 1 hour later Caroline called us on our cell to tell us that the ship was going to dock at the Navy Mole Pier instead of its usual location. Feeling confident that we were being watched over by your cruise line agents, we embarked on a 5.5 hour drive with both cars (by the way my older daughter is 10 weeks pregnant). When we arrived at the Dollar car rental store located at the Key West Airport we turned in our cars and rented a Taxi Van($100) to take us to the pier. It took us a while to get there because New Years draws about 70,000 people in Key West. When we arrived at the pier we saw the worst possible sight: there was a Carnival cruise ship that had come in at 1 P.M. but no Holland America. My heart sunk into my stomach. We immediately called our contacts at Holland America to ask what happened to the ship. They told us the ship decided not to stop at Key West because of weather (it was flat as a pancake and there were plenty of ships and boats in the water). When we asked them what we were supposed to do and why didn’t they call us on the long drive down, we were put on hold and transferred to another person over and over again. At that point I realized that the cruise was over and we were just another insignificant group of people to your company. I have never felt so small or been treated so poorly in my life. We then had the Taxi drive us back to the car rentals. There was no car left that could get us all back to Marco Island for a one way drop-off. My Crohn’s disease was now acting up and my pregnant daughter did not want to do the long drive back along with the rest of us. All the hotels were booked because of New Year’s so we chartered a private plane ($1300) to fly us back to Marco. I obviously cancelled my trip with your company, and the gentleman I spoke with was quite rude and short with me and said I would still have to pay the 10% since I had the insurance and the cost of the insurance which added up to around $1600 and that he would not be responsible for any of the other costs I incurred. All I could say was, yes sir! Today, Tuesday December 28th, I had to get my cars in Tampa and rather than drive 3 hours each way I spent $1200 to fly two of us up there and drive the cars back.
Mr. Kruse I am exhausted and I feel sick. I am a medical doctor and specialize in plastic surgery. I know that customer satisfaction is as important as performing well during a procedure. Your cruise line dropped the ball on us when they did not update us on our drive down to Key West. I spoke with Ben McAuley our personal cruise consultant today and he was the first pleasant person that I have spoken to. He agreed that it was terrible and would look into getting a full refund from the cruise and anything he could do to help us. It was a small token but at least it was something for the cost, and physical and psychological damage my family has incurred. I feel I should be fully reimbursed and your company should cover all my costs I have incurred(I have all the receipts). Once again, if your agents would have given us a simple call like they said they would, we could have turned our cars around and went back to Marco and not wasted the time or money that we did.
After receiving this letter they only offered us a discount if we returned on their ship for another cruise!


Frank V. Troha M. D.
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Posted by Inat on 2011-01-01:
you missed the boat.
Posted by olie on 2011-01-01:
I'm re-reading your letter and I'm asking myself, If the kids(including the 10-week pregnant daughter)live in Florida, why in the world would I make them fly to Ohio and then right back to Florida? Especially if I've booked a cruise that's leaving from Tampa.

Winter flights have long been notorious for not departing on time. Or for days.

It's not Holland America's fault that you decided to fly your grown children from Florida to Ohio and back within a short time, and that you were not at the original departure site.

Your letter makes it sound like you had a perfectly good meeting place on Marco Island, and your family could have easily met you there or at the dock in Tampa.

Plenty of flights were diverted or cancelled on Dec. 26, due to the horrid conditions on the East Coast. And there's a lot of water between Tampa and Key West for bad weather conditions.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-01-01:
Two words: Trip Insurance!
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-01:
This whole situation flat out sucks.

I'm guessing they all flew out of Ohio because they spent Christmas together in Ohio.

It is tough when your flights are so closely scheduled to the time of departure. Too much can go wrong.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-01:
It sounds like you had trip insurance. Good thing. I don't believe Holland America has any further responsibility here. The CSR's tried to help you work around the situation, but it didn't work out. If you had chartered a helicopter instead of a plane, maybe you could have landed on the ship.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-01:
It sounds like the cruise line tried to work with you. You missed the boat. All the other personal issues are not relevant to how you were treated. If you had shown up on time initially there would of been no problems. One should always arrange extra travel time during the holidays.
Posted by FlShopper on 2011-01-01:
Not allotting for extra time was your downfall. You were cutting it way too close and that's not a great idea when you have to make deadlines, connections, etc.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-01-02:
Oh, you're right, trmn8r. I guess I didn't see it in all my skimming :)
Posted by bob932304 on 2011-01-02:
If I read in correctly, you flew on the same day you were to depart on the cruise. I understand you should never do that, always get to the ship departure city at least the day before just in case something happens like what happened happens. A big delay that you have no control over.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-02:
definitely the OP's fault. Not holland.
Posted by getoverit on 2011-01-02:
bob932304 makes a good point about not flying the same day as your cruise. But we've had professional travels agents book cruises that way. I guess we, the average consumer, are supposed to be smarter than they are.

I'm sure trmn8r is correct in the sense that the cruise line contractually has no responsibility if passengers miss a departure from a late flight, or whatever reason.

But, in this case, the OP made an continual and extended effort to keep in communication with the cruise line CSRs. He asked to kept informed of the ship's whereabouts and, from the sound of things, was given every reason to believe that they were going to inform him if there were going to be further any changes.

What I'm getting is that they didn't say "sorry, we don't inform customers when information we give out happens to change". They said: "the ship will be in Key West between 1 and 6 and will inform you if there is another change in plans".

I don't know about Holland America's reputation for customer service but this is a clear example of CS failure.

Posted by Ben There on 2011-01-02:
Certain flights booked through the cruise line and with some travel agents come with extra protection in the event the flight is late. However, it is often more expensive that regular tickets.

It would be nice if HA refunded the rest of the cruise amount, because the OP did make an effort to get to Key West just to find it diverted. It would have been nice for the agent to call him before he got to the Keys, but maybe that agent he had been talking to all day was at lunch when the diversion happened... we will never know.

As for the rest of the expenses incurred, those belong to the OP.
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Holland America Refusing to Refund my Deposit as Paid
Posted by Experienced Cruiser on 11/10/2010
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I canceled my cruise prior to penalty and requested the full refund of my money back to me in the form of a check. I paid Holland America in the form of a personal check on 5-15-10 for a $600 deposit.

Since canceling the booking, in the beginning of September 2010, they have refused to send me my deposit back as paid to them. They also have refused to contact me, in writing, and state why they are not returning my deposit.

This is not right. Monies paid and that are fully refundable without penalties should be refunded as they were paid and in a timely fashion.

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Posted by saj80 on 2010-11-10:
The first thing that comes to mind is if you are entitled to a refund. When I have inquired about cruises, I am always told that without travel insurance, all monies paid are nonrefundable. I have not looked at Holland's policies regarding refunds, but will for curiosity reasons.
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Stinky Stateroom on Rotterdam
Posted by TripleG on 10/13/2010
This is where the leak occurred in stateroom 7040.
This is where the leak occurred in stateroom 7040.
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- On the second night of a 7-day cruise to Alaska, a pipe burst in "deluxe" verandah stateroom 7040. The smell of raw sewage was strong. The crew was not trained properly to handle the problem. Despite assurances that the room would be ready for us the next day, strong chemical odors remained throughout the week. Although another cabin was found for sleeping, it did not meet my disability needs. I had booked a deluxe verandah stateroom because it was fully wheelchair accessible.

In addition to problems with the stateroom, the key to my scooter was lost during the shuffle. When asked if there were spare keys on the ship, I was told "No." This was a lie! When the gentleman from Special Needs at Sea picked up the scooter, he told us that spare keys ARE left on the ship.

I was denied disembarkation in Sitka "because of weather conditions." When I asked for a log of the weather conditions, I was told that I should have been allowed off the ship. Another lie!

What should have been a relaxing vacation was very stressful. I asked for a meeting with corporate guest relations in Seattle and was told that corporate did not meet face-to-face with guests. This says a lot about Holland America's guest relations!

Holland America has refunded 37.5% of what I paid for the cruise. How was the amount determined? Do they they I was satisfied 62.5% of the time? In my communications with advisors to the president, my disability issues have not been addressed. My independence was taken away from me because of crew errors.

I was told that "it would seem further communication would only serve to cause additional frustration and disappointment." Nobody tells a dying guy to shut up!

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Posted by jeniferlyn on 2010-11-24:
I believe you 100% We upgraded, after having a ugly, dilapidated, emergency boat parked infront of our large floor to ceiling window. Imagine my suprise to find a worker out on the boat, while I was changing! That was the final straw & went to the front desk in tears!
We upgraded to room 5035, & it also stunk. The carpets were filthy, the drapes had huge holes & what looked like burns on them. This room had faulty plumbing as well, & as soon as the plumber had left, it didn't flush again. After being on hold for 20+minutes, which is about average, the lady at the front desk told me, "Please do not call again unless the contents have gone over the rim, & have gone onto the floor!" Yes I am serious! The last 4 days I used the Lido Decks restroom, if anything other than the need to urinate occurred. My husband had already waded through my fecal matter & I was not going to let that happen again!
After getting home to Seattle, after the awful Mexican Riveria cruise,which left Oct 9-16th, I tried to call and complain. A recording stating they were in a 90min meeting greeted me, without stating the time it started, or was to end. Also the HA web site was and still is down.
The customer service desk told us one lie after another. Wrong dinning times, wrong dress codes, unavailability of room service items, such as bread! It was a joke! Also be aware the BBB does not support HA, the food is awful & so full of salt, that is if you are able to get any food! I lost 6lbs on this cruise compared to a substantial gain on past cruises. Also be aware the average age of travelers on HA is about 70, which would not be an issue, but getting around canes, walkers, & wheelchairs/scooters, can be difficult!
My final statement is from what I witnessed, the customer service desk, as well as the beverage manager, dinning room manager, and the crew who answer the phones, continually lie to there customers as easy as batting there eyes. They are VERY rude to the rest of the crew, (mostly non english speaking, very nice Filipino men & women,) & I wouldnt be suprised if you have as awful of a cruise as we did!
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Disappointing customer relations
Posted by Jobee on 08/12/2010
WASHINGTON -- Recently we were on a 12 day land/cruise tour of Alaska with holland America.sadly on day 2 of our trip we got news of a death in our family. we returned home. in time we contacted holland America to see if in the future we could have vouchers to return to Alaska. we were told we had trip cancellation insurance ,,not trip interruption insurance and all they could do was upgrade us on a future trip. we also wrote a letter to the ceo of company and got the same response, I am disappointed such a large corporation could not provide us with a spot on a future tour, plenty of cabins on cruise ships are empty and lots of food must go to waste. we also would be very likely to use them again in the future. lessons learned,,,expect unexpected and buy adequate insurance not from cruise company which was very expensive($269 each) but from travel agent..and don't count on being heard for your particular circumstance..general rules apply to all
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-08-12:
I am sorry for your loss. Next time, purchase trip interruption insurance in addition to cancellation. I agree that it would be super customer service if HA gave you two cruises for the price of one because of your loss, but at the end of the day most companies don't give you thousands of dollars worth of goods when someone in your family dies.

Out of curiosity, have any airlines or hotels offered your free flights and rooms?
Posted by jobee on 2010-08-12:
didnt ask anyone but holland america,,kudos to american airlines for getting us home
Posted by jobee on 2010-08-12:
didnt feel like they were giving us 2 cruises for the price of 1,,we were only on day 2 of the land for $6000
Posted by Ben There on 2010-08-12:
Jobee, I totally get what you are saying, but Holland America is not able to re-sell a trip that you have already started. It was yours, even though you were not able to occupy it.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-12:
I just wanted to leave my condolences.
Posted by tripleG on 2010-10-13:
You're absolutely right about Holland America not listening to specific circumstances. They did not address any of the issues I raised in my formal complaint. I got a boilerplate response.
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Very good food,
Posted by La Jollan on 07/10/2010
CALIFORNIA -- We traveled twice before on Holland America, we love to cruise and have been on large cruise ship lines and on riverboat cruises, and found the food on Holland America better than most. The complaint about the food being bland, is unfounded. There are salt and pepper shakers on every table, plus different condiments. We discovered that on Holland America ships, we did not end up with swollen ankles due to over salting, that usually is a covering up of poor quality ingredients, and poor cooking. good quality food products will not need masking with over seasoning. Our only complaint would be the choice of ports. Cruising from NY to Quebec, we found the stops in Canada,
not at all as interesting as Newport RI, or Boston, would have loved to stay an extra day in Boston, and stop in Montreal, instead of Quebec city.
Land excursion are too expensive, on all cruise lines, loved them being inclusive on riverboat cruising, but was not always happy with selection of tour, also once you have gone, the itinerary is always the same, going twice to the same destination would not make sense.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-07-11:
A very balanced and fair review. Thank you.
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