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A Freak Out Booking Experience
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Rating: 4/51

PHILIPPINE, CALIFORNIA -- I called the Hotel.Com center using free 1800 number on 14 December 2013, to book a hotel room in Asian country. The staff was so patient, kind and cooperative. She tried to find a room which is suitable for me and best to my liking. I am so happy and after thinking a few minutes, discussed with my family (which took a while), then proceeded to pay with my credit card. I mentioned everything in details as what she required in order for me not to miss any special deal/opportunity of the discount hotel.

After that, just right after she took all my card details, she told me that my credit card has been declined and she disconnected our telephone conversation all of sudden after a long talk! I was so shocked, disappointed, and wonder why she would like to do this to me. I checked my credit account and there is nothing wrong or being declined/cancelled.

I made a new call and asked if I could talk or be connected to her again, her name is ** (as she told me so). But regrettably no one can do such thing, they said they were not authorized to connect with any staff/agent that you dealt earlier. I became more panicked and worried about that. The new staff tried to finalize my early booking but out of my expectation the hotel room does not even exist! All of this hotel rooms has been booked/sold out. One of the facilities that ** was given/mentioned to me was not even true as we have to pay for it and not free as I wanted. She also requested that I should pay by credit card instead of PayPal which is quicker.

Now it is a big concern as she was lying many times to me and I am afraid she would do something or use my credit card for other purposes in the future. For what I've read from the review of this hotel website, it is just freaked me out because I always think that they might still can use my details later.

These are 2 reviews that appeared to be quite similar case as mine : 1). "I just got off the phone with a representative from because there was an illegal withdrawal from my bank account by them for reservations I never made. I have used them about 8 months ago, so I assume this is where someone from their agency got my info.

When I called them about the unauthorized withdrawal, I am told I have to wait to get them to put my money back. It angers me to think that someone from their company has used their ability to access customers' info, make illegal transactions like that. Instead of reversing the action to replace my money immediately. I will never ever do business with this company again"

2). "I was notified by my bank that my credit card had been compromised. I called to dispute the charges. Initially, I was told by an agent of that my credit card had not been used, however after asking to speak to a supervisor, I was informed that my credit card was currently being used to book a hotel room in Great Britain. They told me that although the person was currently in the hotel room, that they could do nothing to help me.

I am a struggling college student and cannot afford such issues. To make matters worst is knowing that a criminal is right at the hotel and living it up and says to just talk to the bank on Tuesday. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK ANYTHING WITH HOTELS.COM. THEY ARE ACCESSORIES TO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!!!"

Even though I reported to the Security officer one day after the incident; this is what she replied: that not too worry because it has a secured booking website/system and your personal and card details are safe with us; that we work in paperless environment wherein your card details are directly typed into the system no one has an access to the details; fully encrypts the entire credit card number and encodes it into a completely non-usable (un-readable) form,
I still won't believe at all.

Will Never Use Again.
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- TUCSON, AZ. On June 15, 2015 I went on Red Roof website to make reservations for 3 nights. My trip to Tucson was for medical reasons. Red Roof had the best deal $45.04 a night plus service fee $17.99, not bad I thought. I went and made reservations for 3 nights for $163.51, for 3 persons 2 full-size beds, nice flat screen TV, nice upgraded room and bathroom.

We arrived at 4:00pm to Red Roof on 3704 E Irvington Rd Tucson, AZ 85714. A very small front office. ** were very busy taking care of Mistakes and other websites had made. ** couldn't find my reservation in Red Roof system so she very kindly asked me if I could call Hotel-Rates and have them send my reservation and she will call them as well and ask for some other information she needed. Remember my reservation was paid in full and was made 6 days prior to my arrival to Red Roof.

I called Hotel-Rate's customer service at 1-877-477-7441 and I explained what I needed and I was put on hold for a good hour, and when they came back on the phone I was told "we have your reservation in our system, but for some reason Red Roof will not take it and they want to cancel your reservation and you have 2 options, 1) let us relocate you at no charge 2) cancel all together and you will get your money in 7-10 days (by now is almost 5-5:30pm)."

As this person is telling me all this I'm in the front office with ** and he is on speaker, and I repeated what he said, "so you are saying that after making my reservation 6 days prior today and paying in full Red Roof wants to cancel my reservation?" He said "yes, they can't find your reservation and won't take you."

I gave the phone to ** and she introduced herself and told him she is the manager. She asked for the name of the Red Roof Representative he talked to and the number he called, she told him "My guest has been sitting here for almost two hours waiting for your company to fax me her reservation and YOUR COMPANY'S CC number so we can charge for the room, so my guest doesn't have to be double charged."

He acted like he was so lost and at the end she hang and apologize over and over to us. She told me not to worry, gave me my key, "please go and get settle and once all this is taken care of I will call you to have you sign paperwork. Thank you ** you rock. suck!!!!

Great Travel
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Rating: 5/51

ARUBA -- I am writing to share my recent wonderful experience on the Island of Aruba! I have had the pleasure of visiting several Islands in the past but I must say Aruba topped them all. From my departure from the plane on the Island straight through to my return trip, it was none stop pleasure. All of the people in Aruba were so friendly, welcoming
and pleasant. They helped me navigate my travels, escorted my family to tourist sites and referred me to the most beautiful beach I have ever been to in my life, Baby Beach!! Oh what a wonderful place. The water is beautiful, the
atmosphere is lovely and you can enjoy the water even if you can't swim and it's safe for children.

And to top it off you can get a great meal while your there. I urge all visitors to stop into the Big Mama Grill. The food is superb, the décor of the restaurant is beautiful, the staff is courteous and the prices are reasonable. As New Yorker I am a burger eater and often visit the Famous Jimbo's for a Burger but after having Big Mamma Grill's Hamburger deluxe Jimbo's will never taste the same. In fact the food was so good I had to go back a second day and try the seafood platter, and it was absolutely delicious. The decor of the restaurant is that of the Flintstone era. They provide the most comfortable inside or outside settings to enjoy your meal.

Big Mamma Grill was just delightful and delicious. So for all travelers looking for a place to take your next vacation I highly recommend the Island of Aruba! And make sure while there you visit Baby Beach for a day of relaxation on a beautiful beach and afterwards make sure to stop into Big Momma's Grill for a delicious meal in a lovely comfortable Flintstone setting I promise you won't be disappointed.

Wedding Rip off!!
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Rating: 1/51

GALVESTON, TEXAS -- I recently had the misfortune to stay at the Hotel Galvez along with family and guests who were attending my daughter's wedding.We pre-paid for rooms in January 2012 with a contract calling for 10 ocean front rooms all on the 5th floor. When it came time to check in, rooms were scattered over two floors with only one ocean view room.

We were informed by two of our guests that they were charged $515 for a room that we had already paid for.Those guests were put into a financial situation because the Hotel Galvez completely mismanaged my reservations. Two rooms for our guests had no air conditioning and we were told by maintenance that the hotel had 200 rooms without AC. The Honeymoon Suite, again at over $500 a night, had a tub that didn't drain, and when the issue was called in to the front desk I was hung up on and the problem wasn't solved.

For our daughter's reception we purchased the four hour ‘Gold Package'. Our food came covering both ends of the spectrum, either under cooked and bloody or shoe leather dry. Of the 5 chicken dinners ordered only 2 arrived and that was twenty minutes after everyone else had been served. The children were lucky to share those, I suppose?

We were under the impression that this would ensure that the reception would not run out of basics such as bottled beer. My guests were then served beer from the bar in cans… which they then found out from security, was not allowed on the premises.Some of my guests were rudely told to leave the premises because they held canned beer served by hotel staff. While a guest at the Hotel Galvez, I was tending to so many issues related to rooms and catering I didn't have time to have photos taken with my daughter.

Since I cannot find resolution from the Hotel Galvez directly, I'll take my issue to social media in hopes that someone other than the disinterested hotel manager reaches out to help sort out these issues.Since the Hotel Galvez thinks that Facebook is the wrong place to air this issue I feel is in my best interest to inform as many people as possible in an effort to save others from having their special days ruined.

While I can and do understand that not every event will go flawlessly, I cannot accept that so many things were wrong with our event and that between issues with security, catering, the front desk and post event, hotel management, I will continue to spread the word that the Hotel Galvez of the Wyndham chain leaves guests with empty wallets and hollow promises once the contracts have been signed.

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Rating: 1/51

SYDNEY, WYOMING -- I never use this website again. I booked a hotel through this website as part of my trip to Europe and along with at least 10 other hotels that I booked using Expedia and Agoda. For this one night booking they asked me for my passport and credit card copy to be sent to them!!!

I called them twice to cancel the whole thing as the only reason I book things online is to avoid all these silly paperwork and I booked the same hotel for slightly higher price through Expedia and asked for a price match instead. But good heavens, talking to the support call center I could not understand a word they say and they were the least helpful. Fortunately, this was a good lesson for me not to ever use this website again.

Do not use HOTEL.COM
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Rating: 1/51

Tried to book online - had problem. Website sucks!!!! Had to call. Big mistake. Now have two reservations, same day two hotels. Asked not to charge debit card - low on funds - will pay cash on arrival. Called twice to confirm this, told ok to pay cash - card won't be charged. Wrong debit card charged. Bounced payment $37.00 NCF charge. Called to try to resolve - hung up on, play games to not refund overcharge, give voucher for NCF fee. Will use voucher to get money due but will never book with again.

All other take warning: do not use this service!!! Use to find rate then call hotel and negotiate deal yourself!!! Deal directly with hotel. Look up hotel phone number!!! Phone number listed on website is not the hotel's number!!! You have to look up the correct phone number to speak with hotel!!!!

Be Warned--They Won't Honor Your Contract!
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Booked the Pearl Hotel in NYC for 7 nights. Checked with hotel a few days prior to arrival only to find they had no reservation for me? Called customer relations number, several times before discovering that they had made a mistake and booked me into the wrong hotel. Unfortunately, due to cost, they totally refused to honor my original agreement with them and simply stated that they would refund my original charge! Ended up costing me an extra $573 to re-book my hotel. (different agent) Totally their mistake, so they should have accepted the loss and honored the original online booking--whatever it cost them!

We Got Robbed!
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Rating: 1/51

Our credit card was charged three times when booking through Hotel Travel's website. It took multiple attempts over a period of an hour to process the booking in which we received a confirmation number. We did not receive a confirmation email until later that afternoon and it was not until we arrived at the hotel that they informed us that there were 2 additional bookings under our names. The hotel agreed to cancel the bookings at no cost and emails were immediately sent to Hotel Travel by ourselves and the hotel. We received the confirmation emails for the further two bookings the next day.

After many emails explaining our situation Hotel Travel decided to charge one night's accommodation for both of the duplicate bookings and we are still awaiting our refund. We are budget travelers and chose Hotel Travel for their low rates, we want other travelers to beware that you may not save in the long run with Hotel Travel and we wish that we had read the bad reviews before using Hotel Travel.

Do Not Use
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS, TEXAS -- I booked with HOTEL RATES.COM because they showed an A+ by the BBB and claimed to have the lowest rates. I paid a total of 84.00 for a room that was 49.00 a night standard. My room was terrible, hair in the bed, smoke detector ripped out of the wall, dead bolt broken ECONO LODGE in Alexandria, LA... I called hotel rates to tell them I wanted a refund.. ** said, "no we don't refund." -- we can ask the hotel to send a voucher!!! So I called ECONO LODGE corporate. They said I should not have used HOTEL RATE.COM.

Highly Overpriced, Useless Price Guarantee.
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Rating: 1/51

MOOLOOLABA -- I booked an apartment in landmark hotel, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia. I booked in January this year as I was told by my daughter who I am visiting in Oz, that it is a very busy time of year on the sunshine coast, and if I leave it late, I might not get in. We have been saving for two years to get to see her, as we live in the U.K.

Two weeks ago I was surfing the net and found the exact same hotel, apartment and time scale that I had booked £1000 cheaper on booking.Com. 33% cheaper, so I tried to claim using their price guarantee. What a performance I have been through and still no settlement. Ten e-mails and 3 phone calls, and no one can deliver even a sensible or understandable reason why they refuse to honor their own price guarantee.

They cannot find the website I have quoted. The customer service dept in India is a compete joke. They keep you on hold for 30 minutes, then say a supervisor will ring you back, guess what? They don't. So you ring again and go through the whole ridiculous process again!!

Does any member of the management team ever read these customer feedback messages? How can a company continue to trade in the competitive market that they are in, when treating customers in this way? Does anyone at this company even care? I will never book again. I will tell all my family, friends and customers never to book with Expedia. Disgusted.

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