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Reservation and Cancellation Fees
Posted by Lizbeth97341 on 01/24/2005
OREGON -- I made reservations through Hotels.com for a room, several months in advance. I found that Hotels.com charged my credit card for the full amount the day I made the reservation. This is the email I sent to them, and their reply:

"Comments: I would like you to know that I am VERY displeased with a transaction I recently had with HOTELS.COM. I reserved a hotel for two nights in Bend, Oregon. The next day my credit card/debit card had been charged for the full amount of the reservation. I have never heard of this before, I do know that reserving a hotel through the hotel company does require a credit card to hold the reservation, which is fine. I have never been charged for the reservation for the full amount before I actually arrived. I emailed your company about this, and was given a reply of ..."Please be advised that when booking a reservation through hotels.com, you are charged on the date of booking. This is so that we may confirm and guarantee your reservation at the lowest discount rate available at that time. We apologize if you were not aware of this when you submitted your reservation request. Thank you for using our service."....Well, I checked with the hotel that you reserved with, and their regular rate IS THE RATE that you claim was a discount rate, so you weren't doing me any great favor to begin with. And so, I went to cancel the reservation on your website, and find I am being charged $25 just for canceling. --OK, this was probably somewhere in the fine print agreement, buried in the 5,000 word document you have to click on to continue with the reservation process. I guess what really makes me mad is the fact that you took $175 from me just for the reservation, which was for July (It is now just January). And then, you charged me $25 to cancel the reservation. I absolutely will not deal with you again, and will tell EVERYONE I know about your way of doing business. Believe me, they will not like the way you do business, either."

Their email reply to me was:

"Thank you for your email. Our records are indicating that this reservation was booked online. In doing so, you agreed to the terms and conditions posted on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you. Thank you for using our service."

OK--I found the 'Terms and Conditions' section posted on their website, only after having to dig into link upon link. I would think that this type of 'Terms and Conditions' should be shown somewhere a little more noticeable, like where you are actually GOING THROUGH THE PROCESS of making the online reservation.

And so, by Hotels.com taking $175.00 out of my checking account via my debit card (without knowing this for a few days), I had several checks bounce, which was expensive at $33 per NSF charge. And then, I lost another $25 to Hotels.com when I cancelled the reservation to get my money back.

I still have not been credited the $150 I have coming from them for the cancellation. In my opinion, these people, and their website, SUCK. As mentioned, I will tell everyone I know about my only experience with Hotels.com, and do my utmost to prevent it from happening to anyone else. I haven't had this type of trouble with any other travel/reservation website I have used, and will deal directly with the hotels I want to stay at from now on.
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Posted by Chitwngirl on 2005-01-24:
Some complaints stem from consumers not reading. I clicked on "User Agreement" right on the home page of hotels.com and in the 5th paragraph it tells you they will charge your card immediately.
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-01-28:
I frequently reserve hotels on this site and other discount hotel sites. Most I have used do tell you they will charge your card at the time you make reservations. No hidden scams. I did however reserve a room that was the same online as they're regular price. It just happened it was a good price and online offered it. Either way I got a good deal. Ya gotta read everything.
Posted by jesicarabitz on 2005-03-17:
You must be a newby to reserving online. All online Travel websites do auto charge when booking a room. I believe the only online websites that don't book this way is directly with the hotel sites. And reading the fine print is a responsiblity you have when you are willing to purchase on the internet. My suggestion to you is to not use the internet and call the hotels directly.
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don't do it!!
Posted by Subieq on 01/31/2006
This morning, I booked a hotel in DC thru hotels.com. I had some concerns about the hotel the "agent" was recommending, but he assured me that the same hotel in other cities was plush and wonderful. There is no practical way to review what other customers say on this website. The trip is coming on fast, so I booked. Went to another site that DID offer customer reviews, and found out I had made a LARGE and costly mistake. Went immediately back to HOTELS.com and tried to backtrack. All within 10 minutes. I cancelled (for 25.00) and was informed that although my card had been hit for the total amount TODAY, I may not see the return of that money for 30 days. "Sooooo... you've got no problem taking my money, but you have a big problem returning it?" It is NOT productive to book thru any of these sites, it's easier and cheaper to go direct.
I sent customer care at hotels.com an e-mail similar to this one and received a reply that they apologized and would do what they could to return the money to my account. I checked this morning, and it appears that they did something to rectify because my balance is back to normal. Strangely, I don't see any record of the original transaction AT ALL, and it was definitely there before. Honesty compels me to admit that they apparently responded to my screaming and took care of me. HOWEVER, I will not use them again. You can go to their website (or any of the "discount" travel dealers) and find where you think you'd like to be, read the reviews, see what's around there, see pictures... then go on-line to the hotel or call them yourself. You'll get the rate quoted (I did, anyway... twice) and save yourself the fees that they tack on (and will swear they don't).
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HOTELS.COM is stealing people's money..
Posted by Tedd925522 on 06/02/2011

I have contacted your company on multiple occasions about receiving my credit (more than 7 times) about a canceled reservation that was 2 weeks out. I canceled minutes after processing the reservation on the website.
But they had listed if you cancel even 1 month away, they charge 1 night penalty. As I write this review I'm on the phone with their REPS on Manila.

I am documenting all my calls and the people I speak with. I have spoken to your representatives in EL SALVADOR because that's where your company is re-routing the phone calls to.

I WANT THE REST OF MY REFUND ON RESERVATION 16458229XXX. I called back on May 19th for a 5th time and your customer service representative called the Puerta del Sol Hotel and they never received the reservation because it was cancelled right away and Rosa the administrative person at the Puerta del Sol Hotel in Barranquilla, Colombia agreed to a FULL REFUND. Your customer service person on May 19, stated he would process the REFUND and it would take a few days. I have been checking my credit card for the last 2 WEEKS and there is NO REFUND.

On June 1, I called Hotels.com again and spoke to an Ashley and she went through the same process, called the Puerta del Hotel which I had already gave her the information and events from the last call on May 19th and she confirmed it all again. PUERTA DEL SOL agreed a REFUND and they hadn't even received any proceeds from the canceled reservation. She promised me a REFUND for a second time and I haven't received anything. I inquired on my previous call and she stated there were NO NOTES on my reservation profile. I asked her to put NOTES again under my reservation but your company is FRAUDULENTLY erasing all notes on the calls. It has been 3 days and I still have not received a refund and HOTELS. COM is holding my money NOT the HOTEL.

I am now going to PRESS legal charges for my REFUND, TIME AND PAIN AND SUFFERING. I have tried to resolve this issue cordially with your company and YOU ARE NOT PROCESSING MY REFUND. Your company is keeping the REFUND in one of your separate accounts and refusing to return my money..

You have left me no choice but to file a Lawsuit
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Posted by Sophia Marie on 2011-06-02:
You can document all the calls you want and hire attorney, but the bottom line remains that you hit the "submit" button on the Hotels.com website and by doing so agreed to their terms and conditions.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-02:
On what date was this cancelled? It can take two weeks to get a refund through the credit processing system itself.

You say that you want the "rest" of the refund. How much money was the orginal bill, and how much has been refunded so far?
Posted by olie on 2011-06-02:
A few years ago Mr.olie and Teen.olie took a trip to the Philadelphia area; I had booked one of their hotels at hotels.com. Their plans changed, and I called their toll-free line to cancel the reservation. Their rep in the U.S. indicated that there was a cancellation fee(which I acknowledged) and that it might take up to 6 weeks for the rest of the refund to appear on our credit card. I told her that I understood, and thanked her for making the process so smooth.

When I got the next CC statement, I saw that the credit had been processed within 2 DAYS of the call. I attribute that to my pleasant manner in dealing with the rep.
Posted by Sey on 2011-06-22:
I am sorry you are going through such a terrible ordeal and I hope they give you a full refund. Complain to the Better Business Bureau, FBI, Attorney Generals Office and other consumer agencies. Although they may not resolve individual complaints, they can crack down on these businesses if there are enough complaints.
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Hotels.com Sucks!!!
Posted by MkoptiwSR on 04/25/2007
DALLAS, TEXAS -- This is My story:

Earlier this month, I was under the impression that I had mistakenly booked only one room in Boston; I need 2 rooms for 2 nights. I called customer care and explained that I absolutely needed two rooms for two nights at the same hotel (Hilton Boston). I spent some time on the phone with the service rep; the rep went ahead and booked another room, when in fact I already had two rooms booked. My credit card is now charged for 3 rooms!! And Hotels.com refuses to refund for the third room.

Why didn’t the hotels.com rep see that I already had 2 rooms booked in Boston and leave it at that, rather than taking the initiative to book a third room? When I called customer care about the erroneous booking, I was told that the rep did not have access to account information. Today, I called and the “Lead customer care supervisor” tells me that all reps have access to all customer information. I don’t understand? All I know is that resulting from a call (earlier this month) to hotels.com customer care 800 # 1- I was not advised that I already had a correct booking (rep couldn’t see info?). And 2- I Now have to pay for something I don’t need i.e., additional room, booked directly via the customer care people.

I’m going to the Texas Attorney General’s office (Hotels.com physical place of business is Dallas Texas); since I can’t get anyone to listen to me at Hotels.com. The business practices of Hotels.com are clearly predatory and misleading.
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Posted by Doe3001 on 2007-04-25:
Hotels.com is owned by EXPEDIA, if they folloe the same policy they will do anything to keep your money (read my profile).
Contact your credit card company and explain them. They helped me to recover 1254,95 U$D when EXpedia tried to scam me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-25:
Call the hotels direct or use their web sites. You can get better prices and they are better to work with when changes are needed. Watch out for some like Comfort Inns etc. they run lowest price online specials which can not be changed or canceled. Once you pay for it online "you own it".
Posted by LennyGuy on 2007-04-26:
100 with superbowl. For information, go to the hotel's webstie and see what the cheapest rooms they have for your dates and compare that to what hotels.com charges. Of course, you don't have any fees booking directly with the hotel and the cancellation policy is much more generous than the 3rd party vendors.
Posted by cycolbur on 2007-04-26:
Dispute the charge on your credit card.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-26:
Definitely call the hotel. Did'nt you receive a confirmation from hotels.com that you could review?
Posted by zauriel on 2007-05-09:
You're too funny. You openly admit in your first paragraph that you were mistaken about what you booked. You never mention the confirmation you received on-screen or confirmation e-mails that Hotels.com would have sent to you with reference numbers of some sort.

Any Hotels.com agent (from personal experience) can lookup a credit card number you give them to check for associated charges. Even failing that, or if the reservation is not paid to Hotels.com (but instead to the hotel), maybe you should take some responsibility in the matter and contact the hotel you made reservations for to see what they have in their system!!!

The agent booked you a third room because you called up, said you were missing a room, and asked the agent to book it, sweet and simple. I know, it must be frustrating when you bear responsibility for your own dilemma but can't own up to it.
Posted by KayceeD on 2007-06-26:
Hotels.com SUCKS! I was in LA at a convention the weekend of June 22nd (Erotica convention) and booked a room that was supposed to have 2 Queen beds AND a Queen Size Sofa Bed. The hotel doesn't even have that type of room! That's false advertising by Hotels.com! Although only 2 of us were staying in the room, I had a make-up artist and 4 hot porn chicks coming to get body painted on Saturday morning. The room had a King bed and a little 2 seat love seat! Bull! So I call Hotels.com and they tell me they don't guarantee room types. What the hell? Then I could've just called the damn hotel directly instead of booking through them! That's some bull***t! On top of spending the next 2 hours looking for a new location, Hotels.com only wanted to refund me $25 of a $300+ reservation! Said there is a one-night rate fee for cancelling. I didn't CANCEL! I was falsely advertised to! It took me 5 days of calling and yelling at supervisors for them to finally issues a full credit. No way they get to keep $275 for not doing sh*t when I had to go spend $400 elsewhere to get the space I needed at a different hotel. They suck and I'll NEVER use them again! And the hotel wasn't all that either. "Historic" in San Francisco means old but plush, the Mayfair was just old. The water ran brown when you first turn it on in the bathroom! And people reside there so there were junky cars (and junky people!) in the garage. F*kg Hotels.com. NEVER AGAIN!
Posted by Hotels.com Rep on 2011-07-03:
Yes, you are right
Posted by boxer1299 on 2012-01-11:
I have never experienced such horrible customer service. They advertise the room incorrectly and their website allowed me to book it for 3 adults and 3 children, only to find out when I call the hotel directly that the max occupancy in the room is five since the "twin beds" hotels.com described are childrens beds. When I tried to change the reservation to a larger room in the same hotel that could actually accomodate us, hotels.com said they did not have the larger room available eventhoug the Marriott website clearly listed it as available. They suggested that I book it directly with Marriott and they would cancel the reservation, but that I would have to call back in the morning because Marriott told them the person that could give them permission to cancel without fees would not be available. They said not to worry because they had noted my account. Of course, when I called in the morning they said they had no idea what I was talking about. They made me hold for over 45 minutes to resolve nothing and tell me that Marriott said it would be ok for the party of 6 to stay there. THAT WAS A LIE. They would not put a supervisor on the phone or give me the representatives name. I finally hung up on them, called Marriott. They had a record from their front desk that I had called last night. Hotels.com had cancelled my reservation and then they had REBOOKED it!!!!!! I told Marriot I as just going to dispute the hotels.com charge with my credit card company since I was so frustrated and got nowhere with them, and go ahead and make a direct reservation for the room I needed directly with Marriott. The Marriott people were nice enough to find a solution, they upgraded my hotels.com reservation to the larger room at the same rate I had paid hotels.com. They said they have an equally frustrating time communicating with Hotels.com and that this was the easier solution for them. They advised me not to use them going forward as they have various issues with them. My advice is the same, NEVER AGAIN
Posted by Paul - Italy on 2012-04-24:
Dear all, I'm writing because I have to complain about the treatment I was reserved by Hotels.com organization. Last September I was in the US with my wife for our honeymoon. We made an "on the road" trip, so every day we did book a hotel for the night. I used the Hotels.com website only once, but it was enough. During the online booking process the browser crashed, so I didn't get any confirmation of the reservation in progress. I thought that, since I was using my wife's credit card to make the reservation on my name, the crash was due to a "mismatch" between my name and the name of the cardholder. So I made another reservation with my wife's name and it worked. After a couple of months I realized that the Hotels.com company charged, on my wife's credit card, the price for TWO reservations.
After thousand and thousand emails, I gave up. The hotel did not refund anything, because they claim that they get the payment directly from the Hotels.com credit card and not from the customer's credit card. So eventually they could refund the Hotels.com, but what about the Hotels.com company? Will they refund me? Hotels.com, on the other hand, claims that two reservations were made with two different names, so they do not refund anything. The bank agreed with Hotels.com, so I had to pay twice what I used only once!!! There was no way to get my money back.
I can demonstrate what I state, because I have lot of emails between me, the bank, the hotel and the customer service.
I also have an email from the hotel (Holiday Inn Express - Green River, UT) where they state that, in fact, they got two reservation but only one room was really claimed at the front desk. And THIS IS what I tried to explain so many times to the Customer Service of Hotels.com, but the only result I got was that I have lost 130$ for a room I never claimed. At the end of the day, everybody involved in this issue was so stubbhorn that I didn't manage to get my money back. Never mind, I still can pay my bills, even with 130$ less on my bank account, but you can be sure that I will never use the Hotels.com again!!!!!
Posted by Mark on 2012-09-18:
Hotels.com sucks bg time. They reserve rooms that don't exist. They tell you that they can't refund your money which isn't true. Two hotel clerks told me that if you just dispute it with you credit card company, hotels.com will not only have to pay the hotel for the reservation, but will also not get paid by you credit card company. A double whammy to hotels.com.
Posted by Rouba Afiouni on 2013-05-01:
they are a bunch of thieves hotel.com. without my consent their withdre $96 from my account 5 months later trying to get my money back and nothing but lies and incompetent staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a load of crap
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Hotels.com a Ripoff With Their Terms and Conditions: Beware!
Posted by Mi3699 on 02/12/2014
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I was on line booking a room at the Sheraton for my son's trip to Atlanta. I called the customer service no. on the screen to ask if the Sheraton gave a discount with AAA. A very pleasant Hotels.com representative told me no as the room was already discounted. (it wasn't but I let that go.) She further said that b/c of the Valentine Day w/e, there was only one room left and she could secure it for me. I was under the understanding that we could reschedule/cancel 48 hours prior. After some back and forth with my son, we booked the room for 3 nights.

I then called back the next day that my son's team had a schedule change and only needed 2 nights. I was then informed the 48 hour cancellation was for the other hotel offered, and b/c of the Sheraton's strict terms and conditions, they could not refund the third night, but I could try the Sheraton... I called the Sheraton to deal with them directly and they referred me back to hotel.com as it was booked via a third party. I explained again the situation to the hotel.com supervisor, particularly that my son, a college kid, was paying for this room and we were calling well in advance.... but it fell on deaf ears. I will never use Hotels.com again. Nor the Sheraton for that matter. The customer always gets the short end of the stick, especially where these terms and conditions/fine print are concerned. Lesson learned.
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Posted by andbran on 2014-02-12:
the lesson is never use a third party.
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Ripped off by Hotels.com
Posted by Wamenterprisesinc on 01/15/2014
Hotels .com offer a "BEST PRICE GUARANTEE," which in my opinion isn't worth the paper they wrote it on.

I made a reservation for a Hotel in Central Florida and Hotels.com charged me $70.79 plus an additional $1.00 service fee. When I got to the hotel, I was informed that the room was supposed to be $47.16, including all taxes, a difference of $24.63, just about 50% less than what Hotels.com charged me.

It is understood they have to make money however charging over 50% for booking a room is in my opinion a rip-off.

I contacted Hotels.com and received an email from "Cricket C," no last name and not sure if Cricket is the correct name for whoever answered my concern.

Either way, from now on neither I or any one in my company will be using Hotel;s.com.

BTW, I checked online at various web-sites and got rates between $49.50 and $55.00 for the same hotel.
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Misleading info. Overcharged.
Posted by P.basanskaya on 11/15/2013
I booked two hotel rooms in Flamingo, Las Vegas through Hotels.com for two nights. The confirmation says that reservation was paid in full including taxes and fees. After stay, my credit card was charged extra $80.64 ($18 plus tax per room per night) reserve fees.
When I contacted Hotels.com (talked to John, the manager 11/14/13 at 9:21pm) he told me it is an additional fee. If this is the case, the info at the time of sales was misleading, which Hotel.com refuses to recognize. A consumer should be able to know the price of the service he/she is getting in advance, which does not happen with Hotels.com
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Don't Use Hotels.com
Posted by Missinglink on 11/05/2013
My wife and I had booked a room in advance for a formal dinner. Hotels.com did not provided our hotel with our names and did not provided us with the hotel's reservation number we only had Hotels.com reservation confirmation number which is not compatible with the hotels reservation system. We called Hotels.com to straighten out our reservation. Hotels.com needed to fax the hotel in order for us to check in . This took an unbelievable amount of time and caused to be too late for the dinner and security would not let us in the dinner until the key note speaker had finished and left the building. I found to be incompetent, unprofessional and most of all uncaring for the customer.
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No Refund for Reservation Cancellation
Posted by Jamesandmissie on 10/29/2013
My daughter made reservation for a hotel in the Denver area for a Pink concert. Pink postponed the concert for health. Hotels.com did let us move the reservation for the rescheduled concert, at a additional cost of $40.00. A few weeks later, the concert was yet postponed until January. We tried getting a refund, they said absolutely not, you are out of luck, and have a good day. What? They suck!!!!!!!!!!!
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Reservation Cancelation
Posted by Johntkalaher on 10/04/2013
We were suppose to go to the Smoky Mountains and travel from GA to TN and since the government shut the park down, there's no reason to go. Hotels.com won't refund us. They said it has to be 72 hours notice. But we only have 48 hours because they just informed us of shutdown. They wouldn't even change the reservation. These people are crooks. And they don't care. All they said was they would penalize us the full amount. Do not use them ever.
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