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I Made a Reservation at 9pm on 9/12/13 and Read the Notice That I Could Cancel the Reservation Until 9/13/13
Posted by Ginny.dudek on 09/13/2013
(877) 903-0071 -- I made a reservation for the following weekend for two rooms at 9pm on 9/12. I read the notice that I could cancel the reservation until 9/13. An unexpected change occurred on 9/13, and I needed to cancel these two rooms.

When I went to cancel the reservation, I learned that the only time on 9/13 that I could have canceled the reservation, without paying full cost, was at midnight on 9/13, and not one minute later.

It is a deceptive practice, to tell people they can cancel on a given date, then only allow a window of one minute to cancel without penalty.

I canceled the reservation and will report this practice to my states Attorney Generals office.

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Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-13:
I read the FAQ at Hotels.com. The cancellation policy is up to the actual hotel not Hotels.com. Except in cases of an emergency, Hotels.com washes its hands after the reservation is made.
It appears that the hotel at which you reserved is the responsible party. Contact them to see what you can do.
Posted by ginny dudek on 2013-09-14:
thankyou for your feedback. I contacted Days Inn and explained the circumstances. They issued me cancellation numbers for both rooms and said hotels.com will have to refund my money.

My phone contact and online cancellation through hotels.com did not cancel my reservation. Only contacting customer service at Days Inn was successful in csncelling the rooms I reserved.

I did contact my states Attorneys General office about the deceptive practice of advertising a free cancellation policy.
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Price Match Guarantee Is Bogus
Posted by Marvan2 on 07/16/2013
Booked a room for 2 persons at CDG (Paris) airport. A few hours later I found another web site advertising room for 2 at the same hotel for $43.47 less. Filed a “Price Match” request on Hotels.com and send them all info requested.

When I received a reply I was informed that my request was rejected because the lower price was for a different type of 2 person room.
When I checked into the hotel I took a picture of room prices and sent it to Hotels.com. The price posted for a 2 person room was the lower price. The price I paid was for a family room. They have only one price for a 2 person room. Don't know where Hotels.com came up with the story that I had booked a “different type” of 2 person room.

Also they stated they couldn't verify the date for the advertised price: The dates were pictured on the photo and I told them to look at the time stamp of the photo. Still haven't heard back from them 2 weeks later.

Lesson learned: Next time I will go directly to the hotel web site and save some money. The price match guarantee offered by Hotels.com is a scam!
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Posted by JR on 2013-09-06:
Yes, the price mach promise is not at all true. I am still waiting to hear from hotel.com for the price mach claim. They do not reply to the email as promise. Keep telling me that they wil reply in 24 hrs. I don't know how long is their 24 hrs. It has been over a week , not heard from them yet. Do not trust whatever they say. Shame on their service.

Posted by AL on 2014-02-02:
Same experience here. Found a lower rate for a room, Fill the web form for the claim, received an email saying they could not answer form this address!
Phone Hotel.com talk to a person, he says he would give me the credit but the system was down, he said he will call back in an hour to confirm. He never called back or email.
This is scam! Do not count on it. Period.
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Another Dishonest Texas Business
Posted by Joe4423 on 06/28/2013
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Missed my connection in Philadelephia and booked a room at the airport Hilton on the Hotels. com website. I took the shuttle to the hotel only to discover that the hotel was overbooked. I called their customer support and spent a total of 50 minutes on my phone, mostly on hold, as they attempted to "relocate" me. Finally, they informed me all the hotels in the area were full. Finally, I was unable to get them to reversed credit card charges and was directed to talk to the hotel about it.

What makes a missed flight worse? Using hotels, com. Should have just stayed overnight at the airport.
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Posted by JAKFK on 2013-06-28:
This is a common practice among hotels, airlines, etc...even movie theaters nowadays. There is a certain percentage of now-shows and/or last minute cancellations in the industry. And in order to counteract this, they will often overbook by that same standard percentage, hoping that it washes out in the end. Sometimes it does, and in your case...sometimes it doesn't.
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Worst Experience Booking a Room
Posted by Kristyc777 on 05/29/2013
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- We reserved a hotel in San Antonio via hotels. com. The site lost/never submitted our reservation to the hotel however which left us without a room at the last minute. It was Memorial Day Weekend and every hotel in the city seemed to be booked. My husband spent 3 hours on the phone with "customer service" who finally found us another more expensive room without the fold out couch our original room had to accommodate our family of six.

They were very rude to him and unhelpful on the phone. For our trouble, they were going to credit us a whopping $25 which they didn't. We will never book through them again. I only gave them one star because there is no option to give zero stars.

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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-05-29:
Now you know why it is never wise to book a room, airline flight, etc. thru third party vendors like Hotel.com, Orbitz, etc. Always go thru the hotel website. You will find the prices not that much more than Hotels.com, but you also won't have the problems you encounter with these sites---as you found out. Now you know. Pass on your experience with friends, family, etc.
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Bait and Switch
Posted by Jacknau on 03/09/2013
TUCUMCARI, NEW MEXICO -- We were two hrs. out from Tucumcari, NM March 8, '13. I went to their site on my smart phone. The listed price for LaQuita was $93 pre tax, but on the phone they quoted me $117 pre tax. I asked to speak with a supervisor, after much arguing, I was put on hold for over 17 minutes and then the phone representative finally hung up on me.

The person I was speaking to was difficult to understand (speaking to someone in India?), argumentative and rude. I will never use hotel.com again, due to the bait and switch. Ended up at the Hampton Inn in Tucumcari, called them direct, great room paid less than quoted on hotel.com.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-03-09:
"called them direct", smart move, best thing the OP could have done. La Quinta Inn & Suites Tucumcari web site has the room for $92.99 if you call or book direct. That is without all the "hidden fee's" scammers like Hotels.com and PriceLine add to their price.
Posted by moiraesfate on 2013-03-13:
I have worked in hotels for ten years.

This is not bait and switch. Rates change every day, sometimes several times a day. However these rates have to be manually changed and that takes time (there is no such thing as snapping your fingers and its done). It is likely that the Revenue Manager hadn't had a chance to change the rates in all locations yet. Most hotels are signed up for many different hotel websites. Depending on the size of this hotel, and the amount of changes needed, it can actually take hours to change all the websites.

You would be better served to realize that no one is a god, and no one can snap their fingers and magically make everything accurate at the exact same moment in time.

Remember, patience is a virtue.
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Just wanting a check !
Posted by Terranceg.007 on 12/03/2012
METRO AREAS ALL ACROSS AMERICA -- Hotels, Motels and Restaurants are not like they use to be ! I am sick and tired of going to those places and getting disgusting service ! Too many times, too many places have I went to a hotel/motel and when the room was suppose to have been cleaned it was filthy and disgusting ! Now what is wrong with the food service workers across America ? Americans use to be treated royal when we went out to patronized ( give our money to) the communities business ! America is headed to Hell !
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Posted by jonthethird on 2012-12-04:
Could it be we demand price over all else? As a frequent traveller, 110 nights in hotels so far this year, I find few problems. I am a member of the "elite" traveller clubs, avoid the independent hotels, and cannot remember when I had a dirty room upon arrival.
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Hotel Had No Record of Paid Reservation
Posted by Lohwater on 10/07/2012
I made a hotel reservation on Hotels.com for the first time. When I got to the hotel (a Quality Inn in Ripley West Virginia), the hotel had no record of the reservation. I called Hotels.com, and I had to speak to two individuals with limited English for 20 minutes to cancel the reservation and get a refund. Luckily, the hotel had a room left, which I got at the front desk - for about $18 less than the Hotels.com reservation.

I guess Hotels.com isn't the way to make hotel reservations.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-10-07:
It's better to deal directly with the place you want to stay (in this case, Quality Inn). Whatever money you may (or may not) save with a third party contractor isn't worth the difficulties you'll encounter if there is any problem with your reservation.
Posted by radar1857 on 2012-10-07:
This exact situation has happened to me twice on other third party travel websites. If you read this website on a regular basis, everyone should be well aware of the consequences of using these sites. They are not worth the trouble. Book your travel directly!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-07:
The promise of hotels.com is "find cheap hotels and good deals in a location".

Personally, I rely on the way I have always done it - do my own research and compare prices and amenities. I use tripadvisor and AAA. A little new school and old school. I'd advise avoiding adding a middle man, which logically should mean higher prices than if I book myself.
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Don't Live Up To What The Site Is Advising
Posted by Niccole20 on 09/04/2012
I'm part of welcome rewards. After 10 stays you get a free night stay. They still haven't updated my free night nor have they given me my price match credit. I got the runaround. I submitted the info and was told info wasn't correct. Resubmitted was told I already checked out so nothing they can do.

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Bogus Price Match guarantee
Posted by Johncut00 on 08/21/2012
Booked 3 nights in London Hotels.com. After booking, I found a cheaper rate by 30%. I wrote to them and they first told me that I had a different room type. I showed them again the printout showing it was the same room type and same dates and same reservation type. After about 5 emails back and forth they came back with an excuse that if the price is over 20% different, then they do not honor the price match AT ALL. They didn't even match up to 20%. I normally used their site to book at least one hotel room per week and now I will not use them any further.
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Posted by Whiteduck on 2012-08-21:
Is there somewhere in what I assume to be very tiny print that says they don't match if over 20%?

Thanks for the heads up. I usually assume there are so many restrictions on stuff like this that I never count on it, anyway.
Posted by prince caesar on 2012-08-21:
haha this is so funny. So they dont guarentee their guarentee if the difference is over a certain amount. HOw ridiculous. You hear them mention this on their commericals all the time. Just a bunch of BS and lies to get people to use their site.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-08-22:
I looked through the website and I did not see anything about a 20% limitation. I would pursue this further.
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They Stole My Money in a Few Seconds!!!
Posted by Tina.md.tina on 08/07/2012
MONTREAL, CALIFORNIA -- One hour ago I tried to book a hotel through the Hotels.com. Honestly speaking I have used for a long time this website for business purpose. When it came to booking for me personally, I was f***ked up by the agents of Hotels.com.

I am very very frustrated and decided to call them again tomorrow and talk to the manager. Also, I will report them as a fraud to the Canadian agency, and plus, I will never use their website for business purpose. Yes, guys, you stole from me 100$, but you will lose thousands dollars, as I do reservations up to 10 times per month and usually spend around 600-1000$. So, who's gonna lose? )))))))

My suggestion do not let them screw you, do not give up and complain, complain, complain, and also report to the legal agencies.
For those who live in the same city I would suggest to file a complaint as one complaint from all cheated customers through the advocate agency. I wish I could find more people in my city to do so... when it is one person fighting, the war is lost. But when is dozen or more, believe me, we will win! ))
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Posted by Dukemom on 2012-08-07:
What happened? How did they steal $100?
Posted by Kris10 on 2012-08-07:
How did they steal the $100 and have you tried getting a refund? Most of these 3rd party sites have a statement that says a refund can be requested within 24 hours of you booking the room. Give that a try and next time, book directly with the hotel. Use TripAdvisor.com to find a clean friendly hotel with good ratings in the area you're going to and then book directly with the hotel.
Posted by unknown on 2012-10-01:
I used hotels.com for business purposes....I wanted to use for my personal use... and was screwed..they said that they only discount up to 20% of the price match.... whatever... They write their own policies as the situation presents itself!
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