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I Will NEVER Use Again
By -

We searched the internet for hotels for a recent trip, called the number on their website thinking we were talking to someone at the property. We were actually booking the room through We booked one night for 12/28 and our credit card was charged immediately. We were told we had to cancel by midnight 12/26 to avoid any penalties. After further checking, we learned the hotel we had booked had terrible reviews including bedbugs. We called to cancel on 12/26 and were told we were beyond the cancellation period. They said they would cancel the room, but we would be charged the full amount.

They claimed there was a 48 hour cancellation period and it needed to be cancelled by the 25th! I called every day trying to resolve the issue and get the charges reversed. The best they would offer was a voucher for a future stay, but they wouldn't reverse the charges. On 12/27 I spoke to someone who finally said I needed to talk to the hotel manager and he gave me a different number to call. This was the first time I realized we weren't even talking to the hotel! The person at the hotel desk gave me the manager's name and said I would have to call back the next day.

I was not able to connect with the manager, but on Tuesday evening I received a call from the hotel wondering why we had not checked in! had never cancelled the reservation! I explained to the hotel that we had cancelled the room on Sunday the 26th and she said if they had been contacted, we would not have been charged. She said I would have to take it up with I called them again on the 28th and was told they would have to talk to the hotel. Obviously, when they did they were told we were a no-show. I was told to call back after 2, so that they could speak with the hotel manager. I called back after 2 and spoke to ** at

I had to retell my story AGAIN. This time he tells me that there is no record of our call on Sunday cancelling the room. He was lying! I told him the previous agent had confirmed that she could see that phone call and the explanation of the charges. He then put me on hold to call the hotel. As I sat on hold for 20 minutes, I called the hotel myself. The hotel offered to waive the charges and told me to have ** call her directly. Both agents had told me they were talking to the hotel and they weren't. ** had me on hold all that time and he wasn't attempting to call the hotel!! Unbelievable.

This has been a nightmare and a vicious circle that no one at could seem to understand. We shouldn't be charged for a room that was cancelled within the time frame we were given and the hotel shouldn't suffer because didn't cancel the room. 100% of this responsibility is on In the future, I will make sure I'm talking directly to the hotel and never book through!

Forced to Take a Room
By -

Well my family decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Myrtle Beach & after was recommended to us we decided to give it a try. The site left us a little confused so since it was our first time using this group we decide to call the toll free # & talk to a real person to answer our questions. We asked about the deal we were interested in & how much it would be total & were informed that the price was only good for 3 people or less even though it was a 4 person room. My husband immediately told the girl that we were not interested then & tried to end the call but she just kept pushing the sale putting him on hold while she called the hotel to see what she could do.

My husband thought about just hanging up but it was a good thing he didn't as you will soon see. She came back saying that the hotel was standing firm & once again my husband told her we did not want the room to which she just kept replying "but it's only $39 for 3 people" over & over again. Finally my husband had to raise his voice just to get her to stop & then she called out a confirmation #. "What do we need a confirmation # for?" my husband said "because I just told you that we were not going to book this room."

He then asked if anything had been charged to the card & she said she didn't know & put him on hold which sent him back to the main menu so we had to start all over again. By this time I got on the phone because my husband's blood pressure was shooting up. I got a different person who had no clue what was going on so I told him the story & was put on hold & yep you guessed it I had to start all over. When I finally got another person on the line I immediately asked for a manager but was told that he was busy & it would take 15 to 20 minutes before he would be available.

So yet again I recite the story & this time when I was put on hold I was assured that I would not have to start all over again. After about 10 minutes the guy came back informed me that the reservation had indeed been made & that if we canceled it it would take at least 24 hours for the money to be put back in our account. That would have ruin our plans completely so I asked again to speak to the manager & was informed that he would only tell me the same thing because it was company policy. I was then informed that there was only 1 manager there & it would be at least another 15 to 20 minutes before he would be available to talk to me.

We took the room because we had no choice & were basically forced to do so. I never got to talk to the manager but I got coupons for a future booking that will NEVER happen.

Read - Never Book!!! Contact Better Business Bureau!!!
By -

This company is an absolute fraud!!!! I hope everyone who is mad and upset with the horrendous service will do their part and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and shut this business down. HORRIBLE! I originally booked a four day reservation, which 3 weeks prior to leaving changed to 5 days. They TOLD ME IT WAS ALL BOOKED. I call the actual hotel 2 days prior to leaving and am advised by the hotel that only a 4 day reservation was listed. Then called back, who said, it would be updated in 15 mins. LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES.

This calling the hotel/calling continued. I arrived at the hotel and it still wasn't updated! FOR THE NEXT FOUR DAYS, I WAS ON THE PHONE FOR 1.5 HOURS EACH DAY, being put on ridiculous HOLD TIMES, BEING WRONGLY/PURPOSELY TRANSFERRED, DISCONNECTED. AND WORST OF ALL - stupid reps kept HANGING UP ON ME. I have never witnessed such horrendous, poor, cowardly business practices. THIS CONTINUED TILL THE LAST 4TH DAY when I WAS FORCED TO CHECK OUT.

Was told by mgmt that extra day reservation had never been received and that was advised 4 days prior to make a new reservation. However, because HAD SCREWED UP IN THE FIRST PLACE, the rate they have to pay it higher than what I had paid. SO HOTELS.COM WAS UNWILLING TO PAY THIS DIFFERENCE. Not the customer's fault right? THINK AGAIN! NOT WITH HOTELS. COM. They refused to lose money on their own error, so left me hanging till the very last day, 3 hours before I was to check out. I then realized that they were complete frauds.

They tried to get me to give them VISA INFO TO RECHARGE ME TO PICK UP THE DIFFERENCE. I'm a full time student, and I don't have much money to spend esp on the errors of someone else. So I was forced to check out. they would not answer my questions, supervisors were leading me on with complete BS, supervisors kept hanging up on me, and would not book the extra reservation. Completely fed up, I checked out and spent my last night with no place to sleep or stay. BY FAR, THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN. I HAVE FILED A COMPLAINT.

What is upsetting is that this could have been resolved prior to my arrival when I called in. However, they did not want to pay more for an error on their part, even though I ALREADY PAID for 4 nights - FRAUDSTERS. Also, when I booked the 5th night, was told I'd get a refund of 60 dollars. Never got it. Had to call back, on the phone for over an hour and told there was no notice of it. Until 1.5 hrs into the conversation, supervisor MIRACULOUSLY found the refund note. Convenient?

A FEW THINGS I'VE LEARNED: Refunds by customer service are processed instantaneously. They will tell you that you will receive a refund email in 15 mins, etc - DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Insist that you will stay on the phone with them till you receive it. Insist that you will not hang up, and that you have been advised by customers who have dealt with them that you are to stay on the line. Trust me, if you don't - you will not GET A REFUND FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS.

Ask the agent you are speaking to refrain from hanging up on you. Getting them NOT to hang up on you, or disconnect you is HARD ENOUGH AND IS totally pathetic that you even have to do this. But TRUST ME. YOU NEED TO. When you spent the last 4 days trying to get a hold of them and are yelling and angry - TELL THE IDIOT REP YOU'RE SPEAKING TO that YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE PLACED ON HOLD. Tell them that each time you've been placed on hold you've been placed on hold for 20-30mins only to be disconnected. I had one supervisor name ** transfer me to an Expedia agent, and another named ** hang up on me while talking.

DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO PLACE YOU ON HOLD. I made this request, and was freaking insistent. instead, I'm pretty sure the girl put me on mute, but nevertheless - no stupid music and she came back because she realized I was furious. If you've made a booking, check for price matches all the TIME. TRUST ME, you don't want to give your money to this company. If you've already have, ensure you got the best deal. I found much better rates on a website called - don't know how reliable they are, but all that matters is the price anyway.

So always check!!!! when you call in to make a price match - MAKE SURE YOU STAY ON THE LINE TILL YOU GET THE EMAIL.

Be Careful when you call - DECEITFUL!!!
By -

On December 12, 2009, I made a reservation using for a stay starting 12/31/2009. Today, December 19, 2009, I received an email from advertising the same hotel for $50.00 less a night. I called and told them about the PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE and was told by ** that I needed to book at the new lower rate and that he would cancel the previous reservation with NO problem but that that he had to transfer me to "Customer Care."

I told him I was hesitant to "double book" but he assured me that this WOULD not be a problem because the original reservation would be automatically cancelled and the charge on my credit card would be credited back. Funny that when he tried to transfer my call it DROPPED. FINALLY, I was able to speak to ** from an out of state customer call center who told me that there was NO way I could cancel the previous reservation in spite of what ** told me. Mind you, there are charges over $1,200 on my credit card for a stay that is supposed to cost $561.00.

I told ** that this was unacceptable and that even the cancellation policy stated that, and I quote: "cancellations or changes made before 3:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada)) on Dec 31, 2009 are subject to a 1 Night Room & Tax penalty." I am NOT canceling this reservation the day of the stay! I am canceling 12 DAYS in ADVANCE and that this was not my initial intention to begin with. All I wanted was the reduced rate and participate in HOTELS.COM advertised PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. She told me that I did not understand the policy and that I needed to pay $325.00 for canceling the reservation.

I insisted that I was not the one who had double booked on purpose and that ** was just too eager to have me double book under the false pretense that EVERYTHING would be taken care of. The call DROPPED. I called 3 more times only to struggle to find someone who spoke English because my husband DOES NOT speak Spanish and I was so upset that I was crying and he insisted on taking over the telephone call. FINALLY, my husband was able to find ** who spoke English, she agreed that the first reservation could be cancelled without a penalty but that it would take UP TO 30 DAYS to receive CREDIT of $651.88 on my credit card.

GREAT! LESS money to SPEND on my "SUPPOSEDLY" wonderful New Year's trip with my husband... MY TRIP is RUINED. I am upset about the customer service and their deceitful practices... I was forced to double book. If you can't cancel a reservation 12 days in advance without being penalized when can you cancel????? 30 days? 45 days? Can you even ever cancel when you book through without being penalized? I am really sorry to have used HOTELS.COM to book my hotel stay. I wish I would have spent the extra $10.00 booking directly with the hotel. I would have saved the trouble and anguish I have caused myself and my husband.

BE CAREFUL!!! with the "PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE." DO NOT TRUST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Call reps are from outside the US and they don't understand policies well enough. Please learn from my lesson, unless you are SURE the call center is in the US DO NOT Trust what they TELL YOU. Sincerely, VERY, VERY, VERY UPSET in Miami!

By -

I usually use Orbitz, so perhaps I am spoiled. I booked this time through, who only allows you to use one credit card to pay for the reservation. I guess I should have been smart enough to make separate reservations for my one four day stay at the same hotel, but I hadn't had a problem with this issue before. My employer is very specific about what can go on their credit card (I am a government employee) so since I was staying extra days on my own I put it all on my credit card. In the past I have had no problem once I check in getting the days split out. But at they won't let you split the bill afterward.

I was on the phone with at least two of their employees, one who was nice but either I lost signal or he disconnected me, and another who could barely speak English, who was just repeating the canned scripts for customers with requests that require any thought process. She would not give me the name of her supervisor, but did agree to transfer me to him. ** picked up after waiting long enough to see if I would pick up, and he sounded like he send people to sleep with the fishes in his spare time. He told me that they could not do that with no better excuse than that is company policy.

I asked if there was a financial company who handled the paperwork I could speak with, but he just said no, it was in a account and they don't do it. They told me that if I wanted to, they could cancel the reservation for the last two nights, but they couldn't rebook them and only if the company would let them. That would mean I'd have to find somewhere else to stay those two nights. I really like the hotel, but they couldn't give me the same rate if I did that, so I told them I had no choice but to suck it up and pay it all on my own, since I won't be able to get reimbursed at work. told me if I canceled the last two nights they would refund me the money, but I suspect that was a lie, and what the front desk told me I doubt they would have paid me back anyway (at least without a fight). What kills me is if they were telling the truth that they would refund the money, why won't they just refund it and transfer the rest to a different credit card. I am somewhat familiar with the financial industry, and that just doesn't make sense to me. I think it is just laziness or they don't trust their employees to do it right. I don't travel for business much, thankfully, but I travel a lot for fun, and I will NEVER use them again. I am sticking with Orbitz from now on.

They were very unapologetic (they would say they were sorry, but it was clear they couldn't care less). I was really horrified that a company in a service industry would respond this way. I will probably report them to BBB or consumer protection.

Replies Write to their Board of Directors and CTO
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Rating: 1/51

POTOMAC, MARYLAND -- The story is a simple one... made a reservation, cancelled the reservation weeks before the deadline but... was charged for the 3 night stay anyway. Called again and this time spoke to Melvin and his supervisor. The supervisor began interrogating me.... Had I made the reservation? Did I have an email cancellation?...then after a few more hostile questions she says... "Oh do you mind if I ask you these questions? etc."

On a previous call this supervisor told me that this hotel didn't give refunds. Now the story has changed. They want screen shots of my credit card bill, more copies of the cancellation email they sent, and they want to see the cancellation policy printed on their email!

Seems like I have to do a bunch of work for their mistake. Their phone skills are horrendous. So, now is the time to contact some board members... The negative YELP reviews are abundant. Should I Go online and get the director of Customer Care for phone and email. I'm pretty sure they don't care at all about the average person's experience and the sloppy work at

Sold Me a Hotel That Didn't Accept Credit Card Then Charged Me 1 Month Later!
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Rating: 1/51

WEBSITE, NEW YORK -- I booked a hotel through website and paid with my credit card. The website accepted my payment and gave me my booking info. The hotel then told me (by email) that they did not accept Amex, and cancelled my booking. A month later, I get an Amex bill for a week's stay in this hotel. When I contact, they state that they gave my credit card info directly to the hotel (why then did I use their secured payment service?) and don't understand why this happened. They offered me a $100 coupon to use on their website, as an apology.

The coupon never worked to book anything on their website - constant error messages, currency cannot be used for this booking. I contacted them several times by email and they took weeks to answer, finally saying that they don't understand why their coupon doesn't work and to call them. I didn't bother to call, they are obviously giving me a run around and the coupon has now expired. Why book with an online booking company if they can't even do that! Awful, slow service. Completely unreliable. I have used their services for years and have even moved up to "silver member", but never again. AVOID using this website!

Listing False Name of Dangerous Hotel
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Rating: 1/51

I used to book a hotel called Speco Hotel. I arrived and it was really called The Richmond Grand Magnuson Hotel which was under investigation by the State Attorney for fraud. I immediately checked out after arrival due to safety of hotel. would not refund my money they said I paid through hotel and would not refund it. I had always paid on for privacy and security, I am not sure how deceived me but apparently even if you choose pay now with you are paying at hotel after you read fine print on email confirmation.

I reported this to and they refuse to refund me my money and they still advertise hotel under incorrect name on their website. The true name of the hotel and reviews shows there was a recent shooting in lobby 3 months ago which can be googled and seen on channel 6 news. The phone didn't work, the elevator didn't work and they had a club attached where they were frisking all the customers. These were the only other customers staying at hotel.

Replies Gave Us The Wrong Address Of The Hotel Which Cause Us End Up Nowhere
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Rating: 1/51

I would give negative five star if there's an option! Do not use ever! They gave us the wrong address of the Grand Canyon Inn hotel through email which caused us to drive extra 2 hours in the middle of nowhere at 8pm! And when I called them, the representative was so rude, he kept on telling me it is not their mistake and told me I contacted the wrong hotel. He is the one who gave me the hotel's phone number and by calling the hotel I get the correct address, so I talked to their supervisor in which I did get some coupon but I did not receive the coupon within 72 hours like he promised! I had to talk to their customer service online again to get the coupon! Mad!

Do not use hotel. Com. This site sucks!

Adventures with
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

I booked a room with based on the free cancellation policy. immediately charged me for the whole 23 days without previous notification 20 days before my arrival to the hotel. Due to changes in my plans I had to cancel my reservation. After tedious efforts, I was finally able to cancel my reservation and received a message that I would be reimbursed within 30 business days. This means that will be sitting on my money for approximately 50 days.

Imagine they do this with at least 1000 people per month at the rate of 1000 dollars per person! What a fantastic business! They are permanently sitting on millions of dollars while you have no say and no mean to get back your money. I tried to complain but of course didn't receive any answer.

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