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They charged me credit card, but gave airline my credit card to charge without my knowledge now they are saying they can't refund
By -

Here is my complaint: I booked with for my honeymoon vacation to go to Hawaii. Package included hotels, car rental and round trip air for two people for July 6th 2008 through July 11th 2008. I received an email that I needed to contact because my flight had been canceled.

So I called to find out the problem. The first agent I spoke with was very rude and hard to understand. She told me that my outgoing flight on July 6th was needed to be changed to an earlier flight than the already early flight of 6:15am. And the flight on the Friday July 11th was needing to be changed and that I would have to leave 3 hrs later in one of my flights and that my connecting flight would be in Vegas instead of Phoenix and my layover would be longer and I wouldn't be getting home to around 2am.

I explained to the lady that those flight changes were not something I could accept and so I would need to cancel and take my services elsewhere. She said that the flight was non-refundable and that she couldn't refund the flight. I explained to the lady that it was not my fault that it was an airline fault and that they needed to refund the money. After fighting and fighting with the company she finally said they would refund the package. She put me on hold to get a reference number. I then got disconnected. So I called back in and with lady number 2, told me there were no notes in my account showing the agent as refunding the money.

This new agent tried again to pull the same thing, that the flight was non-refundable and that it was not's fault either. I told her it was between and the airlines. It was not my fault, I booked and paid through I authorized and paid for the package. NO one else and that I was demanding a full refund. She put me on hold for another 30 min. She came back to the line saying that if an overnight flight was OK on the 11th or if I could leave on the 10th. I told her no it wasn't OK. We didn't want an overnight and we didn't want to loose a day on our honeymoon.

Finally after a total of almost 3 hrs on the phone with they said they would give me a refund. But I had to mail in my paper tickets first and then they would process refund. Which they said could take 7-10 business days. I'm not happy with how long it took, the rudeness, and the fact I have to mail in my paper tickets and wait still that long for my money back on something they did wrong.

4/21/08. I'm not sure how to add anything further. But I called today because we still have not received our refund even though they told us as soon as we returned our paper tickets per reference number #** that our package remainder of $1377.44 would be refunded and was told by a VERY RUDE supervisor today that our money would not be returned because the airline was filing for bankruptcy. Even though we bought and paid for the package through, we NEVER authorized them to give our credit card information to the airlines to charge.

We authorized to use our credit card to pay for the package, not and the airlines. He was very rude and told me that we were not getting our money back and hung up on me. WE will be calling our credit card company tomorrow. We need to know what to do. This is a lot of money and who knows how many innocent people are giving their credit card information to and they are letting people charge on their cards. This needs to be stopped! Please let me know status of my case.

Misled While Attempting to Book; Unprofessional Customer Service
By -

ASPEN, COLORADO -- I spent 1 hour and 30 minutes of my time trying to simply book a reservation on your website. The hotel that I wanted was available for the dates that I wanted and I followed the steps to book the room as I have dozens of times in the past on your website. However, when I went to "book and confirm the reservation" I was unable to. So, I tried again, and again, and again -- each time receiving an error message stating that I was unable to proceed to confirmation because there was already a reservation booking in progress.

I then went to "view reservations" and printed off a receipt with the above-listed booking number that led me to believe that my reservation was actually received. Thankfully, I did not trust this to be the case and called 800-3HOTELS to confirm that everything was okay. It was not.

I first spoke a "customer service" rep who told me that I would need to call the hotel (Chateau Blanc Condominiums in Aspen, Co) directly to confirm the reservation. This I did, but their reservations department is only open Monday through Friday. So, I called back using a special "customer service number" and spoke with Patty who echoed that my reservation was not confirmed and who once again tried to give me the number of the hotel itself.

Frustrated by the run-around, I asked to speak with Patty's manager and after serious coercion to try to actually convince her to put that person on the phone, I spoke with Brett (the alleged supervisor). Brett explained that the Chateau Blanc Condominiums are not a preferred hotel and gave me technological details as to why this transaction did not go through.

I explained to Brett that I was misled by and given the impression that I would have not trouble booking this reservation; and that furthermore, I was able to find a printable receipt that further misled me to believe that the reservation was confirmed (I am glad that I did not show up at the Chateau Blanc in Aspen with this "receipt" expecting to have a condo waiting for me).

Brett was far from helpful and told me that there was nothing that could be done. Eventually, he reluctantly offered me a $20 rebate on a future booking -- an offer that I feel is a slap in the face for a 5-year+ customer who had just spent 1.5 hours trying to simply book a reservation as I have done dozens of times in the past. Brett, Patty and the original customer service rep were condescending, inflexible and far from pleasurable to work with. They made no attempt to solve or address my problem, but rather attempted to just pass me off.

Not only is this level of "customer service" unacceptable, but the misleading nature of the website (offering rooms as "available" that actually are not, allowing for a receipt to be printed for a room that was actually not booked) is also unacceptable. I am shocked that a company that for the past 5 years I have come to depend on has in 1 hour and 30 minutes become one in which I have completely lost faith.

Never use
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Rating: 1/51

I have booked a hotel room through in May 2015 at HK$1070. I have chosen HK$ as currency and pay with Visa card through website. After I returned from trip, Visa card charges me US$1070. I called over 10 times and no one could help and return the overcharged fee. I provided captured screens as proof, but still not accept. claimed: In June 2015, they could try to refund US$1070 - HK$1070 with coupon. In Oct 2015, they only offer US$100 coupon. No further followups and feedbacks from I won't use again, ever.

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Rating: 1/51

I made a reservation... booked a room (honeymoon btw)... and able to do this without leaving a deposit but agreeing to pay a higher rate. We called the hotel to set up transportation. Found out they canceled the reservation since they could not run the card for a deposit. That's their policy. Sadly, no rooms were available by then. promises something they can't deliver. Customer service was useless and took no responsibility. NEVER USE THEM!!!!!!!!

HOTELS.COM Is Stealing People's Money
By -

I have contacted your company on multiple occasions about receiving my credit (more than 7 times) about a canceled reservation that was 2 weeks out. I canceled minutes after processing the reservation on the website. But they had listed if you cancel even 1 month away, they charge 1 night penalty. As I write this review I'm on the phone with their reps on Manila. I am documenting all my calls and the people I speak with. I have spoken to your representatives in EL SALVADOR because that's where your company is re-routing the phone calls to.

I WANT THE REST OF MY REFUND ON RESERVATION **. I called back on May 19th for a 5th time and your customer service representative called the Puerta del Sol Hotel and they never received the reservation because it was cancelled right away and ** the administrative person at the Puerta del Sol Hotel in Barranquilla, Colombia agreed to a FULL REFUND. Your customer service person on May 19, stated he would process the REFUND and it would take a few days. I have been checking my credit card for the last 2 WEEKS and there is NO REFUND.

On June 1, I called again and spoke to an ** and she went through the same process, called the Puerta del Hotel which I had already gave her the information and events from the last call on May 19th and she confirmed it all again. PUERTA DEL SOL agreed a REFUND and they hadn't even received any proceeds from the canceled reservation. She promised me a REFUND for a second time and I haven't received anything. I inquired on my previous call and she stated there were NO NOTES on my reservation profile. I asked her to put NOTES again under my reservation but your company is FRAUDULENTLY erasing all notes on the calls.

It has been 3 days and I still have not received a refund and HOTELS.COM is holding my money NOT the HOTEL. I am now going to PRESS legal charges for my REFUND, TIME AND PAIN AND SUFFERING. I have tried to resolve this issue cordially with your company and YOU ARE NOT PROCESSING MY REFUND. Your company is keeping the REFUND in one of your separate accounts and refusing to return my money.. You have left me no choice but to file a lawsuit.

Replies What a Shame!!!
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Rating: 1/51

I'm writing because I have to complain about the treatment I was served by Last September, I was in the US with my wife for our honeymoon. We made an "on the road" trip, so every day we did book a hotel for the night. I used the website only once, but it was enough. During the online booking process, the browser crashed, so I didn't get any confirmation of the reservation in progress. I thought that since I was using my wife's credit card to make the reservation in my name, the crash was due to a "mismatch" between my name and the name of the cardholder. So I made another reservation with my wife's name and it worked.

After a couple of months, I realized that charged my wife's credit card the price for two reservations. After thousand and thousand emails, I gave up. The hotel did not refund anything, because they claim that they get the payment directly from the credit card and not from the customer's credit card. So eventually, they could refund the, but what about Will they refund me?, on the other hand, claims that two reservations were made with two different names, so they do not refund anything.

The American bank (linked to my "italian" bank) agreed with, so I had to pay twice what I used only once! There was no way to get my money back. I can demonstrate what I state, because I have a lot of emails between me, the bank, the hotel and the customer service. I also have an email from the hotel (Holiday Inn Express - Green River, UT) where they state that, in fact, they got two reservation but only one room was really claimed at the front desk. And this was what I tried to explain so many times to the Customer Service of, but the only result I got was that I have lost $130 for a room I never claimed.

At the end of the day, everybody involved in this issue was so stubborn that I didn't manage to get my money back. Never mind, I still can pay my bills, even with $130 less in my bank account, but you can be sure that I will never use the again!

Inflexible and Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

UNSURE -- While booking our reservation and trying to use a promo code (rebates12 for $30 rebate off 5 night stay), the online screens were very confusing and it wasn't apparent where to put the promo code until the entire reservation was completed and promo code wasn't entered. I immediately called to explain the situation and ask for the promo code to be entered on my behalf. The first call, I was disconnected so I emailed. Customer service said they couldn't anything for me.

I then called customer service again and was on the phone for at least 30 minutes re-explaining the situation to another customer service representative. They again said they couldn't do anything for me. I asked to speak to a supervisor/manager. As they transferred me, they disconnected our call. I then called back, and ask to be transferred to the supervisor, but they said they couldn't since they didn't have extensions so I had to explain the situation all over again to another customer service person and then was transferred to their supervisor.

The supervisor again said there wasn't anything they could do so I asked to be transferred to a manager and I was told the supervisor couldn't do that as he was the highest level in customer service for me to speak with. I explained that I had never used to book a hotel and I wanted to stay as a customer, but I won't if they can't resolve this issue. I can't believe that the company wouldn't have some way to apply $30 to my account especially since the online screens were confusing and I contacted them as soon as it happened.

Beyond disappointed and I will never use them again. I will also tell as many people as I can to stay far away from them. They should not be in this type of business.

Did Not Relay Payment Information To Hotel Poor Customer Service
By -

I reserved a room with which is in partnership with Expedia. I became ill so my ex sister-in-law took the room. The room was for my niece and I contacted the hotel and it was fine that I wasn't there. Unknown to me because I don't speak with her often when she arrive, everything was fine, but upon checkout she was chased down a hallway and was told the room was not paid for and had to be put on her credit card. Again we don't speak often unless it has something to do with the kids.

I contacted her this week to find out about one of the children and she mention "I thought you paid for the room because they came down the hall after me to pay so I paid it." I am embarrassed, humiliated, and angry. I have spoke to and you speak to a representative in many different countries. One was an Asian country who hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor.

The second call who I spoke with ** he stated he understood, called the hotel and stated their accounting office was closed. He proceeded to state he would send me a refund. I told him I didn't want the refund I want her to receive the refund on her credit card I had done nothing wrong. I was told Expedia did not send the payment over at the time of the reservation. He stated he would escalate the problem and would send an email the next day.

Well.. I waited two days no email. Called again spoke with ** in Malaysia. She stated it was the hotel's fault and they were closed and they were getting with them tomorrow. I explain to her that is not what I was told and I wanted something done and I wanted in writing. She assured me I would have it in writing in 4 hours and it has been 24 and still nothing.

I asked for upper management and I was told they are not allowed to transfer the call or give out that information. This shows the company has no integrity whatsoever. I was promised a $50 credit for what? I deserve a full refund for the trouble, embarrassment this has caused. She did however show me on their website the home office address but wouldn't give me a phone number. I will contact them on Tuesday.

Got Ripped Off by - Stay Away.
By -

In 2009, I signed up for's 'Reward' Program which consisted of booking a 10 nights at a hotel from their site. In exchange, the 'Reward' was that we would receive a credit for a FREE night at a hotel of our choice UP TO $399. We found this to be a good program and since we did use it for Ski lodging quite often, we thought it would be worth our while. Well, we finally earned our Reward Night so when I went to book it, the system told me that the policy changed in March 2010 to averaging out your night stays - so now we only have $67 credit to used to go towards our so called FREE night.

I was fuming to read that the policy changed without us being notified. I immediately called their customer service line and when I asked to speak to a Manager/Supervisor, they hung up on me. By this time, I'm quite pissed off and decided to email them. I rec'd some lame response from their Customer Service stating that the policy changed blah, blah, blah. To which I responded that I should be 'Grandfathered' into the old Policy and that I need a Manager to email me.

I get a 2nd response basically stating the same thing so I told them that I need a Manager to call me or I will post on the web the dishonest, unprofessional, negative customer service response I have experienced with HOTELS. COM. Needless to say, I have not heard anything nor do I plan to but I do know that I WILL NEVER EVER BOOK FROM HOTELS. COM AGAIN - I TOLD THEM SO BUT I guess they don't care. I also told them that I could've gotten cheaper rooms by going directly to the hotels since we had developed a relationship with them by going so many times but instead I went to to get the so-called 'Reward'.

How on earth can you change a policy half way through? POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FALSE ADVERTISING!! You are better off by staying away from unless you want to be ripped many were it seems like by these postings, and so was I!

Replies less than honest
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I called a phone number that I believed to be that of Days Inn in order to make a reservation. When the agent (ID **) answered I asked he if I was connected to Days Inn. She indicated that I was. I proceeded to complete the reservation process giving her my credit card information. She quoted me a rate that included taxes. I asked he if this was the lowest rate available. She indicated that it was a fully discounted rate. I asked her if there was a lower rate for AAA or ARP. She told me that the rate she provided was the absolute lowest rate available.

Towards the end of my call the agent confirmed all the details including the cancellation policy. She indicated that I would have to cancel my reservation by 4:00 pm on August 1. Since I was speaking to her shortly after 4:00 pm on August 1 but my reservation wasn't until the following day I again asked he who she was employed by because Days Inn requires a cancellation at 4:00 pm on the day of your reservation which would have been August 2nd. This time she acknowledged that she was in fact a agent, not a Days Inn agent as she had clearly indicated three times during our conversation.

At that point I told her not to proceed with my reservation indicating that I would find the correct phone number for Days Inn and make my own reservation directly with them. Upon doing so I found that there was a lower rate. Shortly after making my own reservation I received a confirmation from

The agent went ahead with making a reservation after being clearly told not to. Not only was she dishonest by misleading me about who she was employed by and indicating that the rate she quoted was the lowest but she also locked in my reservation after being told not to. This will be my last time using this service provider. I don't like dealing with less than honest companies.

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