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Hotwire.com Is a Ripoff Don't Use This Website for Your Bookings!!!
Posted by Janal2004 on 07/12/2012
TEXAS -- I'm writing this review to make consumers aware of what a big rip off Hotels.com is. My husband and I were going to make a trip to Galveston Island to Moody Gardens for the weekend and something came up medically where we were unable to make it.

I called Hotwire consumer 800 number to ask if I could change the reservation to another day during the month. They stated that in order to do that I would have to fax a letter from the doctor stating that he had medical problems and was unable to travel etc.
In my opinion it is none of their business what medical problems he is having.

We were willing to pay any extra fees it would cost to change the reservation but because we booked from Hotwire.com we were unable to change the reservations and we were unable to obtain a refund. I am very upset because had I known that the discount they gave us was only $5.00 difference from what the hotel would have actually charged I would have called the hotel directly and booked us a room through the hotel. So in closing consumers beware... HOTWIRE IS A BIG RIP OFF. They only give you a small discount and there are no refunds once you book with them.
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Posted by DELL Hell on 2012-07-12:
It's in their fine print that they can do what they do, because you agreed to their terms when you booked. All of these 3rd party re-seller sites are nothing nice to deal with. You have to be able to afford to lose your booking and or money when dealing with them.

Priceline is the worst of the bunch. Use Kayak for pricing then book direct. Screw these 3rd party scammers, heck they will screw you over in a heartbeat if given the chance to do so.
Posted by onlooker on 2012-07-13:
It is unfortunate, but when you confirmed the room, you agreed to certain terms.....and one of those terms is no changes. They gave you their solution, you chose to not accept it.
I do hope you get your visit to the gardens -
Posted by To CowboyFan on 2013-06-28:
It IS a rip off. When you send them the note, they deny you. I have seen this happen before. The note doesn't make a difference. Either way, it is common courtesy to accommodate those with disabilities. This site does not do that at all. To people with disabilities, don't work with United Airlines OR Hotwire.
Posted by Stacey on 2013-07-16:
I had the same experience! Worse thing ever!
Posted by nunya on 2013-07-23:
you may find it unfair but do you know how many people call in and say that they need to cancel b/c of a medical issue. what hotwire asks you to send in is just a letter from a dr. stating that a medical issue has interrupted your plans and you need to cancel the hotel. they do not need specifics of what the medical issue is just that there is one. BTW read the terms of use before booking, It is not hidden it is listed in regular print that Hotrates are can not be canceled.
Posted by diana hatch on 2013-07-31:
I went to a motel up by Mackinac island for a weekend. I went through hotwire.com. when I was in the motel a mouse ran through the room and the room smelled misty.I asked hot wire for a refund and they wouldn't. I just went to use the 50.00 credit they gave me and they said it expired. No one never told me that. What a rip off.they should be reported to the better business bureau. Binky2601@hotmail.com
Posted by EL on 2013-08-21:
I booked a hotel through Hotwire.com and after finding out the hotel name I found out that there was no discount actually it was $0.50 cents less booking it directly through the hotel website. Hotwire website advertised that room with a saving of more than $110 per night which was false because after the fact the hotel website didn’t have that rate. I called Hotwire to let them know after making my research and instead of helping in some way to alleviate my disappointing experience, they were deceiving with their answers. They were coming with all sort of explanations that were not truthful. I knew because I researched before my call. They said that my room rate was higher when I was looking online at the hotel website rate and then they would change their tactics and say things like we offer assistance in case the hotel gets overbook… really??
So disappointing dealing with them, I no longer will do any business with them.. be aware of their tactics
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God, Hotwire sucks: Charged me for NOTHING. No service provided. Can't get money back
Posted by Lalafalala on 05/27/2008
Last Sunday, very early in the morning, I attempted to book a car rental through Hotwire from my hotel room in NC. At the end of the search, select, and provide credit card information sections, I pressed accept to complete the transaction and get my rental information. Instead, I received a notice informing me that the website was "unable to communicate" with their car-rental affiliates, was unable to process my request, and that I should start the process over in a few minutes. I did attempt several more times to book the car rental through them, and even switched computers once, thinking it might just be my mac laptop causing the problem, to no avail. Finally I gave up and booked the rental with another company.

Still, the next morning when I checked my bank account I found a charge pending for "Hotwire, Sales Final" in my bank account.. I called them. and talked to a very rude male customer "service" operator who basically said he'd never heard of such a thing and that he'd also never heard of a charge not being refunded due to company error. He assured me that the charge would disappear in a day or two. It's been three days and it's still on there.

I am now gearing up for war, but I would like to say to all who stumble across this review" DO NOT BOOK THROUGH HOTWIRE."

They truly are thieves. And, I found a better deal through Enterprise directly anyway.

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Posted by chris513 on 2008-05-27:
before you prepare for war, think about disputing the charge w/ your credit card company IF it actually goes through...you may want to contact hotwire again and ask to speak w/ a supervisor for more info and be sure to let them know the situation...no matter what, i am pretty sure this will be able to be fixed up...just take your time and be sure to not blow up at anyone...good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-28:
I am guessing the charge was made with a check card(never a good idea by the way) the transaction is probably still in the hold stage. If the bank does not receive confirmation from the company for the charge it will probably drop off. In the mean time you should not be drawing against those funds as they are on hold and not available. It usually takes up to three days on hold before being released. If the charge ends up being processed, then file a dispute with your bank.
Posted by yoke on 2008-05-28:
Considering this past weekend was a holdiay weekend it may take a little longer. The banks were not open on Monday. Your 3 days start from the first business day. My guess is Friday the funds will be released.
Posted by carlm on 2008-06-27:
MY hunch is Hotwire wont do a thing. they are an awfull company. Never,never do anything withthem our there brothers at Expedia and hotels.com. Lousy, lousy scam.
Posted by rammaj on 2008-10-01:
too bad you don't know what a pending authorization is nor that the only one that can hold your funds is the bank. Hotwire can't hold your money. Did you ever think to call them and have the pending hold released, duhhhhhhhhh.
Posted by Sol on 2012-06-18:
Booked through HOTWIRE
I got a credit from the car rental company that went back to HOTWIRE.
They refused to pass on the credit.
Hotwire will never get my business again!
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Hotwire Hotel Warning = SCAM, FRAUD, LIES
Posted by CustomerXXX on 02/08/2008
CALIFORNIA -- Please do yourself a favor and avoid Hotwire for hotels, unless you want this to happen to you---
I booked a "3-star" hotel near Santa Barbara on Hotwire. Hotwire listed "retail" value of this "3-star" to be $243. They listed their price as paid $116 + tax/fees (which they noted to be a "52% savings"!). Sound like a deal? WRONG. What I got was a room at the Holiday Inn Express. Hotwire's own site lists Holiday Inn Express hotels to be 2.5 star, so passing this off after my purchase as a 3-star is misrepresentation #1. Was told by a Hotwire "manager" that this particular property was reviewed by their own Hotwire staff and by Hotwire customers and based on that, they had given this particular property a 3 star. (sidenote - Both Priceline.com and Tripadvisor rate this very same hotel as 2*)
---so, my PROBLEM #1 is---
**You can't state one thing on your site, and then make a special exception for one specific property AFTER the fact.** Even the hotel itself does not consider itself 3 star, because I called to ask. Bottom line= MISREPRESENTATION
Furthermore, the price on the HI Express website was actually less that Hotwire --- worked out to be $1.88 cheaper than the Hotwire price, for total savings of... less than zero.
----so, my Problem#2 is---
You can't tell me that I am getting a 52% savings, just to sucker me to buy, when in reality I am getting 0% savings, because that is ...MISREPRESENTATION
Further, the "retail" rate for a standard room at this HI Express has never been, under any circumstance or any stretch of the imagination, $243 (which was confirmed to me by the Hotel staff, and evident on their website). Upon questioning this with Hotwire, I was told that the $243 rate is supposed to be a representation of what other 3 star hotels in the area might go for. But it doesn't explain this anywhere on the Hotwire site before you buy!
So, my PROBLEM #3 is---
The HOTWIRE site basically just lies--the "retail prices" listed do not represent the actual price of the hotel you are about to buy -- in this case, not even remotely close..
Hotwire completely misleads consumers with completely false information. Their slogan of 4* hotels at 2* prices and their listed "savings" percentages lead you to believe that booking through them actually saves you some kind of money, when in reality, you will probably pay less directly through the hotel's website or somewhere else. Plus you get the worst rooms and get treated like a leper by the hotel, as the manager of the Holiday Inn Express treated me when I asked to at least pay him for an upgrade to my room.
--- "Manager" at Hotwire call center was of course no help whatsoever - a robot reading from a script ---would not help even switch me to another hotel that meets the parameters that I thought I was signing up for == ie a REAL 3 star hotel, and or a real hotel with a retail value of $243 or anything close to it. Calls to corporate have not been returned.

I will be filing this complaint with the BBB.

Any one ever, ever had any luck with a Hotwire refund or switching of properties, due to their misleading business practices?
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Posted by Jambra on 2008-02-09:
First of all, hotels given a star rating, not chains, and this star rating is based on opinion only. For example: a 3-star hotel could easily be a 4-star for someone else. Hotels also have different prices for the same rooms (just like airlines have for the same seats) which are based on offers, discounts, etc. And yes, Holiday Inn Expresses can be that expensive in certain areas. You obviously don't understand much about this; otherwise you wouldn't have become upset at the manager for not allowing an upgrade, when he was not permitted to do.

My advice to you: sleep in your car next time, or buy a really nice (3-star) tent.

The old adage applies here: If something sounds too good to be true, it is.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-09:
A frustrated manager complained that every time he provided training, the now highly skilled employee was snatched up by a competitor: The only thing worse than training people and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.
-Zig Ziglar, Author, Orator
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-09:
In my opinion, there's not much of a difference between a 2.5 star hotel and a 3 star hotel - it's just half a star. I don't know what the fuss is about.
Posted by FoggyOne on 2008-02-09:
Check hotels in the area you want to stay first - get rates THEN go to one of these 3rd party agencies to see if you can get it cheaper. I checked at a hotel in Cancun, I went to Orbitzz and it was $12 MORE per night at Orbitzz plus their fee. Same for car rental, flights, etc. Do not believe what is on these 3rd party sites.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-09:
I agree with Foggy and it is.
Posted by customerXXX on 2008-02-09:
"In my opinion, there's not much of a difference between a 2.5 star hotel and a 3 star hotel - it's just half a star. I don't know what the fuss is about."

It's about false advertising and misleading business practices. This is about protecting consumers so that they don't get suckered into something that is NOT what they were sold on.

Further, I thoroughly researched all the hotels in the area, and all the real 3 star hotels are much nicer than the Holiday Inn Express. Further "Jambra" --you are the one who doesn't know what you are talking about--- the retail rate of this Holiday Inn Express is NOT $243 or anything even close to it-- so why are you people defending something you know nothing about?

Smells like Hotwire employee to me.

Good luck to you if you book a Hotel through Hotwire -- despite all your negativity I do hope that this complaint will help save at least one person from getting ripped by Hotwire.

You all are obviously missing the point. The ad stated 52 % savings -it was a lie - I saved 0% AND got stuck with a non-changeable, non-upgradeable, non-refundable hotel -- where is the benefit to that? Hotwire's advertising is deceptive, bottom line, no matter how much you want to defend them.

By the way even Hotwire's own PARTNER site Tripadvisor lists this VERY SAME exact Holiday Inn Express as a 2* (even less than Hotwire)

Posted by jlc9764 on 2008-03-07:
You should consider a class action law suit on this issue, definitely deceiving. They are not going to change it till it hits the corporate pocket books......
Posted by george94086 on 2008-05-17:
I have the same experience a few days ago. I should read this review before I made the booking from hotwire.com. They have false ad. on their website to mislead me that I can save 41% ($67 per night)if I make the hotel booking through them, but after I made the final purchase, the end-up result shows I only save $25 per night for a hotel which has quite a few negative feedback showing on the expediate.com custom feedback site. After I talked to hotwire.com custom care people, they only give me the so called $25 hotdollars credit which I can use within one year if I make the booking from them again. I'm not satisfied with this outcome and I've talked my credit card company (Citibank), they said they're going to dispute this transaction for me. I hope more and more people can be aware of this kind of false and misleading commercial behavior on hotwire.com. They don't honor their promise and their business model, which is very bad.
Posted by brem52 on 2008-07-21:
Just got scammed by hotwire myself. I've stayed at hundreds of hotel, everything from 1 star to 5 stars so I know what is expected within a certain star rating.

My husband & I went to Madison, WI for the weekend to a benefit sale. I found a "2 star" hotel on hotwire for a very low rate that was just down the road from the sale. Bought it & found out it was some unknown brand.

Got there & was disgusted by the filth! Mold every where, blood on the wall, bugs in the bed. You name it it was there. I wasn't expecting the Ritz after buying only 2 star, but I DID expect a CLEAN room from a RELIABLE hotel like advertised on hotwire. I wouldn't have even given this hotel 1 star...that would be too nice!

I'm fighting the "all sales are final" policy now with the BBB since paypal can't do anything about it.

Everyone should watch out for hotwire. I used to have good luck with their services, but if they're allowing junk hotels such as the Road Star Inn to list with them than they will be loosing my business & many others also I'm sure!

You can't sell nasty rooms even as 2 stars...that's false advertising & it's illegal to sell something & give your customers something else.
Posted by TK on 2011-07-12:
It is true what this person is saying about Hotwire. I had a similar experience with Hotwire's rental car. I actually ended up paying more for a mid size car through Hotwire than renting it directly through the rental company. Please look at the charges that is classified as tax recovery and fees. They won't tell you or give you the breakdown of what those charges are and customer service will not help even to tell you what those charges consist of. From my calculation, my vehicle rental was approximately $134.00 for 4 days and Hotwire charged me $93.45 for so called tax recovery and other fees. Some will say it was my fault for not looking at the total charges, but you know something is going on if they can't even tell you what those charges consist of. I will never use Hotwire again, ever.
Posted by Jb on 2013-11-06:
I bought a 2-1:2 star in Yuma az like the Sheraton or comfort in. It was a run down Americas Best. I sent pictures of trash lower price at office rust and mold and got the blah blah blah. I am going to dispute the credit card
Posted by Alex C on 2013-12-22:
BEWARE WHEN USING HOTWIRE. They may provide cheap bookings and on the whole they were good value for money, but that does not excuse failing to help when things go wrong.

We booked a car through Hotwire and pre-paid the full amount (we even printed off the e-voucher saying that we had), unbeknowst to us, the payment was withheld by our card company for 24 hours as part of normal fraud precautions as we were travelling. The following day the card company contacted us and asked us to authorise the payment. Too late! Hotwire had cancelled the booking! This would have been acceptable had they then not failed to tell us for the next 13 days until we arrived at the airport and were unable to pick up a car. We were forced to book a car on the spot (at crazy prices as you would expect) as Hotwire said they would not help.

Upon returning to the UK and raising the complaint it took 3.5 months and a huge volume of emails and calls (they charge you 14p per minute just to rub it in!) by myself to eventually get them to offer to pay some of the DIFFERENCE in cost!

So be warned, I agree that they may be the cheapest option but they will not think twice about leaving you hanging if something goes wrong, EVEN IF IT IS THEIR FAULT!
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Scam - Booking Hotels
Posted by Hotwire LB on 01/30/2009
I booked a hotel on Hotwire. Then I was informed of where the reservation was. I checked 5 minutes later and the price at Orbitz (hotel room/taxes/fee's was lower). When I called Hotwire, the said no low price guarantee refund- because the price they list is lower for the room itself- not including taxes and fee's. So, had I booked with Orbitz my cost out the door was cheaper, but Hotwire will not honor. Also, the scam with Hotwire has me 15 miles away from the city.

I would have never booked this had they mentioned it being so far away.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-01-30:
it isn't a scam. It sounds like you clearly don't understand the zones that Hotwire uses. There are many sites such as better bidding.com and info on Hotwires own site that explains where the 'zones' are. Since you didn't understand where is the 'scam'?
Posted by Nickcole on 2013-07-15:
I booked a hotel on Hotwire.com ..... do not use the site they are scam !!!!!! The hotel that was booked did not show the location until after you book it then they offer insurance in case you have to cancel . So I bought the insurance just in case well after we drove to our destination there was people smoking crack and sitting outside their doors !!! I went inside to the hotel lobby to find a middle eastern middle aged male and told him he could cancel my reservation due to there pool was green ,told him that people were outside congergating smoking drugs and that i would not stay there and he was going to refund me until he saw on the computer that i was booked with hotwire.com and he said if i would have booked with them directly i could have been refunded , Scary part if town way too much for that location !! We thought we would be in jeopardy for our life in I called Hotwire to cancel and they said in order to cancel with the insurance you have to have had a major emergency like going to the hospitial and that I could not be refunded ! Needless to say I lost my $80.00 .i will tell everyone I know DO NOT USE HOTWIRE.com
Posted by Eileen on 2013-07-25:
I have seen the Hotwire ads on tv . I don't book any hotel until I read pages of Trip Advisor revirews so there is no way I would book a hotel that I did not know the location until after I had booked .As for car rentals
probably the worst cars that no national chain would touch .How much have you saved if you have the hotel room or car rental from hell ?
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Bad business, Overcharging, Rude customer Service
Posted by Care_ahhh on 07/16/2007
I made a reservation on Hotwire.com for a hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN. I paid $76.00 plus tax making the total $90.00. When I arrived at the hotel I saw the computer screen behind the desk. And was totally shocked to see that Hotwire was only being charged $52.00 for the room. I already paid a $5.00 booking fee to Hotwire and now they are getting $20.00 extra dollars?

Hotwire states they have "deeper" discounts because hotels sell them they unsold rooms. Yeah, hotels sell the rooms cheaper to Hotwire but Hotwire still charges the full price to customers. In fact, I could of saved close to $9.00 by just walking in or reserving on the DaysInn website. Their normal non-discounted rate was less than I paid.

I called Hotwire.com's customer service and waited 20 minutes to speak with someone. I got this very rude agent who stated,"we are a for-profit company and we can charge whatever we want for a room." I understand this, but the manner in which it was said was so rude! I could imagine her rolling her eyes when she said it. Well, since Hotwire did not save me anything and just upset me. I will take my business elsewhere. At lease then I won't get surprised with a "3 star" roach motel. The reason Hotwire.com doesn't tell you what hotel you will be staying at ahead of time..is just so that you can't check with the hotel to make sure you can't being charged MORE.

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-07-16:
Congrats! You figured out their business model. Buy low, sell high.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-16:
live & learn...deal direct when able
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-07-16:
I have yet to hear good feedback about Priceline or any other company of that sort. Why bother going through them? Perhaps use their site as reference, to find hotels in the area, but call and reserve for yourself. The very rude customer service rep on the phone was right; they are for-profit and you'll always pay high when a profit-seeking middle man is involved. Thanks for the review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-16:
While we are on the subject of travel web sites. Item in the paper last week stated that sites such as Priceline, Orbitz and Travelocity are dropping their booking fees. That is because too many potential customers are using their sites to find the best fares and then jumping over to the hotel or airline sites to make the purchase.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-07-16:
I admit it PB - I use Orbitz to check my flight options and then I deal direct with the airline - I get a better deal going direct with the airline at least 80% of the time.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-07-16:
It honestly amazes me that people still book on these types of sites without checking the actual hotel/airline sites in comparison. These sites have been around long enough for the word to have spread...they are not cheaper!
Posted by On the Road on 2009-03-10:
You most likely could not have gotten the rate you say, as it is a contract rate negotiated by Hotwire and the hotel. THere are other rates also not available to the public, like the rates travel industry employees get.
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Hotwire - Customer Service Means - Don't Care What You Paid; Out of Luck
Posted by Scoop42 on 10/04/2010
I made a 4 day rental on Hotwire (4 x 52.95). When I picked up the car, the car company showed 3 days on their documents. I called the car company when I noticed this during my vacation. We were told that we needed to deal with Hotwire because Hotwire sent 3 days to them; 3 days x 52.95 (and the car company representative said, "good luck with getting any refund from them").

That's when I discovered that a rental day doesn't mean 24 hours. It could mean 1 minute and up to 24 hours.

We used the car 3 days and 4 hours. The car company charged us $115 for bringing the car back 3 hours late. When I called Hotwire to get the $52.95 credited to my card for the 1 day that was not included in my Budget contract I was told that I would not get a credit because I returned the car late.

While sales are final with them, I would hope that Hotwire would at least give a customer the funds that were paid; not so. They have shady practices. I wish I would have read the reviews before using their services. It's not worth it!!! I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-10-04:
What times did you request for pick up and drop off when you made your booking?
Posted by dan gordon on 2010-10-04:
you were either charged for 3 or for 4 days, so which is it? If you weren't charged for 4 but thought you had booked 4 then you got what you paid for
Posted by Scoop42 on 2010-10-05:
I was charged for 4 days (4 x $52.95)at Hotwire and Budget had 3 days on their contract.
Posted by Scoop42 on 2010-10-05:
I picked up on Sept. 3 at 11:00 a.m. and returned the car on Sept. 6 at 4:00 p.m. The booking had a return of 12:00 p.m. I didn't think the returned time mattered since I knew it would be back before 11:00 a.m on Sept. 7th.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-10-05:
Some car companies give you an extra hour for not much additional money, so there is a 24 hour rate, a 24 + 1 hour rate, and then the 2 day rate. This is so people who are just over 24 hours are not penalized the full amount.
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Bait and Switch
Posted by JenFrench on 07/27/2009
I booked a hotel for a family trip to Fenway Park in Boston for last weekend using Hotwire. After doing some research and wanting to stay in a hotel in Copley Square, I input all of the information into Hotwire with my request and selected a "blind" hotel at a rate I was comfortable with that I believed would be in afore mentioned area. After my order was placed, I was given the Best Western Roundhouse...being new to traveling in Boston, I just assumed we were going to be in or right near Copley Square. BUT, when we arrived we were EXTREMELY disappointed to find ourselves in a less than family friendly area and NOT within walking distance to Fenway. Think twice before booking with the Hotwire service. I know I won't book with them again.
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Posted by Ben There on 2009-07-27:
Hotwire gives you a map of the area, and the hotel will fall into that map. If you are not familiar with the location then you probably should get your hotel in more traditional methods.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-27:
Not a bait & switch because you were not offered a specific hotel then switched to something else. That's the chance you took with selecting a 'blind' hotel through Hotwire. At the time that Best Western was probably the only one available via the 'blind' search on Hotwire. For now on do some research then call hotels for their best rates.
Posted by dan gordon on 2009-07-27:
better bidding.com would have given you a hotel list. There are different sites that would have helped you get a better idea of which hotel you were getting.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-27:
I've never been in that hotel, but I always thought it looked really cool. I don't know ages of your family, but you really weren't that far from the Fenway, as the crow flies it's maybe a 20 minute walk. You were also only a couple of blocks from the Green Line, so you could have taken a subway right to the Fenway stop.

As for not being family friendly, the area between you and the Fenway is 2/3 Boston Medical Center, and 1/3 Christian Science Mother Church, certainly not bad for an afternoon walk. By the waym the tour of the Mother Church is a really good take, and would have broken up the walk to Fenway.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-27:
The OP was correct when stating the property is not in a 'family friendly' area. According to TripAdvisor reviews posted there is a homeless shelter nearby which leads to many panhandlers. The parking may be free but it's not secured and unlit at night. It rated 65 out of 75 for the Boston area.
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Woe Be the Traveler Who Presses the Wrong Key
Posted by MrBob2601 on 05/26/2008
We travel quite a bit and have used Hotwire several times with good results. BUT NEVER AGAIN. If you make a mistake and IMMEDIATELY call their customer service for a correction you will have to wait up to 72 hours for a reply.

We booked a flight with Hotwire to San Juan, PR. They booked us with American Airlines going down and with Delta Coming Back.

To make a long story short, even though we immediately called to correct our mistake they were going to Charge us $150 per ticket for a return flight change plus another $150 for airfare changes. WE TOLD THEM YOU'VE LOST A CUSTOMER. We let them keep the #$#$** tickets and booked our own return flight direct with Delta for $121.40 each for a savings of approximately $179.00 per ticket X 2 = $358.00

Poor ... Poor ... Poor ... Service when needed. Plus big loss of money for making corrections.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-26:
There are only three ways to discount a good or service and still make a profit: 1) obtain the good or service at a lower 'wholesale' cost, 2) obtain the good or service at market cost and cut the expense of selling, 3) tilt the sale terms entirely in the seller's behalf and rig the dispute resolution in favor of the seller...the seller then passes on the illicit profits skinned from other customers to other customers. Number 3 is becoming SOP for many discounters.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-05-26:
Had you done research before the fact, rather than after, M3C users would have told you over and over again--don't make hotel/motel/airline reservations through a third party.
Posted by Ben There on 2008-05-28:
So what happened exactly? Were your original dates wrong? Most of those fees were airline penalties that the airline charges, not Priceline. Why do you feel that Priceline should eat all those costs because you made a mistake?

Also, if Delta direct was cheaper all along, why did you not buy from them in the first place?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-31:
Why does this become the third parties' fault when you were the one who made the wrong booking??? If your definition of "immediately" is within 24 hours, you might still be able cancel the reservation and get a refund (exceptions for special/bargain fares and some airlines). Besides, Hotwire is following the airlines rules.Whether you book with HW or the airlines direct, same penalties will apply.

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Deceptive advertisement
Posted by Stanwi on 02/10/2008
ORANDO, FLORIDA -- I booked and purchased a room on there website. They do not show the hotel when you purchase the room but they do show star rating, location area and amenities. Amenities they show will be restaurant, swimming pool etc..Some of the hotels advertised show that they are non smoking hotels. My wife and me are smokers so I would not purchase that type of hotel. The hotel which I purchased did not show it as a non smoking hotel When I went to the hotel website it clearly states ( the hotel description) they have 400 guest rooms and below it its says they have 400 non smoking guest rooms. When you purchase a room on hotwire website they state they can not guarantee a smoking room. I am not questioning this policy. I selected this hotel because it was not shown to be a non smoking hotel and in the past when I booked on there website I have had success in getting smoking rooms. I can not get a smoking room in a non smoking hotel. One of the responses which they sent me indicated that they are (concerning stated amenities) subject to
the published conditions of carriage and rules of the applicable hotel. I based my decision to purchase this hotel on the stated amenities or in this case unstated amenity.

They are being defiant in giving me a refund. I have even sent this to them: FTC’s Deception Policy Statement, an ad is deceptive if it contains a statement—or omits information—that is likely to mislead consumers acting reasonably under the circumstances and is "material" or important to a consumer’s decision to buy or use the product.
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Posted by sabletaz on 2008-02-10:
Checked out their website last year, did NOT like it..Ended up booking with Orbitz.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-10:
If you want something particular, book direct with the hotel. Booking direct will most likely be less $ anyway.

When I read what you wrote about the hotel having 400 guest rooms and 400 non smoking rooms, I would assume that 400-400= 0 Smoking rooms.
Posted by jlc9764 on 2008-03-07:
Hotwire.com clearly messages on their Web site if you have specific needs you should book directly through a hotel and even directs you to other Web sites where you can make specific requests......
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Insulting customer service at hotwire
Posted by Eelbeck on 11/15/2006
INTERNET -- We arrived around 10pm November 3, 2006 in Alexandria Virgina to stay at a purported (by Hotwire) 3-
star Radisson we'd booked through HOTWIRE for $128.00 for two nights , were
given room keys, and unpacked. Around 10:30 we called to report
that two lamps were not working, a phone was not working, and there were
no ashtrays in this 'smoking' room. The desk clerk came up and
put us in another room, claiming that it was easier to move us than
the address the reported problems. We moved to another
room, quickly unpacked again, and left to eat, returning around 11:45
to notice that the room had not been vacuumed... there were cellophane
wrappers on the carpet, and ashes by the bedstand, .Then we walked
into the bathroom to notice pubic hair on toilet, and many puddled
urine stains on toilet rim, and on the floor.
We quickly packed again, checked out around
midnight, and spent the next hour securing a decent place in town to stay. We not only did not stay there because of sanitation
reasons, we were very much inconvenienced by the situation and wound
up paying over $200for Fri/Sat nights at another hotel.
Hotwire refused to refund the $128.68
charged, rather offered us an insulting $50.00 credit on our 'next booking', as if we would ever use them again!
Hotwire profited nicely (Raddison had paid them)on our extreme inconvenience. In reviewing many complaint sites about Hotwire, I've learned (too late) that they NEVER refund money for any cirumstances. BEWARE of these crooks.
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Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-11-15:
Hotwire is owned by EXPEDIA. If they follow the same policy you are doomed (personal experience with EXPEDIA). Read my profile to see what you can expect from them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-15:
Why is this Hotwire's fault, and not Raddison's?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-15:
Why is this Hotwire's fault, and not Raddison's?
Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-11-15:
Ken: no intention to offend: you are an example of a potential victims for the "double click" scam.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-15:
I agree with Ken, both times.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-11-15:
Let me ask some of you this... If you buy a brand new Lexus from Joe's Lexus and the car's engine seizes up...are you going to let Joe's Lexus "off the hook" while you battle it out direct with Lexus? NO! Same with these "host" companies. If a business sells you a product or a service as a reseller they should have some ownership in how the product/service pans out for the customer. After all they are making money off of us but when a problem occurs they should get to just point their finger to the manufacturer or hotel chain solely? Hotwire doesn't personally clean & inspect the rooms it sells, but it vouches for the hotel as a particular type/star, etc. And it should appeas a wronged customer & take it up with the hotel they contracted with; not leave the burden to the customer who has already paid them.
Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-11-15:
Good point rhon: blaming just the hotel is not right and only allows these companies to continue their bad business practice. They should take responsibility too. Look at hotels.com (another company owned by EXPEDIA). In their ads they make people believe that they inspect all hotels they list(sending a "team" of Experts) but just go and read all the complaints they have in the web.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-16:
Well Rhon... using your logic, if you went to the supermarket and bought a can of beans, then opened it and found a dead mouse in it... you sue the supermarket?
Posted by cd123 on 2006-11-23:
Radisson actually had the bad product, not Hotwire. While you might want to forward your concerns to Hotwide so they may investigate the problems, you should focus your ander to the hotel chain. If you buy a CD from Amazon.com that you just hate once you get it in the mail and listen to it, would you blame Amazon or the band?
Posted by lorable lore on 2014-03-31:
The dead mouse / soup can analogy is stupid. Do you think that supermarket would continue to carry this soup maker? do you think the supermarket manager would be embarrassed and horrified that this happened in his store? Hotwire should refund the money, lower its start rating or remove this property from its offering. That is good business, and im sure the above customer would use hotwire again.
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