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Tax Preparer Made a Mistake on My 2010 Tax Returns
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CALIFORNIA -- Tax preparer at the Fremont office on Mowry Ave made a mistake on my 2010 federal and state tax returns she filed me as married and filing joint and I am single. She had put ** on my tax returns. I received some forms and a letter from the IRS on December 19th 2011 stating (why are you getting this notice?) and you must return the response form by January 18th 2012. This notice stated that I owed the IRS 801.00 for not reporting this extra income on my taxes for the year 2010. I then had to fill out the response form which read check only one of three options. Then go to step B check the applicable payment options.

So I picked option 3 I like to request a payment plan to pay the tax I owed and fill out the installment agreement request and enter the amount you can pay each month and mail it back before January 19th 2012. I made an appt with the person who did my taxes in 2010, I then informed her that she made a mistake on my 2010 tax returns and told her I now owe the IRS 801.00. I then gave her all the letters that I've been receiving from the IRS she liked them over. Then she said to me all we have to do is file a amendment which I did and after she was done she said to me "now you owe to federal is 1,467.00 and to state 130.00". I told her I owe them nothing your the one who made the mistake I should not have to owe the IRS any money.

Going back to the amendment she had typed in that the taxpayer made a mistake and filed married and joint and wants to change to single. I told her that is a lie I made an appt with you today to let you know about the mistake she made then she deleted that and typed in that the tax preparer made a mistake filed married and filing joint. Then she looked at me and said is that better in a very mean tone. She did not want to type that she had made the mistake. And then for her to (TYPE) lie and blame me for her mistake is unacceptable. I need to know how H&R BLOCK is going to resolve this matter of paying the IRS. Please get back to me asap.

Stay Far Away From H&R Block For Your Tax Prep
By -

CORSICANA, TEXAS -- We went to H&R Block for our tax prep like we have for the past nine years and it has turned into a nightmare. During the prep I was treated horribly... rushed, talked down to, my questions weren't answered. I have an 8 wk old son, who started fussing during the prep, and the SECRETARY suddenly appeared at my side and tried to pull him out of my arms so they could "get me finished and out of there". So I finished, paid the $175 prep fee and left. I get home and give the folder of forms to my husband for his signature, and wowee zowee the only forms in the folder were forms for him to sign.

No return for him to review, no receipt for the $175 prep fee, nothing. Just sign here... don't read anything or review anything, just sign it. Needless to say, the husband goes back up there and is told by the owner of the place that my tax preparer "isn't used to dealing with gringos". OMG WHAT!!?? That little comment just about sent my to a whole other level of aggravation. So, the owner re-does our taxes and the amount owed comes out different. So, I have been insulted and my taxes were done improperly and we asked for a refund of the prep fees. You would have thought that meatballs were going to come out of the sky!

We told her we would NOT electronically file anything, and that we would definitely NOT give them our bank account information in order to pay the taxes that we owed. Then I told her that H&R Block charges per form that is generated and one of the forms originally generated was the form for electronic filing and we were due, at the very least, a refund for the electronic filing which we were not doing. The owner got even ruder and after four visits to the office and seven phone calls, she just hung up on me for the last time.

I will be at the Better Business Bureau in Corsicana, Texas first thing in the morning. I checked out the official H&R Block website and there is no way to complain about a franchise. The only thing I can do is complain to the franchise owner, and at this point the only place that is going to get me is put in the county lock-up. Please, please, please... go to an accountant for your taxes. They are up to 4 times cheaper and know more about the tax laws. I will never darken the door of an H&R Block again. NEVER.

H&R Block A Rip Off And Untrustworthy
By -

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- Against my better judgment we decided to use H&R Block to prepare our taxes this year, thinking they would be reliable and affordable. We had used an accountant in previous years who charged $175 and didn't seem to get us as much back as we could get. We visited our local office in New Port Richey, FL where a very nice man sat down to process our paperwork. We are home owners and have a small home business, as well as my husband being a salaried employee. After about 30 minutes of inputing our information we were told we had a refund of $600 and that we would need to pay $400 to have this refund processed by H&R Block.

After picking my jaw up off the floor, we paid the $29 consultation fee and agreed to "think on it" and decide if we were going to pay $400 to H&R Block or go to our accountant. The man put our tax papers into a file folder and filed it away until we made our decision, ensuring we could come back at any time and get our papers. We decided to go to the accountant after all, and went back to get our file a few days later. The man who prepared our taxes was not in and the man in the office said he knew nothing about it and would not help us. He would not take our name, he would not give us our papers and he said we could only deal with our tax preparer.

This was not acceptable to me as they were illegally withholding our federal tax documents. We called the corporate office from the parking lot. The woman at corporate was very helpful and called the store to speak with the manager and instruct him to give us our papers back. The manager responded by hanging up on her. It wasn't until we threatened to call the police to settle this subject that they finally agreed to get our file, but not without a seriously nasty attitude. Being that it's tax season, buyer beware! H&R Block is shady and unethical.

Don't Use Them Or You Will Be Sorry - Trust Me
By -

IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- This is the worst service ever from appointment down to the supervisor **. I called to make my appointment over the phone and one of the representatives took all my information; name, social security number and phone number telling me our appointment was schedule and to come in at the appointment time. So I get to the office and there was no appointment in system, the staff acted as if they didn't know what they were doing. So I advised the young lady at the front desk I have taxes which requires a exceptional representative and instead of giving me what I ask for she put me with someone who didn't know what they were doing.

I then asked for supervisor and the representative stated she not in the office yet, after waiting for the supervisor ** for over an hour never being available. The representative finally find someone there who has more experience after processing the paper work which all was messed up and now have to owe and be amended. The supervisor then come in the office late, I explained the situation to her she states she going to take care of the problem. First she never calls me but has someone else call to tell me I can't get a refund for the poor service. Then I contentiously call the store leaving messages she never calls me back.

After a weeks worth of trying to get in touch with her, she sides with her staff stating that I never told this information to them, when I know I definitely did. I wouldn't just make this up, I came there for a professional service and got garbage. I had to remind her that she we wasn't there in the store to address any of the issue anyway. I would no advised anyone to go there ever in life or you will definably be screwed in the process. DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF!!!! TRUST ME!!!! I'M IN PROCESS NOW WITH REPORTING THEM TO THE HOME OFFICE!!!!! BEWARE!!!

The Emerald Card And Customer Service A Joke
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MOUNT PLEASANT, PENNSYLVANIA -- Recently, I applied for an Emerald Card through H&R Block, so that I could have my refund direct deposited onto the card. This is because I'm having problems with my National City Bank account due to technical difficulties using automatic bill pay (they took out my car insurance twice). So until my bank clears up their mistake, I'm not giving them anymore money.

I thought it would be a good idea to get the emerald card. I e-filed my taxes, because it was free and after a few phone calls, I was able to receive the right routing number for H&R Bank along with my card account number. My refund should be coming in a few days. The agent assured me the money would be there. I thought I was being smart, being that I found a way I didn't have to pay 200.00 at the tax office to have it all done. Well now I am not so sure. I have been using the card and everything had been fine until today. I called the number on the back of the card to check my balance this morning and discovered that my pin number didn't work. This really upset me.

I hadn't changed it myself, so how did it get changed? I called customer service and had two people give me two different answers, one of them told me to reset my account. I explained that this concerned me because my refund was coming. He told me that it wouldn't hurt anything. Another cut in on the line and told me that I didn't need to do that, just to call and follow the instructions to reset my new pin. I called the card and it asked me to re-activate my account. "NOOOO!" I was really mad. I called customer service back and the man told me to go ahead and re-activate my account, that my return would still be there on time.

I asked him how all of this happened and he told me some bull crap about it being because I called from a cordless or cell phone and not from a land line phone.... "huh?" Needless to say I am super pissed and if I don't get my refund I am going to go ape ** on someone!

Quoting Lower Rates Then They Actually Charge You
By -

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN -- Currently, I am unaware of whom to speak to concerning the experience I had recently at H&R Block located on: 30230 Plymouth Rd. Livonia, Mi 48150. My appointment was on 01/20/09 @ 3 P.M. with **. On the day of my appointment at 2:30 P.M. ** contacted me and said she was running late "could I come at 3:15 P.M." and that was not a problem. But when I arrived at 3:15 she didn't see me until 4:13 and I was told when I made the appointment that the price would be the same as I paid last year ($75), but when my bill came up it was $96.00.

I was extremely unhappy that I was quoted the wrong price so ** went and got the manager who came over to me and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me except tell me that ** made another mistake in trying to file my $300 stimulus with my return amount and made her take it off. And then after she took $300 out of my total return she turned to me and said “Ohh so sorry there is nothing we can do for you about your bill.” I cannot begin to explain how angry and taken advantage of that I felt when I left that office. H&R Block had me in their place of business under false pretenses and REFUSED to honor the quoted rate they gave to me when I made my appointment.

When I left that day I was in tears. I was so upset. I've never been treated so poorly by an establishment and the most disturbing part is that while this was happening I was just trying to hold back tears and ** made a comment to me that will forever boggle my mind: “What do you want to hit me will that make you feel better?” How utterly disturbing and unprofessional is that????

Automatic Savings Deductions Deposited to Someone Else's Account
By -

We signed up for an automatic savings with H & R Block. Our personal checking account was to be debited each month, and the funds placed into an H & R Block savings account in our name. They deducted from our account, all right; but half the funds were placed into someone else's account. We are generous people, but we will choose our own charities! We did not begin this transaction to enrich some stranger!

It took 4 months of complaints to innumerable customer service people to get the deductions to stop, and they still have not fully reimbursed us for the money they took from our account and gave to the stranger.

Mistakes happen. I do not begrudge them the initial error. But there is absolutely no excuse for the many and repeated mistakes that have been made since then.

Every time I call, I get a new person, and must struggle with them for 30 minutes or so before they understand the situation. They are invariably apologetic, and promise to write it up correctly, bring it to a managers attention, call me back. Then the complaint goes to a vaccuum they call "THE BANK" for whom no one has a phone number, and from where a correct resolution never comes.

I recommend NEVER opening an account with H & R Block. Mistakes seem to be impossible to resolve, and any attempt to resolve it makes it worse.

Update--the saga continues.
We received partial reimbursement, but $50 of the amount sent to "the stranger" was still owed to us. LaTisha in Customer Service actually called me back (the only H & R Block person to ever return a call!) and advised me that her supervisor, Michael, talked to THE BANK and they would process a refund. No refund. On advise from a local TV station's consumer complaint hot-line, I had my bank dispute the last $50. Note that the last $50 never went near our account. With the help of our local bank, the $50 was returned to our local checking account. The story should finally end now, right?

Not so. Today we received a notice from H & R Block telling us that our account is overdrawn $50, and we must send it to them within 10 days. We are supposed to send it to Michael Richards. Could this be the same Michael who talked to THE BANK?

I repeatNEVER, NEVER open an automatic savings account with H & R Block! If anyone has advise on how to put an end to this, I would love to hear....

Rudeness While Filing Taxes
By -

WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA -- While filing taxes at H&R Block I had the worst experience ever! The lady helping me file my taxes told me that I did not make enough to take care of me and my daughter! She also told me that DFACS would get involved if I filed without including her father. Well we are not married so can't claim him. And I really don't believe that she has a right to tell me that DFACS will get involved if I file my taxes this year. Can anyone tell me why someone would tell me that? I manage my money just fine for me and my daughter to live comfortably!

Then when I got home they call me to tell me that they forgot to get me to sign one of the papers for them to be able to process my taxes! So then I had to go back up there and when I got there they asked if I get help from the state.. I tell them yes and they were like "Well DFACS might still get involved and you might get audited this year"!

Emerald Card Rip Off
By -

RENO, NEVADA -- Do not do your taxes with HR BLOCK. I have had my taxes done for over 15 yrs and the last 3 yrs I have nothing but problems. That emerald card they can put the tax return on is fast as heel and they seem to take money off even faster. I tried to wire money off my card to someone and now I have $1500.00 in limbo. Western Union decided I could not wire the money and all the funds are pending 21 days later. I'm still waiting. I have spent over $26.00 trying to get this settled.

None of their customer service reps know anything. I have been hung up on. They have lied to me, etc... Beware of H&R Block. Liars, cheaters, and they don't give a damn. I'm still waiting for my money. I will never return to H&R Block. I suggest the public does not either... Maybe if we boycott them they will care about their customers.

Black Men Need Not Apply as Office Managers at H & R Block - Houston - District 6
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- H&R Block (Houston, TX - District 6) has made a concerted effort to remove all black males from Office Manager positions through a series of conspiracies, petitions from non-black tax preparers and hostile working environments created by District 6 and Regional Managers - Region 53. In some cases the same person working different locations launched an attack against a black male, and then the wimped managers, fearing an interruption of business, either fires, removes or lays-off the black manager. Some black managers are filing lawsuits while others simply wash their hands of the company not wishing to pile up legal bills.

When next you consider a tax preparation company in Houston -District 6, be aware of the hostile work environment for black males and no longer wonder why you do not see any in leadership positions.

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