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Unacceptable treatment from HSA
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The sample contracts on line for HSA state that the seller is
covered as long as your home is “on the market”. there is no mention in the sample about having to be listed with a realtor, The sample contract does not include the word “realtor” or “listed”. In many opinions, “on the market” could be for sale by owner.

After the seller agrees and signs for the coverage, they receive a welcoming letter whereby on page two the “coverage period” is shown as a Coverage Start Date with a Coverage Expiration 12 months later. Again no mention of a listing contract a realtor nothing. On the acceptance form for HSA it states that the seller agrees to pay the fee shown on the date legal title transfers to the buyer. So at this point the seller has agreed that when the home is sold they will pay the fee. SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I'LL TELL YOU. HSA has an exception to the contract period within the actual contract itself. AGAIN, IT'S NOT IN THE COVER LETTER, IT'S NOT ON THE APPLICATION, IT'S NOT ON THE SAMPLE CONTRACT THE SELLER READS NONE OF THESE. IT ISN'T UNTIL AFTER THEY GET THROUGH THE COVER LETTER DO THEY HAVE TO DETERMINE THAT THE CONTRACT HAS AN EXCEPTION TO THE COVERAGE PERIOD. POOR MANAGEMENT AND DECEPTIVE.

The customer is led to believe that they are covered for a year. The seller already agreed to pay upon close. Why are they hiding this part within their contract contradicting themselves on page two of their own cover letter?

In our situation, when the home expired, we had to leave it off the market temporarily to move our family member out without realtors calling. We did do for sale by owner to keep it on the market. We verified this was okay with the HSA representative. When we called with after being covered for 6 months without one call, they asked if we were listed with a realtor, we said no and were cut off and told we no longer had coverage and within minutes they cancelled our policy. If I had lied and yes “yes it is listed with a realtor”, would that have done it? Answer probably so… but I just answered the question.

Bottom line these warranties that are done through “realtors” is a contract between the realtor and the warranty company. They should make that clear in their cover letter. They should state we would like to welcome you for accepting your realtor’s referral in considering our company as your warranty company while your home is “listed for sale with a realtor”.

When I called to go higher, I was met with a very intense and aggressive individual who does not listen and tries to intimidate. When I called back and left a message for the CEO's email address, again this very aggressive intimidating individual to my opinion called me again but now I was being insulted and basically called a liar. When I called back and spoke to a call representative who was very nice promised me she would call me back and to not worry that she would get me an email to the CEO got back on the phone 5 minutes later and said "I have so and so" on the line. So it didn't take long in this not so large company for one person to get so much attention, little me and she never called me back. Obviously she was told she could not or else... What else could it be for someone to literally promise to call you back and not do so for days now? It's so sad.... What kind of company is this? I'd like to know.

It’s a bad situation and it is not a company I will ever recommend to anyone again.

Know what the problem is today, there is an expectation from some groups and individuals for a one way loyalty. It’s a shame.

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Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-12-31:
Did you pay them for this warranty? Your story is a little hard to follow, but it seems like you were under the impression you didn't have to pay for the coverage until you actually sold the house. Their contract states pretty clearly that the contract will be canceled if payment in full is not received by them.

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HSA Home Warranty Scam
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KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- My husband and I recently had to file a claim with HSA under their home warranty policy. The warranty was part of our home purchase deal and we paid for the upgrade so that it would cover the heating and air conditioning systems.

Our electrical heating system stopped working and prompted us to call HSA so that we would be able to get it fixed. HSA has preferred service companies that they call to come diagnose the problem. HSA would not let us call the company that installed the heating system (The installers left a sticker on the unit with their contact information). HSA called their preferred company and they came out to check the system.

The service person diagnosed a burned out switch (like a fuse) in the fossil fuel unit. As any layperson knows a fuse/switch/lightbulb can burn out for many reasons most commonly is that they just plain wear out. The service person called the HSA adjustor and the adjustor asked him what could have possibly caused the switch to fail. The service person mentioned a possible cause as a power surge. The HSA adjustor latched on to that like it was the only TRUTH out there... I am sure her preference of the cause had something to do with power surges being deniable. When the HSA preferred service person tried to clarify that it was only a possibility and that he could not know for sure what the cause was... the adjustor claimed he was lying because I told him to. The claim stands denied.

We are currently in the HSA appeals process which requires that you get a second opinion at your cost (we've already paid for the heating repair on our own plus the deductible). I know that many people who have home warranties to buffer against unplanned costs such senior citizens, will not go through the appeal process because they are unable... and I am very sure by the way HSA's representatives treat people with disdain and claims the customer is dishonest.. that HSA depends upon most of it's customers not having the resources to appeal. This is a very disgraceful way of doing business.

I will update this site as to the result of our appeal. The company coming to give the second opinion is another of HSA's preferred service providers.

I would encourage anyone who is shopping for a home warranty to pass HSA up. Their warranty may sound good on paper, but they will do everything, including calling you a liar in order to deny your claim.

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mack54 on 2008-06-01:
We also purchased an HSA warranty. These people are crooks in my opinion. The air conditioner which worked for the inspector failed and they refused to pay anything. Our well pump failed, same thing. They latch onto any possible thing that MAY HAVE CAUSED the failures and that is their reasoning to deny payment. If you use their contractors, you can end up paying more. Buying a warranty from these people insures throwing your money away over and over again. I plan to start a website dedicated to the poor service of this company. I am contacting all realtors in my area with the info also.
dock52 on 2009-04-28:
My experience in the Real Estate brokerage over 10 years is that HSA is one of the better Home Warranty programs out there. Whenever a claim is denied, whether it be by a home warranty company, car insurance company or any other insurer, the common response from the poilicy holder is "they are a sham...don't do business with them~!"
HSA paid over 1200 claims on the 1500 or so warranties our brokerage sold last year. The average claim amount was around $278...that's pretty darned good value!
I agree that sometimes we Realtors tend to "oversell" the warranty and raise homeowners expectations that everything will be covered. There are limitations to coverage as is the case on every insurance product.
Mack54 I hope you contact me for you "dedicated website" against HSA. I have many a home owner who have received new furnaces, AC's and appliances who feel much difFerently than you do!
Home Owner Jay on 2012-09-23:
HSA is not a SCAM

Okay my first experience with HSA is, that I had to pay $75,because the house we bought came with a bathroom wall, that was not meant for bathroom, so it wasn't waterproof, so when we took a shower the wall would get soft...I thought it was a waterleak in the wall, the contractor came and he explained it to me and I had to pay $75 and that was it. I was upset, because the constrator just looked at it and I lost $75. The $75 is the amount you have to pay out of pocket for every claim. Which I think was a lot that time.
But we got relocated and we kept HSA to leave us a piece of mind, when something broke when we had renters. Sure enough AC broke price $1500 to replace the whole unit. HSA approved the claim!!!!
Next month something else broke another big repair HSA approved. Now $75 in comparison to 1500 or whatever the amount was is nothing.

So I must says HSA is not a SCAM I truly believe in them.
John B. Zalopany on 2013-05-12:
Make no mistake about it…… HSA really is a terrible company to do business with. It takes forever for someone to answer the phone and when they do you are put on hold forever. They misrepresent their coverage!! This company really sucks and I will not be renewing my policy when it expires. DO A GOOGLE SEARCH WHICH WILL LEAD YOU TO 100’s OF UNSATISFIED HAS CUSTOMERS… or should I say EX-CUSTOMERS.
Wallace Larsen on 2013-05-15:
Moved in FEB 2013 - Got the warranty when we move in. Furnace went out and called an outside repair man because it was cold. He found a crack in the heat exchanger and said the furnace could not be turned on again. We clould die. Called Warranty Co. They said it was a pre condition and won't pay any thing,
The furnace had a inspection! before we moved in.

sean c on 2013-09-12:
most home inspectors don't even know what an heat exchanger is.typically they will just make sure it works.unless something is obviously wrong looking in their opinion.best advice: hire a trusted hvac contractor to check furnaces and ac systems.home inspectors don't have the know how or the proper equipment to check for carbon monoxide leaks in a furnace.
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Avoid HSA They Don't Cover Much
Posted by on
WISCONSIN -- Recently bought a house and decided to get the warranty from HSA. Had the furnace tuned up from a local company, I figured it probably needed to be done. They replaced the ignitor while they were here. Two weeks go by and I have no heat. HSA says you have to call them first!!! They send out this joke of a company the guy arrives here and says well that’ll be $95 call your local company and tell them they need to replace your ignitor. GRRR!!! Then like Michelle my garage door opener goes out. I file a claim online because the hold times were approaching 10+ minutes.

Overhead Door Company comes out looks at opener says it’s so old they can't get parts for it. Call HSA, “it doesn't have the sensors at the bottom of the door we aren't covering it. OK thanks, and as if it weren't bad enough not even a week goes by and the furnace stops again. I call HSA and tell them the heat is out I don't want your Crap company you sent out here the last time I am going with nice local company. They say OK, tech shows up on a Saturday, replaces inducer motor $303, Pressure switch $69.54 Sat fee $52.50 1 hr labor $120.00 Total w/tax $572.84 OK I paid for this out of my pocket because I went with my own company.

I get a call on Monday broad says hi sir we are only approving approx $220 because we never authorized tech out on a Saturday and we could get the part from Carrier for $220 OK, So its 7+ outside and you wanted me to wait till you ordered the part in from the manufacturer. Well yes sir. Actually we need you to fax your receipt so we can issue you a check. Yeah stay away from HSA they don't cover anything!!! They asked the HVAC guy if it was due to normal wear and tear. Ummmm what isn't its mechanical the stuff goes, I won't recommend this company ever!!!!!!!
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jktshff1 on 2010-01-27:
I keep an emergency fund on hand for the house. Generally @$1,000.00. Covers most problems that might arise. Homeowners insurance usually covers what that won't.
biomajor on 2010-01-27:
When we bought our house 9 years ago, we also had them for the first year. I only called them once in that year. The upstairs tub was leaking into the ceiling in the kitchen. I'd been using the tub for about 8 months at the time I called them. They sent out their person, they investigated and discovered that the rubber gasket around the overflow thing on the tub was gone. These people refused to pay for the service call or the simple repair unless I let them cut a hole in my kitchen ceiling to look for the remnants of the gasket to prove that it existed in the first place!! Ridiculous!!!
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Don't Ever Purchase With Them
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It’s weird that HSA even sells policies in my area, because they had one company under contract to look at my roof. It turned out he didn’t have insurance, so he called me right before my appointment (when I had already come home just for that) to tell me he couldn’t come. When I called HSA, they said just get anyone in the area to come and have him call while at my house. When I called after the guy had checked out my roof, the “lady” was somewhat angry that I had done this, because HSA had assigned me to another company…so apparently communication is not one of their best skills.
We had the home inspected before we bought it, and the inspector said it was nicely done. Now it is leaking, but HSA says that the fact that it started leaking 9 months after we bought the house is a pre-existing condition, because the guy wants to redo it to fix the problem…awesome.

Too bad for HSA they don’t realize that we are military and will be buying lots of houses over our lifetime as we move around. This means they have lost quite a bit of money from us because we will never buy another policy. This also means they have lost quite a bit of money from our friends, because they are also military and move a lot and we will advise them not to get tangled up in this shady business.

The insurance game is not to pay to fix anything. The guy who came out to look at our roof said warranty companies will call him 6 or 7 times per claims that they deem to be covered, just to make sure he really thinks the fix is necessary.

Bottom line- HSA is shady ops.
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HSA Home Warranty Will Not Cover Anything And Does Not Care About Their Customers Suffering Without Appliances
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Do not buy a house with a HSA home warranty, they will not cover anything and have horrible customer service. I have no air conditioning and my wife is 8 months pregnant and they will not cover the air conditioning, which they stated they covered in the contract, because it was not normal wear and tear. It is in the same shape when I bought the house. I am a young first time home buyer and it was hard enough to save for the down payment on a house but felt good thinking the appliances were covered so we would not have any large appliance financial burdens. They won't tell you what they will or will not cover until a tech comes out, not professional, doesn't tell you anything and if they do it is a lie, takes your 50 dollar deductible and the warranty company then does not cover it. We not only have had to replace the shower due to leaking behind the walls, which they said we caused, yeah I go digging behind my shower walls. And now 3000 dollars for a new air conditioner. And 100 dollars for the two deductibles. I thought buying a house with a warranty I would be free of large financial problems but less than a year in the house and 4000 dollars later the home warranty still won't cover items they say they cover.

HSA home warranty sucks and is the worst company I have ever dealt within my life. I will call every real estate agent I can find and tell them what happened.
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Beverly Sondej on 2013-07-25:
I have had a policy with HSA since July 2010. I used them once about 1 month after I moved in to fix an exhaust fan in my attic. They were great, I paid my 50.00 service fee and they covered 240.00 of the bill, which paid it in full. I have paid 39.00/mo for the service for well over a year. Last night I looked at my bank statement and they charged me 45.00 for coverage. I didn't receive a change notice, so I called them. They were very nice when they told me due to my location and my "usage", they had to up my premium. HUH??? One use out of 3 years? I cancelled my policy...wish I hadn't paid that out the last 3 years, I could have started a house repair fund with the money! I do have to say they have been pleasant and polite with me on the phone. I don't blame the service reps, I blame the heads of the company.
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HSA trying to deny full A/C replacement coverage
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KITTANNING, PENNSYLVANIA -- Just moved in a few weeks ago and already got told by our home buyer's warranty company (HSA) that we only have two options in order to get our broken a/c fixed: take one of their systems (an outdated 10 SEER system, part of a stockpile in their warehouse, created in anticipation of cost increases due to the new energy efficiency standards) or take the cash out option ($750! What a joke! - where does this cover even an old SEER 10 and where is the installation cost in this?)!!!
So much for trying to do the right thing and get a more efficient system (we were hoping for a SEER 14 but willing to settle for minimum 13 SEER under the new energy efficiency standards). The Sears decision came after a contractor (they verbally approved of on the phone) came to take a look (and caused us having to make a "false vandalism report" to state police - the nice officer found "nothing wrong" with the system except it wasn't working!).

I guess the new standards didn't see this one coming (as I couldn't find anything against stockpiling or a home warranty company hording these old things)! The HSA approved contractor also verified that a replacement was needed (but that was after we where given the impression that the case was being approved and then again told that we still needed to have THEIR guy check it out)!

We've been trying to get this resolved since the heatwave when we found out a/c didn't work, with me stuck in the home in a wheelchair with no way out and the temperatures where at around 87 degrees indoors! (We have also been trying to get a ramp installed, but that's another story!)

Oh, and by the way: even their website had a central air replacement cost posted at $1,475 to $4,200 (and it stated that the amount was "based on HSA's estimates"), but that no-where near the amount they tried to offer us!
I would be willing to join any pending class-action suits if this is not resolved amicably! (To any attorney: Are you doing this "pro bono" or payment upon settlement won only?)
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Anonymous on 2008-06-20:
Did you get a copy of the warranty? If so then read it to see exactly what the coverage is. Never go by what's posted on a web page as that can be easily changed.
Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-06-20:
I'm sure if you read your warranty you will find all they have to do is put you back into working order. I'm not aware of any warranties like this that allow for betterment.

If you have a 13 or 14 SEER now, then you have a valid point. If you have a 10 SEER of less, then they are doing what they are supposed to do - they are putting you back into the condition you were before the A/C broke.

It's like taking your 2005 car into the dealer to have the blown engine replaced under warranty and telling them "I hear the 2008 models has a more fuel efficient engine than mine does - I'll take that one please." It just doesn't work that way.
Matrxlady on 2009-01-30:
I guess I should have mentioned that the old system didn't even have this new SEER rating (I used some conversion calculation system and I think it was slightly above 12...it was just an old system to begin with). And the main concern was the offer of just $750 - there is just no way one could even replace the old system with an EQUAL system and cover INSTALLATION with that money! (Even the quote from THEIR "guy" was over $2000!) And THEIR system was rated BELOW the broken system - so the point is that they wanted to install a SUBSTANDARD system (just because they happened to have that one stockpiled in a warehouse of theirs and they didn't want to admit that our system was bigger to begin with) in our 2 house with 2 floors and finished attic!!! What a joke! (And to respond to the "car story": You wouldn't have to accept a 2003 for a broken 2004 model, either...lol!)
And after this "offer" and the "shady HSA approved contractor", we decided to "go it alone" and replace the A/C with the correct system for this size house.
However, we are telling everyone who wants to hear it about this experience and suggest that no-one accept a home warranty from a company that issues such contracts without prior home inspection/visit! We found out too late to buy our own (this one was provided by the seller).
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Catawba Island
Posted by on
You would think a leaky hot water tank would be covered under a home warranty policy. My advise...Read the fine print. HSA and many other home warranties have a fine print (what's not covered) these details are never discussed by either the buy or selling agent....Beware of HSA and Bolte Realty. I am still fighting it out with my real estate agent Pat (Bolte Realty) and HSA (Home warrranty because HSA refuses to pay as they continue to search for reasons why they shouldn't pay.

From what I've heard so far the reason go from sediment caused the failure (which in fine print) is not covered, not following proper processes and most frusrating of all is the real esate agents never really explain what the service provides... since the home warranty insurance is such a small % of the overall real estate deal it just slips through and no one asks until there's a problem....IMO what a scam
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dock52 on 2009-04-28:
My experience in the Real Estate brokerage over 10 years is that HSA is one of the better Home Warranty programs out there. Whenever a claim is denied, whether it be by a home warranty company, car insurance company or any other insurer, the common response from the poilicy holder is "they are a sham...don't do business with them~!"
HSA paid over 1200 claims on the 1500 or so warranties our brokerage sold last year. The average claim amount was around $278...that's pretty darned good value!
I agree that sometimes we Realtors tend to "oversell" the warranty and raise homeowners expectations that everything will be covered. There are limitations to coverage as is the case on every insurance product.
You are right when you say to "read the fine print"..the information is there in black and white onb all insurtance policies. Just because you don't read it or don't agree with it does not mean the policy is a sham!
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Ac unit
Posted by on
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- My ac unit didn't work and called hsa to repair and repair man put in 2lbs of freon. a month later had the same problem and the repair man never showed up. so they sent another repair man out to the house. he also put in freon and left, but not before putting duct tape ontop of ac unit. well I have no heat and called a reliable man from the neighborhood and he says the unit needs replacing and would cost $5800 dollars fully installed. hsa called and said they need to get a second opinion and sent the same person back that said nothing is wrong with the unit it can be repaired for $380.so what I'm saying is don't get HSA warranty they don't care about their customers and I end up with $380 out of a $5800 unit..........
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Slimjim on 2009-11-17:
I'd have some issues with the repair company as well. When you put gas in these units after they leak, you are supposed to check and repair said leaks. Happening once, maybe, but then the tech should be putting dye or something in to pin point a leak next time out.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-11-17:
The repairman that came out and serviced my ac unit used dish detergent to determine where the leak(s) were.
PepperElf on 2009-11-17:
MS - pretty good way to do it.

My brother in law took my old tire, filled it with air, and put soapy water all over it to see where the leaks were coming from.

and in the Navy, the PMS for life jackets is pretty similar. You're supposed to put the inflated jacket into a bucket of water, let it sit, and then check for bubbles
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HSA Home Warranty Is A Sham!!! Do Not Get An HSA Home Warranty!!!
Posted by on
We purchased an HSA Home Warranty with our home. 6 months in the dishwasher started backing up. They send a plumber to check out the problem. He determined it was a problem with the dishwasher motor so they send an appliance guy out. After the appliance guy looked over the dishwasher and called HSA, they told me it wasn’t covered and that they wouldn’t do anything because they “believe” the problem started before the coverage started. They have no proof the problem started before our coverage started.

They will let you down and not cover anything. IT’S A SHAM. AVOID HSA Home Warranty.
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dock52 on 2009-04-28:
My experience in the Real Estate brokerage over 10 years is that HSA is one of the better Home Warranty programs out there. Whenever a claim is denied, whether it be by a home warranty company, car insurance company or any other insurer, the common response from the poilicy holder is "they are a sham...don't do business with them~!"
HSA paid over 1200 claims on the 1500 or so warranties our brokerage sold last year. The average claim amount was around $278...that's pretty darned good value!
I agree that sometimes we Realtors tend to "oversell" the warranty and raise homeowners expectations that everything will be covered. There are limitations to coverage as is the case on every insurance product, that doesn't mean that the coverage is worthless. I have many clients who have received entirely new heating, cooling systems and new appliances from HSA that cost way more than the cost of the warranty. Believe me they don't think HSA is a SHAM.
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