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Hughes.net Internet
Posted by Sho on 08/21/2007
KEOTA, OKLAHOMA -- Hi! I must say that Hughes.net is the WORST internet provider there is! We tried it for almost 1 month. It is slower than dial up, by far! When we had it installed they didn't tell us there was a 200mg limit on downloads and once you ever reach that limit..(if you can even get your page to load) it just goes into comatose mode. Emails take forever to mail.. pages time out before they load. At 80.00 a month this is a rip off!! Just check out some other reviews on this internet company before you make a decision.

This mistake i made cost me 180.00 I'm back with DSL and it blows satellite out of the water!!


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Posted by bigboxworker on 2007-08-21:
I'm curious as to why u went with satellite if DSL is available in you area?
Posted by sho on 2007-08-21:
Hello bigboxworker.. My husband is a programmer and lightning had struck our DSL router and fried it. The DSL Porvider said they couldnt get out to bring us another box for 2 weeks. We have to have internet as we work from out of the home. So hughes.net said they could hook us up right away so we went with them. Big mistake. Thank you for your question. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
Good review, sho. Thank you for coming back to answer the question! It's nice to see poster's actually checking back with their complaint to update us.
Posted by sho on 2007-08-21:
Thank you emt :) Have a great night! :)
Posted by x64 on 2007-08-21:
So how much exactly is 200mg of data? I would surmise that this would be 0.2 grams of data, but how much does data weigh?
Posted by sho on 2007-08-22:
Hi x64... mg = mega bites LOL Too funnny. Thanks for adding a bit of humor :)
Posted by sho on 2007-08-23:
Well Im back for more complaining..lol
We contacted hughes.net to cancill our satelite. Seems that hughes.net will not come out to get their equiptment. We have to take it down,box it up and mail it to Maryland!! There is not a box in the world big enough to send the reciever in! MAN oh Man this company is LAME!! What horrible service and a huge rip off to all!!! I must say though the people that installed it, and that we talked to were very nice...all but telling us the truth to all the secrets they keep from you.
Posted by Assilem on 2007-09-19:
I have Hughesnet at the moment and I only wish I could show you my notebook that is full of my case numbers from all the times I have filed a complaint with them. Where I live I can not get cable and I have to say that I would prefer dial up,we are trying to cancell our service but you know how it is with those people.

How much did you have to pay to break your contract?

I depend on the internet because I work from home and I can not stand this,I am supposed to be able to fill out 1000 reg cards in an hour,with Hughesnet I am only able to do 25 reg cards an hour!

When we first had it installed my husband had to dig the trench for the cable because the guy they sent was to out of shape to do it.Then they wanted to charge us for the post to mount it on!We had a post exactly like the one they wanted to use and he siad he couldn't use ours so we raised hell untill he agreed not to charge us for it.

I could go on forever about how horrible Hughesnet is but I will stop,we are going back to dial up just untill cable makes it way out where we live. Good luck to you.
Posted by sho on 2007-09-19:
Hello Assilem.. In the end, this all cost us 180.00 They did reimburse us the 200.00 we had to pay when they set it up. But still out the 180.00 plus the money to send the reciever back with insurance. We work from the home also and have to have fast connection and reliable service. I swear dial up is SO much faster than these jokers. I just dont understand how they can get away with cheating and ripping off all these people. Good luck to you too and guess we learned our lesson..lol
Posted by Kartek on 2008-09-12:
I fail to understand how they get away with the advertising, amoung other things Broadband indicates broad spectrum, or multiple channel transmissions... Unbound means unrestricted, set free, without fettering or restrictive boundries.... Hmmmmmmmmm now if that isn't just a crock when it comes to Hughes.
Posted by HNHater on 2009-11-06:
I can't even begin to tell you how many hours of productivity I have lost since I had to switch my office to HughesNet. We moved to a new office location, and cannot get DSL or cable here. Our only option other than HughesNet is a T1 line, or cBeyond, both of which are cost prohibitive.

The service is slow at best, and unreliable most of the time. It takes forever to send an email with even a small attachment. Sometimes I can email, but can't browse. Sometimes I can browse, but not email. There are days when we get better service in the middle of a rainstorm than from clear blue skies. There's no difference whether we're plugged directly into the modem, using a router, or wireless. Same thing with Mac vs. PC and different web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). The service sucks no matter what you use.

We are constantly exceeding their 425MB allotment...can't even update software on ONE computer, much less the 9 that are in our office without going over. Our employees have to frequently leave the office and go to coffee houses to use their wireless internet in order to complete the required functions of their jobs.

What really annoys me is their stupid (and completely useless) "measure web responsiveness" tool. It took over 45 seconds for that test to complete, only for it to come back and say that it was completed in 3.5 seconds. It's completely unreliable, and their customer service reps will keep telling you over and over again that "everything is working perfectly." Well, I'm sorry, but where I come from, if a user can't load a page in under 2 minutes, then everything is NOT "working perfectly."

Of course, there's also that wonderful required 2 year contract, and even when that is up, I doubt anything else will be available. That's what these people count on...you wouldn't be with them if you had any other options. And, then, of course, if a new option does arrive for your area, then they get you with an early termination fee. Pitiful. Really pitiful.

If you have absolutely NO OTHER OPTION, then go with HughesNet, but go in knowing that you'll be wishing you hadn't.
Posted by angel on 2012-09-06:
if you have dial up. Its better and faster than HUGHESNET. Do not switch to HUGHESNET! You will regret the service and price!
Posted by Gia Coniglio on 2013-08-05:
This is a nightmare internet service buyer beware of there lies .You will not even be able to use this internet gaurenteed without becoming so angry you wish you had dial up its heaven compared the hughes
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Un reliable and slow
Posted by Sbrehm72255 on 02/17/2007
BLACKWELL, MISSOURI -- The service this company provides is completely unreliable and seldom meets the performance levels that are advertised by the company. Their support is basically as useless as the broadband service they offer, all emails are answered with scripted general answers without regards to what was asked in the email body. When it comes to telephone support, you get some company in India with support people that may or may not speak English well enough to be understood. These support offer you the same basic scripted answers that you get via email and do nothing to resolve the problem. Even if you are lucky enough to forwarded to the higher level support in the US, you'll be extremely lucky if they can resole anything other than the most basic of issues.

I've have been having extremely slow service, along with several others in my area, where the overall speed isn't enough to download my basic emails during the day and after about 12 mid-night the speed picks back up to advertised speeds for a few hours and then drops back to basically nothing until mid-night the next evening.

This has been going on for several weeks and after countless emails and sitting for endless hours on hold, the problem has yet to be resolved. All I hear from the support people is that the system checks out and they have no idea hat's the matter. In my opinion the company has over extended they service bandwidth to a point where it can not support the number of customer they now have and are just giving the customers a run around two step dance to keep getting money out of them without providing any type of reliable service.
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Posted by Doggie on 2007-09-11:
I agree with you 100%. They sold 1mb service, then said you should only expect 650kb during peak hours, which have turned out to be 20 hours a day. I have many periods when I can't get 56kb like dialup but there is no support. Total idiots reading from a script. Also, when I signed up you could use 350mb of bandwidth in 4 hours. That has been changed to 375 in 24 hours of service. Basically 1/6 of the original agreement.
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Lousy Service And Low Bandwidth
Posted by Gmcomputers on 04/15/2007
LINCOLN, MISSOURI -- Slow speed internet should be their motto. Then they told me I had used too much bandwidth and I was cut back, so much the page won't load. Well i went and checked my usage and guess what I hadn't used too much at all, so I printed it out just for proof. But still slow internet all you get from them is nothing but a form reply when you can actually send an email to them. And if you call be prepared to wait an hour or 2 on hold and still same old song and dance as before. Pretty bad when broadband is slower then dial-up. Any one else have this problem with Hughes? They used to be Direcway, they were bad, then but Hughes is much worse. Direcway allow up to 400mb in a 4 hour period. Hughes is 175mb in a 2 hour time frame.

Really sucks to pay 60.00 buck a month for slow internet.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-04-15:
Satellite internet is not quite perfected... and a bit more costly to support since you need satellites... =)

Do you have any other options in your area like DSL or Cable?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-15:
You might want to try one of the cell phone companies national broadband access also. I use Verizon's for about $50 per month with my laptop, it's great and it's unlimited usage. Most are just about giving away the cards right now also.
Posted by gmcomputers on 2007-04-17:
no only thing here is dial up or satellite,not sure about wireless though,here I have t-moble and don't think they offer internet i would love dsl or the new powerline I keep reading about
Posted by fairconsumer1 on 2007-05-13:
Hughes also doesn't advertise that if you hit your limit you aren't able to go online for at least 24hrs. So you pay 60bucks a month and 600bucks for a dish...hmmm. I recently found out that you can get DSL(which is better and cheaper) even if you are in an area like me where usually only dial-up or satellite is available you just have to make the calls. T-Mobile internet is also another option. Either way guess what NO LIMIT downloads. When enough people leave this lousy internet provider maybe they will get the hint.
Posted by gmcomputers on 2007-05-14:
nope no dsl here no fiber optical cables and too far from exchange,not sure about the t-moble though i have them for my cell,but need to find out more about their internet,I work on computers also as a hobby so i have several computers running at one time when I get home from my real job
Posted by Anak on 2008-12-22:
I agree, satellite is not quite up to speed, but for people like me in the rural areas, sometimes this Satellite is the best option www.infodish.com. I didn't know about the limits on the download, I'll have to check. Again, people who take up Satellite Internet like Hughesnet should be aware of it's limitations.
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Extremely Poor Customer Service
Posted by Oobliett on 03/18/2012
FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- In July 2011 I ordered Internet service through Hughes Net as I was living in the mountains above Fresno (Squaw Valley) and the major carriers are not available. I was given an installation date and time. The installed did not show up, nor did any one call. The next day I was given a second installation date, once again the installer did not show, nor did he call and this time I had taken time off work to meet him. I called Hughes Net again and they said they would give me a $50. credit towards installation. The third time the installer did show up and install the unit. The produce once installed was not what was advertised, the Internet service was extremely slow and it crashed daily. I have an IPOD and I wasn't even able to update my applications due to that. When my first bill came I was not credited the promised $50 credit. I called Customer Service and held for over 15 MINUTES! Then the person on the phone said there was no documentation to that effect and I did not deserve the $50. I asked for a supervisor, he placed me on hold and did not get a supervisor. This happened THREE times and I said I was going to get an attorney, then he finally placed a supervisor on. The supervisor was EXTREMELY rude and finally agreed to give me the $50 just to "clear this up". When I moved to town I cancelled the poor service, which took 17 minutes on hold before I could talk to a human, and they charged me a cancellation fee. I asked to make payments, they said "what can you pay", so I paid a third. The next month I got a COLLECTION letter stating I NEVER contact them regarding the amount due. I will NEVER use HUGHES NET again, and hope others have options so they don't have to tolerate this kind of poor service.

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Hughes net how wrong it really is
Posted by Luvtootie on 06/29/2010
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I subscribed to Hughes net in March 2010 as it is impossible to get anything other than dial up service where I live and I was told that this would be a great way to finally get higher speed internet service. I was told that there was a daily download allowance but that it was high enough that it should not be easily crossed. This is where my problem begins I frequently cross that allowance but more often than not this is done when I am not on the computer at all and often when the computer is totally shut down for instance I went to school one morning leaving home at 8 am and returned approx 4:30 pm when I left the computer showed no recognizable usage and when I returned after having turned the computer off and unplugging the router just to make sure that no one was "borrowing" usage I was told that I had exceeded the download limit 20 minutes before I got home and when this occurs I have service that is even slower than dial up. This sort of thing has occurred often enough that I am constantly calling hughes net only to be told I am crazy that I must be doing something. I do not listen to music on line I do not download programs and I do not watch any online videos which is what they have said would probably be causing the problem. I do exactly the same things day to day I read some email I look at eBay and list a few things for sale and I play a couple of games on world winner this usually results in me only using about 10 % or less of the daily allowance but there is that often day when I am not on line or not home or even in bed that the system goes over the allowance I was given a window of time where there is an opportunity to set up a computer to download updates that won't affect the time which is between 1 and 6 am and I have set my computers to do their automatic updates between those hours The customer service with this company does not exist I have often been on the phone for hours and when I ask for some help I always get either hung up on or told I am crazy I am streaming or downloading something and if I dare ask for a supervisor I am always told it is not possible to talk to one and if I press the issue they invariably hang up on me. I was also told that I would be eligible for a 199 dollar rebate that had to be filed for in 2 separate envelopes which following their instructions I filed for and was promptly denied on the grounds my account was behind. that is a physical impossibility since they do not even send me a copy of the monthly bill they just take it off my credit card just another way that they manage to not follow through with anything that they say my advise to anyone considering Hughes Net is to run as fast as you can to anyone other than them it is not worthe the 60 dollars a month they charge when you often cannot use the service. Not only all of this but when I complained to the BBB they had someone contact me and we set up a time when after they had done some system checks they would contact me and we would see what they could do I have not heard from them since and I am still having the same problems They are also extremely rude and secretive about what their email address is making it very difficult to contact them.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-29:
If you have any form of wireless connectivity established, make sure you've pass coded it and that only you know the code. Otherwise the concept of someone stealing your bandwidth is very possible.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2010-06-29:
HughesNet is worthless, and they have NO customer service. If it's your only alternative to dial-up, you're better off keeping the dial-up. BTDT.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-06-29:
Still, cable TV is available in most rural areas, and most cable companies offer internet services. Unless the cable is too far out from the cable company's offices to guarantee a reliable broadband connection.
Posted by biomajor on 2010-06-29:
The house next door to me is the last house on the street with cable available. There are approximately 15 other houses that the cable does not reach. I live about 45 miles outside of Nashville.
Posted by colorado on 2013-03-18:
I first got hughesnet for my girlfriend so she could do her schoolwork online. The first month was great and we wondered if the usage meter was broken. Turns out after the first month it started to work and the highspeed net quickly went into FAP mode after a few movies. At the time it was told to me that i could get a free restore token once a month. The restore token lasted for two months until i called and said i could no longer use it. At that time i was informed that i wasn't eligible for it and had to buy them. So i bought one at five bucks and only had 5 percent of the service restored. I wish i had never gone with hughesnet and advise anyone looking for net in a rural area to find an alternative. Peace.
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Avoid Hughes Net
Posted by Poolman64 on 06/26/2009
I can say with great Joy that I have finally been able to call Hughes Net and disconnect my service.

A new company in town is now providing wireless internet service from a mountain top transmitter which is twice as fast and $20 per month cheaper than Hughes Net. Being very rural, I have been a Hughes Net customer for several years, during which I have seen a steady decline in the quality of service provided. Slow connection during the busy time of day, and recent frequent bouts with their Fair Access Policy (FAP), which is where they put you in time out for a 24 hour period, slower than dialup. This is a relatively new problem as I have had this service for several years without experiencing FAP. A call to their support group told me I was probably downloading computer updates without my knowledge and this was causing the problem. I started unplugging the modem when I left the office at night so there could not possibly be any use on the network.

I plugged it in and turned it on one morning to find I was once again under their FAP policy for yet another 24 hours. I called again to find out what time of day it was I exceeded my limit, and the time they gave me was during the period I had the modem unplugged. Their representative could not explain how this happened, but reluctantly took off the FAP restriction with a stern warning that she could only do this once in a 30 day period. My guess, and it is only that, is they have oversold the service and are using a "rolling blackout" system similar to CA power companies. In the last two weeks of service, I experienced the FAP penalty 4 times, once when it was unplugged for the entire weekend. When I called to disconnect the service, they of course tried to upgrade me to a more expensive plan, and then wanted me to upgrade all my equipment.

After a short argument I was able to convince them to just stop the service. I was warned that it would be effective immediately, which is what I wanted anyway. My advice would be to see if you have a local wireless internet provider before you sign up for Hughes Net.
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Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-06-26:
We never got the FAP penalty, but overall, you just can't use the word "service" with a straight face when it comes to Direcway/HughesNet. Getting rid of them was one of the happiest days of my life. I have warned everyone I know to stay away -- even dial-up is better!
Posted by laklisa on 2009-06-26:
My brother got Hughes Net a year ago and hates it as well...he likes to play games online and sometimes there will be lagging...he is waiting for the contract to be up to have it cancelled. Unfortunately we live in a rural area as well and Huges was the only option for us.
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HughesNet Satellite Rip-off
Posted by Robinnhood on 01/21/2007
NATIONAL COMPANY -- Hughesnet uses other companies to sell their product. These other companies promise internet access with clearly defined data rates. So a person purchasing this service pays more or less depending on the data rate one wants. After the service is purchased, the installer gives you account and information access to Hughesnet directly, and you fine out for the first time that there are no data rate promises. In other words there was a promise at purchase time, then after purchase that promise is taken away.

Hughesnet also advertises on TV and Radio. These advertisements clearly state that this service is 25 times dial-up access speed. These advertisements have no disclaimers. Then, after one purchases the service, the data-rate policy changes and one finds out there is no guarantee for any data rate at all. In other words the access could be completely taken away, and Hughesnet will promise nothing in return.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-01-22:
Does anyone guarantee speeds? My two options for high speed are cable or DSL from the phone company. Both of them advertise certain speeds, but both are quick to tell you they can't guarantee that speed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-22:
"After the service is purchased,... and you fine out for the first time that there are no data rate promises."
They lie?

Paid form of a nonpersonal message communicated through the various media by industry, business firms, nonprofit organizations, or individuals. Advertising is persuasive and informational and is designed to influence the purchasing behavior and/or thought patterns of the audience. Advertising is a marketing tool and may be used in combination with other marketing tools, such as sales promotions, personal selling tactics, or publicity.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-22:
Check into DSL.
Posted by Towhaul on 2007-02-04:
I had Direct PC and they told me "AFTER" contract when I needed service that they never promised me "ANY" service and told me to get dialup modem! I had an 18 month contract and the service was only up 55% of the time.
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Do Not Get Unless Nothing Else Is Available!!!
Posted by JLRNOTES on 07/01/2008
BELTON, TEXAS -- Do NOT get Hughesnet service!!!!! I have had Hughesnet service for about three and a half years and I cancelled it as soon as I could find another provider. It used to be passable, but now it barely runs at all. It is less than dial up speed most nights. But since you can connect to the internet, you have no reason to complain according to them. It does not matter that you are paying for a higher speed and not getting it. The do not provide the speed promised and will do nothing to correct it. They just keep running you around. I have spend the last two months trying to get some speed in the evenings. I am supposed to have 1.2mb download speed, but most nights it is 85kb or less!!!! The technical support can barely speak English, they will keep you on the phone for hours and they just keep telling you to do the same things over and over. Nothing you do is the way they want it done so they have you do it over again. This is their way so that they do not have to deal with the problem.

If you are unable to run speed tests because your speed is so slow it errors out and will not run, it is your fault and you are not being cooperative and doing what they want you to do. IF YOU CAN GET ANY OTHER SERVICE DO IT. Hughesnet SUCKS BIG TIME. They are not providing the service you are paying for. They will do anything NOT to take care of the problem.

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Posted by Riverwoman on 2008-10-22:
I came looking for a place to vent about hughesnet.

This company is horrible!! When it was Direcway, it was fairly decent.. but it all went to hell when hughes took it over.
Right now I am doing battle with them.. again.. and again and again...
Every Monday morning I wake to find my internet access has slowed to a crawl.. tho it is never very fast to begin with. Somehow, while I am asleep, and my computer is asleep, I exceed the FAP... no matter that I'm not here.. or asleep... "their files say".. that I've downloaded over my limit.
I don't download music, movies, and I do no have my computer set to auto load upgrades.
No matter.. they can always show me a chart where in the middle of the night, I'm downloading.

There is no arguing.. plus all service calls go to India or Pakistan... I can't understand them.. they can't understand me.
Close your internet.. ok
open Internet Exploret... I don't use IE..
Well.. that is a problem.. why?
It's ok.. open your web browser.. enter... ...... .. yes..
what does it say?
What does the next line say...

We can spend 30-60 minutes going thru this bs... and still no resolution.
arrrrgggghhhhhh... I HATE them!!!!
I love my place in the country... but, I cannot wait to be rid of this demonic company.

Also... I've tried to upgrade.. but, you can login and get to an upgrade page.. you can only start at a page, for new customers to view the different available packages.

Now that I've found these comments, I'm glad I haven't upgraded.. looks like it would not matter in the least.

This company is a huge rip off... I wish there were some legal recourse for all of us, forced to comply with their ways.. or go back to dial up..
at least with dial up.. you don't have any expectations.

Color me disgusted with hughesnet!
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Satellite internet, what a racket!!!
Posted by MCC224 on 07/12/2007
KENTUCKY -- Beware!!! Satellite internet is very expensive and only worth it if you are desperate for broadband service. It is not comparable to DSL or Cable. This is because of FAP- fair access policy. FAP means that you can only download a set amount-depending on which plan you go with- in a 24 hour period. If you exceed your set amount of megabytes then you are cut down to LESS than dial up speeds. Furthermore, this is in a rolling 24 hour period. This means that within any 24 hour period you could be subject to FAP. WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU, EVEN IN THE VERY FINE PRINT WHICH IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND INFORMATION ON FAP, IS THAT YOUR BANDWIDTH BEGINS TO DROP THE MORE YOU DOWNLOAD. IT STARTS DROPPING AT 150MB. Even if you are paying for a pro plan. We have three computers networked and basically if you do more than surf the internet you are cut down to glacial speeds. NOW YOU MAY THINK THIS SOUNDS WRONG, BUT IT IS ALL TRUE. HOW CAN THEY DO THIS YOU MAY ASK...IT'S BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!

As soon as other options are available in this rural area, Hughes net is history!!!

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Posted by lobo65 on 2007-07-13:
I've read a lot of complaints about Hughesnet's speed being very slow, but didn't know this problem existed. Thank goodness I can get broadband where I live.
Posted by firengine103 on 2007-07-13:
We tried Hughesnet at a rual property we own knowing that our $600.00 set up fee and contract was non refundable, it was so bad that we removed the equipment in the first week and told them if they could beat the trash pick up guy, they could have it back and keep the 600. It really is that bad.
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Posted by Kelbethc28 on 10/09/2011
I signed up for Hughesnet because I was told there were no other providers in the area (except WildBlue - who gets their services from HN satellites and they were "maxed on Bandwidth, taking no new customers). I paid $99.00 for install, plus an additional $50.00 to the installer (contractor) because there was "no good place to put the satellite to get good signal" so he had to put a post in for the dish.

Apparently he used all my allowance for the day, because after installation the internet would not work. When I called in they told me that I had exceeded my bandwidth. I fought for three hours to get my service for the day reset, as I had yet to touch a computer when it was "used up". That should have been my first clue.

As an extremely low key internet user (a lot of browsing, email, not much downloading, etc) - I thought I could survive their limitations, I was never so wrong. Apparently somehow checking my email and playing Farmville on FB is enough to almost max out my usage in an hour, and I pay for 400mb/day (almost 100/month here after you add in the rental fee and insurance). After three or four days I called in to tell them where to put it, but their Indian tech talked me into going one higher on the plan, gave me free tokens, a six month discount, etc.

Another 1 1/2 days to realize that even the "upgraded" service was not enough to play Farmville and check my email - I don't know what they are counting as "downloads", but it's a scam, for sure. So I called back in to cancel my service. After trying to offer me everything except an indentured servant, I finally explained to them that there was NOTHING they could offer me except removal of the bs limitations to keep my service. They told me that since they had already taken the first month service (in advance) from my credit card, they would not cancel me until the 27th, I was unable to get them to refund me and cancel immediately.

They also informed me that after paying 149.00 for install - and only having service a few days, I would have to take the satellite down from the pole and disassemble it and modem for shipment back to Hughes, they would not send someone out, and if not they would charge me 300 for the equipment. (I logged in and tried to change my billing info, to erase my debit card info after reading the horror stories online about unauthorized charges, etc, post-cancellation, and it does not give you the option to take payment information OFF their site. The only thing you can even try and hope works is changing the expiration date on your card and updating - which I did in hopes of protecting myself...but I digress - they want me to take it down and ship it in. umm ok, I can't swear I will be able to do it without damage, after all I am only a woman, a disabled woman at that.

The next day my service went out, I cycled my modem, did all the techie type stuff that anyone who has been on the net awhile knows to do - to no avail, every light came back to the modem except the "system" light. Called customer service *repeatedly* and got service back for about four hours, at which point it went down again. After 24 hours of BS and non-helpful "support" from their Indian phone bank, the service miraculously came back for another 6-7 hours at which point it went down again. I have begged them to just cancel me now but they refuse stating that since it is already scheduled for the 27th it cannot be changed (NO they just don't want to give me my money back).

I have had to spend 1-2 hours per day on the phone with them to keep my service in working order, I would simply stop, but IF they are going to keep my money, they ARE going to supply me working service until that point. The other person is right - some lawyer needs to start a class-action against this scam passing for a legitimate business. Their practices are questionable at best, and fraudulent bordering on flat out illegality at worst. If you are wise you will avoid this company at all costs, unless you don't mind paying a small fortune each month to be able to check your email, and not much else.
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-10-09:
I assume you live in a rural area where cable and DSL internet services are unavailable, forcing you to use satellite or cellular-based services, which can be slower than dial-up, judging from the number of Clearwire complaints here. Sadly, your other choice would be good old fashioned dial-up. Hope things can get worked out with Hughesnet.
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