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Satellite internet, what a racket!!!
Posted by MCC224 on 07/12/2007
KENTUCKY -- Beware!!! Satellite internet is very expensive and only worth it if you are desperate for broadband service. It is not comparable to DSL or Cable. This is because of FAP- fair access policy. FAP means that you can only download a set amount-depending on which plan you go with- in a 24 hour period. If you exceed your set amount of megabytes then you are cut down to LESS than dial up speeds. Furthermore, this is in a rolling 24 hour period. This means that within any 24 hour period you could be subject to FAP. WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU, EVEN IN THE VERY FINE PRINT WHICH IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND INFORMATION ON FAP, IS THAT YOUR BANDWIDTH BEGINS TO DROP THE MORE YOU DOWNLOAD. IT STARTS DROPPING AT 150MB. Even if you are paying for a pro plan. We have three computers networked and basically if you do more than surf the internet you are cut down to glacial speeds. NOW YOU MAY THINK THIS SOUNDS WRONG, BUT IT IS ALL TRUE. HOW CAN THEY DO THIS YOU MAY ASK...IT'S BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!

As soon as other options are available in this rural area, Hughes net is history!!!

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Posted by lobo65 on 2007-07-13:
I've read a lot of complaints about Hughesnet's speed being very slow, but didn't know this problem existed. Thank goodness I can get broadband where I live.
Posted by firengine103 on 2007-07-13:
We tried Hughesnet at a rual property we own knowing that our $600.00 set up fee and contract was non refundable, it was so bad that we removed the equipment in the first week and told them if they could beat the trash pick up guy, they could have it back and keep the 600. It really is that bad.
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Posted by Kelbethc28 on 10/09/2011
I signed up for Hughesnet because I was told there were no other providers in the area (except WildBlue - who gets their services from HN satellites and they were "maxed on Bandwidth, taking no new customers). I paid $99.00 for install, plus an additional $50.00 to the installer (contractor) because there was "no good place to put the satellite to get good signal" so he had to put a post in for the dish.

Apparently he used all my allowance for the day, because after installation the internet would not work. When I called in they told me that I had exceeded my bandwidth. I fought for three hours to get my service for the day reset, as I had yet to touch a computer when it was "used up". That should have been my first clue.

As an extremely low key internet user (a lot of browsing, email, not much downloading, etc) - I thought I could survive their limitations, I was never so wrong. Apparently somehow checking my email and playing Farmville on FB is enough to almost max out my usage in an hour, and I pay for 400mb/day (almost 100/month here after you add in the rental fee and insurance). After three or four days I called in to tell them where to put it, but their Indian tech talked me into going one higher on the plan, gave me free tokens, a six month discount, etc.

Another 1 1/2 days to realize that even the "upgraded" service was not enough to play Farmville and check my email - I don't know what they are counting as "downloads", but it's a scam, for sure. So I called back in to cancel my service. After trying to offer me everything except an indentured servant, I finally explained to them that there was NOTHING they could offer me except removal of the bs limitations to keep my service. They told me that since they had already taken the first month service (in advance) from my credit card, they would not cancel me until the 27th, I was unable to get them to refund me and cancel immediately.

They also informed me that after paying 149.00 for install - and only having service a few days, I would have to take the satellite down from the pole and disassemble it and modem for shipment back to Hughes, they would not send someone out, and if not they would charge me 300 for the equipment. (I logged in and tried to change my billing info, to erase my debit card info after reading the horror stories online about unauthorized charges, etc, post-cancellation, and it does not give you the option to take payment information OFF their site. The only thing you can even try and hope works is changing the expiration date on your card and updating - which I did in hopes of protecting myself...but I digress - they want me to take it down and ship it in. umm ok, I can't swear I will be able to do it without damage, after all I am only a woman, a disabled woman at that.

The next day my service went out, I cycled my modem, did all the techie type stuff that anyone who has been on the net awhile knows to do - to no avail, every light came back to the modem except the "system" light. Called customer service *repeatedly* and got service back for about four hours, at which point it went down again. After 24 hours of BS and non-helpful "support" from their Indian phone bank, the service miraculously came back for another 6-7 hours at which point it went down again. I have begged them to just cancel me now but they refuse stating that since it is already scheduled for the 27th it cannot be changed (NO they just don't want to give me my money back).

I have had to spend 1-2 hours per day on the phone with them to keep my service in working order, I would simply stop, but IF they are going to keep my money, they ARE going to supply me working service until that point. The other person is right - some lawyer needs to start a class-action against this scam passing for a legitimate business. Their practices are questionable at best, and fraudulent bordering on flat out illegality at worst. If you are wise you will avoid this company at all costs, unless you don't mind paying a small fortune each month to be able to check your email, and not much else.
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-10-09:
I assume you live in a rural area where cable and DSL internet services are unavailable, forcing you to use satellite or cellular-based services, which can be slower than dial-up, judging from the number of Clearwire complaints here. Sadly, your other choice would be good old fashioned dial-up. Hope things can get worked out with Hughesnet.
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Lawsuit pending
Posted by Preebo2 on 03/19/2009

Defendant: Hughes Network Systems, LLC
Subsidiaries: SPACEWAY and Broadband Unbound

CLAIM AGAINST: HughesNet.com satellite internet service.

HugheNet is perpetuating fraud.

I am a HugheNet customer who called and complained about their speed claims. They claim 20 times faster download than dial up. I have never gotten faster than 4 times faster and 95% of the time it was dial up speed. I’m in an online college and need fast and reliable service.

I was paying 10 dollars a month for dial up and now paying 70 bucks a month for dial up speed using the HughesNet service. This is on top of paying 220 bucks to set up the dish even though HughesNet advertised at 170 dollar setup fee.

I called Tech Support and was told that I am only allowed 200 MB of download usage during a 24 hour period (Which is equivalent to 10 minutes of streaming video) at which time I exceed this, HughesNet automatically slowed my internet transfer usage to less than dial up speed. (They call this Broadband Unbound?) What a joke! I informed the tech guy I called in India that I was not told about this at which time he replied that I could spend more money every month to take the block off. WHAT!!!!! What a rip-off! Since HughesNet illegally defrauded me I demanded that the contract be voided at which he replied that there is a 400 dollar cancellation fee. They know how to screw you coming and going. Why can’t businesses get rich these days by being honest with people?

[snip please see our terms and conditions]

Also contact the MD Attorney General and inform him about the fraud that is coming from his state.

Thank you,
Tim Dupree

HughesNet LLC
11717 Exploration Ln
Germantown, MD 20876

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-19:
Similar to this? http://www.druginjurylawyerblog.com/2008/09/pbm_files_class_action_against.html
Posted by sagood4 on 2013-04-15:
My complaint that they are the worst internet out there . They tell you nothing up front that we control how much you can download . I advice anyone Please do not get Hughes net for internet I really think they need to be shut down and run out of business . They tell you nothing up front. about what they do and I also will advise you they don't give care at all there support you wise well not even bother to call. They have been taking advantage of people long enough. Why are these Hughes net aloud to keep selling any of there business would of been shut down yet the problem keeps going on. No company in the United States all to be able to control How much you download or try to watch on your computer. Best place we can find for there satellite is bury it the back yard. And they never fix any problem. I called in told them I wanted something done this man wouldn't give me his name . His reply was you need to forget about watching movies on the internet or playing game. who has the right. And I ask why are they getting away with this. No other business is aloud to do what there during to people
Posted by Jogn on 2013-07-07:
I signed up with Hughes net under the belief that I would be able to do online school. I was assured that it was plenty fast to handle it. Immediately I had trouble with getting kicked off my student website because my "high speed" service was so slow. They lie, they cheat, they steal. I'm all behind a lawsuit!
Posted by Steven and Lou on 2013-09-05:
Disconnected the internet from the Dish box, used my T mobile dongle, discontinued streaming (See disconnected from internet) and live out in the sticks so unless the foxes, deer and fairies are pilfering the internet I am dumbfounded as to how we could use 17 Gig in 5 days. Even using my 5 gig dongle from T mobile I have never exceeded 5 gig in a month of constant use. We will certainly join a law suit against Hughes and co defendant DISH. We also have data from an independent source to validate usage, Dish employees have said that it is a fraud and the only one in denial are the VP's more worried about their bonuses than providing a fair and equitable service to consumers.
Posted by wb on 2013-12-10:
Horrible, horrible service. Use your mobile hotspot if in an area that doesn't have dsl!! Do not waste your $$ on Hughesnet! They are terrible, slow, clunky. Even the Gen4! I had to cancel it and go with my mobile carrier. So slowwwww!
Posted by Anthony Adams on 2014-01-02:
Sadly, I was a Hughesnet customer about 3-4 years ago. Everything everyone has said happened to me. Their internet speed was ridiculous, their customer services was pathetic, and I was absolutely not informed of being limited to internet use per day. However, I dealt with being screwed over by them just because there was no one else. But when THEIR equipment malfunctioned (that I was paying for in my bill for "renting" the equipment) I was told I would have to pay $250.00 fee for a service technician to come out an evaluate the problem. I attempted to explain to the East Indian representative how I didn't agree with their policy and asked to speak to a supervisor. I got absolutely no where, except now I have a black mark on my credit report because I refused to continue to pay for services I couldn't use.
Hughesnet is a joke.
Posted by Vivian Brown on 2014-01-04:
My experience has been the same as all the above. I told them I had three college kids that needed fast internet for school. They lied and said the Gen4 was perfect. Three months have past and we probably only get one day a month of working internet service. We pay them $130 per month for nothing.
I would gladly join a class action lawsuit against them. Hughesnet is a scam!
Posted by Joseph R.Buteau on 2014-01-20:
I have now been on the phone 7 hours gotten nowhere bunch of morons I feel even more stupid for doing business with Hughesnet than the idiots I talked to. They even sent me to independent tech support . I do believe he too was wondering about how hughesnet could tell people what they do and get away with it. Hughesnet fix the problem stop hiring idiots. suing them OK putting them behind bars way better.
Posted by D. C. Pierce on 2014-02-09:
I have had better service on my TRS80 Tandy on dialup than I have had with Hughesnet. Its time for a class action suite and do Hughesnet in as their tech support sucks. Lets go get them.
Posted by Kevin McGee on 2014-02-10:
I hate hughesnet. They promise so much with Gen 4 but dont deliver. Never do they tell you about the FAP policy until after you sign up. I want unlimited satelite internet so I can enjoy the internet like I should be able to.
Posted by Linda Dickson on 2014-02-14:
We have had Hughes net for 7 months and figured out we get under 3 hrs of internet per month. The internet service is extremely slow and freezes up every few mins. I haven't even been able to watch a 3 min music video on youtube. the tech lied to me on the phone saying the lights on the box are suppose to be flashing all the time! They informed us we have to buy tokens to continue service.
Posted by D Meeker on 2014-02-24:
I would gladly join a class action lawsuit. I got Hughesnet and was not told about the amount of "Data Usage" during the day would be 1/3 of what it was from 2am-8am. That was a total joke. So WHEN I signed up, I had a 30 day "trial period". I hated it so I cancelled it when the 30 days were up. It took 3 times calling someone for my account to actually be cancelled. And after I was assured I would not be charged any more fees, I in fact was. So then I was sent the box to send my router back, but had to climb on the roof to get the radio off the dish. But they only gave us 6 days I was charged $347.28 for my equiptment through my bank without being told. They still have not sent me a refund from the monthly charges and now Im sure I will have to wait for $347.28 to be refunded. They have terrible speeds, they lie and they steal!!! DONT GET HUGHESNET !! I will be contacting the Attorney General regarding this company.
Posted by Fabio on 2014-02-27:
Do not use hughesnet. All the bad things you read about hughesnet are true. I have had that fraud of a company as an "internet provider" for the past three months. I'm ashamed to admit that I've been had
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Hughes FAP (Fair Access Policy)...What Tha’ ?!
Posted by Lahowe7 on 07/27/2008
CHENEY, KANSAS -- I started with DirecWay and now I am under the scrutiny of Hughes after their merger. When Hughes performed a major upgrade recently that was the end of my internet browsing as I knew it. The FAP in fact limits our time online (bandwidth per household/ business account), before subjecting us to slow-downs and ‘no-downs’. If you like to upload/download movies, songs, etc...get ready for a slow down which I have experienced, as slow as 5 bps (not kbs). I remember dial-up was much faster (slowest dial up download was 5 Kbytes/sec). I have been experiencing this for the past couple of months now. In this day of high tech internet usage we can’t even download our email through Outlook 2003 without the FAP Red light (Hughesnet Interfacing software which shows the customer’s their Status and the reason(s) for it).
Hughes Support directed me to Accounts Billing when I sent an email a week ago about this. I was finally fed up after accusing my grandkids of using up my BandWidth....but nothing has really changed with our internet usage. It is only Hughes that changed in what they allow and don’t allow....apparently they weren’t ready for the customer influx that they worked so hard advertising for.
This is why I was soooo relieved to find out that Pixius is now available in my rural area. I told Hughes (via email) that I would switch over if my internet (Business Account) didn’t return to full capability and that I am no longer under their 15 month contract that was required when I signed up. I told them in that same email that I am sure they will not survive as a company when other company’s expand into the rural areas they are so desperately clinging to, because those folks can’t get any other service. I never received an answer to that email or the 2nd one. I don’t dare call, because I don’t speak Indian.
I am no mathematician or accounting major, but even I can predict the future for this company (fading to India)...I see HughesNet operating out of India in the future, providing internet for the poor people in remote mountainous regions. Collecting cows and goats for service(s)...From the same people who currently man Hughes phones for Support!!! Good Luck Hughes!
One Final Note....On Tuesday, July 29th Pixius will be installing my new internet service, for anyone interested in an alternative High Speed Internet. You must live within the area of their radio towers (a pre-test will determine your eligibility). They operate using radio frequency waves and do NOT have a Fair Access Policy in place (FAP) limiting your internet up/ downloading...YAY!
(Pixius Cost per month varies depending which speed of pkg you may want.... $44. _ and $49. pkg's...I have been paying $75. for Hughes).

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Posted by MyDogsMom on 2008-07-27:
Collecting goats and cows for service?

How rude of you to say that!! I won't finish reading your complaint. I'm pretty sure you had a legitimate complaint but your unfair "strike" ruined it for you.

Posted by lahowe7 on 2008-07-27:
"Strike"?... What "Strike"? It sounds like you pretty much read the entire complaint if you got that far. Not sure what you are talking about when you say there was an "unfair strike". No strike...just moving to a better service as is my right.
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Hughes Net Satellite Internet Service
Posted by Big Smokey John on 11/11/2007
KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FLORIDA -- A couple of years ago we were lured by the Directway (now Hughes net) satellite ads and couldn't wait to get "high speed internet by satellite". The installation charge was extremely high because the tech had to burrow the cable under a 3 foot wide sidewalk and the cost of the contract was going to be $99 a month, a sum we were more than willing to pay to get rid of our slow dial-up. We had trouble with it from day one, called tech support and got a woman from India who I could not understand and finally had to resolve the problem myself. This service was absolutely slower than dial up and after 2 weeks we cancelled after paying more than $500 (which included the installation costs).

Our dial up service costs us less than $8.00 a month and is twice as fast as satellite was. Unfortunately in our rural area we have no access to DSL or cable so have only dial up or satellite as our choices for internet service. If you fall into this category, GO WITH DIAL UP, DO NOT USE THIS SATELLITE PROVIDER!
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Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-11:
Satellite service had to dig under a sidewalk.......why?
Posted by seajay on 2007-12-15:
I got this service in July 2007 and have nothing but complaints about the slow connection.Today it run at 103 down and 72 up. Made dozens of calls about. These Indians arwe very polite but don't ghet anything dome. They check the system up and down and then leave your with "it will be better now", just give it a little time. Hate to total the hours spent for nothing. Last week I refused to go though that routine again (about 1 hr each time) and of course the supervisor said: I can't ghelp you if you don't cooperate. If I cancel I am liable for the unused part of the contract. There is no cable here, just very slow dial up.. Any suggestions?
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They Advertise Down Loading Movies Yet Half of Your Way Overpriced Time Is From 2am to.8am.
Posted by Juleshastings on 12/28/2013
DOUGLASS, KANSAS -- Hugesnet is misleading and crooked. I have no choice but to stay with them. I feel like I am being robbed every month. It is unbelievable how they advertised so misleads customers.

Half of the $159.00 per month bill goes to the hours of 2am to 8am. On the other half just 4 movies can take you over the limit. So why are they able to steal our money knowing we our a society who relies on the Internet for work, school and day to day life. Someone needs to put a stop to their control over us who have no other choice for internet service.
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Late Charge for Equipment
Posted by Jimshipp on 12/17/2013
After paying $90 a month for Hughesnet for 4 years, which went out anytime a leaf fell, we discontinued service when we moved into our new home. We returned all the accessible equipment, but the radio transmitter was up on the roof and we couldn't reach it (nor we we told in advance that we would have to return it). Hughesnet said they would retrieve it for $100. Several months later, they hit my credit card for $210.60 for unreturned equipment. They never even tried to retrieve the transmitter and they charged me for it without prior notification, which overDrew my credit card, and caused several charges to bounce. I have made every possible contact and have been denied satisfaction at every turn. You should never, ever, ever, ever deal with Hughesnet.
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Service and customer service is HORRID
Posted by Michelperretta on 12/17/2013
GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA -- They cancelled my install and did not tell me.... Rescheduled and it took 12 days to get an installer here... Was told that IF I needed stronger signal to call in and upgrade.... Signal was HORRID! There was NO UPGRADE!!! Can't get anyone on the phone....their automated system is looped and it keeps dropping me!!! Because I set up account in my husbands name they will not let me cancel the account without first speaking to him....WHICH... HE CAN'T GET THRU TO THEM BECAUSE THEIR AUTOMATED SYSTEM SUCKS!!!!!

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Terrible, Awful, and Ultimately Frustrating
Posted by Melbart41 on 11/27/2013
VIRGINIA -- I have ben stuck with Hughesnet internet service for 7 years because I had no other options. As soon as I had another option, I took it and have now canceled my Hughesnet service. During these past 7 years, I have been so incredibly frustrated and angered by the Hughesnet technical support, it has been mind-boggling. During the 7 years, I felt scammed by Hughesnet repeatedly. First of all, if there was any wind, or clouds, or any type of weather other than sunny, clear skies, the internet connection would not work. Oftentimes, even if it was sunny with no clouds, the connection would not work. It was always very slow. Secondly, whenever I came close to the end of my 2 year commitment, my internet connection would mysteriously slow down even more. When I called to find out what was wrong, they told me a new satellite had been installed and that I needed a new modem in order to connect to it, which meant that not only did I have to pay for a new modem, but I also had to sign a new 2 year commitment. This happened more than once.

Aside form the internet connection being terrible and very slow, the customer service and technical support was the absolute worst. The representatives are impossible to understand because they barely speak English. I had an added problem because my computer was working from a router, not directly connected to the modem. The representatives were so frustrating and not at all helpful, and many times I would have to turn to someone else to help me get the problem fixed.

When I went to close my account with Hughesnet recently, they assured me the account was closed, only to continue to charge my credit card until I realized what was happening. Trying to cancel it a second time took about 3+ hours on the phone (cumulatively) with several calls only to be disconnected, transferred to another company altogether when I was put on hold (blatantly fraudulent) and told that supervisors were never available. Then, I was told that someone internally at Hughesnet re-activated my account without my authorization or knowledge.

Today, I am told that my Hughesnet account is closed. While I am guarded, I am also very happy to be rid of them. Caveat Emptor - Hughesnet is a terrible company. Do not give them your money.
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Reset Tokens Purchased on Line
Posted by Mooangelose on 11/08/2013
While attempting to purchase reset tokens online I got a message the request could not be processed yet in the end was charged for 3 reset packages. When I saw the extra reset token packages which I still could not use, I called and was told internet purchases are non refundable and it was my mistake even though their system told me I had NOT purchased the reset packages.
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