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100 Town Square Place, Fl. 6
Jersey City, NJ 07310
1-888-621-4043 (ph)
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A Better Way to Try the Products
By -

Out of curiosity, I checked to see if Hydroxatone products are now being sold on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Since many people have unsuccessfully tried the risk free 30-day trial offer from television, I thought HSN might be a safer way to order this brand for the first time. This is not a testimonial for HSN or Hydroxatone, but simply a suggestion.

I have purchased things from HSN in the past, and compared to what I've read about Hydroxatone's customer service, HSN is definitely a better choice. At least you can order with the confidence of knowing there will be no unexpected charges or deductions from your bank account, and that you can return the products hassle free. So, please, don't be fooled by Hydroxatone's seemingly deceptive television advertisements for free trial offers.

If these products appeal to you, and you want to give them a try, I would advise using HSN as an alternative. You will have to pay for return shipping if you are not satisfied, but that is nothing compared to the amounts of money some people have lost dealing with Hydroxatone directly.

Beware Of The Hydroxatone Free Trial Offer, What They don't Tell You!
By -

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- While driving, I was listening to a really long advertisement on the radio about this Hydroxatone cream and how amazing it was, it went on to say that I could receive a 30-day free trial, I'd pay 7.95 for S&H. I wanted to research this product before I called the number, so I pulled over to write it down but found myself calling instead, here's why... The advertisement stated that they were almost out of risk free trials and wanted to give everyone who called "IN TIME" a chance to receive one of the last 100 free trials AND that if I was between the 80Th and 100Th caller I would ALSO receive a $40.00 bottle of Hydroxatone balancing toner as a FREE GIFT.

I figured the FREE GIFT would be another S&H cost so I decided to call to find out. What a surprise, I was caller 84 which meant I called in time for my FREE GIFT and the recording said that I would be shipped both, the cream and my FREE GIFT for only 7.95 to cover S&H, so I punched in my CC number. Shortly after I punched in my CC number is when the real information is disclosed. The recording went on to say... "If at anytime you're not satisfied you can call to cancel". I kept pushing numbers, screaming into the phone to talk to customer service, but the recording kept going.

It then offered me a choice between a Walmart gift card and something else for becoming a new member and I said "NO, Cancel this, I don't want this". I only put in my shipping address and CC number but I NEVER completed the order because after learning that this was not just a hassle free 30-day trial or sample.

The product arrived on Feb 17Th, not a free sample, but instead, 3 bottles of this Hydroxatone cream. It looked as if they are used bottles as there were scuff marks on the containers and the container boxes. There was NO FREE GIFT, but instead an invoice for a total of 217.80 including S&H. The invoice states that my CC will be charged $69.96 on 03/11/10, $69.94 on 04/10/10 and $69.95 on 05/10/10. I called the customer service number they provided but was on hold literally for 28 minutes until I had to hang up.

On Feb 18Th, I called Customer service again and was on hold for another 16 minutes before I finally got to speak with someone, this guy was extremely rude. He said I could keep the cream and pay 139.00 and wash my hands with all of this or I could ship it back. I asked him "Why did I have to pay 7.95 for a product that I have to PAY double that amount to ship back? What about my free sample and free gift?" I told him that it was fraud and that the advertisement never said you had to cancel or pay to ship anything back, as if I have money lying around for shipping and unused product. They never disclosed how expensive the cream is if you decided to keep it.

You want to know what he told me? He said "that is the way American businesses run". Oh by the way, they want you to ship it back to a P.O. Box, imagine that. I'm going to file a claim with the BBB because I don't feel like I should have to pay to ship anything back, especially if I did NOT order it, they should pay for it to be shipped back!

Former Employee
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Rating: 1/51

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- I worked for this company a little over 2 years ago. I admit that their advertising is questionable, but what's worse is their business sensibility. They had a call center manager that was inflating numbers to make it look like we were doing better than we actually were, a "higher up" having relations with his assistant and several leads and supervisors who were drinking on the job selling prescription and street drugs. I must admit I was paid well, but tell me what company folds if the customer threatens BBB, AG or Consumer affairs? To me that degrades your brand.

If you believe so much in the brand then why are they allowing customers to keep the product free of charge once they say those magic words? Atlantic Coast Media group disgusts me. They have cheap products, hire unprofessional staff and advertise deceitful marketing. To anyone that so much as thinks of buying this product, DON'T. I can tell you firsthand I took 50-60 calls a day and out of those customers, a few actually saw immediate results. Some, I coerced in to keeping and paying for it, since that was my livelihood. I will admit our customer base was just as awful. But, again who you market to and how you market will drive your customer base.

FYI this company has also had a couple law suits which is why they had to downsize their call center. They're irresponsible with their money and even had to fire their head marketing VP, because he essentially cost them millions due to his reckless spending. Yes, I am airing their dirty laundry because of their business practices and the way they market. Their commercials also SUCK. They spend millions upon millions on marketing and their commercials are so generic and boring. I will be posting this on every complaint board I can find. People deserve to know who they are buying from.

ADDITIONALLY IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE CREATING PAGES TRYING TO DEBUNK THEIR SCAM!!!!! I want to also note they either created another fly by night company called Radialabs and advertised it with their products to make more money. They told us that this other company was trying to piggy back off our success by making claims that both products work together. It's all BS.

They are a scam
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Rating: 1/51

JERSEY CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I am going through the same thing. I returned the stuff and cancel as they said. Then not even a month later they took out 69.95 out of my account, then the next day they took out another 69.95. I have been calling and e-mailing them everyday. I don't make a lot of money, live pay check by pay check. Now my account is minus because of this company. Can not pay any bills. Within 2 days they took out $139.99. I will be telling people about this scam. When I can I will be talking to a lawyer. I guess before you take up an offer you need to check out the company. What is the world coming to with all the scams?

Returns Only During Trial Period!
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Rating: 2/51

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased this product awhile ago when I saw a very convincing television advertisement about diminishing darkness, wrinkles, and puffiness at the eye area making women look younger and more beautiful. I bought one jar. I used it when I remembered not seeing any significant improvement. However, I thought maybe I should use it more often to help. I then noticed small dust-like particles at my eye area a few hours after application. The small particles got inside my eye and irritated it for a few hours one day. Then I realized it seemed like a defective product. However, I had been a sucker to their salesperson. I kept having to call to postpone the next shipment.

I got a phone call from a man trying to sell me two jars at a discounted price he says for them to remove me from ever being obligated to purchase from them ever again. So, I now have three jars that are defective seems like (and still received sales phone calls). Seems like they tried to get rid of their defective product on their existing customers? Not right. If they made a better and improved version, they should offer or promote that one more I would think? I tried to call and talk to their customer service. They explained that I should have returned my unused portions during their 30-day trial period, even though I have spent a lot of money on these three jars.

He tried to sell me their new improved formula at full price for another 300day trial period. Their customer service staff do not seem very sensitive and caring at all. When I first called he tried to sell me 6 jars without hearing me out. He explained that way I can get their greatest discount. Their new improved product may be better and I would not know since only tried their older product. However, their customer service staff seems inattentive to women's beauty needs as they are aggressive sales people. Beware and return during trial period!

If You Read the Terms
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Rating: 4/51

BIDDEFORD, MAINE -- If ANY of you people took the 30 seconds it takes to READ the "terms and conditions" box that you have to check and accept to move on with the order THEN 90% of these complaints would go away!!!!! You all get mad at HYDROXATONE when you really should be mad at yourself for not understanding what you got yourself into. The terms clearly state that you will be billed for the products if you don't cancel and return within the first 30 days... NOT HYDROXATONE'S FAULT that you didn't do that.

ALSO it states that you will be on an autoship program and get product every 2 months UNLESS YOU CANCEL.. It is not anyone at Hydroxatone's fault that YOU didn't take the time to read these terms but you agreed to them by checking that box.

Doesn't Work, They'll take your money even if you Cancel
By -

Hydrolize, What was I thinking? Just ordering the product took an hour because I had to decline an endless loop of automated product solicitations. Product came I got three jars for which I was financially responsible. Must return one opened and two unopened to get full refund. They don't tell you that. Q: Why send three jars when I only need one to test? (Sneaky). I sent product back in time and I got a US Postal Service delivery receipt that I could track. It was delivered two days after the post mark but they still charged me for another payment. I called with my PO tracking info and they said “receiving must not have logged it into the system”. If I didn't call they were charging.

The product doesn't work, misleading rules to get refund, they only honored the guarantee after hours of time wasted on hold for Customer Service. To eliminate dark circles, stay away from this product, and the extraordinary amount of aggravation.

"FREE" for $217.80
By -

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY 07303-9908, NEW JERSEY -- I have read over two hundred comments on this product, only after my handicapped wife had ordered a 'FREE' sample for $7.95. What they fail to tell you is that the $7.95 is for shipping and handling, and that the extra $209.85 is for the "FREE" sample!! They don't send you a tiny tube of the stuff to try, they send you 3 full bottles, and that you will be charged $69.97 every month for 3 months afterward if you don't quit, or close your debit card and bank account. My poor wife's trial period ended 12/22/10 and on 12/23/10 the first payment of $69.97 was taken from my debit card.

Just so you don't happen to run out of this miracle cream, they keep sending it forever, if you don't stop it. The customer assistance people are young, ignorant and rude! All they know is what is written in front of them, and nothing about the product. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THIS SCAM!!

Company Hydroxatone Is Scam To Rip Consumers Off And Getting Away With It
By -

I just decided to go online and see if anyone had the same problem I did after ordering Hydroxatone (which btw was no better than the moisturizer I already use after years of trials, (ROC btw). The company sent me two bottles, a bottle of toner and a box for a month of vitamins. I paid six ninety-five for shipping, another 3.95 for something else.After fifteen days I packed up the bottles, called the company and asked the process to cancel and get a refund.

The man I spoke with, **, told me there was no refund I hadn't paid anything, just shipping. He said to return containers in boxes which I kept which is important only so they can't throw you into a loophole "you didn't return the box." blah blah blah... I asked if I should return the toner and vitamins he assured me this was a gift to keep, just return used or un-used containers by the 18 of that month. I went to the post office the next day, the 7th, wrote the confirmation return number on both container boxes, the box and the shipping label.

Last week, three months nearly since returning, maybe only two, I received a bill for 139.95 which was late and I would be sent to collections. For me, this was hysterical as my credit is in pathetically sad shape so it's not exactly a threat to me. However, on principle alone I completely snapped. (this was at least the fourth company that charged my ATM card for either ordered or non-ordered products, only one ordered actually.. the Hydroxatone and I did get my money back from the other charges to my account as my bank is really good about that). It was bad timing on their part.

I refuse, REFUSE to be taken advantage of or threatened, if there will be threatening it will be from me for something that is just completely wrong such as this. The first thing I did was cancel my ATM and had a new one sent out so should they try and bill me, which in the letter they sent, it said they did try. "We tried but your account was cancelled". I would have freaked out and burnt down the building if they had.

Feeling better at knowing I had beat them at their own game, I then did what I do best.. wrote to them (please do not take this as any sample of my writing talent or style that would not be fair, plus I don't like re-reading what I write or editing and I type fast so often there are often many mistakes. Sorry but I don't care, I have enough editing to do in my own life. I emailed them and called. A day or so after my email to them they wrote me back.. (as I finally hung up when I called from being on hold (for three days.) In my email I told them... I told them that there would be no way I would allow the charge, and if they wrote me again I would sue them for harassment.

I informed them I had all my notes of when I ordered, received, called, sent back, shipping slip, ev er eeee thinnnnggg guh! That what they were doing was basically extortion and when I got done with them they would be bankrupt. I was quite annoyed to say the least, I'm not a nutcase I just wasn't going to go through this ** again. I also let them know I was a writer and would have an article in the Press Telegram and LA Times the next day, they'd messed with the wrong freak of nature. Their email told me that they would wave the charges this time.. this time! What is that? Oh yes, like I'm going to order your product again, I think not, idiots.

They said they received my product on the 20th when it was due on the 18th (I had a slip proving it had been received on the 10th) but, under the circumstances me being such a good customer and all, they'd close my account, how kind of them. If you have ordered this product and want to keep from being billed keep all your info, but you are going to get charged I'm afraid anyway. Best thing to do? Not order. ROC, one of God knows how many moisturizers, has the same ingredients only I think 1.5 ml or whatever it is, less And is 21.99 for a bottle that lasts me two months easily.

HYDROXATONE is ripping people off and getting away with it. Avoid them at all costs I advise. May you feel young and beautiful all your life, and may you be safe from predators such as these. (Oh I noticed they also changed the color of their product from green to blue, and their email from Hydroxatone.com to something cheesy like stayyoung. Bite me. Peace and Love. God Bless.

Hydroxatone - Free Free Trial - SCAM
By -

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- Site: http://www.hydroxatone.com/ - Ordered Product under the terms of a free 30-day trial. Ordered product on day 20 called to refund product. Product did not work like described. They said "OK Here is your RMA Number, Please ensure it is postmarked by Oct 15th 2009"- No problem. Two jars mailed. USPS back with delivery confirmation. Delivered, October 05, 2009, 7:44 am, JERSEY CITY, NJ 07303. Acceptance, October 02, 2009, 2:15 pm, **. They got it back Oct 5th, 2009. Then I got billed: 10/16/2009 - DBT Purchase - $69.95. Memo: HYDROLYZE * 866-922-9787 NJ

11 DAYS LATER. 11 DAYS. I called them they said "I don't know why you got billed you should be refunded the amount shortly". When I asked what "shortly" was he was unable to provide a date. The guy got hostile. The conversation shortly thereafter ended. You have been warned. Free Trial means they get to mess up your bank account. You get to spend your time playing phone tag for three weeks trying to get your money back. And you have to cancel your credit card to keep from repeat billing.

Also Note: The package came with TWO cream containers not three. They said it would have three but when it showed up having two I called them. "There was a problem at the shipping bay". I think this was part of the scam too. They are going to spout that "We shipped you three but you only returned two, hence you owe us one. 70 bucks". I have not reached that stage yet. NOTE: I followed the terms and conditions. I called on day 20 to ensure that repeat billing would not occur. I played their game and lost. You have been warned. (Bad Company & Practices)

UPDATE 11/16 - They charged my account yet again after they said they will send back my money. 11/04/2009 - DBT Purchase - $69.95. Memo: HYDROLYZE * 866-9229787 NJ **. 10/16/2009 - DBT Purchase - $69.95. Memo: HYDROLYZE * 866-9229787 NJ **

Update after calling them 2009-11-16 @ 3:40 PM - I recorded this conversation as these people are just nuts. They first said "Well we don't see an additional bill for the 69.99". Like I can not read a freaking bank statement. Nice. They then tried "You should not have sent it back because it was due back Oct 20th." Umm. Well why does the delivery confirmation say it was delivered to you on the 5th? "O.. Well. I guess you are right.". They said Yet again they will pay me back now 139.90. They didn't know why but "it is all set now..." Hmm.. Heard this before some place. Don't trust this company.

Final Update (Hopefully) 11/18 - Credit of 139.90 was delivered to my bank account. 11/17/2009 - DBT Return - $139.90. Memo: HYDROLYZE * 866-9229787 NJ **. So if you don't mind 3 to 4 months of headaches, having to cancel your credit card, get the free trial. :-O If you do document and KEEP EVERYTHING! You will need it.

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