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Hydroxatone's Free Offer Is A Setup - Beware!
Posted by on
SACRAMENTO -- I saw an ad for 30-day risk free trial of Hydroxatone anti-aging cream and decided to order it. The person I spoke to said they were also offering a free travel publication that included coupons and bargains, so I told them to send it. I was told I would be only be charged for shipping and handling. (I was naive' enough to think I would receive a small amount of the cream to use for 30 days and could make a full order if I liked it.)

I received 2 large jars of the cream. An insert explained that I needed to return the jars within 30 days or I would be automatically billed $69.95 for the cream. I knew I didn't want to pay this amount for ANY anti-aging cream, so I immediately called the company on 6/24/08 and cancelled my account. Fortunately, I read several complaints online about this company's tendency to continue billing customers and claim that they didn't receive the returned jars. So, I paid extra to get a "Delivery Confirmation" receipt from the post office. I sent the jars on 6/28/08 and confirmed through the post office that they received the jars on 6/30/08.

Well, you guessed it, a charge for the cream was billed to my account on 7/28/08 which I am now disputing. In addition, 2 publications, "Easy Saver" and "American Leisure" appeared on my account with bills for $16.95 each. When I called to ask who they were, the person told me I signed up to receive the magazines (which I never received) when I ordered the free trial of Hydroxatone cream. Fortunately, she refunded the charges.

This is such a scam! Don't fall for it.
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 08/12/2008:
I had a similar experience with them. Glad you got the delivery confirmation. Even so they still charged my CC but when I called and gave the tracking number they quickly zeroed out the balance. There really was 'no' free trial as if you didn't call they would bill you.
CrazyRedHead on 08/14/2008:
Good thinking on getting receipt confirmation, now they can't lie about it.
kmlawn on 08/18/2008:
Yes, this happened to me. I did use the cream for a time, but they sent so much so frequently that I could never use it up. I sent some unopened bottles back per their return policy, and never received a credit or heard a word from them. Later I discovered the "Encore Marketing - American Leisure" charges that had been occurring monthly on our credit card. I hadn't noticed them before as my husband pays the bill and assumed it was something I ordered. I never would have agreed to such a service and don't recall ever receiving anything from them. I reversed what charges I could, and filed a complaint to the Attorney General of Maryland (where Encore Marketing is located) demanding a refund. My next letter will be to Hydroxatone (how dare they disclose my credit card to another company without my consent.) I never saw a dime of benefit from American Leisure, nor do I have any clue what they do. I'm out over $260 to them, and the money Hydroxatone never reimbursed me. Beware companies who need to resort to such deceitful tactics to sell their products, because they likely can't sell them otherwise. They take advantage of the fact that people are busy and unlikely to question a $14 charge on a $2000 credit card statement, but will keep hitting it every month until it adds up.
SavannahJeff on 12/01/2008:
Recently suckered into this myself, I just initiated the return; many thanks for all the heads-up comments. Product did not work for my wife. The "am-pm treatment" stuff made her eyes tear up, though not from joy.

I'm curious as to why a company would go out of its way to discourage me from contacting my credit card company before returning its product - that's actually printed in bold on the return card they shipped with the order. Are they anticipating something?

Several attempts to call them and get past the "all circuits busy" message finally paid off. (I thought that was part of their scam until my call actually went through.) Their phone system greeting is a female voice with an English accent, talking about how wonderful the product is; I assume this was done to give callers an impression of the company's poise and class. However, since the narration was spoken directly into their answering machine's echoey speakerphone, instead of professionally produced a recording studio, I got quite the opposite impression.

All that aside, the person I spoke with there (Dierdra) was quite courteous. She did try to tell me that the problems we have with the product are because we ordered the wrong one, and tried to talk me into switching to something else. Nope.

She provided a Cancellation number and was clear with me as to the exact date on which the product needed to be returned to them in order to avoid additional charges.

When asked, she confirmed that I was no longer in their auto-ship program. She even suggested that I opt for delivery confirmation at the post office in order to track the return.

So far so good; I'll let you know if we actually avoid any additional charges from them or from Encore marketing.
mormonchic21 on 01/07/2009:
Hydroxatone totally got me with their so-called "free trial." I received the product, broke out in a rash, sent it back, and have been charged for the stuff! They claim they never got it back! I paid for priority mail 2 weeks ago, so I KNOW they are lying. Unfortunately, I lost my delivery confirmation number, so I'm screwed. Never in my life have I delt with such a dishonest company!!!
ajtheamazing on 07/16/2009:
Well, first off I am a customer service rep for this company. What I would like to say is number one: that our company is not the only company in the world that offers a risk-free trial. If you cannot grasp the concept of a risk-free trial than you truly are an idiot and should not order anything over the phone. Secondly, most of you customers scam us! You people lie,lie,lie. Sometimes I get so damn aggravated by the amount of pure ignorance I hear on the phone. You people honestly disgust me. Do you really think if you walked into a department store and asked to bring home a $60 dollar jar of wrinkle cream and use it for 30 days the sales clerk would oblige that? Our company loses money everyday, because people like YOU (and that pertains to people complaining about our products)scam us. I have some people who order the rft several times in a year and get away with it, they NEVER purchase the product, they always send it back before the 30 days. And by the way for those of you that do that...I am hip to your BS...don't think you can try that with me as your customer service rep. Also, for those of you that claim you NEVER received your shipments, I'd advise you not to do that. You will get caught. Lastly, for those of you who claim to have NEVER ordered the product in the first place, don't do that...we can pull the initial sales call. O and before I end this rant. LISTEN TO THE INITIAL SALES REP AND READ YOUR INVOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't blame us for your lack of intelligence.
Shouldn't be Surprised on 01/05/2010:
Wish I had read these comments before I ordered the 30-day free trial of Hydroxatone. And also I should have known better - nothing is free. Via the yougerlookineyes.com website in Dec 2009 I requested the 'free trial' of Hydroxatone and charged the $8.95 shipping/handling fee plus the extra $1.59 for insurance. And yes I read the fine print on the website about the auto ship and the charges associated with it as well as the refund policy. In a few days received two jar and followed the directions for use. Within the week of using Hydroxatone I broke out in a rash. No surprise - I'm allergic to everything. But thought with a free trial I'll give it a try; what could I possibly lose. I called to cancel well within the 30 days - Jan 4,2010. The very day I called to cancel, my credit card was charged $139.90 the cost of both jars! Why? Despite the fact: 1. That I called to cancel and return the remaining product well within the 30 days. 2. If Hydroxatone had worked for me and I had decided to keep both jars my credit card would have been charged on Jan. 17, 2010 $69.00. So why again was my credit card charged $139.00 on Jan 4, 2010? I plan to find out and will let you know. But for now - BUYER BEWARE
Lori on 07/31/2012:
DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF OR TRY THE "TRIAL OFFER!!" Well, too bad I didn't see this site before I got screwed by this company!! I got the trial offer for $1.99 and then my life fell apart and I lost track of the days and didn't cancel within the 30 days. SO yeah, I screwed myself too by not doing it in time. THEN I received another shipment, called, cancelled, returned the product and they still billed me. I was told I would get a credit back but Michaela on the phone just told me that I would not get a credit that it was for the first shipment!! So I am out $140 for crap!! This company if perfect if you have money to waste and don't care, go ahead and order it! BUT if you think it's too good to be true then yeah it is! As for the rep that works for these crooks, congrats, I hope you feel good about the lies you tell and the attitude you give people when we cancel, return your product and still have our money stolen from "your" company! Sure some people order things out of greed and then there are those who truly believe the lies you try to sell!
Almitra on 06/25/2013:
I can't believe this.I'm going through this now.I'm trying my best to cancel sending all the jars back full n no respond.My money is still being withdrawn out of my account.I even tried emailing the company n callin by phone it just never go through.I need some help with canceling this product.
Katherine on 08/12/2013:
I ordered this a few weeks ago. It's at the post office and I have to pay $29.10. I phoned customer service and told them I'm not interested in the product, I'm canceling. I told them I'm not going to pick it up. I was told there is no return address on the outside. In order to send it back, I have to pay for it, open it and then pay to ship it back! I told them it's not going to happen. I was told my credit card will be charged. I said go for it. I used a prepaid credit card and there's no money left on it. I was then told if I don't ship it back, it's gong to effect my credit rating. What a bunch of scammers
Vielside on 09/05/2013:
I found this products from my pop-up browser which said FREE GIFTS and only cost $1.99 shipping fee to received the 30 Days Free Risk Trial.
I received the items after 4 or 5 days but I didn't read about the invoice.My friend just read it for me it says I will be charge on next month and second month for $139.90. I was shocked and I hurry called to the number given from the website. I was talked to a girl inside the phone I said I would like to discontinue the products but she said I going to be charged for the products fees which was $139.90 and going to charged my card now ,I replied that I didn't sign up for anything but she said since I applied for the free-trial it was content the another 2 months products. I hanged down the phone and call my bank account immediately which has nothing changed and called to bank to frozen my account and double check with the bank that the amount I checked it was same what I have seen from internet.
I cannot predict what will happens but I have some ideas to prevent they charge you the next bill.
1)Frozen your account after/before you make a phone call
2)Report lost card of your credit/debit card , so they can't charge you in the future (because of the card number has changed-just my 2 cents)

Above they are my methods and I will not sign up for free-trial from oversea company anymore, you can't complain and get the money back from that far.

From Auckland , New Zealand.
Linh on 10/06/2014:
I don't like how this company advertises their trial products for $1.99. It is the way they trick you in for future charges because they have your payment information already. Be aware that the first month trial for $1.99 sound good but they send you two months worth of products then they charge you for 2nd month for the follow month.
And so on. My advise to you all not to give this and any other online company your debit card/ credit card information. It is a convenient for them to charge you more and more. it is scam.
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A Better Way to Try the Products
Posted by on
Out of curiosity, I checked to see if Hydroxatone products are now being sold on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Since many people have unsuccessfully tried the risk free 30-day trial offer from television, I thought HSN might be a safer way to order this brand for the first time. This is not a testimonial for HSN or Hydroxatone, but simply a suggestion. I have purchased things from HSN in the past, and compared to what I've read about Hydroxatone's customer service, HSN is definitely a better choice. At least you can order with the confidence of knowing there will be no unexpected charges or deductions from your bank account, and that you can return the products hassle free.

So, please, don't be fooled by Hydroxatone's seemingly deceptive television advertisements for free trial offers. If these products appeal to you, and you want to give them a try, I would advise using HSN as an alternative. You will have to pay for return shipping if you are not satisfied, but that is nothing compared to the amounts of money some people have lost dealing with Hydroxatone directly.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/12/2011:
Good review, Venice, and a good alternative for ordering this product.
jktshff1 on 05/12/2011:
Good information V09
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
Very good advice Venice! I am surprised HSN would carry their products, since they have such a bad rep. You are right...it would be wise to order from HSN instead of directly from Hydroxotone.
Venice09 on 05/12/2011:
The products might actually be good, Nicole. But people are so turned off by the order/return process that they never have a chance to find out. If I wanted to try Hydroxatone, I would definitely get it from HSN. At the very least, they won't keep draining your bank account!
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
Very true, Venice. I notice in a lot of reviews that customers say the product did not work. But they could just be livid after having their bank account emptied. I know I would be!
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
Another alternative is to order using your credit card if your card offers "single-use" numbers. Most credit cards offer this service for online shopping and I use it frequently. That is how I tried this product out. It burned my face btw :( but that isn't unusual, I have very sensitive skin.
MRM on 05/12/2011:
Blue, I use Bank of America that generates peudo numbers that can be used one time. I use it all the time when shopping online.
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
I use it with BoA but mostly through Discover. They have a browser plug-in that generates a popup window and PRESTO! new number.
Sparticus on 05/12/2011:
Awesome review. An easy solution for folks who want to try it without the risk. Nice sleuthing! =)
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
Ulta also carries this product in stores.
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
I did not know that Ulta carries this. That was on my list of places to shop today.
Venice09 on 05/12/2011:
I didn't know that, unslated. We have an Ulta store here but I've never gone in. I wonder what their return policy is. I'm also curious how the prices compare to HSN. Maybe I'll check it out.
Venice09 on 05/12/2011:
I just looked at the reviews on HSN. The three top selling products in the line, averaging $70 each, only have two to three stars. I didn't actually read the reviews, but that's not very impressive.
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
Venice, you never checked out Ulta? It's a pretty good store, and I did return one item and had no issues there. I like it because they carry many of the high end brands, but they also have brands you can find at drug stores. Plus they have a ton of hair products and tools. I have tried the Ulta brand, and although their make up is not very good, their lotions and shower gels are.
Venice09 on 05/12/2011:
I know. I can't believe I haven't gone yet. I was going to stop in around Christmas but just didn't get around to it. I really don't buy too much anymore, but I am curious as to what they have to offer. I'll make a point of going in the next time I'm in that area.
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
It's worth checking out. They usually have some sort of deal going on, like buy 2 lotions and get 1 free sort of thing. If you get on their mailing list, they will send coupons too. I have gotten quite a few free things from them like candles, beach towels and different sorts of totes and bags.
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
Great info, Venice!
Anonymous on 05/12/2011:
Thanks, Venice.
Venice09 on 05/12/2011:
I promise to go, Nicole. I at least want to get on the mailing list!
TWL on 05/20/2011:
I returned all the products and asked my credit card company to investigate. I finally received a credit but with all the hocus pocus of this outfit, I am unable to determine if full credit was issued for all shipments. Also, be careful of a companion product - Radialabs???
PepperElf on 05/20/2011:
if it's "free" you wouldn't need a credit card.
Venice09 on 05/20/2011:
Good advice about Radialabs, TWL. They certainly do seem to be related.

I don't mind using a credit card to cover shipping and handling of a free product, depending on the amount. I don't expect to get a free product shipped to me for free. A trustworthy company will not take advantage of your credit card info. Apparently Hydroxatone is not one of those companies.
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Beware Of The Hydroxatone Free Trial Offer, What They don't Tell You!
Posted by on
JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- While driving, I was listening to a really long advertisement on the radio about this Hydroxatone cream and how amazing it was, it went on to say that I could receive a 30 day free trial, I'd pay 7.95 for S&H. I wanted to research this product before I called the number, so I pulled over to write it down but found myself calling instead, here's why...

The advertisement stated that they were almost out of risk free trials and wanted to give everyone who called "IN TIME" a chance to receive one of the last 100 free trials AND that if I was between the 80Th and 100Th caller I would ALSO receive a $40.00 bottle of Hydroxatone balancing toner as a FREE GIFT. I figured the FREE GIFT would be another S&H cost so I decided to call to find out. What a surprise, I was caller 84 which meant I called in time for my FREE GIFT and the recording said that I would be shipped both, the cream and my FREE GIFT for only 7.95 to cover S&H, so I punched in my CC number.

Shortly after I punched in my CC number is when the real information is disclosed. The recording went on to say...if at anytime your not satisfied you can call to cancel, I kept pushing numbers, screaming into the phone to talk to customer service, but the recording kept going. It then offered me a choice between a Walmart gift card and something else for becoming a new member and I said NO, Cancel this, I don't want this, I only put in my shipping address and CC number but I NEVER completed the order because after learning that this was not just a hassle free 30 day trial or sample.

The product arrived on Feb 17Th, not a free sample, but instead, 3 bottles of this Hydroxatone cream, it looked as if they are used bottles as there were scuff marks on the containers and the container boxes. There was NO FREE GIFT, but instead an invoice for a total of 217.80 including S&H. The invoice states that my CC will be charged $69.96 on 03/11/10, $69.94 on 04/10/10 and $69.95 on 05/10/10. I called the customer service number they provided but was on hold literally for 28 minutes until I had to hang up.

On Feb 18Th, I called Customer service again and was on hold for another 16 minutes before I finally got to speak with someone, this guy was extremely rude. He said I could keep the cream and pay 139.00 and wash my hands with all of this or I could ship it back. I asked him why did I have to pay 7.95 for a product that I have to PAY double that amount to ship back, what about my free sample and free gift. I told him that it was fraud and that the advertisement never said you had to cancel or pay to ship anything back, as if I have money lying around for shipping an unused product. They never disclosed how expensive the cream is if you decided to keep it. You want to know what he told me? He said "that is the way American businesses run" Oh by the way, they want you to ship it back to a P. O. Box, imagine that. I'm going to file a claim with the BBB because I don't feel like I should have to pay to ship anything back, especially if I did NOT order it, they should pay for it to be shipped back!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 02/22/2010:
The truth of the matter is that once you give out your credit card information, you pretty much leave yourself open to being charged for just about anything. A lot of offers like this work the same way. Sure, you can go back and try to undo what's been done, but the company is banking on some people not wanting to be bothered and instead just keeping the products.

I'm sorry this happened to you, and I do hope you get the charges off your card even if it means paying the return shipping. And I wouldn't count on getting the sample or free gift. That was just to reel you in.
Diva Terri on 05/20/2011:
Oh my goodness, I'm always so very leary and careful of online offers, and I would never buy anything from Hydroxatone. I have never heard one positive comment about them. Caveat emptor...let the buyer beware!!
Lia on 12/11/2013:
I placed my order more than a week ago and still have not received my order...about to try to stop the order as they now have my credit card details....
Tess on 12/20/2013:
Go back to the credit card company. All purchases placad through a credit card Cary insurance. See what they can due to help
Linda on 12/27/2013:
Thanks, ladies....wish I had've known about all of the above....I got 'sucked" in well....only now for the 2nd TIME Guess I'll have to go to the Credit Card Co. What a damn scam! I wish I hadn't have been so damn STUPID!!!!
Unhappy Customer on 12/31/2013:
I read that communication too late ... I got billing for what was supposed to be a FREE TRIAL KIT ( $150 ). You add to that amount, the shipment and custom costs. Those companies are "legally" stealing customers.
Babs on 01/10/2014:
I always have wanted to try this product glad now that I didn't. You can also file a complaint to your states Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs
Bo Rackley on 08/12/2014:
My so called free offer has turned into a full payment and mine being more because I paid all up front to save, 159 plus ship and handl. Still trying to resolve issue. Not happy.
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Former Employee
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- I worked for this company a little over 2 years ago. I admit that their advertising is questionable, but what's worse is their business sensibility. They had a call center manager that was inflating numbers to make it look like we were doing better than we actually were, a "higher up" having relations with his assistant and several leads and supervisors who were drinking on the job selling prescription and street drugs.

I must admit I was paid well, but tell me what company folds if the customer threatens BBB, AG or Consumer affairs? To me that degrades your brand. If you believe so much in the brand then why are they allowing customers to keep the product free of charge once they say those magic words? Atlantic Coast Media group disgusts me. They have cheap products, hire unprofessional staff and advertise deceitful marketing.

To anyone that so much as thinks of buying this product, DON'T. I can tell you first hand I took 50-60 calls a day and out of those customers, a few actually saw immediate results. Some, I coerced in to keeping and paying for it, since that was my livelihood. I will admit our customer base was just as awful. But, again who you market to and how you market will drive your customer base. FYI this company has also had a couple law suits which is why they had to downsize their call center. They're irresponsible with their money and even had to fire their head marketing VP, because he essentially cost them millions due to his reckless spending.

Yes, I am airing their dirty laundry because of their business practices and the way they market. Their commercials also SUCK. They spend millions upon millions on marketing and their commercials are so generic and boring. I will be posting this on every complaint board I can find. People deserve to know who they are buying from. ADDITIONALLY IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE CREATING PAGES TRYING TO DEBUNK THEIR SCAM!!!!! I want to also note they either created another fly by night company called Radialabs and advertised it with their products to make more money. They told us that this other company was trying to piggy back off our success by making claims that both products work together. It's all BS.
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"FREE" for $217.80
Posted by on
JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY 07303-9908, NEW JERSEY -- I have read over two hundred comments on this product, only after my handicapped wife had ordered a 'FREE' sample for $7.95. What they fail to tell you is that the $7.95 is for shipping and handling, and that the extra $209.85 is for the "FREE" sample!! They don't send you a tiny tube of the stuff to try, they send you 3 full bottles, and that you will be charged $69.97 every month for 3 months afterward if you don't quit, or close your debit card and bank account. My poor wives trial period ended 12/22/10 and on 12/23/10 the first payment of $69.97 was taken from my debit card. Just so you don't happen to run out of this miracle cream, they keep sending it forever, if you don't stop it. The customer assistance people are young, ignorant and rude!

All they know is what is written in front of them, and nothing about the product. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THIS SCAM!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/15/2011:
I get so fed up with the amount of complaints regarding companies like Hydroxatone, Radialabs, Proactiv, Murad, and so on. Yeah, I agree with a lot of the posters that they are a shady in enrolling you in their auto shipment programs, but you really have to READ THE FINE PRINT, at all times, with anything you do before giving out your bank info. I wish these companies were required to make their customers 100% aware that they are enrolling into an auto shipment agreement though. I think it's really sad this happens to so many people, and they end up losing so much money or over drawling on their bank accounts, but it really could be avoided if you just...read the fine print.
Alain on 01/16/2011:
Contact the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs at 973-504-6200 about this or send them an e-mail via askconsumeraffairs@lps.state.nj.us
Alain on 01/16/2011:
In the future, OP, you might want to consider that many of the very expensive products advertised on TV or the Internet as wonderful, miraculous anti-aging creams are no more effective than reasonably priced moisturizing creams available at your local drug store.
HOCKEYLOVER on 02/03/2011:
How would it work if you open debit for just these types of purchases and put in only the amount of s/h there is all you need to send for the first buy.
What I am getting at is some of these scams say buy
one and just pay s/h for the second one.
CeeTwo on 02/03/2011:
Add LeanSpa to the list. They also say get a free SAMPLE, but send the full bottle, and only tell you in tiny, tiny print on the shipping receipt that you'll be charged the full amount if you don't return it within 14 days and that you are enrolled in an automatic shipment process.
chrissiann on 02/03/2011:
It is a heinous shame. These websites (especially the ones with popup ads on Facebook and other places with creams that promise a full facelift) are set up to fool customers with sites that are made to look like News sites with a picture of a woman who looks like a reporter. They lift images of facelift patients from plastic surgery websites and use them as "before and after" customers who use the cream they are selling. My medical school has already sued one of them for using our name as a supporter of their cream, when in fact, we NEVER endorsed them! By law they are now forced to put small print at the bottom of their sites. Read carefully. They state such sentences as "This is not to be taken literally" etc. The whole thing is a sham and intended to scam innocent people who want to look good on a budget. Keep your money. And if you really want a face lift, the best thing is to save up for a real one and not waste money on these scams.
Augustus2099 on 02/12/2011:
I never believe these ads if its to good to be true it most likely is.
lorrwill on 02/13/2011:
I don't consider this a scam since the company disclosed its terms which the consumer accepted.

It is the consumer's responsibility to read ever last word of the "fine print" before entering into a financial agreement with a company.

It would be a scam if A. the terms were not fully disclosed or B. the terms were not honored by the company.

Is this ethical? Probably not. Legal? Yes.
Cwazychicken on 03/13/2011:
I won't buy anything on TV. I'd rather have wrinkles than have to deal with a company like this again. A long time ago I requested a "sample" and was charged 40 bucks for a product I never received. They put me negative and I fought tooth and nail to get it back. I cancelled within the time frame and everything. I did get my refund, then I closed my account incase they ever tried to get anything from me again. Lesson learned, things on TV that work you can find at Walmart or other stores. If not, then I wouldn't waste my time on it lol.

Id say this was 10 years ago and I read the terms and it never stated they would take it out immediately. They said try it and we will bill you after the period is up...which I cancelled before then because I didn't receive it. I don't think this company exists any more, hence I don't remember the name. They probably just changed their name.

Back then, nobody bothered to put it down until people started suing. Now people are protected in writing and still scamming people. Its a shame!
Josie on 07/25/2011:
Yes, what I had to due to cancel this company from withdrawing money from my acct., send the empty bottles back, get a receipt. I hope they do not bother me. Sorry you had trouble. I read the FINE print when I received my 1st package.
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Horrible Customer Service, Unethical Billing
Posted by on
This is the worst company I have dealt within my entire life.

- They enroll you to tons of different service without your permissions, including myeasysaver discount shopping, discount dinning and what not. All of them start charging you monthly fees.

- The product, in my case was never delivered.

- When called, they took 45 minutes to answer the cancellation line, just to tell me the system is down and that I need to call back.

- called up many more times, each time no one is Customer Service ever picks up the mail box was full.

Save yourself trouble. Don't deal with this company.

Finally disputed the charges with the credit card company and they refunded the money.

Thanks & God Bless.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
Not to be smart or anything, but did you Google this product for reviews before handing the company your money? There is nothing good said about it anywhere. In fact, most of the complaints look exactly like yours. It's best to go to a department store, get samples of what they sell and see if it works, and then buy it.

This came up when I did:

Anonymous on 04/02/2010:
This is a PSI: When you order anything online. Read the "Terms of Service" because most likely they will enroll you in a "Auto Ship' program, so that "just pay for S/H item comes to your door again for $89.99 in 2 months.
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They are a scam
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JERSEY CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I am going through the same thing. I returned the stuff and cancel. As they said. Then not even a month later they took out 69.95 out of my account, then the next day they took out another 69.95. I have been calling and e-mailing them everyday. I don't make a lot of money live pay check by pay check. Now my account is minus because of this company. Can not pay any bills. Within 2 days they took out $139.99. I will be telling people about this scam. When I can I will be talking to a lawyer. I guess before you take up a offer you need to check out the company. What is the world coming to with all the scams?
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Alain on 12/15/2012:
As you can see from the numerous negative reviews about this stuff, Hydroxatone has been running this for at least a couple of years now. Before you pay for some "miracle!" health or beauty product advertised on the Internet or late night TV (most of what's advertised there is junk), try looking at your local pharmacy or grocery store. They usually have something just as good or better for a reasonable price.
leet60 on 12/15/2012:
You need to conact your bank and if this money is taken from a checking account, change the account number; if from a credit/debit card have the card cancelled and reissued with a new number.
Brigitte on 12/28/2012:
I had no problem cancelling. You MUST get a cancellation number and call your credit card company. If there are any more deductions - call them and they will take care of things. Without the cancellation number you might have a battle on hand! Cancelling or changing the credit card number does nothing for you. The credit card company can bill you anyway for up to 8 years. That's what I have been told by Amex.
Patti on 09/11/2013:
This is definitely a scam! I received this stuff and called Cust. Svc. and got the run around from them when I told them I did not want this product anymore. It came across as a flash ad on the Avon website. Thinking it was an Avon product for a free trial I ordered it but woe and behold I ended up with $69.95 product I'll never use. Cust. Svc. is very condensending and anyone who thinks they're buying a "miracle cream" DON'T, they'll suck you dry.
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Returns Only During Trial Period!
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JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased this product awhile ago when I saw a very convincing television advertisement about diminishing darkness, wrinkles, and puffiness at the eye area making women look younger and more beautiful. I bought one jar. I used it when I remembered not seeing any significant improvement. However, I thought maybe I should use it more often to help. I then noticed small dust-like particles at my eye area a few hours after application. The small particles got inside my eye and irritated it for a few hours one day. Then I realized it seemed like a defective product. However, I had been a sucker to their salesperson. I kept having to call to postpone the next shipment. I got a phone call from a man trying to sell me two jars at a discounted price he says for them to remove me from ever being obligated to purchase from them ever again. So, I now have three jars that are defective seems like (and still received sales phone calls). Seems like they tried to get rid of their defective product on their existing customers? Not right. If they made a better and improved version, they should offer or promote that one more I would think? I tried to call and talk to their customer service. They explained that I should have returned my unused portions during their 30 day trial period, even though I have spent a lot of money on these three jars. He tried to sell me their new improved formula at full price for another 30 day trial period. Their customer service staff do not seem very sensitive and caring at all.

When I first called he tried to sell me 6 jars without hearing me out. He explained that way I can get their greatest discount. Their new improved product may be better and I would not know since only tried their older product. However, their customer service staff seems inattentive to women's beauty needs as they are aggressive sales people. Beware and return during trial period!
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Alain on 11/26/2012:
This product and company has a lengthy history of complaints. You'd be better off getting a comparable and less expensive product from your local pharmacy or grocery.
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Did not let me know I would have to pay for product, said that I would have to pay $1.99 for postage
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Hydroxatone was advertised and it stated that you would have to pay only$1.99 postage they have already taken $69.95 out of my account and are due to take another $69.95 in September and will send it every month which I never asked for, I am an old age pensioner so I cannot afford to pay this money, they have my bank details so I afraid that they will continue to take it from my account. They have stated that I can cancel it but I cannot get through to them as I need a number when I am sending the product back and I cannot get it perhaps ye can help me.
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spiderman2 on 09/03/2011:
Here is the link to their customer service for what its worth. I would close my checking account at the bank and open a new one, possibly with another bank to guarantee that they don't have access to your money. Refuse any further shipments and call and email until you get a response from the company. Document everything that is said and who you spoke to. Most importantly, please remember anything that is "free" should not require a credit card number. Also, if you are going to give someone a number, please do NOT give them the number associated with your checking account. You are opening yourself up to a world of heartache by doing this. Good luck.
Jenny Harrod on 05/17/2013:
it has happened to me too, went to the website for the free trial with postage for $1.99. but the end amount almost $200.00. I phoned the customer service to have this cancelled but my credit is showing that are deducting the amount. This is not a good company. They are not upfront about everything. can somebody do something about this. many people are going to be out of pocket because of this underhanded lot of people.
ann willett on 07/09/2013:
the same thing happened to me and I even returned the product and they still charged me. you can go to your bank and tell them about it and they will not let them take money out anymore.
Robyn Hollier on 07/29/2013:
on your receit there is no amount written so can check on what u are taking . I also paid a lot more than $1.99 now I have a debit with my bank
Colleen Sloane on 09/11/2013:
please do not send me anymore of this product.There was hardly anything in the jar and I dSorry about thiso not fancy paying $130.00 for next to nothing
Maryann Jobson on 10/30/2013:
Hydroxatone was advertised and it stated that you would have to pay only$1.99 postage they have already taken $69.95 out of my account and another $69.95 I have not received my goods that I apparently have paid for, I would like all the creams I have apparentley paid for as you have already taken the money. My address is still the same which you have from my details so once you have sent me all the creams I have paid for then you can stop taking money from my card thanks.
scottie pitt on 11/30/2013:
How can this company get away with this deceit Absolutely impossible to contact customer service I will be taking this complaint to the media .
linda bridge on 01/03/2014:
I thought this was a reputable company what a joke I did not order anything and have not received anything from them but they r taking money from my account and I need you to STOP right now
Colleen on 01/30/2014:
I also fell for this as I did not read the fine print. The product did fade some of my sunspots but as a pensioner I can't afford it. Will have to live with me aging complexion.
liz whiu on 02/25/2014:
Emailed customer services got a response email that someone wil get back to me in 1-2 days.I too fell for the $1.99 going to ring my bank to stop payments before they happen.totally annoyed at myself
Margot Beale on 03/03/2014:
I have also received a bill for $84.54(NZ).
I want ensure that I do not receive any further shipments but am having difficulty sending a cancellation via their website.
Alicewill on 03/13/2014:
Me too got scam be them very bad for business HYDROXATONE Change all yr bank a/c and credit card
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Doesn't Work, They'll take your money even if you Cancel
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Hydrolize, What was I thinking? Just ordering the product took an hour because I had to decline an endless loop of automated product solicitations. Product came I got three jars for which I was financially responsible. Must return one opened and two unopened to get full refund. They don't tell you that. Q: Why send three jars when I only need one to test? (Sneaky). I sent product back in time and I got a US Postal Service delivery receipt that I could track. It was delivered two days after the post mark but they still charged me for another payment. I called with my PO tracking info and they said “receiving must not have logged it into the system”. If I didn't call they were charging.

The product doesn't work, misleading rules to get refund, they only honored the guarantee after hours of time wasted on hold for Customer Service. To eliminate dark circles, stay away from this product, and the extraordinary amount of aggravation.
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Skye on 01/19/2011:
The minute they asked for your credit card number, the free offer was no longer free. They lure you in, and all you have are nothing but headaches.

tnchuck100 on 01/19/2011:
You would think by now the FTC would be able to nail them for false advertising. "Risk free" is absolutely false!
Anonymous on 01/19/2011:
If I see a so called free product advertised and I order it and they want my credit card information I say no thanks and hang up.

To me when they say FREE it should be free no shipping charges no asking for any financial info at all but then they wouldn't make money huh?
Skye on 01/19/2011:
Notice the work, "RISK". That's what it is, a big "RISK" with this company.

Most other scammers just say, "free offer".
Skye on 01/19/2011:
I think if they expect a person to pay for shipping, send the item COD, and the customer can pay for the order COD.

Free does not need a credit card number. All the Hydroxatone customers end up with are headaches, and new wrinkles.

Good advice Wally.
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