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Customer service
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JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- This is the worst company when it comes to customer service I have ever dealt with. I originally started to order the product I had seen advertised on TV but never finished placing my order. After I read the terms and agreement I exited out of the screen and never received a confirmation number. About a few weeks later I noticed I had been charged for shipping and I now have a package on my doorstep I never wanted.

When trying to contact customer service It took 2 weeks for someone to return my call then I was told obviously I submitted the order otherwise I wouldn't have it in my hands. I told them "I don't believe I should have to pay for return shipping since I never even received a confirmation number that I would be receiving anything". The response I was given was "well then do you want to pay the 139.00 instead?" Of course I don't. What type of answer is that? I received the same attitude for the so-called management also.

On 12/11/2010 I sent this product back priority mail, but I thought that included a tracking number, turns out, no you have to ask for it. Yes this is my mistake for not knowing. It's now 1/3/2011 and I have been charged 69.95 to my bank and Hydroxatone is saying they never received my return package. And how do they know that I am not just telling them I returned it and didn't sense I didn't want to pay the return shipping in the first place?

Now the post office is doing a search for the "lost" package and I'm out 70 more dollars. I am a full-time student - I can't afford this type of ** and neither can any one else in this economy. I have filed a fraudulent charge with my bank and thanks to Chase they said they will deal with them and credit my account. I have now had to cancel that card so this company can now longer steal my money. Please don't let this happen to you

Wrongfully Charged and Now Run Around
By -

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- After hearing that a new product was on trial and needing people to try I latched on being that I am nearing the big 50 and wanted something to help with firming my facial skin. What entailed later has been a true nightmare! The call started out as a seemingly easy call, then after giving them my debit card number for the $7.95 shipping I get hung up in this sales spill while trying to get a confirmation number. Never mind that I am in traffic on what should have been an easy order placement. Later after checking my checking account I see that I am now charged a fee of $167.85 and now has caused my account to go in overdraft.

I called the company and began with a very rude person that blew her breath after I explained to her that I do not have an order number and that I have no information to give her; she rudely hung up. I then call back and set on hold for another 45 minutes when a person picks up and then yet again hangs up; I call back and finally get to speak with someone that made up for all this rudeness (somewhat), I now have to wait for the product to arrive since it has been shipped and then call back and sit on the phone for who knows how long and then see what transpires from there.

Given the fact that their website states that there is no refund only company credit, I now wonder what will take place from here on out. Buyer beware of this company; you will be charged and sent whatever they are trying to sell and you will be charged without getting a confirmation number. I had not this amount of money in the bank and now they have charged me.

This company means to get your money no matter what and will then not give it back to you. From what I understand from this phone call is that in 3 months I will be charged again; which means that now I have to go back and cancel my debit card and get another card; which will take 3 weeks to get and man hours of my time wasted that I will not get back.

My Experience With Hydroxatone
By -

My complaint is Not about the effectiveness of Hydroxatone. My complaint is the confusing and complicated supposed "free trial offer." When I called to order I was given an 800 number if I chose to cancel any future orders. I called that number the following day, talked to a person who told me it had been cancelled. Then when I received the product in the mail the paperwork said I had 30 days to cancel. Since I had already cancelled I didn't bother to call again. I received my credit call bill over thirty days after I received the product and I had been charged for the Hydroxatone! I then read the invoice and saw the 30 day cancellation policy but I knew that I had already cancelled!

The information I got when I called to get the product was that I could cancel "anytime", which I did, the following day after I ordered! When I got my credit card bill, I called the company and got the total run around. I told the representative that I had cancelled, but she kept asking me if I had read the invoice that came with the cream. I told her "Yes, but I didn't call because I had already cancelled and thought it didn't apply to me". "No, you have to call within thirty days AFTER you receive the cream" she said.

I also told her that "If I'd realized I was going to be charged I wouldn't have bought the Hydroxatone in the first place because I thought my products were just as good if not better and cost half the price". She said I had to use the Hydroxatone at least 8 months to get results for comparison!! She refused to understand what I was telling her and refused to credit my charge card. She offered me a store credit. I told her I would not be buying any more Hydroxatone, not because the product wasn't any good, but that the shipping policy and free trial scam was grossly misrepresented!

If I had liked the cream I would have reordered on my own, and that is exactly what I told the first person that I talked to when I asked her to cancel any future orders. I will NOT be ordering Hydroxatone in the future simply because of this "free trial" scam. Too bad because the face cream seems to be a good product.

Free Trial Is A Total Lie
By -

WARREN, MICHIGAN -- This company is horrible to work with! I heard the free trial offer on Magic FM. I called to get my free trial. I also told the representative I spoke to Paul. That I didn't want to be put on any auto shipment or billing cycle. He told me the product was totally free. I just had to pay for shipping.

I told him I was now under the understanding that after I used the product for the thirty days. If I liked it and decided I wanted to reorder. I would then call them up directly and order myself.

After checking out all the ripoff reports and complaints on this product, I was upset after I ordered. In one hour after ordering, I called to cancel my free trial. I was told it was canceled. I even called the next day to make sure and was told the same thing.

Well, two days later, I got the product. I was upset and decided to open the box and check it out. Nothing impressive except the packaging. It was really greasy and it made me itch after about 30 minutes.

I called them and said I was shipping it back. The representative told me to keep using it and give it a try. I said, "No." I got hung up on. I re-called and then was told if I wanted to cancel, I had to return the product in 7 business days.

So much for free and 30 days. I went to the post office the same day I received the package. I sent it with delivery confirmation. I had to pay to send it back. I don't know why I received it in the first place since I canceled in one hour of ordering. I paid to have it sent back. I was then charged the 140 for the two jars that was supposed to be free.

This company doesn't even let you get to know the product due to the way they handle things. No one wants to be scammed these days and since they can hit your charge card at any time it's worse as you have to fight with them. This company needs to change their ways. They shouldn't be allowed to do this kind of business.

They make it so hard to cancel their product is scary. Makes one wonder just how good it is if they have to use the form of ENTRAPMENT to make you pay for it.

They are a scam
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Rating: 1/51

JERSEY CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I am going through the same thing. I returned the stuff and cancel as they said. Then not even a month later they took out 69.95 out of my account, then the next day they took out another 69.95. I have been calling and e-mailing them everyday. I don't make a lot of money, live pay check by pay check. Now my account is minus because of this company. Can not pay any bills. Within 2 days they took out $139.99. I will be telling people about this scam. When I can I will be talking to a lawyer. I guess before you take up an offer you need to check out the company. What is the world coming to with all the scams?

Did not let me know I would have to pay for product, said that I would have to pay $1.99 for postage
By -

Hydroxatone was advertised and it stated that you would have to pay only $1.99 postage. They have already taken $69.95 out of my account and are due to take another $69.95 in September and will send it every month which I never asked for.

I am an old age pensioner so I cannot afford to pay this money. They have my bank details so I'm afraid that they will continue to take it from my account. They have stated that I can cancel it but I cannot get through to them as I need a number when I am sending the product back and I cannot get it - perhaps you can help me.

Doesn't Work, They'll take your money even if you Cancel
By -

Hydrolize, What was I thinking? Just ordering the product took an hour because I had to decline an endless loop of automated product solicitations. Product came I got three jars for which I was financially responsible. Must return one opened and two unopened to get full refund. They don't tell you that. Q: Why send three jars when I only need one to test? (Sneaky). I sent product back in time and I got a US Postal Service delivery receipt that I could track. It was delivered two days after the post mark but they still charged me for another payment. I called with my PO tracking info and they said “receiving must not have logged it into the system”. If I didn't call they were charging.

The product doesn't work, misleading rules to get refund, they only honored the guarantee after hours of time wasted on hold for Customer Service. To eliminate dark circles, stay away from this product, and the extraordinary amount of aggravation.

Horrible Customer Service, Unethical Billing
By -

This is the worst company I have dealt within my entire life. They enroll you to tons of different service without your permissions, including myeasysaver discount shopping, discount dining and what not. All of them start charging you monthly fees. The product, in my case was never delivered. When called, they took 45 minutes to answer the cancellation line, just to tell me the system is down and that I need to call back.

Called up many more times, each time no one is Customer Service ever picks up the mail box was full. Save yourself trouble. Don't deal with this company. Finally disputed the charges with the credit card company and they refunded the money. Thanks & God Bless.

Hydroxatone - We Do Not Care About the Customer
By -

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- I ordered a "trial" of Hydroxatone and was not satisfied. I called the company to return in and sent it off. I then checked my next month's billing and found I was charged for it. Called back and was told I would receive a call from a supervisor. After calling back five times later, NO CALL BACK. I then called in to speak to a supervisor (PAT #**) who informed me it was my fault I wrote the wrong return address, was rude, unprofessional, and continued to tell me it was my fault that I did not return it and I was going to be charged no matter what. I requested to speak to his manager and was told he does not take calls.

I then requested to speak to their corporate office and was told that no one there would talk to me and they do not give the number out. I was so frustrated and could not fathom how I was being talked to. It is ironic when you order the product they are as professional and nice as can be. Return it and they are the victim. Basically, they did refund all my money and informed me that I would be "blacklisted". This was incredible to me.

Pat (the supervisor) laughed at me while I was speaking, spoke over me, and continued to show no empathy as I am human and made a simple error I was trying to correct. I am still in shock on how brutal he was and the power he felt he had to speak to me in the matter in which he did. I would not recommend the product as it did not work for me. Worse, I would never want to deal with them as a company ever again. Distraught in California.

Hydroxatone's Free Offer Is A Setup - Beware!
By -

SACRAMENTO -- I saw an ad for 30-day risk free trial of Hydroxatone anti-aging cream and decided to order it. The person I spoke to said they were also offering a free travel publication that included coupons and bargains, so I told them to send it. I was told I would be only be charged for shipping and handling. (I was naive enough to think I would receive a small amount of the cream to use for 30 days and could make a full order if I liked it.)

I received 2 large jars of the cream. An insert explained that I needed to return the jars within 30 days or I would be automatically billed $69.95 for the cream. I knew I didn't want to pay this amount for ANY anti-aging cream, so I immediately called the company on 6/24/08 and cancelled my account. Fortunately, I read several complaints online about this company's tendency to continue billing customers and claim that they didn't receive the returned jars. So, I paid extra to get a "Delivery Confirmation" receipt from the post office. I sent the jars on 6/28/08 and confirmed through the post office that they received the jars on 6/30/08.

Well, you guessed it, a charge for the cream was billed to my account on 7/28/08 which I am now disputing. In addition, 2 publications, "Easy Saver" and "American Leisure" appeared on my account with bills for $16.95 each. When I called to ask who they were, the person told me I signed up to receive the magazines (which I never received) when I ordered the free trial of Hydroxatone cream. Fortunately, she refunded the charges. This is such a scam! Don't fall for it.

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