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ICICI Money 2 India - A Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

MUMBAI, INDIANA -- I have been using ICICI Money2India for last 2-3 years and I have been very happy until last month. My last transaction was $19,000 USD & after I initiated the transfer, I was told that my Express facility was disabled by the system and transfer will not happen. But ICICI took money out of my account and I was told money can't be transferred. I requested to send it in regular mode but NRI support said it can't be since it was initiated in express mode. I made nearly 10-15 calls and sent almost 20 emails. All the customer service representatives gave me the same answer saying that "your tracking has been rejected by the system.

Since Express e-Transfer facility has been disabled on your M2I log in ID: ** re-enable the same, request you to write us at from your M2I registered mail ID for which ACH account and the Receiver's account." I provided that many times and I was not given any clue about what should be done. Later I started talking to multiple floor supervisors and the result was the same. I was told to wait for 2 more days and after 2 days result was same (requesting me to send an email to

I got frustrated and requested for the refund of my money back to my US bank if ICICI can't transfer to my Indian account. Then I was asked to contact my US bank for the refund which I was not sure why they asked me to do. I reached out to my US bank and they politely told me that action should be taken by ICICI since they are the one who debited the fund from my account. I called ICICI again and strangely I was told that I should submit the proof that I had transferred fund.

I was lucky that I could talk to a supervisor named Srinivas ** who took a good initiative to make this happen. Other than Srinivas, no one had any clue what they are talking. Finally I got my money back to US bank after 3 weeks of numerous calls/emails. I transferred fund via Remitly and it reached to my Indian bank within no time with much better rate than ICICI. I will never use ICICI M2I.

Interestingly, I shared my experience with one of my colleagues and she told me that her friend had a similar experience in last December. She told me that it could be a plot by ICICI so that they can keep customer's money for many weeks and use it for their business. I could not believe that and after reading many people's experience I had to believe this and ICICI is doing a really bad job and I hope they will not become a low profile player in money transfer.

Never, I Say NEVER EVER Open ICICI NRI/NRE Account
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Rating: 1/51

GOLD COAT, ARKANSAS -- These guys are a scam. They take your money and you can never access your account online/nor can you speak to a customer care person/nor can you email and expect a reply. The most antiquated service. Do yourself a favour and ignore these idiots.

This Is Ridiculous And Very Shameful For ICICI.
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Rating: 1/51

MTV, CALIFORNIA -- This is ridiculous and very shameful for ICICI. Initially you told me in phone that it takes 3 days to open new account and I filled all the forms by taking help of your agents via phone/screen share. It's been more than 3 weeks since I first started my application. Every week you are sending me some corrections to be made for different documents each time, can't you Review all documents at once and get back to me for corrections at single instant?

Please expedite the application process and send me the final result or else send me one notification that my application cannot be accepted, I can approach different bank, I cannot wait/waste my time like this 3 weeks for new account opening. This simply shows how you treat your customers after opening an account with you. Worst experience I have faced in my life. If there is public reviews site I would have written my worst experience on that site.

Very Poor Customer Support For NRI Account Opening
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Rating: 2/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I opened an NRO account (from the US) by filling out the forms required. I specifically said I want only an NRO account opened. After several days, I got a SMS that my mobile number has been registered for account alerts. But no new account number had been sent to me. After multiple emails and phone calls (don't believe it if they say you will have the account in 48 hours) I finally got the new NRO account number with a link to activate the said account by using the Money2India link.

So I went in to register for the money transfer, and after filling out all the information and hitting the Submit, I got a message that a NRE account had been opened too! After another few emails and phone calls, I was told that this occurred because I had selected the wrong option while registering! I went back to see, and the only question I was asked was: "Do you have a NRE account with ICICI bank?" Of course since I did not, I selected 'No'. And this automatically created a NRE account for me. What a lousy website, and so much incorrect information provided on phone and emails.

Home Loan A/C
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Rating: 1/51

HYDERABAD, NEW JERSEY -- I am an NRI and I bought an apartment in Hyderabad about 8 years ago. SBI having declined our home loan application citing a litigation in the land where the apartment was being built up and hardly having any time to check with more banks in 2 week vacation time, went with ICICI (builder's recommendation) for home loan. Since then, I have been noticing their obsession with the point of contact in India and make the distance and the time difference between U.S and India look impossible.

While I understand that I am not the only customer they are servicing, they have to understand that I am also one of their customers. I have not been able to make any partial prepayments towards the loan because they need a letter and a check from me being delivered by someone in India. While I have no doubt that more or less all the private banks function similarly, you may want to approach a bank that has a friendly staff not just when you visit them in person during your 2/3 week vacation to India but also over the phone/email from here in U.S. Please look for a bank that has a better customer service and a better connectivity.

Worst Service Experience. No Message Delivered Regarding Course Cancellation I Registered for
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Rating: 1/51

MUMBAI -- I registered for a course of Basic future and options. The course was cancelled and I was not given an intimate about cancellation. When asked they said they had sent a message about course cancellation to other number.
When asked about reason of cancellation they said faculty was not available.

ICICI Useless Service and Not Giving Support
By -

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA -- I am **, Holding a saving account of ICICI bank in at Bhandarkar Road Branch, Pune (Maharashtra). Someone unknown person transfer Rs. 41200/- from my account on 05-Nov-2010 at 12.48 PM Through internet banking. Now I would like to tell you how I lost my amount without my knowledge.

Before that I have received a call from a person who introduced me as ICICI bank's customer care executive, his mobile number is ** at around 11.45 PM on 05-Nov-2010. He told me that, we are updating & integrating new system for internet as well as mobile banking and for that we need URN number which they will send SMS soon. He have all the details of my account like account number, branch name, amount bal in account. At that time he send me all these details by SMS and just confirm with me it is right or wrong.

After this discussion I had received SMS from TM-ICICIBNK with URN number at 12.23 PM on 05-Nov-2010. After receiving SMS, again received call from same number as mentioned above at around 12.30 PM to know that URN number. And at 12.48 PM I have got one more SMS that "€œRs. 41200/- (Forty-one Thousand Two Hundred Rupees) drawn from my account"€. My account money, i.e. Rs. 41200/- have transferred to that unknown person's account by himself. Bank address from where the that unknown person drawn the amount & his Transaction ID is **. His name **.

After this entire incident, I went to branch but any of executive didn't entertain us. They given their agent number who handle such cases. With information that I had complained at ICICI Bank Customer Care no., I communicated with ICICI Bank customer Care Executive by telephonic conversation on ICICI Bank Customer Care no. He heard all my information and told that we have to make a complaint in crime branch (Cyber cell). I complained at crime branch with application and bank statement on 08-Nov-2010.

What action will be taken by ICICI bank against the person? Why ICICI not send any notice to that person?? Now please verify the above given information and kindly take an immediate action. I shall be very thankful for that.

Apathetic and Red Tape Attitude, ICICI Bank NRI Customer Service
By -

BANGALORE -- I opened an NRE account with ICICI Bank Kormangala Branch, Bangalore. I requested for a mandate ATM card for my wife in Jan 2010, which was delivered in time by courier. However, the PIN for the card was never received. So my wife could not use this card, and I had to postpone money transfer to this account from Singapore. On a recent trip to India in 2nd week of March, I contacted the customer service to issue the PIN to her. The reply I got was that her card was deactivated and she had to contact customer service to get it activated. How would she get into phone banking without her ATM PIN?

Anyway, after much run around, someone gave me a number in Hyderabaad, and they advised me to put in a request through net banking for activation of the card. I did so, but received no reply to my e-mail. Only thing written was "status of request not known, send e-mail through mymailbox." I contacted customer service from Singapore through a toll-free number, where I was informed that the card was activated but for issue of PIN, I'll have to contact Hyderabaad. I rang up Hyderabaad on my own cost, where I was repeatedly put on hold for a very long time with the plea that their system was running very slow.

After much wait, I was informed that they could not generate the PIN as it was only an ATM card. They also could not take a request for PIN from me and my wife will have to contact them. The PIN will be sent to my wife's communication address. I informed that my wife is working and anything sent by courier was likely to be missed (as apparently happened with the PIN mailer first time), so could they please instruct the courier to contact her on her cell phone before coming. I was informed that this could not be ensured.

So, I cannot be informed about the PIN for my own account, delivery of PIN to my wife cannot be ensured, and in effect, the very purpose of opening an NRE account is defeated. Disgustedly, I sent in a request to close the account, and decided to use another bank. My advice to other NRIs considering using ICICI bank for opening NRI accounts is: be aware. It is the worst service and corporation that I have ever encountered.

Car Loan Verification Department Sucks
By -

Hi all, I don't know if this is correct place, however I would still post my issue since 'ICICI' plays a role. I applied for a Car (Chevrolet) Loan via ICICI. The loan amount was a mere 3.2L. I submitted over 100 Xerox copies of documents, my past 2.5 years of employment papers, this and that.

Where am I stuck? The person from ICICI (or the agency ICICI hires) went to the WRONG address for my verification. Now, I'm single and I stay alone. Where I live, it has been over 2.5 years and everyone knows me in the building for obvious reasons.

The verification guy went to the wrong address and marked my FI as negative. I re-requested it and this time he entered the wrong address again! I assisted him in going to the correct address, and again he marked me as negative! I verified from every neighbor in my building, all of them were away to work. And the comments that this guy put in his notes every time was "The guy has left the building 2 days ago". Now, when first time he entered the wrong place, how could he write "I left 2 days ago"? (Even if I did leave) How come he wrote the same damn comment AGAIN when he entered the same address?

My question to ICICI persons: Are these persons your own? These so called uneducated and absolutely lunatic people. If not, then they are from some agency that you hire. What is your criteria for making a contract with an agency for the verification process? Or do you have none at all? On what basis are these persons given information for verification? Or is this just some "layman's work" or some "jugaad" thing, keeping which in mind does ICICI hire/employ agency/persons for the verification process?

I have taken a leave today, in spite of urgent work, sitting back home like a stupid person, and finding EVERY SITE on which I can tell people what ICICI does! No matter what comes to this country, the service is as bad as a road-side dhaba. And its painful to see, ICICI BANK is no damn different!

Thanks ICICI, these are the reasons why people from outside laugh at India and its services. Forget them, I am laughing myself to be a part of the country where a bank like ICICI truly harasses people and kills their time and money for nothing at all! ICICI...YOU SUCK!

Perils of Taking a Home Loan From ICICI Bank
By -

Sometime in the year 2006 my wife and I (both NRIs for the last 8 years) decided to invest some of our hard-earned money into the booming housing market in India . We purchased a house in Gurgaon with the help of a home loan from ICICI Bank. Following were the experiences (quite the opposite of dreaming of buying a place in India!) in dealing with ICICI Bank over a period of two and a half years.

Opening an account: Compared to a day in the US, it took me a whopping four months to open up an NRE account! (They told me the signatures do not match the passport. Well I have never changed my signature. Another time they required additional documents and list goes on and on)

Customer service: The customer service is simply awful. Most of the times the home loan folks at 1866ICICI4U just don't know enough about the case. But they are always courteous enough to ask for all the loan and personal information only to inform you, "Sorry sir. Please contact your relationship manager." Or, "Sorry Sir we won't be able to help you on this." Of course, there is never a manager available to escalate the issue.

Selling the house: Unlike an escrow period in the US, the home loan has to be fully paid before releasing any papers. Well good luck if you intend to sell the house and have the proceeds from the buyer to pay off the loan. There is no such thing in India. BTW what good is a relationship manager when all they can give you are canned responses: "Sorry Sir. This is our policy... Sorry Sir. Sorry Sir."

Website: Logging into the site is probably the easiest thing to do. However, trying to find information related to your accounts is anyone's guess. Most of the times, clicking on home loan account returns a "Our system is down. We are currently experiencing difficulties. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Conclusion: Invest in a country where you live. And if you do plan on investing in India, DO NOT BORROW FROM ICICI BANK. While Ms. ** and Mr. ** are busy giving big presentations about the opening up of Indian Financial Markets, poor borrowers are suffering tremendously. And BTW when they say SORRY, they really don't mean it. What a shame!!!

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