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ICSolution Is a Fraud/Take Your Money and Never Let a Call Connect
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I found ICSolutions at the county jail. Employees of the jail didn't want to tell me anything about the inmate calling, the county is not connected to ICSolutions. I picked up a brochure. I called ICS on Thursday 4/26/12, put over $30.00 on my credit card. It cost $5.99 every time you add minutes.

Each call has a service charge plus 10 cents a minute. The first and only call I received deducted over $12.00 for a 15-minute call. I had a credit of approx $17.25. Every time a call came to my telephone, I would get a recording stating who was calling. After that I was immediately transferred to the payment center to add money to my account. At that point the call was discounted. If I didn't answer the call, an automatic recording would leave the above message, add money to my account. The message is impossible to delete from my message machine.

I called ICSolution on Sun. 4/29/12 to complain. The C/S representative told me that she would start an investigation which could take up to 72 hrs to solve. When I asked more questions, she would continue to repeat the message that she had started an investigation. Monday, I called and told them I was contacting the Better Business Bureau in San Antonio, TX. Guess what? Within an hour the ICSolution prepaid calling system was up and working. Within 60 minutes the problem was solved.

I still think it is a scam, and fraud. Do not give ICS a dime, you will not get any service. I am positive that most people using ICS would not persist to get the problem solved. ICS picked the wrong person to cheat. I am going to warn as many people as I can. Buyer be aware. Try to find any contact information on their website: It is the most useless site I have ever used. The only thing the site tells you is how to put more money in my account.

These People Have My Money and Have Been Told Calls Have Been Blocked.
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This company is a scam and a joke. How this company can still be in business is beyond me! I have a friend in jail here in Virginia. The first two months I got calls fine - all of a sudden I spoke with her on a Thursday before another court date Friday and nothing. Called ICS and was told that they would open up an investigation (this was Sunday). Called Monday and was told that the investigation was opened that morning and it would take 24-72 hours for someone to get back to me all the while they have my money up front!

It is now Thursday, still nothing. Call the company to be told that due to the "large number" of investigations it was going to take up to a week! It is going on a week and nothing. Asked to speak to a supervisor, was told that there is no supervisor, that she worked out of her home! WHAT THE HELL is going on here? I am the only liaison between my friend and her elderly mother, as her mother cannot afford the collect calls...because ICS won't let her prepay for calls because she is over 30 miles away. This is crazy, and I want to know if someone out there is willing to go with me on filing a class action suit against this company! HHEEEELLLPPP!

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