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Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal -Complaint. They scarred me!
Posted by Machnb3 on 04/10/2010
burns from laser hair removal at Ideal Image
burns from laser hair removal at Ideal Image
I ve been going to Ideal Image for hair removal and had many treatments already and its not working! the hair keeps growing back and on my last treatment I got burnt. They used the wrong laser on me and I had burns all over the treatment areas, my skin bubbled and peeled and I felt like my body was on fire and they didn't do anything! she acted like nothing happened and sent me home but I couldn't drive so I came back and they just put ice on me and aloe vera...and gave me numbing cream. Now its over 2 months after and I have scars everywhere where I was treated! I got dark brown circles on my skin from the laser and they still act like its no big deal and keep telling me its going to fade and that its better looking than it was the first few days after the treatment! They told me to buy some $70 cream that I had to pay for from my own pocket when it was their fault that I had this happen to because she used the laser for very fair skinned people on me when I always use the one for darker skin tones!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2010-04-10:
I suggest consulting a lawyer. You should sue them for a full refund for failure to perform services under contract and for punitive damages for unprofessionalism and negligence resulting in bodily injury and permanent disfigurement.

Voted helpful.
Posted by *Shannon on 2010-04-23:
Wow, this looks painful. As the first commentor stated, why haven't you sued this company and why has it taken you so long to take a stand on this? When did this happen and is it too late to get a lawyer to bring them in on charges of negligence? Is it a reputable company and how long have they been in business, this also makes a difference in bodily injury cases. Good luck to you in your persue.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2010-04-23:
Did you have tanned skin at the time of the treatment? I found this on their website. (Though if you did, they should have informed of you this and as it states, they won't do the treatment on excessive tanned skin)...

Laser Circles - blemishes that occur on the skin from treating tanned skin with laser. Prudent laser hair removal practitioners, like those at Ideal Image will not treat patients with excessively tanned skin because of the possibility of developing laser circles or laser skin burn.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-23:
Good info DB.

This looks painful. I wish I had advice to give on this one. When these types of businesses are treating people they need to go over EVERY possible reaction someone can have. I can't even imagine what the pain would be like.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2010-04-23:
I agree Pro, they should do a little test on the skin first to see if there is any problem.
Posted by rosy06 on 2010-05-04:
I've been going to Ideal Image and have had the opposite experience - the staff there has been great and so have my results (and my friend's too). I read your posting and then looked through my contract from Ideal Image, and your reaction is one of the ones listed and I remember them showing me a picture of the brown circles during my first appointment and saying that can happen if you tan. And they always tell me "no tanning" each time I'm there to remind me.

Anyway, I'm a paralegal (not a lawyer) so take this for what it's worth, but I don't think you have a case against Ideal Image because they emphasize no tanning plus it was in your paperwork that you signed. And if you have been tanning at all and that's in your record then basically you caused your own problem and there's no way you'd win.
Posted by Juser on 2010-05-31:
I've had a very successful treatment through Ideal Image, as has my ex-gf. I started in Dec. 2006 and my body hair is virtually gone. The circles you have, I also had on my thighs above my knee. It happens, but the circles fade, and when I get a tan, they disappear completely. You can put neosporin on them to help speed the recovery. To me, the effectiveness of the treatment is worth the minor inconvenience of a few circles every now and then.
Posted by MaxineRyder on 2010-08-19:
That is absolutely beyond disgusting. Please tell me that someone has forced them to give you compensation for this !!!
Posted by robbyfam on 2010-09-17:
Hi...This is very unfortunate...while this is not acceptable, I just want to make it clear that not all laser clinics operate like this and a thorough consultation is discussed before every treatment. We are from Ideal Image Laser Clinics in Sydney, Australia and are not affiliated with the USA chain of clinics. Even if an existing client is being treated, we make sure that there has not been any skin changes since the last treatment and we have personalised treatment cards for every client which outlined specifically what treatment is required. All our laser technicians and paramedical skin care specialists have Laser Safety Certificates, which in Australia is highly recognisable. The person operating the laser should of clearly seen that this girls skin type is too dark for certain lasers. Hope everything does get better.
Posted by LaserL on 2010-10-01:
This Looks like a Candela Alexandrite Laser called Gentelase +. There are several reasons for this that can happen. One is the Laser beam may not be centered on the middle of the distance guide which touches the skin. Another may be that the tech may have their hand slightly tilted causing the Cryogen spray to be directed out side the laser beam. ( Cryogen is used to protect the upper layer of the skin during treatments) I think it is a combination of several things. Possibly one or both of the first two I mentioned AND the client was tanned. More often than not, clients will not understand how important it is to be very honest about sun exposure. Clients are fully informed,hence the informed consent, that side effects can happen. The first impulse is to place blame on the facility. I HAD A PREVIOS CLIENT WHO TOLD ME SHE HAD NEVER TANNED AND HAD TREATMENTS AT OTHER FACILITIES WITHOUT COMPLICATIONS. She too had complications after her treatment. I found out later that she has a history of doing this and filing suit.I fought it out of my pocket and exposed her so this would stop. My comments are in no way to support or deny fault. But ever notice that people who are not even close to being able to understand the technology say"you should take legal action.Think about it. Always guilty until proven innocent. should the laser center file suit if the client was tanned and lied? This is there business. This is what hurts a business.
Posted by Bebegrace on 2010-10-02:
I am SO sorry you had to go through this. Unfortunately, you probably sign an agreement stating that hyperpigmentation might happen, so there is probably nothing you can do to sue them. The best thing i could recommend would be microdremabration. It helps with cell turnover which will get rid of the scaring faster. With your skin type this will not be permanent. Your very lucky. I've seen A LOT worse.
Posted by LaserL on 2011-08-11:
I disagree with Microdermabrassion for these problems. If you look at it like wallpaper that is stuck on a wall, scraping it off may cause a deeper exfoliation and turn the area much lighter than the other surrounding areas. better to avoid all sun exposure and use plenty of moisturizer to the area. The crusting will come off, but there could be lighter areas "hypopigmentation" in the areas. These should resolve but may take up to18 months.
Posted by kitty on 2013-07-20:
I say you should definitely sue
Posted by hi on 2013-08-20:
Ewww and owww. Get a lawyer now.
Posted by Nora on 2013-11-29:
The treatments have not worked. It's been two years and 9 full treatments, $1200 later and still the hair grows on my upper lips. Ideal Image lies and uses long paper work and small print to protect them against lawsuits. I'm just very disappointed.
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Posted by J-Lo on 03/17/2011
REFUND PROCESS: If you purchased with CareCredit or MedChoice or your Credit Card....since this is a service and requires a number of treatments, you can receive a REFUND by contacting the finance company and let them know how many treatments you have had and they will refund your money....Ideal Image will get a chargeback from the leasing company and will forced to pay back your money. Your refund will come from the finance company crediting your account balance. Credit card company, call and argue the charge and state that you did not receive the service, that will stop your payments. IF YOU NEVER HAD TREATMENTS, THE FINANCE COMPANY WILL REFUND YOU, CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT IN FULL AND IDEAL IMAGE WILL GET A CHARGEBACK TO THEM FROM THE FINANCE COMPANY. Again, because this is a service and it completed in a series of treatments, IT IS CANCELLABLE based on the number of treatments received. If you are still not satisfied, contact your State Attorney General or your State Radiation Regulatory Agency...READ FAST AS IDEAL IMAGE WILL HAVE THIS DELETED!!!!
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Posted by Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal on 2011-03-31:
Ideal Image strives to provide the best customer service to our guests. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 813-286-8100.
Posted by gigi on 2011-08-14:
This guest sounds angery. Usually anger is as angry does. I have been a customer of ideal image for 9 treatments. I am HAIR FREE!!!! I love Ideal image. If you have red grey or natural blonde hair there is not a single laser in the world that will take away your hair. The laser is attracted to dark hair which I happed to have had. I did have some brown reddish hair that the laser was not attracted to left. HOWEVEVER all of that hair has slowed in growth and has become very fine.
Posted by Usatisfied Customer on 2011-12-14:
I have been a guest of Ideal Image for almost 3 years. They have added sessions and I still have a LOT of hair in the treated areas. I called 813-286-8100 and the receptionist forwarded me to a voice mailbox.... I have been waiting over a month for resolution. I have dark hair and was told that I would be an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. I never missed a session and three years later, I still have A LOT of hair. They want me to continue with the very painful (even with numbing cream)laser sessions, but I do not see the results they promised.
Posted by tjm on 2012-03-07:
I was wondering if anyone has been able to get a refund through Chase Health Advance. I have only had 2 treatments. I had to move. The nearest Ideal Image is now 5 1/2 hours drive away. Ideal Image won't refund me for the unused treatments.
Posted by Frustrated!!! on 2012-07-26:
I have been trying to get a refund from this company for almost a month and can't seem to get anyone to talk to me. On 7/2 I emailed Stephanie at the Palm Harbor location and got no response. I called Stephanie at the Palm Harbor location on 7/9, 7/10, 7/11, 7/12, 7/13, 7/16 and was finally able to talk to her on 7/17. She gave my information to her regional manager Michelle and I got a call from Michelle's store indicating she would call me within 24 hours. I called the corporate office and was forced to leave a message. Never got a call back from the corporate office. On 7/24 I tried calling Michelle (she wasn't in) and left another message with corporate. I finally called corporate back and demanded to speak with a person and talked to another Stephanie. Later that day, I got a message from Michelle who indicated she would be in the Tampa office tomorrow (and left a phone number) and to call her there. On 7/25, I called the number Michelle left and guess what... she wasn't at that location. I called the New Tampa location and someone indicated that Michelle would have to call me back in a few minutes. Never got that phone call back from Michelle!!! So called the Tampa store again today, guess what, she isn't there!!!! So I call corporate and guess what.... had to leave another message!!!!

Well I finally got a call from Michelle, who is the rudest person in the world! She is not saying that I am not entitled to a refund! Are you kidding me, didn't do all the sessions, but they still want to just keep my money (which I paid cash for!!!)

DO NOT GO TO IDEAL IMAGE!! HUGE RIP OFF AND SCAM! If you want any sort of refund, make sure you put it on a credit card because that is the only way you will get any of your money back!!!!
Posted by Jen on 2013-02-08:
Ideal image is a ripoff!!! They lie to get you to sign the contract, saying its their anniversary special, it's a bunch of baloney. Do not sign anything! They claim permanent hair removal which is impossible. There are plenty of other spas with the same lasers that will remove your hair at a fraction of the price. These people should be shut down because they are liars and thieves!
Posted by Natalya on 2013-07-26:
Ideal image is a big scam they charge me so much money and never gave me back I hate this big Scam
Posted by Mike on 2013-08-12:
So far Ive seen good results with Ideal Image but now I may be a little skeptical since the last treatment I went to I had my 4th technician in a years time treat me(Christina) and she didn't even use the laser correctly!!! My upper legs got treated and I didn't shave that day because I was told by my more recent technician not to shave for the upcoming appointment so she sees where the problems areas are that are left where hair growth is still taking place (which is virtually the entire upper legs but the hairs are finer)

So yeah I had hair on my upper legs during the treatment so I should have smelled burning hair and I didn't smell any, there was no pain at all during treatment which I always feel and I was not using numbing cream, the laser is supposed to have a loud sound to it during treatment and mine sounded really low during treatment and my skin DID NOT TURN HOT OR RED like it usually does so yeah. I think she didn't use the laser at all! (WHO KNOWS THEY PROBABLY HAVE A REJUVENATE level on those lasers as well and she probably used that setting instead!).. I saw a comment in the past somewhere how someone's hair regrew back meaner and fiercer than ever after going to Ideal Image. They probably give you a couple of rejuvenate sessions mixed in by 5th and 6th treatment with a different technician to those who they think are unsuspecting of what's going on and can get away with it with. You get your regular technician back for 7-9 treatment and everything after that goes the way its supposed to but by end of 9th treatment you still have hair growing THUS making you get a couple more sessions to add on for the $85 they require for adding on more sessions and that's how they rip you off and get more money out of you!!

I have my next appointment in a week for chest/abs treatment and if that other tech is there again and I get same feeling from that laser I'm going call her out on it so she better be prepared!
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Ideal image charged me $6500 and i have not had any services
Posted by Dani15 on 07/26/2007
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- 1)I did not authorize Ideal Image to charge my Care Credit account $6,500.00.
2)I have not received any services of any kind, nor have I scheduled any appointments for treatments.
3)I did not sign a contract binding me to no refunds, nor was I told or shown any policy stating that I could not receive a refund.
4)I was mislead by Ideal Image. I was lead to believe that signing a sales draft for Care Credit was acknowledging the credit approval with Care Credit of $6,500.
On 6/08/07 I verbally agreed running my credit to see if I would be approved with care credit for $6,500(the amount of what it would cost to have the laser removal). I was approved for $6,500. Kristen Martilini sent me a fax (4 pages including the cover page) pertaining to the areas chosen for the laser removal, along with a sales draft of a $6,500.00 line of credit that had been approved for my procedure and a pre and post treatment instructions. I was mislead into believing that the sales draft required a signature to confirm my line of credit with Care Credit. I was not made aware that Ideal Image would run any charge on my care credit account, let alone the full amount of $6,500.00 before any appointments or treatments had been made.
Due to unforeseen circumstances over the weekend, I decided I did not want any treatments to be done.
I called Ideal Image and spoke to Kristen about my situation and asked that the line of credit be cancelled as I was no longer interested in having any procedures done at this time, and if she would please make sure this did not affect my credit(referencing the three credit bureaus)
Ideal Image had denied a full refund. Their only option was to give me a full refund and transfer the $6,500 to my husband’s credit, which would leave me with no refund at all. This was not an option for me. Kristen implied that there was a contract involved which I was legally bound to. I explained to Kristen that I have not signed any contract, and I should be entitled to a full refund. Kristen told me that everything I signed (The above 4 pages) had a no refund policy. This was a false statement; there was no paperwork that I signed that stated anything about a no refund policy or any agreement between myself and Ideal Image.
A colleague of mine called Ideal Image as a potential client. She spoke with Eron. She asked Eron about Ideal Image’s refund policy and asked if every client has to sign a contract, Eron told her that every client has to sign a contract. If this is the case then where is my signed contract?
I requested a hardcopy to be faxed to me immediately as I did not authorize my signature on any legal documentation binding me without a refund being possible. The alleged binding "contract" was not shown to me before this dispute arose and my signature is not on this document.
I reviewed this document and was immediately aware that Ideal Image drew up their own contract adding my name within, binding me to their company and denying me of a full refund.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-07-26:
Well if they don't have your signature on a contract it sounds like lawyer time. If they forged your signature on a contract, then it's district attorney time and time to go for criminal charges as well. Best of luck.
Posted by trumania on 2007-07-27:
Sounds like that 4 page fax with the 'sales draft' (sales implies purchase) that it was included in there. You signed it.

It probably said something like "I agree to follow the terms and conditions of the credit line". etc.

Banks do this as well. When you sign a Master Account Agreement with them (usually 1 page) it says specifically "I agree and accept the terms and conditions established in the Account Rules and Regulations".

So if you sign it, you sign saying you agree to that. *shrugs*.

I would recheck the four page fax to see what exactly it said and what EXACTLY did the sales draft say. Sales drafts are just another pretty phrase for receipt.

I would have also called to verify or at least signed the paper in person. It's never a good thing to sign it alone when you can't ask questions.
Posted by dani15 on 2007-07-27:
the sales draft has nothing on it at all. its just like a receipt when you go to a store..
i never saw the contract until they sent it to me, after i asked them for it. That’s where the typed my name. My signature is not on anything that is binding!

Posted by heyred on 2008-06-02:
Your signature is not on anything? What does "My signature is not on anything that is binding!" mean? The Care Credit receipt is binding.
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Prices have doubled in the last two years
Posted by Cs2010 on 04/03/2011
18 months ago I had several friends begin laser hair removal at Ideal Image. Recently I decided I wanted to join them. Ideal Image doesn't post any prices, so I asked my friends how much they had paid for their services.

For underarms and bikini, one paid $1800.
For underarms, bikini, and full legs, another paid $3000.

I waited until Ideal Image was running a 50% off special before scheduling my consultation. I went into my consultation expecting and willing to pay between $2000-$2500 for lower legs and bikini.

I was quoted at $6526.80 for these two services. This is including a 60% discount (50% for the special and 10% for a friend referral). For lower legs alone, I was quoted at $3625.20 - more than what my friend paid for full legs, bikini, and underarms two years ago.

The location at which I received my consultation boasted an amazing safety record, used only Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to perform the laser hair removal, and offered a lifetime guarantee after completing 9 treatments. They also informed me that they had switched over to "corporate pricing" in the last two years, and that was why their prices had more than doubled.

I recommend avoiding Ideal Image until they return to their former, more reasonable prices.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-04-03:
Prices have gone up everywhere. They are a business and figure in costs of other things, into their pricing for hair removal, which they then pass on down to the customer. That's just how it is.

The good thing is, you are free not use them. You can search around, and find other places, where the cost is more to your budget and liking. Just like everything else, it's always good to shop around.

Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-03:
Some laser centers make it sound that you'll never have to be reunited with your hair again, just by getting the right amount of visits with their machine. As to date, there is no laser equipment that has been approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. However, the FDA has approved laser hair removal machines with permanent hair reduction because it can rid hair on the right candidates for long periods of time, with multiple treatments.

Hair growing back at some point is still possible, whether it's a reduced amount, finer version, or combination of both. According to The Mayo Clinic, lasers can reduce hair counts 40% to 80%. Beware of "Lifetime Guarantees" be sure to get complete clarification on what that really means.
Posted by Anonymous in WI on 2013-08-02:
I recently went to idea image for the summer sale and went for a free consultation. I was quoted on "session pricing package" $11,034 w life time guarentee/$6130 is the original "package pricing." Well my 70% off was for 3 areas based on the "session pricing package" (full Brazilian and underarms) came to $3310. Ideal image will say anything to lure you in. Their contract is completely ABSURD. Their refund policy is insane as well as the small print that they DO NOT DISCLOSE during consultation.
Posted by Patrick on 2013-09-06:
Not so much "bait and switch" but "bait and shock and quick talk." Went to Ideal Image in S. Tampa. Outlandish prices..."which helps them maintain the machines." Sure that's part of the money flow, I'm sure, but certainly they make a great deal of profit on those sessions too. Hair removals not that urgent. Peace!
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Pure Scam! No Personal Concern for Customer
Posted by Lesley.a.henao on 11/20/2012
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I had made an appointment for a consultation. After relentless calls and emails as reminders for the appointment I had almost decided to cancel. Unfortunately I went and it turned out to be my biggest mistake. First of all the sales consultant is no different than a car salesman. The sales pitch is very aggressive, but she used this super sweet personality as a cover. Maybe she is genuinely a nice person, but I find it hard to believe now. Second, as she described the hair removal process, she was very vague in some areas of the process. She said it was painless. It is most certainly not painless. I made it through two treatment. The second treatment was excruciating.

She was also very vague about the contract itself. I explicitly asked if I could cancel after I had started if I needed to. She told me I could. However when a family situation came up which involved another financial obligation I had to choose. Of course I have to take care of my family. after much arguing with the consultant, she basically told me that there was nothing I could do. I was stuck with the $3,500 payment even if I didn't show up for treatments, which I was refusing.

After about a weeks worth of phone calls and emails I got hold corporate, who finally cancelled my contract.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-21:
It seems like there should be a contract that spells out cancellation, for treatments that are this expensive. Did you sign one? If so, what did it say?
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Amazing Experience!!!
Posted by A1sound on 03/05/2014
GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- My experience with the Garden City Ideal Image has been nothing but helpful and enjoyable!! My initial consultation with Maria was so informative and made me so eager to get started!!! When I finally got treatments I didn't start seeing hair for months, I have had a total of 5 treatments and I haven't seen any regrowth!! Whenever I walk in the guest services girl Ashley is always so welcoming and friendly, she always talks to me about my son and always seems to remember when I went on vacation! The nurses are very nice although I have had 5 different nurses for my 5 different treatments. They are so lovely and caring there I honestly can say money well spent!!!!
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Ideal Image Is Amazing and Changed My Life!
Posted by Honeybee810 on 03/04/2014
GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- The staff and services at Ideal Image are incredible! The healthcare professionals and guest services are very friendly, accommodating, and highly knowledgeable. I am nearing the end of my hair removal journey and love my results! It's unfortunate to read reviews dictating this company's services as a scam. I am proof it is not! I have been with them for a year and a half and at least 90% of my body hair is gone. I practically laser my entire body so that's massive success for me. The process requires baseline patience and intelligence. Laser hair removal is safe and effective but it takes TIME to see results. Patience is a virtue. I myself am a Pharmacist and am blown away by their patient care and exceptional knowledge base. I highly recommend Ideal Image at Garden City for those struggling with unwanted hair. Ideal Image is the permanent solution. They are the BEST there is!
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Posted by Lala on 2014-04-10:
I felt the same way as you. I should have done my research before I fell for it. Sure you'll see results during your treatments. After your treatments, totally different story. I now understand why they say in the advertising "You will never have to wax, tweeze, or shave again...". It's not because after the treatments, all the hair will no longer grow back but that you can get re-treated by them, but of course you will have to pay. WE WERE MADE FOOLS!
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Not Fully Informed
Posted by Gretarothe on 02/16/2014
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I have completed my treatments with Ideal Image (underarms, lower leg, and bikini).. Overall I am very happy with the results HOWEVER a few things to note- like don't throw away your razor:

- MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENTS. Hair "removal" should be clarified to Hair "Reduction". After my 9th treatment when I pointed out to the nurse that there was still come hair the word "reduction" was suddenly offered up.

- Read the details of what "LIFETIME GUARANTEE" means. While I though I did my due diligence in asking a number of questions on the front end shame on me for not reading all the details of my contract. That is my fault. However shame on Ideal Image for being intentionally misleading. I specifically told the laser activates hairs that may otherwise have never grown which is how they are able to remove all hair. I then pushed more and asked what if your hormones do change and new hair grows to which I was told this would be covered under my lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately lifetime guarantee does not mean the thousands of dollars you have already spent will cover those unwanted hairs. It means you can pay the lifetime guarantee cost to have them removed.

- MAINTENANCE- I further learned that it is expected to need to come back for maintenance after your hair "removal" is completed. Some people as often as 3 or 4 times a year! Needless to say I was really pissed off my last appointment when I learned this is to be expected because I was never told this during my consultation even with my probing questions. Furthermore, your maintenance costs are not a set fee- it is based on how many laser pulses you need! I am sorry- I have very long legs. That could be several hundred dollars per maintenance visit.

Again overall I am happy and do only shave about once a month which is so much nicer that every day. I am just unhappy in supporting a company that is misleading. Especially since I so highly recommended them during my treatments and have several friends and family that signed up. I wish I had known the above items so that I could disclose those with my recommendation. I also really hope that my once a month shaving continues and that I don't find myself shaving more and more frequently as more time passes from my last treatment.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-02-18:
It is nice to finally see a review of this company that makes sense and sounds honest.
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They are LIER!
Posted by Bluejeen on 02/15/2014
They lie to you to buy the package, after you are done your hair still there and they will said oh it is gone by 85-90% like we told you. NO, they never tell you that when you buy the package. They will tell you that when it is not working!
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Amazing results
Posted by Kymberleecox on 01/22/2014
LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- From the moment I walked in the office in Little Rock AR I felt like they all really cared about me. I had my first treatment on 11/09/2012. I seen some results but nothing would compare to the results I have today 01/21/2014. It has changed my life completely. I have now have no embarrassing facial hair and cut all my hair off and wear it with confidence. If it wasn't for Ideal Image I would still be very self-conscious and hide my face behind my hair. They have saved me and I would highly recommend this company to everyone looking to have laser hair removal treatments.
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